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==== ==== Get all your survival kits for the auto, the children, the office, and even pet survival needs here: ==== ==== ID: 2111346 Author: Steve Thibeault Date Published: Mar 17, 2009 Title: Survival Kits For Every Vehicle - Why Not? Summary: People spend twenty thousand dollars or more, for a new or slightly used car. Of course, some cars are fifty to a h... Body: People spend twenty thousand dollars or more, for a new or slightly used car. Of course, some cars are fifty to a hundred thousand dollars. Then there are those who pay as much as a few thousand dollars for a stereo or for additional components to enhance the existing stereo in the vehicle.There are fancier, more luxurious floor mats available, and all types of fixtures to put between the two front seats or under the visors. Then you have the emergency road kit with jumper cables, a road flare, a funnel, and perhaps a few inexpensive tools, maybe a bungee cord, and so forth.Many people also have, in the trunk of their car, some motor oil, a jug of water, perhaps a can of a product to inflate and temporarily fix a flat tire, not to mention the spare tire and the tools needed to change the tire.The backs of the front seats may have hanging organizers to keep toys and activities for the kids, such as crayons, coloring books, and even little travel games, such as checkers or chess. There may be some cookies or crackers, individually wrapped, and perhaps even fruit juice boxes.There are usually napkins, tissues, paper towels, and/or individually packaged "wipes" in the well stocked automobile. There may be a tool, which can cut through a seat belt which will not release, and God forbid the car ever plunges into a body of water; this same tool will break the window so the occupants can get out of the car and swim to safety.Yes, there are countless toys, tools, accoutrements, aids, supplies, devices, snacks and amusements found in millions and millions of cars throughout the country, however, a huge percentage of these automobiles are lacking another item, which is just as important, if not more important than everything else!This item can literally save your life if ever the occupant(s) is/are stranded, lost, broken down, or isolated due to extreme circumstances. The item is an emergency survival kit! There are several great emergency survival kits on the market, and why not have one in the trunk of your car? Even if you never need it, what a wonderful feeling it would be to have the peace of mind, just in case something ever happens.The above examples show many items of varying importance and cost, which most cars contain, but the one most important is missing. It almost seems funny when you think about it. If you are going to add an emergency survival kit, why not get the best and most well stocked kit that you can find. There are those that have just a few items such as a compass, matches, a small first aid kit, and some other small items.The emergency survival kit most recommended for the family that already has everything else you can think of, would be one of those large, comprehensive kits that are packed neatly in a backpack, with numerous items for just about any eventuality. Even if the cost is a few hundred dollars, it is well worth it, and it's a small price to pay for your safety and survival, as well as for your friends and loved ones. We have all heard a story of someone getting stranded somewhere, unexpectedly, and they suffered because of a lack of something simple.Like many of us have learned as

children, whether from the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, or in school, it is important to be prepared! You just think about that! These big, complete survival kits are not necessarily available at every corner store, nor are they found in many retail establishments, however, they can be found at a few online retailers, and we have found and highly recommend the survival kits that we have discovered at This site has the biggest selection of emergency survival kits and other great items for emergency situations that we have seen! The suggestion is for one of these kits for every vehicle in the family or fleet, and perhaps even some additional food and drink items purchased at your local grocery store..

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URL: ==== ==== Get all your survival kits for the auto, the children, the office, and even pet survival needs here: ==== ====

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Disaster preparedness is so over-looked in today's society. Most people rely on their local government to provide during an emergency disas...

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