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YEAR 4 EXCURSION TO WINGFIELD WASTE AND STATEWIDE RECYCLING CENTRE We have been learning about Sustainability in Year 4. Sustainability means keeping the earth the same for other generations. As part of our learning we went on an excursion to Wingfield Waste and State Wide Recycling Centre. At first we were pretty disgusted at the thought of going to the dump! We thought it would smell and would just be gross, however, we did a lot of activities and learnt a huge amount. We saw things that could have been used again but sadly these things are going straight into our earth as landfill. Some of these things are plastic bags that could have been reused or clothes and shoes that could have gone to charity. We even saw an enormous pile of cardboard and paper but because people had thrown away plastic bags in their recycling the whole pile was contaminated and is then buried as landfill. At Statewide Recycling Centre we found out how bottles and cans are separated and what these items can be turned into; the most interesting was a park bench. We also loved participating in lots of fun and educational games. We used a mini trommel which spins and sorts the recycling and is a very clever machine. We learnt about methane – it is a greenhouse gas which is dangerous to humans. However, the Wingfield Recycling Centre harnesses the methane and then uses it to power 300 homes nearby. Methane can come from many sources, both natural and manmade, but the largest source comes from landfill. Did you know when food rots in landfill it let’s off methane, which is 25 times more potent than the carbon dioxide produced by cars? We learnt many shocking and disturbing facts on our excursion and because all of us in Year 4 are working really hard towards a sustainable future we have decided to launch our own ‘War on Waste’.




PEOPLESCAPE MIGRANT MODELS Collaborating as a class, the Year 6s created life-sized models representing a migrant or refugee who has made a significant contribution to Australia. We used a variety of Harvard Visible Thinking Routines to show our thinking such as Connect-Extend-Challenge, Colour-SymbolImage and Headline. In Science, we learnt about electrical circuits and we included an interactive circuit on our model. We used many thinking strategies to enable us to research and construct our models, such as wondering, asking questions and making connections. This creative way of showing our thinking and our learning was enjoyed by everyone. Zara Hoadley, Emily Hodgkinson and Anna Oldfield (Year 6)



77 THINGS TO DO IN YEAR 7 FRIDAY DAMPER On 10 August, Year 7 Carob made damper with Mrs Danvers, Mrs Arnfield, Ms Walker and Ms Chen as part of our 77 things to do in Year 7 nature play. Prior to us arriving at school, the Maintenance team lit a campfire and Ms Walker gathered the necessary ingredients for us to successfully make our damper. We were separated into 3 groups and each group was given a recipe to follow, which consisted of flour, salt, milk and butter. Once we had all made our doughy mixture we sprinkled flour on to the table and kneaded the mixture to create a less sticky consistency, then rolled it into flattened balls. Ms Walker placed our damper into the cooking pots and then placed them on to the hot coals and left them for 20 minutes to cook. Once all of the damper was cooked, we took it out of the cooking pots on to the table and Ms Walker carved all of the burnt crust off, before cutting individual pieces. After we each received a piece of damper we topped them with the option of golden syrup, raspberry jam and butter. Once we ate our first piece we couldn’t resist coming back for seconds, and even thirds! Later on, Mrs Danvers came back to visit us and check on our progress along with tasting our damper and giving us the stamp of approval. Overall, we enjoyed the experience, both the making and tasting of the damper, and we couldn’t have done it without the help of our teachers.


FUTUREPRENEURS DAY The Year 8 Innovation and Enterprise and Year 10 and 11 Business and Enterprise classes participated in a full day event on Friday, 11 August, Futurepreneurs Day. Combined teams of students built a business concept from an idea they developed in one school day. This event was a part of a unit of study on Entrepreneurship, which helped the students to create connections to Adelaide business mentors and future entrepreneurial pathways. The program featured hands-on experiences and activities that demonstrated what entrepreneurs and business owners undertake to build successful enterprises and businesses. Activities included forming a team, ideation, prototyping and creation of mock-ups, customer validation and preparing and practising a “Shark Tank” style pitch.

The mentors guided students who pitched their ideas at the end of the day to their mentors, parents and an expert judging panel including Amy Hancock (ElevenLabs), Sasha Baranikov (Uniti Wireless) and Jane Danvers (Wilderness School Principal.) The winning team developed a product called Heat It – a portable device that can heat food on the go utilising an exothermic reaction. A third of the profit was to be invested in to purchasing the product to distribute to the homeless, free of charge. Enza Iammarrone


The participating students were able to learn about what an entrepreneur is and what it takes to be one. On the day there were a number of mentors from different businesses of their own who took us through each task and showed us what to do. In groups we had to think of a problem in the world or in our daily lives and create something to fix it. In each of the groups there had to be at least one of the following: a hacker, hustler and hipster. The main skills that we learnt were the ability to work in groups, think of ideas on the spot and to be an adventurous learner. The first thing we did on the day was to sort ourselves into groups according to the way we work in groups. Some personal attributes that we have to have to work well in groups are: positivity, communication and an open mindset. The mentors that were there on the day helped

us to develop the skills needed so that our groups worked successfully. The next skill we had to possess was thinking of ideas on the spot. They gave us some information on how we can develop this skill through interactive discussions. We also learnt how to be an adventurous learner by being challenged to go into the school community to collect marketing data from the students and teachers on what they thought about our product. Then we took our customer validation data back to our group to include in our pitch. This tied in really well with our school beliefs about learning because it is one of the school values (adventurous learning) that we were focusing on during the day. Isabella Hawkins and Allegra Kemp (Year 8)


WILDERNESS SCHOOL FILMS SELECTED FOR AIYFF As members of the digital generation living in an interactive visual world, it is important for students to be able to effectively create and publish original digital products. The Multi Media course at Wilderness provides students with opportunities to develop the skills to communicate effectively in a multimedia world. It is essential that young people acquire skills for twenty-first century learning, particularly in literacy, numeracy, information and communication technology (ICT), thinking, creativity, teamwork and communication. During the Multi Media course, students in Years 7-10 develop film production skills, with an understanding of cinematography, screenwriting, planning, shooting and editing. They work collaboratively in small film crews to create their own short films that communicate, inspire and entertain. We are proud to announce that 5 films by students of Wilderness School have been selected for The Adelaide International Youth Film Festival ( The Festival brings together young people from all over the world to celebrate cinema, share ideas and engage in each others’ culture. The promotional video for the festival can be watched on Vimeo: Many of our students will be attending the festival to be held at the GU Film House at the end of September. The AIYFF is unique as the participants will be both the audience and jurors. Young people from differing backgrounds will spend four days together watching movies, debating issues from different points of views, and then voting on the films for special prizes. The connection between the Multi Media course and AIYFF provides opportunities for learning in all aspects of the curriculum and promotes the core belief that each student can be a successful learner, a confident and creative individual, and an active and informed citizen. Jayne Kelly



LA CARPE DIEM CRĂŠPERIE The Year 9 French classes went to La Carpe Diem to practise our French ordering skills, which we had been learning in class. We were ecstatic to be ordering many delicious crepes and trying different French drinks. Overall, the experience of ordering and conversing with the waiters and waitresses in French was a very nerve-wracking but enlightening experience. We all thoroughly relished our time at the crĂŞperie and savoured the time spent with our friends outside of class in a public setting. We all wish we could go again. Madeline Hulm (Year 9)


SUPER 10 QUIZ NIGHT 2017 On Tuesday 8 August, the Year 10 French girls attended the Super 10 Quiz night, held at Goodwood Community Hall. Our skills were put to the test with challenging questions in French covering all sorts of topics, such as Geography (what European country does not share a border with France?), Language (what countries outside of the EU have French as their national language?), and Politics (who is the current president of France?) as well as tricky verb conjugations! With lots of snacks to get us through the difficult negative reflexive verb questions, we ended up winning a welldeserved third place! Overall, it was a fun and fabulously organised evening that was enjoyed by all. Merci to Madame Otina-Griffin and Madame Woodley for allowing us to be a part of an amazing evening! Cassandra Kelly (Year 10)

WILDERNESS SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL Featuring a range of short film parodies, trailers, music and dance clips, the Wilderness Shakespeare Festival is an annual event held in the last week of Term 2. The Festival showcases Yr 9 and 10 student responses to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Twelfth Night. This year’s Festival commenced with a special guest appearance by “Trevor Shakespeare” (Mr Roger Masters) and was followed by a dazzling display of student work inspired by and celebrating these famous plays.


SENIOR DRAMA THE WIZARD OF OZ BY ARRANGEMENT WITH ORIGIN THEATRICAL ‘The Wizard of OZ’ written by L Frank Baum is a classic of music theatre, often referred to as “the world’s favourite musical”. The story that we all know and love sees Dorothy of Kansas (Catherine Hickey) dreaming of a life ‘over the rainbow’ when she is swept up in a tornado and dropped on top of The Wicked Witch of the East in Munchkinland. Here she meets Glinda (Ella Maitland) who sends her on a journey down the yellow brick road to meet the great and powerful Wizard of Oz (Steph Farrall). Of course, she meets several friends along the way, including the Scarecrow (Sophie Davies), the TinWoman (Veronica Pomeroy) and the Cowardly Lion (Isabella Bradford). However, stories exist not only to entertain and warm the cockles of our heart, but to cause us to think about the world around us. This production of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ seeks to question what we’ve usually felt about this idyllic land with it’s ‘yellow brick roads’ and emerald cities. Instead, in this utopia ‘over the rainbow’ Dorothy glimpses a world where tight government control has created a citizenry lacking the brains to think, the hearts to empathise, and the courage to stand up against the regime.

This production, directed by Casmira Hambledon, with musical direction by Martin Cheney, also features the collective creative genius of arrangements by Gavin O’Loghlen, set design by Marieka Hambledon, video production by Lyndon Cullen-Reid and costume design by Kaye Buckerfield. Trevor Griffin will provide a visual feast with lighting and projections and Isabella Drioli-Phillips has leant her considerable talents to props making. Performance dates are Sept 20, 21, 22 and 23 at 7:30pm, with a matinee performance on Sept 23 at 2pm, all in the Newman Theatre. Tickets will be available through Trybooking: or from the ticket table outside the Newman Theatre from August 18th. Ticket prices are $25 for Adults and $20 for Students and Concession. Do not miss this show!





Current role at Wilderness? Carpenter / Grounds Staff

Current role at Wilderness?

How long have you worked at Wilderness? 13 years Do you have a mantra / philosophy? Treat people how you would like to be treated, respect kindness If you weren’t a Carpenter Grounds Staff, what would be your ideal job? Retired and a grandparent, love being pop If you could have dinner with two famous people, who would you choose? Gough Whitlam and Jane Danvers, I have so much admiration and respect for her What do you think is special about Wildy? The feeling of belonging and family

Year 4 Teacher / Junior School ICT & Innovation Coordinator How long have you worked at Wilderness? Since 2008, in the ELC and Junior School What made you decide to work in education? I had outstanding teachers at Wilderness that inspired me to want to do the same How has the job of teaching changed/evolved? The educational environment is not confined to the four walls of the classroom. If you weren’t a Teacher, what would be your ideal job? An events coordinator If you could have dinner with two famous people, who would you choose? Ryan Gosling and Jamie Oliver



Current role at Wilderness? Front Office Receptionist

Current role at Wilderness?

How long have you worked at Wilderness? Nearly 6.5 years

I teach Geography to Year 10, 11 and 12 as well as Year 10 Earth Science and PLP. I am also the Year 9 Carob Form teacher. How long have you worked at Wilderness?

Do you have a mantra / philosophy? “Dum spiro spero” (Latin – “while I breathe, I hope”) If you weren’t a Front Office Receptionist, what would be your ideal job? Self-funded benefactor If you could have dinner with two famous people, who would you choose? Jane Austen and Michael Buble What do you think is special about Wildy? The emphasis on education, in its broadest context, and the underpinning values of the School, especially the significance of kindness to all

I started in 2013, so that makes it 4 years What made you decide to work in education? After completing work experience at a local school in Naracoorte. I really enjoyed working with students and being constantly amazed at what they are capable of. How has the job of teaching changed/evolved? The spaces and ways in which I teach have changed dramatically. Technology in the classroom allows us to do so many more amazing things, especially in Geography. Students can now create GIS maps with Google Maps in a matter of minutes. The learning spaces have also become much more flexible and allow for effective collaboration between students. Thinking Routines have also changed the way I teach and allow students to be aware of the types of thinking they use and develop deeper geographical understandings. If you weren’t a Teacher, what would be your ideal job? My ideal job would be a Vet. I grew up on a farm and have always had a lot of pets! If you could have dinner with two famous people, who would you choose? Jamie Oliver and The Queen




Sunday 20 August 2017 - North Terrace campus

New for 2018 (SATAC code: 324981)

3 year’s full time


Adelaide approved ATAR of 75

Two new majors

Fundamentally a Science degree looking at Ecology and the Environment

Sonic Art

Popular Music and Creative Technologies

What is Ecotourism?

Current majors

Global ecotourism demand predicted to grow at 10-12% per annum

• Journalism

Tourism supports 1 in 10 jobs globally

Photographic Imaging

Game Art

Unique degree offering in SA - where Science meets Tourism

Computer Graphic Imaging & Digital Effects

Opportunities to major/minor in Geotourism, Nature-based Tourism, and Indigenous Knowledges and Society (minor only)

Field trip opportunities and real world projects on active ecotourism sites

• Marketing •

Graphic Design

MBBS – MEDICINE INTERVIEWS 2017 MBBS DOMESTIC INTERVIEW CHANGES There will be one round of interviews held for 2018 entry Invitations to interviews will be extended via email on Thursday 26 October 2017 Approximately 800 applicants will be invited to attend an interview Interviews will be conducted in late November and throughout December 2017

BACHELOR OF COMMERCE – INTERNATIONAL PATHWAY University of Adelaide and University of International Business and Economics (Beijing, China) have partnered to offer a new pathway. Students will study for 2 years in Adelaide and 2 in Beijing (classes will be taught in English). Must be enrolled to apply.

Career Opportunities: •

Assess the potential and demand for ecotourism products and sites both in Australia and overseas

Develop and manage ecotourism products and materials

Advise industry and communities to design and construct nature trails, and provide quality, scientifically accurate interpretation

• Engage with regional communities to deliver community-based ecotourism programs




Program Updates: New in 2018

2018 entry: •

Advanced Accounting Grant


Advanced Economics Grant (NEW)

Specialisations in:

Advanced Finance Grant (NEW)


B+ or higher in relevant Stage 2 subjects

SATAC code 434171

Guaranteed entry ATAR 85

Course substitutions + $1000 grant to be used for approved professional development elective


SATAC code 434161

Guaranteed entry ATAR 85

Pre-requisites: Both programs have a prerequisite of SACE Stage 2 Mathematical Methods


SATAC code 424791

Guaranteed entry ATAR 70


REVISION SESSIONS 1. Accounting and Economics Exam Revision Sessions

Saturday 28 October, UniSA CityWest Campus

Register online at: au/examrevision


Accounting Report Writing Session

Saturday 9 September, UniSA CityWest campus

Register online at: au/reporting

New initiative within the Bachelor of Business


(SATAC code: 424571)




Name: Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Activity/Bachelor of Psychological Science Career opportunities: Case Manager, Health Promotion Officer, Athlete Counselling, Health Policy Officer, Community Education.



Name: Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Activity/Bachelor of Business (Marketing)


Career opportunities: Business Development Officer, Facilities Manager, Sports Club Manager, Public Relations Officer.






Name: Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Activity/Bachelor of Business (Management)


Career opportunities: Club Management, High Performance Management, Facilities Manager, Government Agencies.

Biodiversity conservation

Water Catchments

Landscape and Spatial Science

Indigenous Culture and Livelihood

SPORT AND COMMUNICATION Name: Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Activity/Bachelor of Communication and Professional Writing Career Opportunities: Sports Media, Sports broadcasting, and sports webcasting, corporate media, public relations.

New streams in 2018

Scholarships: •

HE, VET and International Students

• $400,00 scholarships funds on offer a semester • Some offer paid work experience or graduate positions •

Expression of interest service NEW COURSES 2018



• Applied Geographical and Information Systems


Science (Biodiversity and Conservation)

Science (Coasts and Oceans)

Science (Environmental Science)

Science (Forensic and Analytical Science)

Science (Marine Biology)

CRIMINOLOGY (HONOURS) New Criminology combinations •

IT Networking and Cybersecurity Systems

Science (Forensic and Analytical Science)

and close 30th October 2017.

Students will develop expertise in accident forensics and become equipped with the skills required to analyse factors that lead to accidents. Benefit from taking part in work placement with practicing accident investigators, ensuring you graduate work ready. Employment opportunities exist in many industries such as: primary, rural, manufacturing, mining, services, transport, aviation, employer associations, the defence force, health and government departments, the police force. BACHELOR OF OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY

ASSOCIATE DEGREE OF OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY Students will develop expertise in the identification of occupational health and safety hazards in the workplace.


Streams include environmental studies, human factors, liberal studies, population health, safety science. Gain real-world, hands on experience including participation in worksite visits and 120 hours of work placement. Career opportunities include areas such as ergonomics, industrial safety, occupational hygiene and risk management.


BACHELOR OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (CO-OP) Fast track studies with Term 3 availability Provides students with the opportunity to become a skilled and work-ready professional in the information, communication and technology industries. Students will benefit from real-world experiences and the ability to tailor studies to achieve their career goals. Employment opportunities in various roles including: application programmer, analyst programmer, information officer, computer systems auditor, database administrator, enterprise architect, IT project manager, security analyst, systems administrator and systems analyst.

OPEN DAY – Adelaide Campus Thursday 31 August 5 – 8pm, CQ University Adelaide, 44 Greenhill Road, Wayville

recruitment drives now. For example, Bonds stores are conducting interviews this month!

COUNTRY TO CANBERRA: 2017 LEADERSHIP COMPETITION At least 10 young women will win a once-in-a-lifetime all-expenses paid ‘Power Trip’ prize to Canberra to meet inspiring politicians and CEOs, attend exclusive events, tour Parliament, receive a leadership and public speaking training and so much more. Winners also score online mentorship sessions and access to our alumni network. Entries must be emailed to by 11 pm AEST, 8 September 2017. Entrants must be female students who are attending school in grades 10, 11 or 12 in 2017 and attend a school that is located at least 50 kilometres away from a town with a population 80,000 persons or more.

SATAC APPLICATIONS SATAC applications for 2018 undergraduate entry open Monday 7 August. Most applications close Friday 29 September. Exceptions apply to some courses, so make sure you check for your course. NSW & ACT:


Applications open 2 August; close 29 September

9 August, 6pm – 7pm Online: 23 August, 6pm – 7pm


Join the 2018 Camp America season launch! Want to know more about our Camp America program? Come along and find out why more than 7,000 people from around the world head to America every year to work in summer camps.

Applications open 7 August; close 28 September

QLD: Applications open 3 August; close 26 September WA: Applications open 7 August; close 29 September

CHRISTMAS JOBS If you are thinking of earning some cash over the Christmas period many organisations are conducting

TAS: Direct to Applications open 4 August; close 29 September


ELOISE PETRUCCO ST ANDREW’S UNIVERSITY SCOTLAND On 4 August, Eloise Petrucco (2015) came to talk to interested girls about her experience studying overseas. Eloise was accepted into the University of St Andrews in Scotland. She began her studies there in September 2016, majoring in International Relations. The University of St Andrews was founded in 1410 and is thus the third oldest university in the English-speaking world, following Oxford and Cambridge, and holds the national rank of the third best university in the United Kingdom. For Eloise, one of the main contributors to the University of St Andrews’ appeal is the large diversity of students and thus its network of international students. As many students are from overseas, it

made her transition from Adelaide to Scotland less daunting. Eloise is enrolled in a Joint Degree Program, meaning that two out of four years of her degree will be spent studying at St Andrews’ brother college in the United States. Eloise has finished her first year in Scotland and will begin her second year at the College of William and Mary in Virginia, which, coincidentally, is where former Wildy student Phiala Shanahan is an Assistant Professor in Physics. Her account of her amazing experiences in Scotland was of great interest to us, and she will no doubt have more exciting times to come in the United States. The Careers Committee thank Eloise for giving up her time to speak to us and we wish her all the best. Anthea Yew (Year 11)


ST MARK’S RESIDENTIAL COLLEGE On 28 June, two representatives from St Marks Residential College, Raphaela Oest and Kirra Dyer visited the Wilderness School Boarding House. Raphaela is the Dean of Students at St Marks and graduated from Wildy in 2003. Kirra is in her third year studying at UniSA living at St Marks, and is also a Wildy Old Scholar who graduated in 2014. Both women gave us a great insight into the traditions, events and social activities that are on offer at St Marks. We heard about all the new upgrades on the grounds of St Marks including their new gym. Kirra gave us an understanding into the different scholarships on offer at St Marks, and the jobs you can obtain throughout your stay to help pay your fees. Overall, it was a great night having the two old scholars coming to speak to us and joining us in the Boarding House for a lovely dinner. Kacey Holloway (Year 11)

FROM THE FRONT OFFICE IS YOUR CHILD AGED BETWEEN 1 & 10 YEARS OF AGE? The Women’s and Children’s Hospital is conducting a study evaluating a possible new treatment for peanut allergy.

To find out more, please contact: The Research Team Department Allergy & Clinical Immunology Women’s and Children’s Hospital 8161 9294 or email



After competing in the 2017 Interschool State Championships at Wayville Show grounds as well as numerous other Interschool Equestrian Events, Isabella Mintz (9ANT) has been selected in the South Australian Interschool Equestrian Squad. She will compete in the Australian Interschool Championships to be held at the Toowoomba Showgrounds in Queensland from 25 - 29 September on her horse Gonzalo. We wish Isabella and Gonzalo the best of luck.


ADELAIDE EISTEDDFOD SOCIETY Audrey Yeo, Year 12 participated in the Adelaide Eisteddfod Society Flute section this year. We congratulate Audrey on her achievement, coming 2nd in the Grade 7 and 8 Flute Solo and 3rd in the 18 years and under Flute Solo.

WE LOVE TO ACKNOWLEDGE AND CONGRATULATE OUR GIRLS ON THEIR ACHIEVEMENTS! Please forward any news about your daughter’s successes that you’d like to share to

Rather than attending a fundraiser in 2017, we invite you to purchase tickets and be in the running to win one of four ‘wow’ factor prizes.


Return flight in a private Pilatus PC-12 jet for you and seven friends return to Melbourne. Value: $8,500

$2,000 Gift Voucher to Fair Price Group – blinds & flooring


Nordburger for a year 52 delicious burgers! Value: $520

Student lunch orders for a year from the Wilderness Café. Value: $400

$50each OR $100 for 3 tickets

*ONLY 600 TICKETS AVAILABLE* Licence Number: M13344

Buying tickets is simple, fast and totally secure Terms and Conditions apply and can be viewed at




Term 3 Begins

Wednesday 26 July Wednesday 23 August


6:30 - 9:00pm

Annual Music Concert


Year 2 Zoo Snooze

6:30 - 9:30pm

Yorke Peninsula Community Dinner

Tuesday 29 August

5:00 - 6:30pm

Junior School Art Show

Cub Space, Wilderness School

Thursday 30 August

8:30am - 3:30pm

Middle/ Senior Athletics Day

Santos Stadium

Adelaide Zoo

Friday 25 August

Friday 1 September

Show Day

Monday 4 September

5:15 - 7:30pm

Junior School Dads & Daughters Night

Wednesday 20, 21, 22 September


Senior Drama - ‘The Wizard of Oz’ Newman Theatre


Senior Drama - ‘The Wizard of Oz’ Newman Theatre


Senior Drama - ‘The Wizard of Oz’ Newman Theatre


Saturday 23 September

Friday 29 September

Term 3 Concludes