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==== ==== Home made energy! Live OFF the grid. ==== ====

Home energy demands are increasing day by day. The US is one example in particular where this is happening quite abundantly - home energy consumption in America is experiencing very rapid growth, which, in turn, puts pressure on energy suppliers to deliver more and more. The problem is that not many people realize they can meet rising energy demands in their homes by conserving the energy they already have and by using it wisely. Statistics show that home energy in America contributes to about 80% of the States' overall energy consumption and 20% of this 80% is wasted through not using it wisely, or saving it where possible. If this 20% was to be saved and used in an efficient way, meeting more energy demands at home would be far easier as home owners will have more energy and money to do so. There are many organizations that are now not only providing incentives (such as grants) for promoting and inspiring the "going green" idea, but they are also developing clean technology and efficient alternatives to regular every-day products. These products usually have a longer lifetime compared with older versions and also do their job with a much higher level of quality, and by consuming less energy. One of these organizations is called HEA, also known as Home Energy Americas, LLC. This provides energy saving products for homes and businesses. It specializes in renewable energy solutions - ones that harness natural energy sources, such as wind, solar heat and solar (light) power. The company provides a very unique and distinct set of products which can be used to generate energy for your home. In the long run, they can even allow you to completely break free from the dependency on external energy providers. The company offers many products but these are the ones that are most applicable to homes (and businesses): 1) The Energy BallŽ V100 and V200 - this is a small, spherical wind turbine that can be used on the roofs of your home. It does not require high speed wind and does not produce any noise. You can turn a slight breeze into energy for your home! 2) Solar Photovoltaic Cells - these are solar panels that are easy to install, and you can mount them to either the ground or a roof of your home/business. 3) Solar heating system - this consists of a series of tubes that catch the heat from the sun and transfer it to the water that runs inside the core of each tube. It is a heating system that can be used in the summer and winter, and it can last for over 20 years. Companies that provide energy efficient products and services are becoming more and more

popular, as the demands of energy rise. It is very important for us to take advantage of these products and services, in addition to the opportunities we have to save energy at home by adjusting some very simple aspects of our every-day lives. There are many reasons why it is important for us to take action and combat global climate change. A very minute set of the reasons are: 1) Wasting energy directly impacts people in developing countries. Inefficient use and abuse of energy means that the temperature of the planet will rise even higher due to greenhouse gas emissions. This puts people in developing countries even closer in the face of death due to heat in sunny days. 2) Misusing home energy increases the money you spend on your bills. This is a very clear consequence of inefficient energy use and wastage. Even though energy saving at home is surprisingly easy, not many of us take the level of advantage that we could. 3) "Going green" helps save your local environment - your local environment is likely to be populated by plants, trees, humans and maybe some animals. Saving energy at home, using energy efficient products instead of other alternatives are two of the ways you can dramatically cut down your energy wastage and your carbon footprint; which reduces the effect of climate change on your local environment.

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==== ==== Home made energy! Live OFF the grid. ==== ====

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