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ANNIE THE MUSICAL On 8-9 August, the Year 6 girls performed ‘Annie Jr. The Musical’. We think Annie was an enjoyable and educational experience for all of us as we worked together to pull this energetic musical together. Everyone had amazing parts to play and we had such a marvellous time connecting to the characters. Although it was nerve-racking for us to perform in front of an audience, we didn’t want it to end because it was so much fun. A big thank you to Ms Sheldon and Ms Hambleton; without them we would never have been able to put on this performance. Thank you to Bella for making the props to add to our acting skills and to Kay for providing the costumes for the main characters. Mr Masters, Steve, Millie and one of our Year 6 peers Mariah, are also all to be thanked for their contribution in making the play such a success. We loved every minute of it!

Grace Hyde-Kelly (Grace Farrell) and Jennifer Tran Nguyen (Annie), Year 6


AUGUST 2016 2

SCIENCE WEEK DRONES, DROIDS & ROBOTICS In 2016 the international scientific community has embraced the ‘Technology’ in STEM, in particular autonomous technology. Thus we celebrated National Science Week at Wildy with an immersive morning of Drones, Droids and Robotics. The theme was centred on the real-world application of technologies in clean water, sustainable housing design, robotics and engineering. Three university groups worked with Years 7 to 10 girls to undertake a series of activities:

ROBOGALS: Robogals is a student-run organisation that aims to inspire and empower girls and young women to consider studying engineering and build a culture of diversity and inclusion in the profession. Robogals has chapters at over 30 universities across Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Japan, China, South Africa, New Zealand, and the Philippines. Robogals worked with students to program a BOT and then battle it out in a session of Robowars girl style!

ENGINEERS WITHOUT BORDERS (EWB): Engineers Without Borders Australia (EWB) is a community organisation that creates social value through engineering. In partnership and collaboration, they are focused on developing skills, knowledge and appropriate engineering solutions for a better world. Making a water filter: Clean Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Over one third of the world’s population does not have access to adequate sanitation and 783 million people live without safe drinking water. To help girls contextualise this issue, girls were challenged to build a water filter. The catch was that each group was given a country to represent. The wealth of that country, determined by the Gross National Product,

correlated to the amount of monopoly money they received to buy filtration equipment to construct a water filter. This was a fabulous task in which the plight of those less fortunate was plainly visible. Designing a stable floating house: Appropriate Housing It is estimated that 100 million people are homeless worldwide and as many as 1 billion people lack adequate housing. The challenge was to design a sustainable house that would hold up in a watery world due to the challenges climate change may bring. In this challenge girls designed a structure that could float, have high stability and hold the most marbles!

CYBERBOYS: ADELAIDE UNIVERSITY ROBOTICS CLUB These guys just love robotics! Sharing Virtual Reality (VR) head-ware linked to a robot. Girls were provided the opportunity to wear VR head-ware and see the room as the robot sees them. The Girls found it totally bizarre that they could see themselves despite wearing the head-ware as the program was viewed from the robot’s perspective. Cyberboys challenged the girls to consider the application of robotic technology and shared their pathway to Engineering and Robotics.

Wildy Science Teachers’ Challenge: Girls built a catapult using ONLY popsticks, elastic bands and a spoon to propel a marshmallow the furthest! Hilarious antics with possibly more marshmallows in mouths than the air.


In Science Week, students from the University of Adelaide came to engage us with a range of activities. These activities made me realise that engineering is not just about building things, but it is also about using skills that require Maths, Science and an unconventional approach to solve problems. The first group had built a robot with parts all printed using a 3D printer. The robot waved and it was really weird to think that in the future there will probably be many robots roaming around. Next we participated in an activity where we were given the name of a country, a certain amount of money that the country would be able to afford and an instruction manual. We had to buy different materials and construct a water filter. Since my group had Australia, we had a lot of money and it was easy, but other third world countries had to build simple and ineffective filters. Not only did this activity make me realise how fortunate we are in Australia to have clean water all the time, but it also made me think about how we can solve the problem of having countries that do not have the resources or money to have a reliable and continuous source of clean water. Roshni Mubarak, Year 9

Science Week was a very enjoyable, eyeopening and informative experience for girls in Years 7 to 10. One of the activities I was involved in was the ‘design a catapult’ competition. Teams were given a limited number of popsticks, a spoon and rubber bands and the objective was to design the most effective catapult to propel a marshmallow the farthest we could. It was very fun and an interesting way to challenge our thinking! Sabrina Petrucco, Year 7


AUGUST 2016 4

GLEE Semester 1 finished with a bang with the exciting inter-House Glee competition. The rivalry was fierce with highly enthusiastic Middle and Senior School girls singing and dancing to the theme of ‘powerful women’. With just one week to prepare, the judges were astounded by the immense enthusiasm and excitement shown by the girls. Carob kick-started the contest, ‘shaking it off’ to Taylor Swift’s music, and showcasing incredible individual talents such as vocal and guitar solos. Antholiza gained the ‘applause’ of the audience with their Lady Gaga montage, impressing the judges with their inventive choreography. Cedar complemented their Rihanna mash-up with the use of props and individual talents, pulling off an amazing performance. Sparaxis incorporated innovative costumes, evoking a ‘roar’ from the crowd for their unbelievable routine. Following the theme of powerful women, Amaryllis were in formation, flaunting their true Beyoncé singing and dancing skills, and were proudly awarded the trophy for the second year running. Glee is an opportunity for girls to showcase their music and dance abilities, while encouraging unity and House spirit.

Hannah Bransbury & Sarah Rocca, Amaryllis House Captains

AMARYLLIS DAY Amaryllis Day was held in Week 3 this term. With the Rio Olympics in full swing, Amaryllis successfully celebrated the multi-cultural spirit of the Olympics, encouraging Middle and Senior School girls to dress as their favourite country or sport. The original ‘Amaryllis Day 2016’ Snapchat filter available on the day, encouraged involvement and provided everyone a chance to share moments of the day with friends. The cake stall at recess allowed members of the Amaryllis House to create delicious Olympic inspired desserts. During lunch, sporting games were available on the Memorial Hall lawn as well as a live stream of the Olympics as girls enjoyed delicious burgers, slushies and soft drinks. Along with this, the Year 12 girls encouraged younger years to dance and sing to some of their favourite songs providing a united and enjoyable environment. Overall, Amaryllis Day was highly successful, raising a total profit of $1171.67 for Wilderness School’s ongoing support in Nepal.

Hannah Bransbury & Sarah Rocca , Amaryllis House Captains


AUGUST 2016 6

MASA QUIZ NIGHT On Wednesday 10 August, 16 girls from Years 7 to 12 attended the Mathematical Association of South Australia’s Annual Quiz Night held at St Peter’s College. This was an opportunity for the girls to test their general knowledge and mathematical skills as they tackled questions for a continuous two hours and enjoyed the company of like-minded students. The whole experience was exhilarating! Our minds were stretched as we tested our knowledge retention and enjoyed the experience of working with other girls. With questions ranging from advanced mathematical problem solving, to remembering events that occurred even before we existed, we were able to build our understanding of the world around us to a deeper level and cultivate our love of learning. Comradery and teamwork were not unheard of, with different schools also coming together to seek advice and help each other. Although we didn’t win any prizes, it is defensible to say that we all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would take this opportunity again in a heartbeat! We would like to thank Ms Douvartzidis and all the Maths teachers for giving us the chance to take part in such an awesome experience and hope that we will be able to attend again in the years to come.

Catherine Nguyen, Year 11

BASTILLE DAY France’s Fête Nationale is on 14 July and celebrating Bastille Day at Wilderness has become a well-loved and eagerly anticipated tradition in the Junior School. This year, on Wednesday 3 August, students visited the Café, decorated with French flags and streamers in blue, white and red. They enjoyed croissants with butter or jam and cups of hot chocolate. Students wore special French badges for the occasion and many added a “touch of French” to their uniforms with berets, ribbons or hairbands in the French colours.

Gail Cauchi , Teacher of French

AWARD WINNING AUTHOR VISIT On Tuesday 9 August, we were privileged to have a visit from Jane Jolly, author of many children’s books and who also wrote our Book Week book, One Step at a Time. This book is about an elephant called Mali and her keeper Luk. Mali steps on a landmine and her leg gets blown off. Luk then helps Mali get fitted with a prosthetic leg! One Step at a Time is an important story as it is taken from real life and helps children to understand the reality of life in other countries. We think Jane Jolly is an amazing woman who demonstrates all of our School values because she researches problems, reflects on what can be done and acts to create a solution. She also showed grit and tenacity when no-one wanted to publish her book. Jane kept searching and created a crowdfunding campaign to help her fund the project. The profits from the book are donated to ‘Safeground’ which clears landmines in developing nations. One Step at a Time was awarded Honours in the Children’s Book Council Awards. We like that it is a sad book for children and has a journey with a happy ending. The book’s title and story really connect and remind us to keep working towards our goals. It was great to meet Jane and learn all about being an author.

Eva Barret and Nidhi Karachur, Year 5

JUNIOR LIBRARY BOOK WEEK PHOTO COMPETITION WINNERS Congratulations to: Anjali Suresh (Reception) and Rose Franze (Year 2) for their wonderful photos of their Australian Stories.


AUGUST 2016 8

YOUTH WORKSHOPS 2016 21,22 AND 23 SEPT 2016 Schools and families are invited to nominate gifted students from Years 8 to 10 who would benefit from in-depth workshops led by experts in their field. Students passionate about creativity or sciences are especially encouraged to attend this year. There will be a variety of topics to choose from including: Animations, Creative Writing, Engineering, Genetics, Law, Robotics / Solar vehicle and Space.











Abstracts for workshops and booking information can be viewed on the Gifted and Talented Children’s Association of South Australia (GTCASA) website







MAMIE’S MINI OLYMPICS As Olympic fever hit Wilderness School with Old Scholars, Georgie Parker (Hockey) Isobel Bishop (Water Polo) and Molly Goodman (Rowing) representing Australia in Rio, the Mamies participated in their very own Mini Olympics in the Gym. ‘Team Mamies’, won Gold in the Marathon, Hurdles, Long Jump and Shot Put and displayed a great deal of energy and excitement. When asked what event they would like to participate in in the Olympics, swimming was a definite favourite.

Judy Thurgood, Teacher of PE


LEADERSHIP BREAKFAST Australian Defence Force

VISIT FROM DEFENCE On Thursday 18 August, girls in Years 10 to 12 were lucky enough to listen to Harriette Hayes, a 2013 Wilderness old scholar, who after a Gap Year has gone on to train as an Air Force pilot. Through Harriette’s engaging and entertaining speech, punctuated by several amusing film clips, we were lucky enough to discover the exciting career prospects available in the Australian Defence Forces. Her passion for her incredible job was truly infectious, with many girls in the audience getting involved in the talk by asking questions, and many being rewarded with some Air Force freebies! Overall, it was interesting to learn about the many amazing opportunities that Harriette has had already through her involvement in the Air Force. Girls now are able to contemplate some careers that they had not yet even considered. Furthermore, knowing that Harriette is an old scholar was inspiring for all the girls, she started from the same place that we are at now and has since gone on to an incredible career. We were truly privileged to have her speak to us.

Caroline Rocco, Career Counsellor & Student Exchange Coordinator

On Friday 5 August, four girls from Years 10 and 11 had the opportunity to attend a Leadership Breakfast organised by the Australian Defence Force (ADF). The morning featured female guest speakers from many varying branches of the ADF. Drawing on their own past experience in striving for personal goals, these women told stories about the different forms of leadership as well as career pathways in the Defence Force. The talk also touched on the evolving nature of the workforce and what that means for women. The student participants were asked to share moments of leadership in their lives and consider the importance of positive self-talk, chasing ambitions, and not being afraid of setbacks in looking to achieve the most out of school, work and life. This was a fantastic opportunity to connect with other students and see a type of career that not many young women are encouraged to pursue. Sophie Davies, Year 10

Agribusiness Night at PAC

NIDA – National Academy of Dramatic Art 2017

Did you know there are four jobs for every Agriculture Science graduate? Careers in agriculture, including viticulture are diverse. Are you interested in food and nutrition, food production, feeding the world safely and economically? What about a career in food science, primary producing, brewer or wine maker? This is a growing field with many career opportunities to consider. Please note this is not just for boarders and their families, all students should consider this opportunity.

Applications now open

PAC will provide a free BBQ (donations can be made there to the Royal Flying Doctor Service). There will be a ‘Meet the Professionals Table’ where you can meet with the powerhouses working in the various industries attending.

Key Dates:

Sponsors on the night are: Le Cordon Bleu, University of Adelaide, Flinders University, Lincoln University (New Zealand), University of New England and Marcus Oldham who will all have representatives in attendance. There will also be a fun AGQUIZ competition with teams of four students from each school competing to win the $$$CASH$$$ and other great prizes. If students and parents would like more information or to register to attend, then please email with your name, school, year level and what interests you about this career area. Students and parents can register their attendance at: aspx?eid=221949 by Friday 2 September! Parents, if you’d like to be at a ‘Meet the Professionals Table’ to share your passion with the students, please let me know.

Bachelor of Fine Arts: • Acting • Costume • Design for Performance • Properties and Objects • Staging • Technical Theatre and Stage Management • 1 July - applications open • 30 September - applications close • November/December course auditions and interviews in various Australian capital cities • For all application, audition, interview and project requirements, and to apply, visit apply.

Scholarships at University Most institutions have a number of scholarships available to applicants to reward academic excellence and ensure equitable access to education. For some of these scholarships, applications are made directly to the institution via their own website.

Institutional Access and Equity Scholarships All universities provide their own scholarships both through SATAC, VTAC etc. and directly. Scholarships determined via the tertiary admission centre scholarships application may be awarded to students with financial difficulties, Indigenous Australians and other equity and access groups as defined by each institution.


AUGUST 2016 12

WILDERNESS CAREER CORNER Commonwealth Scholarships:

• Potential for ongoing positions after harvest

There are three types of Commonwealth Scholarships:

• Employees may be able to move with harvest • Paid under appropriate Enterprise Agreement rates

• Student Start-Up Scholarship – www. student-start-up-scholarship

• Employment may assist in gaining second year

• Relocation Scholarship – www.humanservices.

• Some accommodation offered on Eyre Peninsula,

• Indigenous Commonwealth Scholarships – www.

• To apply visit

Merit Scholarships Merit scholarships may be awarded to students for academic achievement if they have studied an Australian Year 12 in 2016. To be considered, applicants must apply for courses through the tertiary admission centres. Where an institution offers merit scholarships, students who have listed that institution on their course preference list and met any additional course or institutional eligibility requirements, will automatically be assessed by that institution.

VITERRA HOLIDAY JOBS IN REGIONAL AREAS: • Harvest job opportunities from October to January

Working Holiday visa limited sites and availability

YOUTHFM 93.7 - RECRUITING NOW! Do you live, work or study in the east of Adelaide? Are you aged 15-25 years? YouthFM is a free 12-month radio training program for young people. Apply now to become a radio presenter! Application are now open and close at 5pm, Monday 5 September 2016. Download an application form from www.npsp. follow the links to Our Community – Youth – YouthFm Free Information Evening: Thursday 1 September, 6-7pm, Three D Radio Studios, 101 Payneham Road, St Peters. RSVP Rosanna Busolin on 8366 4600 or email

• Range of roles involving some customer facing activities • Supervised team environment • Role based training • Uniform and personal protective equipment required for the role

Directory Undergraduate App - $1.49 Download the App “Undergraduate 2017” and have available on your phone course information, entry requirements, ATAR another relevant information for University courses in Australia and New Zealand.

Congratulations to Olivia Gniadek Year 11 (YouthFM 2015) Olivia graduated with a Certificate of Most Enthusiastic Radio Presenter and was shortlisted as top four in the 2016 National Radio School Scholarship. Olivia has now been asked to remain involved as a mentor and support crew for 2016.

OLIVIA’S RADIO THREE D- YOUTH FM VOLUNTARY EXPERIENCE In May 2015 I had been given the opportunity to participate in Radio Three D Youth FM program. This Youth Development initiative being the collaborative project between the City of Campbelltown, City of Prospect, City of Walkerville and City of Burnside and fully coordinated by the City of Norwood, Payneham and St Peters, aimed to introduce young people between the ages of 15 to 25 to the theory and practice behind radio media productions and broadcast. Youth FM supported and promoted young people giving them many platforms to launch their talents, share information, to voice their opinions, to develop their broad interests and to define (like in my case) their future advancements and career in electronic and broadcast media. Being part of the Youth FM team meant we all shared our roles and changed our responsibilities each time we were rostered on. In this manner, we learned to become radio panel operators, content producers, media presenters, interviewers and talent managers, researchers, promoters and talent supporters. Working collaboratively in a team of five once per month, we have been completely responsible for producing one hour of interactive radio program broadcasting live to air on Thursday afternoons. All teams were coached, mentored and guided by senior radio staff and supervised by the Council Community Services Manager. All teams were provided with the selection of themes to elaborate on. Each member had the opportunity to prepare and present a feature that usually involved an interview with a special guest. My special guests were Helen Koch (an exchange student from Germany) and Shivani Preston from Wilderness School. My feature depicted Christmas celebrations in Europe and in Australia. On other occasions being rostered on as the content producer, provided the opportunity to select and present music that supported SA emerging and established

artists. On many such occasions Taylor Pfeifer from Wilderness Music was played on air, further promoting her status as the ‘Adelaide Banjo Girl’. Her musical talent was recognised and very well received. Working at Youth FM has given me unforgettable memories, friendships, passions and experiences. I have further developed my public speaking skills, confidence and competency in editing and presenting live radio programs. I have developed my interviewing and promotional skills, research and technical abilities, organisational and time management skills, turning them into strengths. After 12 months of solid commitment, I have graduated with a Certificate of Most Enthusiastic Radio Presenter and was shortlisted as top four running for the 2016 National Radio School Scholarship. I have been invited to return to Youth FM to mentor, support and roster new crews. I will also be involved in producing and presenting future Youth FM programs. Furthermore, my commitment, energy and drive allowed me to become the City of Norwood Payneham and St Peters volunteer, providing community services in other areas of Council operations. I look forward to building on, and adding to my existing City of Charles Sturt volunteer experience. In conclusion, I would strongly recommend and encourage anyone pursuing their media and journalism interests to consider the Three D radio’s Youth FM as the stepping stone towards their future career.

Olivia Gniadek, Year 11


SWIMMING TO SUCCESS… On 21- 24 July, Emilie Muir competed in the State Short Course Championships. This is the culmination of the state swimming winter season. She had outstanding success in her ten individual events, achieving personal best times in every race and coming home with six gold and four silver medals in the Age competition, as well as making finals for the first time in the Open competition. Gold: 100 Individual Medley, 200 Individual Medley, 400IM, 100 Backstroke, 200 Backstroke, 200 Freestyle Silver: 100 Freestyle, 400 Freestyle, 100 Butterfly, 50 Backstroke In addition, Emilie broke the State record for the 200m Backstroke (Age) and is currently ranked number 1 in Australia for that event (Short Course) (Age). Emilie has also been selected for the South Australian team for Australian Age Short Course Team Championships and will travel to Canberra to compete at the AIS in September.


On Sunday 7 August, Margo Muir competed in the Flinder’s University Fitzy’s 5 run. Margo placed second (open female) in her first 10km race, in a time of 43:10 mins. A great effort!


HOLE IN ONE! HEADING TO THE USA Ella Adams travelled to San Diego in July 2016 to represent Australia in the IMG Junior World Golf Championships. This was an honor and an amazing experience. There were many US college golf coaches observing players at the event. Ella was contacted by a number of coaches with offers based on her performance and has accepted a full scholarship to Kansas State University commencing August 2017.


Congratulations to Caitlin Fricker who was recently chosen by the Riding Pony Stud Book Society of Australia to go to the UK. Caitlin was hosted by a professional yard, rodee a chosen horse and attended the Royal International, riding at the National Pony Championships representing Australia in the International Challenge. It is an absolute honor and privilege with only six places offered to Australian riders aged between 14 and 18 years. In an Open competition, Caitlin rode away with the title of Reserve Champion; the highest placed Australian. An enormous accomplishment, well done Caitlin!


HEADING TO NATIONALS Bronte Sleath (Year 7) has been selected in the SAUCNA (South Australian United Church Netball Association) Representative Team for netball and will compete in the CANA (Combined Australian Netball Association) National Championships in October.


HEADING TO THE 2017 NATIONAL YOUTH SCIENCE FORUM On Sunday 31 July, 32 students from Rotary District were invited as a result of endorsement from their Rotary Club to interview for 16 places at the National Youth Science Forum. Congratulations to Amelia Pointon, Bridget Smart, Sarah Dinh and Catherine Nguyen, who were successful in their application and will attend the Forum in Canberra in January 2017.


SEMAS Academy Australia held their third Annual National Abacus Maths Championship on Saturday 9 July. Evangeline Lee did exceptionally well and received a gold award for the examination. Congratulations to Evangeline.


HONOURING AUSTRALIAN VIETNAM VETERANS Congratulations to Sarah Dinh who won a prize for her essay in the Honouring Australian Vietnam Veterans competition. She joined other winners from across Australia in Canberra this week to participate in the commemoration ceremony for the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan where John Schumann sang his iconic song ‘I was only 19’. The 55 winning students enjoyed a very full itinerary in the nation’s capital, the highlights of which included: participation in the Last Post Ceremony at the Australian War Memorial, attendance at a very moving performance of Dusted Off by Brett Hunt and talking with the politicians and the many veterans present for the anniversary.


Congratulations to Anthea Yew who won first prize for Group 5 Poetry, and Elizabeth Siaw who won second prize in the annual Young Writers Award run by SAETA for Group 5 Poetry. Well done also to Isabelle Greco, Anuradha Pati, and Gemma Holzer who received Certificates of Commendation. We are very proud of all our girls.

We love to acknowledge and congratulate girls irlls ont on n their h achievements. e to share wi with Please do forward any news you would like the school community to om m

WILDERNESS STATE REPRESENTATIVES Throughout 2016 the above Wilderness students will represent South Australia in their respective sports on the national stage. All of the above Wilderness students place weekly school sport as a priority and represent our school with pride each week. We wish these girls all the best at their carnivals and hope that one day we see them follow in the foot-steps of old-scholars Isobel Bishop, Molly Goodman & Georgie Parker (2016 Olympians) on the world stage. Very proud of you girls! Good luck!

From left to right. Hannah Lehmann- Basketball Georgia Zhang- Badminton Carly Hoffmann- Hockey Madeline Roos- Athletics Isobel Dolling- Touch Football Scarlett Miles- Basketball & Athletics Absent- Tilley Wigney- Touch Football

SIDE BY SIDE For 132 years, Wilderness School has been a community bound together by family, friendship and hope for our girls. We have worked together, side-by-side, to develop in our young women the self-confidence, determination, desire and resilience to pursue all the personal and professional opportunities the world has to offer. Side-by-Side is a Wilderness initiative in which some of our parents share with you their hopes and dreams for their daughters. Each of these insightful, poignant and honest interviews captures, with eloquence, the shared visions we have for each and every Wilderness girl. CRAIG’S STORY As parents, we are keenly aware of the positive impact spending time with our children can have on them – and showing them that you are willing to step outside of your comfort zone and do what interests them is truly joyful. Craig is one such father who understands the importance of this and in order to spend cherished time with his daughter, he accompanied her as she explores the many stalls of a local market; not his usual pastime!

Craig describes the importance of a holistic education for his daughters; good grades are important but the life skills they are developing are imperative to them as they leave school and begin their lives as adults. To watch the full video CLICK HERE


8:15am-3:40pm Young Diplomats Forum 2016 RECP 8 Year 8’s

Tuesday 30 August

10:00am-12:00pm Annie House visit the SA Museum Senior A, B Soccer Finals

Wednesday 31 August Wildy/ Woodford House NZ Yr 9/10 Boarding exchange ends (3weeks) ELC & LJS Father’s Day Breakfast Thursday 1 September

8:30am-3:00pm Middle & Senior School Athletics Carnival, Santos Stadium 5:30-7:30pm Old Boy’s Cocktail Party (Drawing Room)

Friday 2 September

Show Day Under 13, 15, 18 Lacrosse Semi Finals

Saturday 3 September Exeat Sunday 4 September


Monday 5 Seotember

Year 2-6 Dads & Daughters Night

Friday 9 September

8:30-3:30pm Sports & Comittees Photos

Saturday 10 September

Under 13, 15, 18 Lacrosse Pre Lim Finals Winter Sport Finals Realise camp 1 departs 12/9 - 30/9

Monday 12 September 8:30-11:00am Year 8 Immunisations Tuesday 13 September

7:30pm WOSA Committee Meeting

Friday 16 September

Riverland Field Day

Wednesday 21 September

1:05-1:55pm SRC Big Lunch

Saturady 24 September

Wilderness Lacrosse Club Presentation Dinner Year 10 Work Experience Week - 30 September

Monday 26 September

Year 5 Camp departs (Wirraway) Year 6 Canberra Trip departs Year 5 Camp returns (Wirraway)

Wednesday 28 September 8:30am-2:30pm IGSSA Athletics Carnival, Santos Stadium Term 3 Concludes Friday 30 September Year 6 Canberra Trip returns

Profile for Wilderness School