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==== ==== Make sure your family is safe and prepared to survive a hurricane! ==== ==== ID: 1606024 Author: Mo Plante Date Published: Oct 21, 2008 Title: Being Prepared For Hurricanes Summary: Are you ready for Hurricane Season, do you have everything ready and planned out for the next Hurricane that may st... Body: Surviving a hurricane with a Hurricane preparedness planWinds over 75 mph, water rushing your home people fleeing the scene as a cylindrical shape off in the distance getting bigger and bigger and bigger... Until it's on top of you. What is it and what do you do?Hurricanes are getting to be a common enough household name these days. After the big Hurricane Katrina struck everyone seems to know something about hurricanes, but does everyone know how to survive one? Being prepared for a natural disaster such as a hurricane is always a good thing to keep locked up in your mind in case it ever happens, especially if you live in the Hurricane target zone!The first step to being prepared in any situation where you are not alone is to talk with your family about it. If you don't have close family talk with friends about making plans in case a hurricane strikes. Being aware of any plans already in motion is a big leaping point for improvement and/or survival.If you haven't already, go back and read on a basic hurricane survival kit you should have prepared at all times. A normal hurricane survival kit would require the following: first aid, canned food, fresh water, radio with extra batteries, flashlight with extra batteries, sleeping bags and protection wear (such as rain coats or galoshes) & a weather radio. If you have a small child or toddler take into consideration of what their needs might be too, such as: baby food, toys, diapers, wipes, and something to drink. On the other end of the age spectrum if you are or have an elderly person with you make sure their needs are meet too, such as packing medications, or keeping a "ready box" in an accessible place you wont forget to grab in an emergency.These days with natural disasters on the rise places sell ready made kits for certain situations. You can buy a Hurricane Survival pack on the internet if you can't find one anywhere else or if you are unsure of the extent of things you will need.Stay together with friends and family, form neighborhood watches and a calling tree to streamline your chance of getting away from a storm as soon as possible. If you know about a hurricane in advance (such as a high alert from the television) you would be able to drive away from where you are but you are never quite sure which way or how far a hurricane can travel so the best thing to do is stay indoors.Make sure your home is up to snuff for such an event. Reinforcing windows, preening landscaping and being able to immediately tie things down that might fly away. Secure outdoor furniture, keep in mind that anything that looks like it will fly away has the possibility of doing so. When the hurricane is upon you make sure you're indoors with all doors and windows securely shut and locked. Get in the center most part of your home making sure there are no doors or windows around you. A hallway closet or windowless bathroom are your best bet.Keep a listen to your battery powered radio for any updates on the hurricane, never go outside to check to see if the coast is clear. Again, initiate a calling tree with your friends, family members and neighbors to get the word that the hurricane has passed to stomp out confusion.

Other than being prepared the most important thing you can do during a hurricane is stay calm and keep your survival kit nearby and ready when the time comes.You can also have a car survival kit so if you hit the road and need the protection while driving away from the hurricane landing point.Everything will work itself out! - Get a Survival Pack to Save your Family - Survival Kits

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Being Prepared for Hurricanes  

Family preparedness and safety during hurricanes and other natural disasters is vitally important! Get your survival gear for the whole fam...