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2014 Media Kit

Engaging the world with the story of wool.

T h e S t o r y O f Wo o l Once upon a time, about 10,000 years ago... Primitive man survived, and thrived, because of his sheep. They fed him, clothed him, and sheltered him. Of course, a lot has changed in the past 10,000 years, but not everything.

Wild Fibers has a unique mission. We believe that without understanding and honoring the source of our natural fibers, we will cease to value their importance. We believe that most people take the sweaters on their backs, and the socks on our feet for granted. In fact, we forget how many people still live in homes made of wool! We forget about the importance of man and animal living in harmony. And we forget about our responsibility to keep our environment in balance. The story of wool is ancient, yet it continues to change day by day. Our job is never done.

“The places you go, and the people

“Please know that you truly make a

you write about, rock the fiber world!”

difference in your subscribers’ lives.”

Karen Chabinsky

Pamela Drake

“The magazine, the eblasts, the tours, and your wild sense of humor and dedication. I am perpetually in awe.”

John Clarke

Smart Readers Our readers tell us that not only are we the only magazine they still subscribe to, but that we teach them about the importance of natural fibers and its multiple uses throughout the world. An educated reader makes for a mindful consumer, and with mindfulness comes loyalty.

Smart Advertisers The infinite world of online media has made marketing strategies more complex than ever. Advertisers are forced to cope with unlimited options on a limited budget! Our goal is to work individually with our advertisers, helping them to reach their target market in a consistent and cost effective manner.

More Opportunities In addition to print advertising, we are now offering limited advertising space in our digital back issues, our wildly popular e-blasts, and our growing library of short videos.

New in 2014 Our readers have expressed a strong interest in learning more about environmentally and ethically manufactured yarns and clothing. We are excited to incorporate these stories into our 2014 editorial content.

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Wild fibers rate guide 2014  
Wild fibers rate guide 2014