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Wondering how to choose an Immigration Lawyer? Here’s the answer! Finding a legal representative regarding your immigration case can be an overwhelming task, especially, when you have to find the right attorney for your case from the crowd of people who work as immigration consultants by practicing the law without a license. With proper information and knowledge about what makes a legal representative right for your case, the task of choosing the right one become much easier. The purpose behind writing this document is to make you aware about the common mistakes people made during the selection of an immigration lawyer. Enlisted below are the things to keep in mind during selection for right attorney from the best immigration law firm for your USA application: Choosing a lawyer who offers free initial consultation: This is the most common trick used by fake immigration consultants with the purpose to make more money. As you would expect to pay doctor for his experience, services and expertise in the specialization, in the same way you should expect to pay a legal representative for his knowledge, experience, and expertise in the immigration law field. Generally, a lawyer who offers free consultation is usually less experienced. A well reputed immigration lawyer with high rate of success in his specialization will have many clients who paid him for his noticeable services. Choosing a legal representative because of the location of his or her office: It doesn’t make any sense to go with a lawyer because he/she has an office near to the location where you live. However, it would be easy to go to your potential lawyers’ office as and when needed, but this could be a big and costly mistake. You are advised to hire a well-qualified immigration law expert based upon his/her experience working on the cases like yours. Choosing an attorney because of the fewer fees: The charges that a law expert demands for his or her services do not give any indication his in ability of effective handling of immigration cases. Sometimes, lawyer that demands lower charges may not have the enough experience or staff to win your case. Some lawyers start with lower charges and add on more as the cases advances. So make sure the fee that your potential lawyer demands cover everything in your case. A well-established legal representative will give you a written agreement that will explain all his work for your case and total expenses. Remember, an immigration process is full of complications. Rather handling it by yourself, it is a good idea to take trustworthy services of immigration lawyer Manhattan for the smooth processing of your visa application.

Wondering how to choose an Immigration Lawyer? Here’s the answer!