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==== ==== Buy a kit, make a plan, keep informed! ==== ==== ID: 405520 Author: Alison Cole Date Published: Jan 05, 2007 Title: Municipal Emergency Preparedness Plans Summary: An emergency is defined as a critical situation that requires immediate and systematic attention despite it occurri... Body: An emergency is defined as a critical situation that requires immediate and systematic attention despite it occurring unexpectedly. Critical emergencies and disasters require the intervention of a facilitating body that is equipped to handle them with precision care. Emergency preparedness plans are designed to provide maximum provisions for survival and a quick recovery. The plan components remain the same irrespective of the type of disaster. Municipal officials take on the responsibility of ensuring the safety of citizens in their area during a calamity. They typically follow municipal emergency preparedness plans to handle such situations. Such plans are used during emergencies ranging from floods and earthquakes to poison gas leaks and terrorist attacks. Professionals such as doctors, army personnel and firemen are trained on a regular basis to address emergencies. It is equally important to train every citizen to effectively handle crisis during an emergency, particularly while waiting for help to arrive. Emergency preparedness plans, when well implemented, result in efficient disaster management.While planning for emergencies, there are a few factors to be considered such as the available resources, goals, strategy to be used and most importantly, the results expected as a result of these plans.Municipal officials plan for citizens to participate in mock emergency preparedness programs to ensure viability of the plan. Emergency preparedness exercises are useful only if all the parties participate cooperatively. It is possible to obtain valuable inputs during such exercises when participants relate feedback on the plans and suggestions for changing or adding certain procedures or resources.Floods or hurricanes require a greater emphasis on planning preparedness, as the extent of damage is huge. Supplies such as food, water and shelter are indispensable during such times. Planning ensures that survivors are sufficiently equipped to get through the recovery stage. In emergency preparedness plans, the activities of government bodies such as the police, firemen and the army are coordinated to meet the needs. Emergency Preparedness provides detailed information on Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Preparedness Kits, Emergency Preparedness Cartoons, Emergency Preparedness Plans and more. Emergency Preparedness is affiliated with Military Gas Masks [].

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