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==== ==== Buy a kit, make a plan, keep informed! ==== ==== ID: 2897613 Author: Preston Lembke Date Published: Sep 09, 2009 Title: Why Do I Need Emergency Preparedness? Summary: Survival preparedness is a topic that is often overlooked. Emergencies will happen. Nobody can predict when or wher... Body: Emergency preparedness is a topic that is often overlooked. Emergencies will happen. Nobody can predict when or where these emergencies may occur. Natural disasters, accidents, disease and civil unrest all contribute to the probability of experiencing a survival situation, and these threats increase every year. The only way to maximize the chance of survival in survival situations is to achieve survival preparedness. Preparation is the key to overcoming fear.How is emergency preparedness achieved? The first step in emergency preparedness is to identify potential survival situations you and your loved ones could experience. Review threats that could cause emergencies such as weather, diseases, transit conditions, etc. Understand when and where each individual disaster could present itself. Only by understanding potential survival situations can you adequately prepare for them.Second, create emergency plans for each emergency scenario. This plan should include exit plans, meeting locations, emergency contacts, locations of survival kits, first aid and emergency response training. Review emergency plans often with family members so the information is fresh and retainable. To maximize emergency preparedness, post the plans in easy-to-read places in the home, work and in the car.The next step is to acquire a survival kit. These kits are sold online or can be assembled yourself, though the cost to build a survival kit yourself can be more costly than purchasing one online. Be sure your survival kit has a complete list of survival preparedness supplies. Customize each survival kit adding items to accommodate your unique personal needs and those of your family.Finally, review all survival preparedness supplies and emergency plans often, updating them and customizing them for your particular needs. Once your survival preparedness is complete, share your knowledge with friends, family members and coworkers. Working together and sharing information we can ensure everyone's survival. Do not put off survival preparedness. Predicting survival situations is virtually impossible but preparing for them is easy. Being prepared for emergencies will give you peace of mind knowing that your survival preparedness will take care of you when you need it the most. Read more about survival preparedness.Support Team at SurvivalPreparedness911

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Why Prepare for Emergencies?  
Why Prepare for Emergencies?  

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