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ISSUE - 4 MAY 2016



ISSUE - 4 MAY 2016 2

Sunday 8 May 2016

WILDERNESS AT THE MOTHER’S DAY CLASSIC On the Sunday 8 May we were privileged enough to be involved in The Mother’s Day Classic run which raises money for Breast Cancer Research. We participated in the 7.2 km run and had heaps of fun. We can’t wait for next year to take part in the event again. While we were there we sold 150 wildy cupcakes and 55 pink wildy hats. We would like to thank everybody who supported this very worthy cause and raised $749.50 and won the biggest school team award. We hope that we can encourage even more people to support this event next year. Phoenix Kuchta and Maddy Raymond Year 6

WILDERNESS POETRY SLAM At the end of last term the Year 10s gathered in Newman Theatre for the inaugural Wilderness Poetry Slam. Slam poet Luka Lesson had presented his work to the cohort earlier in the term, inspiring students to create and perform their own poems. The topics covered by the Year 10s were incredibly diverse, some comedic and some hard-hitting, but were all something that somebody really wanted to share or express, even if that something was their frustrations on the lunch line. It was incredibly exciting to see everybody prepared to share, and especially, to listen. It was a fantastic experience both getting a chance to perform and hearing the thoughts of my classmates. The aim of the exercise is to share imagery or thoughts or feelings that mean something to you, and to have everybody participate so enthusiastically really shows the relevance of this form of language. Sophie Davies Rosie Egan

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SOUTH AUSTRALIAN SPACE SCHOOL PROGRAM As graduates of the 2015 South Australian Space School Program, Lyna Yue and I were invited to participate in the 4-day National Space School ‘Mission to Mars Bioscience Program’ during the Term 1 holidays. The program was set in Melbourne, where we were able to visit the Victorian Space Science Education Centre (VSSEC), a specialised space-themed school education centre, to experience an astronaut’s journey into space. We were allocated astronaut and mission control roles, working in teams of 6 to explore the surface of Mars. During the mission, the control team directed astronauts to perform experiments with rock samples and record information about the surface of Mars. Both teams had to be on the lookout for sandstorms and ensure that all astronauts returned safely. Our exploration of Mars was one of great enjoyment and amusement, where several of the astronauts ‘died’ and sacrificed their life in the name of science. As part of the program, we were also able to explore the Melbourne CBD, visiting the Skydeck and other attractions in the Southbank area. Overall, the National Space School program was an unforgettable experience that has enabled us to develop greater knowledge of the careers in the modern space industry. We highly recommend the program, as it is an eyeopening and fun-filled experience where you can meet individuals who are highly motivated and have similar interests. Nhu (Sarah) Dinh Yr 11

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Annabel Duncan


Mia Heywood-Smith 7th Gracie Dowling


Zara Emery


12 YEAR GIRLS (BORN 2004 ) 3KMS Bronte Sleath


Annabel Mc Connel 4th Ella Beinssen


Kate Kyros


Madeline Jose


11 YEAR OLD GIRLS (BORN 2005) 3KMS Sarah Muir


Georgia Muir


Olivia Sounes


Georgina Birchall 6th Eva Leathart


13 YEAR OLD GIRLS (BORN 2003) 3KMS Tahlia Leathart


Teagan Powell


Arabella Lee


Anne-Marie Savas 7th Trinity Hong


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JUNIOR CROSS COUNTRY A few weeks ago on Thursday 5 May the girls from Years 3 to 6 participated in the Junior Cross Country Carnival. It was a pleasant day with luckily no rain but a lot of sweat and hard effort. This day is a good way to stay active and fit while having some fun and includes a lot of cheers, noise and support from team mates and parents. Along with the group of running and jogging girls and teachers, some Year 6s had the opportunity of running at the back of the group with a Go-pro. In conclusion it was a great day and I congratulate all girls for their efforts. Overall winner of the day was Amaryllis. Jasmine Birt Active For Life Representative

















MIDDLE & SENIOR CROSS COUNTRY Congratulations to all girls that ran the Middle and Senior School Cross Country.

Year 9 1st (5) - Neve Payze (9.20) 2nd (44) - Isabelle Bresson (11.02) 3rd (49) - Lucy van Klopper (11.07)

Overall Results

Year 10

1st Elspeth Begg Cup - Emilie Muir (8.21)

1st (3) - Margo Muir (8.44)

2nd - Indigo Marshall (8.35)

2nd (17) - Melarn Murphy (9.54)

3rd - Margo Muir (8.44)

3rd (23) - Susie Greco (10.05)

4th - Carly Hoffmann (9.06) 5th - Neve Payze (9.20)

Year 11

6th - Gabriella Belperio (9.32)

1st (10) - Georgia Honan (9.39)

7th - Tilley Wigney (9.37)

2nd (13) - Laura Montague (9.49)

8th - Winter Marshall (9.38)

3rd (22) - Isabelle Greco (10.04)

9th - Emma Sleath (9.39) 10th - Georgia Honan (9.39)

Year 12 1st (6) - Gabriella Belperio (9.32)

Year Level Winners

2nd (7) - Tilley Wigney (9.37)

Year 7

3rd (25)- Sophia Nery (10.10)

1st (11) - Tegan Powell (8.40) 2nd (12) - Anne-Marie Savas (9.48)

House Results

3rd (16) - Tahlia Leathart (9.52)

1st - Cedar 2nd - Carob

Year 8

3rd - Sparaxis

1st (1) - Emilie Muir (8.21)

4th - Amaryllis

2nd (2) - Indigo Marshall (8.35)

5th - Antholiza

3rd (4) - Carly Hoffmann (9.06) Congratulations to CEDAR on winning the Cross Country!

ISSUE - 4 MAY 2016 12

YEAR 8 CAMP The year eight cohort was lucky enough to experience camp at Aldinga. This camp was a great opportunity to make new friends and learn new skills while enjoying a number of different activities. Every girl challenged herself in a different way. On the first day, nerves and excitement filled the air as we drove to Aldinga. Once all the buses had arrived at Aldinga campsite the girls participated in a myriad of team bonding exercises, which the Year 11s had prepared for us. As the day was coming to an end the girls were excited to have a little bit of free time which was spent playing cards, volleyball, basketball and enjoying the jumping pillow. For the next two days the girls were split into two groups, while one group did surf lifesaving at Aldinga Beach the other experienced different aquatic activities at Port Noarlunga Aquatics. At Aldinga Beach we learnt how to give someone CPR and save people from the water with flotation devices and use a Nipper board which is a surf life saving board used to pull people out of deep water. Despite some girls battling with the temperature of the water at surf life saving, they had an enjoyable time playing games on the beach and learning about water safety. At Port Noarlunga Aquatics the girls took part in different water sports including surfing, fishing, kayaking, wave skiing, body boarding, snorkeling and sail boarding. This was great fun and enabled us to learn new skills and try things we had never done before. On the last day we had one final walk to Aldinga beach. As we hopped on the bus, exhausted from the past three days we enjoyed singing as we drove back to school, we had all learnt something and were taking new knowledge and friends home with us. Camp was really a truly wonderful experience. A special thanks to all the teachers who were part of this camp. Your help in ensuring that we had a great time was appreciated by us all. Indigo Marshall, Madeline Roos, Winter Marshall

ISSUE - 4 MAY 2016 14

CEDAR DAY Cedar Day was held on Wednesday of Week 11 in Term 1, which also happened to be International Scrabble Day. The Middle and Senior School girls dressed up in their favourite board game inspired costumes, including Guess Who characters, Monopoly cards and Scrabble letters. The day kicked off with a cake stall at recess with brilliant food being made by the Middle School girls. At lunchtime all girls flocked to the new grass area that had been transformed into a sea of purple and enjoyed a delicious barbeque of burgers and sausages. Lily McBain was a special treat, commentating on the events of the day. Everyone involved made a huge effort that was much appreciated by us all and which will be especially helpful for those in the Bhadure School as all the proceeds from this day went to Nepal. Rachel Neef and Matilda Ross (Cedar House Captains)

CANCER COUNCIL SA’S YOUTH AMBASSADOR PROJECT Congratulations to the following girls who have been accepted into Cancer Council SA’s Youth Ambassador Project this year – Annalisa Zacest (Yr 9), Alicia Lo, Annie McCoy, Anthea Yew, Christine Xu, Ella Britten-Jones, Emilia Dolling, Mia Stanbury, Sarah Davidson (Yr 10) Nhu Dinh, Gemma Holzer and Ayani Gamage (Yr 11). The Youth Ambassador Project is a leadership development program for highschool aged young people and the experiences and challenges they will tackle this year will shape them as leaders both today and for the future as they make a significant and personal difference in the fight to beat cancer. Judy Dyson Acting Head of Senior School

ISSUE - 4 MAY 2016 16

WELLBEING IN THE COMMUNITY Wilderness School was invited by the Walkerville Council to participate in a public consultation session on the topic of wellbeing in the community. The purpose of the session was for students to brainstorm different ideas that the Walkerville Council could implement as part of a community wellbeing strategy called Living Walkerville: wellbeing for every age and stage.

“On May 9th, Year 8 Representatives (Laura Rositano, Phoebe Price and Emma Sleath) the Year 12 SRC Representatives (Hannah Kerr, Annabel Clarnette and Courtney Marks) and the Citizenship Representative (Lilli Cavill) went to the Walkerville Council Hall for a strategic planning session. The purpose of this meeting was to elicit input from a diverse age range of citizens and school students to help develop a community wellbeing strategy. We discussed and defined the meaning of wellbeing, factors that impact the wellbeing of the community and ways the Council could improve the positive wellbeing of citizens.” Laura Rositano, Phoebe Price and Emma Sleath – Year 8 Trina Cummins Director of Wellbeing & Positive Education

ISSUE - 4 MAY 2016 18

2016 CAREER EXPO The Combined Career Expo was a comprehensive event held at Wilderness School on Wednesday 11 May, 2016. This expo encompasses more than 70 career booths for students and parents to explore future directions. Adelaide University, the University of South Australia and Flinders University are three of the prestigious tertiary institutions in Adelaide, all participating in the event to offer information about how they provide higher education. Students were very active and keen to talk to the representatives in each booth. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn about the many alternative pathways, all positioned in the Gymnasium at Wilderness, reminding our Senior girls about the importance of keeping their options open. We would like to thank Ms Rocco and Mrs Cleggett, the other Career Counsellors involved and all exhibitors for organizing and attending this event. Lowell So, Joanne Thai and Grace Teoh (Year 12) The next combined expo will be held in 2018 at Blackfriars Priory.

SIDE BY SIDE For 132 years, Wilderness School has been a community bound together by family, friendship and hope for our girls. We have worked together, side-by-side, to develop in our young women the self-confidence, determination, desire and resilience to pursue all the personal and professional opportunities the world has to offer. Side-by-Side is a Wilderness initiative in which some of our parents share with you their hopes and dreams for their daughters. Each of these insightful, poignant and honest interviews captures, with eloquence, the shared visions we have for each and every Wilderness girl. SHANTI’S STORY Shanti’s call to “lean in at just the right angle” is enlightening. It is to encourage girls to live a true and courageous life - to ensure they understand the need to consider diverse points of view and complexities in life but to also ensure they conduct themselves with confidence, dignity and pride. To watch the full video CLICK HERE

ISSUE - 4 MAY 2016 20

GENERATIONS IN JAZZ Term 2 Week 1 started with a bang in the Music department! On our first day back at school, the Big Bands and the Jazz Choir performed a preview concert for the parent community in Hender Hall. This night was sponsored and run by the Friends of Music under the generous leadership of Mr Ian Denbigh. Three days later the girls and their teachers set off for another adventurous weekend of music-making and collaboration with likeminded musicians at the renowned Generations in Jazz festival in Mount Gambier. Big Band 1 performed in Division 3.2, gaining 6th position overall. Big Band 2 performed in Division 4.2, gaining 3rd position, and the Jazz Choir were honoured to perform on the main stage on Saturday night as Winners of Division 1 in 2015. Once again, I am thrilled with our girls’ achievements and conduct over this weekend. Thank you to the girls for their collective dedication to being the best they can be in their musical lives, and thank you to the wonderful staff in the Music department who prepared them and looked after them during the weekend. Finally thanks to Ms Georgie West who most ably led the Wildy group, and the parents who came down to Mount Gambier to support the girls. Caroline Pomeroy Head of Music

ISSUE - 4 MAY 2016 22

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF GENEROUS GRANT FROM ACC Wilderness School was successful in receiving a grant from the Adelaide City Council in November 2015. The funds for this were put towards upgrading the aged irrigation at Park 6. This generous grant has certainly enhanced and improved the playing fields as you can see from these before and after photos of the improvement. This upgrade has certainly improved the playing fields benefiting Wilderness School, Sporting Clubs and the Community.



MAY 2106


IN FOCUS: SCIENCE YEAR 7 MEET N GREET Year 7 students who had been studying fabulous famous women in science, impersonated their chosen woman and we held a meet n greet. In concentric circles girls shared their research.

YEAR 8 CHEMISTRY Year 8s explore the changing states of matter.

YEAR 12 BIOLOGY Enzymes are proteins which facilitate the reaction of specific substrates into specific products in living things. To investigate how enzyme concentration affects enzyme reaction rates, Year 12 students designed a practical using H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) and Catalase, an enzyme present in liquified spinach juice. As the enzyme catalysed H2O2 into H2O + O the mixture produced foam.


CAITLIN AND VICTORIA FRICKER Caitlin and Victoria Fricker (Year 9) both competed at the ESA Interschool Championships in the Secondary Show Hack section. Congratulations to both girls on their success with Caitlin winning the Rider & Victoria placed second, furthermore Caitlin won the Saddle class and the led class & Victoria was third in classes. Overall Caitlin was awarded Champion and Victoria placed 3rd in the competition.

GENERATIONS IN JAZZ At Generations in Jazz (6-8 May), our Big Band 2 girls took the stage, placing 3rd with standout performances from Veronica Pomeroy (Year 10) and Georgie Barnes (Year 6).

STEM Our Year 8 girls have been busy investigating as part of their learning in STEM: some girls worked with a University mentor to pursue a research question of interest and will be awarded with a CREST Bronze Award through the CSIRO. Special thanks to Danielle Kemp, whose efforts have laid the foundation for a long term relationship with the University.

STEWARDSHIP OF ENDEMIC ENDANGERED SPECIES (SEEDS) PROJECT Dr Sally Nobbs OA has assumed a lead role in managing the 'SEEDS project'. Sally, Heather Davis (Year 6 Teacher) and Simone Burzacott-Gorman (Head of Science) met with the Botanic Gardens staff to further our work to germinate and grow our ‘Green Gold’, three rare and endangered plants. This project will have longitudinal benefits for both students and the environment. Heather, with the support and knowledge of Sally, will be germinating our seeds next term. It is hoped that our precious seeds will grow. This is cutting edge ‘real science’ even the Botanists are unsure of our success rate given that these seeds have never been cultivated before. In the future we aim to develop a seed bank at School and Sally will further this project at Crawford where we look to plant out the seeds in exclusion zone in years to come.

ISSUE - 4 MAY 2016 26



Wednesday 15 June Friday 12 August Saturday 13 August

EVENT SACE Aboriginal Pathways Conference

LOCATION UniSA, City East Campus

Flinders University Open Days

Sunday 14 August

UniSA and Adelaide University Open Days

Sunday 21 August

University of Melbourne Open Day

Parkville and Southbank campuses

FLINDERS UNIVERSITY Flinders: uniTEST uniTEST is a free aptitude test that tests the thinking and reasoning skills required in tertiary education, and can provide an alternative to an ATAR-only entry pathway to university. Year 12 students can sit the test at their school or at the Flinders campus between July and October.

MedEntry UMAT Preparation Courses Mount Gambier: 4 June Adelaide: 11 & 12 June @ Adelaide University Adelaide: 20 & 21 July @ Adelaide University

FLINDERS DEFEREE DROP IN SESSION Drop in any time to the Flinders Victoria Square foyer between 10am-4pm on Wed 18 May to discuss your options with us. We can look at your transition to Flinders, course pathways, whether you have the option for mid-year entry in 2016, and any other questions you have.

CAREER CORNER QS WORLD RANKINGS BY SUBJECT The rankings by subject have been released for 2016. 42 subject areas are compared in the fields of Arts & Humanities, Engineering & Technology, Life Sciences & Medicine, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences & Management.

UNSW./UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY/BOND UNIVERSITY/UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND BOOKLETS I have received copies of Undergraduate guides 2017 from these universities. These cover all degrees, admission, bonus points, scholarships and accommodation information available from the University. Check out what is happening at UNSW by accessing their “What’s on” section of Future Students website:

UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE: YOUNG WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY EXPERIENCE Wed 8 June OR Thu 9 June This event is for female students in Years 9 and 10. It introduces students to study and career options in engineering, computer and mathematical sciences through interactive activities and inspiring talks.

INGENUITY 2016 Celebrating tomorrow’s technology leaders: From deep space exploration to accessible clean drinking water, human ingenuity is responsible for the technological advancements and solutions that create, sustain and enhance life as we know it. At the University of Adelaide, Ingenuity celebrates tomorrow’s game-changers; the innovators who will shape the world’s technical, social and commercial future. Visit Ingenuity 2016 for an interactive showcase of university student projects exploring the dynamic world and applications of engineering, computer and mathematical sciences. When: Friday 28 October 2016 - 9.30 – 3.30pm at The Adelaide Convention Centre Free Public Event: For more information, visit

ISSUE - 4 MAY 2016 28

CAREER CORNER APPLICATIONS FOR CAMBRIDGE IMMERSE 2016 ARE OPEN Cambridge Immerse is a unique two-week residential educational experience that allows participants to gain an unrivalled insight into a chosen discipline, ranging from the arts to the sciences. Subjects offered include Computer Science, Medicine, Law, Economics, History and Engineering and many more. Tutorials and seminars are taught by highly regarded tutors from Oxford and Cambridge University in an optimal learning environment that stimulates academic enquiry; yet the carefully planned schedule ensures that the programme not only meets the academic needs of the participants, but also provides a unique insight into the university city through an abundance of activities.

Students reside in Queen’s College or Christ’s College, prestigious and central colleges of Cambridge university. Within their historic walls, we pride ourselves on providing unique experiences of leadership and academic excellence through a programme for participants that instills the confidence and passion for learning that are essential to success in higher education.

 Enrolment in the program is ongoing, and students aged 15 and above are welcome to apply at www. A PDF version of their prospectus is also available to view at https://www.cambridgeimmerse. com/Prospectus2016.pdf

If you are interested in registering, please do so online through our website, or alternatively, if you require further information please don't hesitate to email
 For over thirty years Oxbridge has been organizing highly academic summer programs for students aged between 13 and 18 in Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews, UCLA, Harvard, Barnard, Paris, Montpellier, Barcelona, and Salamanca. We have been fortunate enough, over the same period, to forge deep and lasting relationships with a number of leading educational institutions in Australia. Every summer they welcome bright and enthusiastic students from Australia on their programs and they would be able to answer any and all questions on their webinar. To join them, please go to

HEALTH SCIENCES AT ADELAIDE UNIVERSITY Faculty of Health Sciences invites you to attend a showcase of our Medicine, Dentistry, Oral Health, Health and Medical Sciences, Nursing and Psychology degrees at the University of Adelaide. When: Sunday 29 May 2016 Where: The Bragg Lecture Theatre, North Terrace Campus, The University of Adelaide PRESENTATIONS: 10am - 11:30am - Dentistry and Oral Health* 11:45am - 12:45pm - Medicine* 1pm - 2pm - Health and Medical Sciences (including Advanced) 2:15pm - 3:15pm - Nursing* 3:30pm - 4:15pm - Psychology* *Presentations with an asterix include a Q&A panel of expert staff and students Register Now - places are limited.

UNSW AUSTRALIA I have received some copies of UNSW undergraduate guides which cover all degree, admission, Bonus points, scholarship and accommodation information available from the University. You can collect a copy from the Career office. Events: UNSW run events throughout the year specifically for students. Check out the “What’s On” section of the Future Students website: for more information on UNSW campus tours and events. Information on the wide range of scholarships available for high school leavers via online application at: www. UNSW KEY CO-OP PROGRAM MESSAGES FOR 2016: •

Check out their NEW website at: for detailed program info and updates

Co-op Program scholarships increased to $18,000 p.a. this year

THE UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND I have received some copies of the UQ course guides, programs, faculty based scholarships, Admission information, internships and student support. They can be collected from the Career Office. Guides can also be downloaded –

DEAKIN UNIVERSITY QUIZ: WHAT’S YOUR PROFESSIONAL PERSONALITY? This quiz can tell you some careers that might suit your personality. It also provides links to Deakin courses that match these careers.

AUSTRALIAN APPRENTICESHIP PATHWAYS: CAREER INTEREST EXPLORER A new resource which aims to help job seekers identify the strength of their career interests. The resource requires people to respond to statements illustrating characteristics of seven broad work types resulting in a list of work types according to relative strength of interest.

ISSUE - 4 MAY 2016 30


Foundation AGM, Hender Hall 6:30 - 8:00pm

Wednesday 25 May

Year 4 Camp departs for Crawford

Thursday 26 May

ELC & LJS Grandparents Day

Friday 27 May Monday 30 May

Year 10 Wildy girls to DSG South Africa (7 Weeks) WOSA Quiz Night, Wilderness Gym 6:30pm Musician in Residence School Photos

Tuesday 31 May

Year 4 & Year 6 ICAS Science Competition Year 7 da Vinci Decathalon at Saints Girls

Thursday 2 June

Jazz at the Gov, The Governor Hindmarsh

Tuesday 7 June

School Tour 9:15 - 10:30am

Wednesday 8 June

Junior Strings Workshop, PAC 8:30 - 3:30pm Junior Strings Concert, PAC 2:00pm

Saturday 11 June

Exeat 11-13 June

Sunday 12 June

Exeat 11-13 June

Monday 13 June Tuesday 14 June Wednesday 15 June

Exeat 11-13 June Queen’s Birthday Christ Church Concert, Christ Church, North Adelaide 6:00 - 7:00pm Year 5 Colonial Day 9:00 - 3:25pm Drama Academy Performance, Newman Theatre 6:30pm Year 10 Leadreship Conference - Nunyara

Thursday 16 June

SACE Solo Performance Assessment Type 1, Hender Hall 10:50 - 1:00pm SACE Ensemble Performance Formative Assessment Part Testing, CDC room 3:45 - 5:30pm

Friday 17 June

Year 10 Leadreship Conference - Nunyara

Saturday 18 June

Wilderness Lacrosse Club hosting, SACA Park 7:30 - 4:00pm Victorian Reunion (Melbourne)

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