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ANNIE’S GRADUATION On Thursday 24 November we celebrated the enthusiastic Class of 2016! Certificates were presented by the Principal Jane Danvers as the girls made their way across the stage. The girls performed a song and dance routine to ‘Best friends’ by Peter Combe to their supportive audience. Showing they are ready to embark on their next learning journey as Reception girls in 2017, our Annie Brown students were proud to be acknowledged at their Graduation. Curious, resourceful and adventurous, this dynamic group embody all the Wilderness values and look we lo celebrating their successes when they become the class of 2030.

“I liked shaking Mrs Danver’s hand”- Allegra

“I liked going up onto the stage”Tayla

JUNIOR CHRISTMAS CONCERT A favourite event on the annual calendar the ELC and Junior School Christmas Concert didn’t disappoint this year. Entertaining family and friends, it is also a highlight of the year for the girls. With the Christmas artworks displayed in the Gymnasium, it was transformed into our own Wildy Magic Cave. Serenaded by the enthusiastic vocals of our girls, you left feeling that Christmas had truly arrived.

TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS AT YALE UNIVERSITY From Friday 18 to Monday 21 November, the Tournament of Champions was held at Yale University and hosted by the Yale International Relations Association. This was the last round in the 2016 World Scholar’s Cup season, following the regional round in Adelaide and the global rounds in Bangkok and Prague. At this event, 1200 students from 38 countries convened for the final celebration for what had been the theme for this year - An Imperfect World. Ms Bess Smith and Year 10 student, Anthea Yew journeyed together to New Haven, Connecticut, where they were involved in a myriad of events. These included a Boston tour, where they had the opportunity to visit Harvard and MIT, a day trip to New York and a scavenger hunt around the Yale campus. A highlight they experienced was listening to two keynote guest speakers at the opening ceremony. The first was Dr William B. Hurlbut, the Consulting Professor for Neurobiology at Stanford University, and the second was Peter Crumlish, the Executive Director of Dwight Hall and Board Secretary for the Congo Leadership Initiative. Anthea also had the chance to listen to a college panel of Yale students, who talked to the scholars about the university and answered various enquiries. As for the academic component, Anthea was teamed up with two students from the Tanglin Trust British International School in Singapore, and together they were involved in the extremely rigorous Scholar’s Challenge, Collaborative Writing, Team Debate and Scholar’s Bowl events, which encompassed the subjects of Science, Crime and Justice, Literature, Art and Music, History and Social Studies. The opportunity for her to collaborate with scholars from another country and to be immersed in such a large global community resulted in new friendships being made, as well as a widened perspective of the world. Wilderness School is looking forward to hosting a regional round in March 2017. For more information, please contact Bess Smith via email on

AMATHING On the Wednesday 23 November, we visited the University of Adelaide to take part in aMATHing day, an event organised for Year 8 students to explore maths for the day. When we arrived we were welcomed by University mathematicians who introduced us to the activities for the day. In the first activity we experimented with a computer program that used the rules of Conway’s Game of Life. It transformed shapes, according to fixed rules, into another, and certain shapes were able to create an animation. In the next activity we learnt about the relationship between ordinary and binary numbers through a game called Nim. Using binary numbers as a strategy, we were able to formulate a method to succeed in every game. Probability and Statistics was the next task. We solved two different questions before playing a card game similar to poker. The first question involved blood sampling and testing. Using statistics, we were able to find out how accurate the methods of blood testing were. The second question involved more probability. The game involved us, students, being continuously be aware of what cards were being used and what were left. We were then able to estimate the probability of certain cards being drawn to help win the game. The final activity that we did was called the Math of Juggling. As well as learning how to juggle, we found the maths behind it. We did this by discovering and experimenting with juggling patterns on an application on the computer. Overall, aMATHing day was a different and new experience. We had a lot of fun learning new forms of maths and were able to see new ways of exploring mathematics.

By Sharanya Kamath, Mia Smith and Stephanie La

YEAR 12 ART EXHIBITION ‘SOMEWHERE IN TIME’ On Tuesday 1 November, the Year 12 Art Exhibition, ‘Somewhere in Time’ was opened by 2016 Wilderness School Artist in Residence Lyn Wood. The event was well attended by family, friends, students and staff who came together in celebration of the achievements of this year’s cohort. In her opening speech, Lyn warmly addressed the students and congratulated the 10 young artists on the completion of a diverse and meaningful array of work. She reflected on her interactions with the students throughout the year and relayed her experience as a practicing artist. She addressed the theme of the exhibition and highlighted the importance of making art in a fast paced, digital age, encouraging the students to take these skills with them into the future. Olivia Hardy and Olivia Tremaine spoke on behalf of the exhibiting students, outlining the complexities and triumphs of developing their initial visions into final resolved works of art. Further, the girls generously thanked their families and teachers for their ongoing patience and support this year.

Brooke Porter Year 12 Art Teacher

PARLIAMENT HOUSE DINNER The 2017 SRC were extremely privileged to have been invited to spend the evening at Parliament House, as the guests of Peter Treloar MP. On a tour of the building we saw the rare book collection, visited old Parliament House, and from the ‘Strangers Gallery’ sat in on a session of Parliament in Committee. Our visit was noted in the Handsard record for the day. A highlight for many of us was entering the Senate and the House of Representatives ourselves, where we were given the opportunity to sit where high ranking politicians had been sitting only hours before. We were also treated to a delicious dinner in The Speaker’s Dining Room, over which many of the girls talked politics with Mr Treloar and Rachel Sanderson MP. Ms Sanderson later spoke to us about her experiences as a women in parliament. She also invited us, as young women to offer our opinions about various pieces of policy and legislation currently under debate. It was an honour to be invited to offer our opinions and was an opportunity we will all remember. The evening was enjoyable and interesting. Several girls have since commented they see themselves pursuing a life in politics.

Molly Chapman, Year 11

RED ROOM POETRY COMPETITION Year 8 English students, Jacinta Rossi was shortlisted and Sophie Goulding won first prize for Secondary Schools in the Red Room Poetry Object Competition. In its most exciting year yet, Red Room Poetry Object has enlivened the imaginations of teachers and students across Australia and beyond. With 172 Australasian school communities engaged and over 3000 poems received. Students have written both heartfelt and humorous poems about their dearest objects - from dragon teapots and Hawaiian dresses to bird whistles and precious stones. Congratulations and enormous thanks to all the Year 8 Wilderness poets who contributed heartfelt poems about treasured and curious objects.


‘No Replacement’ By Jacinta Rossi

Through peaks and valleys, bearing the occasional spew, our infant bond withstands.

“Pitter Patter, Pitter Patter” Raindrops crackle like an old radio coming to life.

Vowed to never sleep without her. My security,

Masked under the sheets, absent from reality, we lay.

my peace,

Wedged against my chest, speechless warmth comforts my heart.

together we shade the darkness of fear.

Holding, smelling and rubbing her frailness,

my childhood,

Warmth from my body, abandoned.

revoking decades of memories,

She lay empty, components of white fuzz surrounding her,

her magical powers like no other.

she was gone.

No replacement, loneliness sets in!


‘Once upon an Autumn’

on the bridge from memory lane,

By Sophie Goulding

waiting silently.

Crunch, crushes the leaf the last breath bellows out, like a wave crashing down, stepping over the lifeless leaf running on, the last breath bellows out, like a wave crashing down, waiting silently running on.

playing with my family and playing with the leaves when I was little, sitting on a bridge on the bridge from memory lane, playing with my family and playing with the leaves when I was little, sitting on a bridge, stepping over the lifeless leaf playing with my family and playing with the leaves, crunch, crushes the leaf


What becomes immediately obvious in this accomplished poem is its use of sound effects. In the first line we get that marvellous play with cr, cr, ch, sh, for instance, as well as later on the part rhymes of ‘on’ with ‘down’. Another dextrous thing it does in the area of sounding is the use of repetitions that wind through the poem. Another thing the poem did for me that I admired, was the way it turned around ideas of cliché. Of course, ‘memory lane’ is a cliché but in this poem ‘memory lane’ becomes a real place, somewhere we’ve all been. It’s as though it turns the phrase back to a time before it became over-used, where someone sat on a bridge after coming from this actual lane all the while playing with leaves. There is a real freshness here in this place; even though the leaves are ‘lifeless’ they still have a life of sound, and the poem has life in its playing with and turning over these ideas. ~ Jill Jones, Judge, Poetry Object 2016 (Pages 18 and 19)

PHOTOGRAPHY PRIZE Joyce Yang and Alice Wang have achieved prizes for their exceptional photography. While studying English for Academic Purposes, the students participated in a photographic course with Mr Phil McLaughlin at Prince Alfred College. On Friday 18 November Mr McLaughlin presented the students with copies of their winning photographs and prizes that were awarded at the Adelaide Royal Show earlier this year. JOYCE YANG

First Prize for Shape Pattern and Form ALICE WANG

Second prize for Buildings and Structures

Third Prize for Close up Photography Second prize for Reflection and Colour

YEAR 7 GEOGRAPHY: TREE PROPAGATION On Monday 5 December, the Year 7 Geography class walked to the Walkerville Council Depot where they were met by 6 members of the Walkerville Rotary Club. The girls assisted in the propagation of over 6,000 seedlings that will be part of a re vegetation project at Pinery, the scene of the 2015 massive bushfire that took lives and destroyed over 85,000 hectares of property. Wilderness School and the Walkerville Rotary Club have been doing this as a joint venture every year since 1990 and have propagated and planted hundreds of thousands of trees during that time. It is an excellent social service activity to be part of and the girls thoroughly enjoyed getting their hands dirty and being part of a project that gives back to the Community.

Judy Thurgood Year 7 Geography Teacher

OPENING THE ARCHIVES Year 6 student, Charlotte Ujvary recently had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Magarey, who is a Wildy Old Boy. Mr Magarey shares wonderful insight into his life in the Wilderness during the 1950s.

When were you are at Wilderness school?

About 1953 and 1954 (but I don’t think it was the whole of those two years).

Were the teachers strict – did they use canes or any other form of punishment?

I can’t remember whether the teachers were strict – they probably were, but strict for children aged 5 and 6 would have been different from strict for children aged 10 or 11 and different again from strict for children aged 15 or 16. I can’t remember whether any punishments were imposed or a cane was ever used – but I can’t imagine a cane being used on children of the age I was when I was at the school.

What rules did the school have for boys e.g. what year level did they have to leave Wilderness School?

I can’t remember any special rules for boys or when they had to leave. I think I left in Grade (Year) 2. I was told by my mother years later (when I was a teenager or older) that there was only one boy left at the school after I left it and he lasted only two more weeks.

Did you enjoy your time at Wildy and do you still keep in touch with other Old Boys?

I can’t remember whether I enjoyed my time at Wildy; but I can remember that we had “school milk” and that was awful. “School milk” was a bottle of milk per child (I think at all primary schools in Adelaide received it – my wife has told me she had it at her school) which was delivered to the school before recess time and left in crates on the ground under a Moreton Bay fig tree at the Northcote Terrace end of the running track; and by the time we children had to drink it at recess time it was warm from having been outside and had a layer of cream on the top. That was an unenjoyable part of junior primary school life.

I can’t remember why I left Wildy and moved to the North Adelaide Primary School.

I haven’t kept in touch with any of the boys who were at Wildy with me – I can’t even remember how many there were or the names of any of them except the one who remained when I left and I only know his name because Mum mentioned it to me – she and Dad knew his parents. In the last four or five years the school has organised cocktail parties for its old boys and I have met some old boys at them (all but one older than I am and one much, much younger than I am). Two of them I already knew – one is a cousin of mine (but almost half a generation older than I am) and the other is a retired lawyer who I met while he was working as a lawyer (he is also about half a generation older than I am). The only other things I remember are that I had a teacher named Miss Buckley (I met her again years and years later when I gave a speech about Rhodes Scholarships to a gathering of retired school teachers) and I vaguely remember playing on the running track and I think I remember that my classroom was on the downhill (southern) side of that track. I have other memories of Wilderness (which is the name by which I and my family knew the school – “Wildy” is a very recent name for it) after I left it because my two sisters were at it and Mum was on the School Council (she had been Head Prefect in 1936) and was on the Parents and Friends Committee (and I think Dad was too at one stage) – and for those reasons I visited the school from time to time. I remember that once or twice it had a fete which it called a bazaar – and in at least one year Dad helped organise the white elephant stall and gave my sisters and me money to spend at the bazaar.



Year 12 release date: Tuesday 20 December 2016

When: Wednesday, 21 December, 3.30 - 6pm

First Round offers – Tuesday 17 January – offers will be emailed by 5pm Second Round offers – Tuesday 31 January – offers will be emailed by 5pm Third Round offers – Tuesday 2 February – offers will be emailed by 5pm

Where: Bonython Hall, North Terrace campus The Preference Advice Event provides an opportunity for prospective students and their parents to gain one on one advice about degrees and pathways available at the University of Adelaide. The session will help you to place your preferences in the correct order to give you the best outcome for your future. Bookings are not required - drop in at a convenient time between 3:30 and 6pm on the day.


What to bring: Your SATAC number and Year 12 ATAR score.

21st December, 4pm – 6:30pm Get help with changing your preferences and find out about studying at UniSA in 2017.

FLINDERS PREFERENCE DROP-IN SESSIONS AND NEW COURSE INFORMATION Get personalized advice about course preferences and reaching the course you want at Flinders. Wed 21st December 2016, 2pm –6pm @ State Library Thu 22nd December 2016, 4pm – 7pm @ Bedford Park Tue 3rd January 2017, 10am – 4pm @ Bedford Park Tue 3rd January 2017, 11am – 4pm @ Victoria Square

TORRENS UNIVERSITY OPTIONS DAYS Wed 21st December, 10am – 4pm Tue 3rd January, 10am – 4pm Find out about your options for undergraduate study from course advisers.

CG SPECTRUM ONLINE WORKSHOP Thu 8th December, 5:30pm CG Spectrum College are running an online workshop in pixel art. No previous experience is required, so if you’re an artist or coder, or you’re interested in studying at CG Spectrum in future, sign up online.

UMAT 2017 REGISTRATIONS OPEN SOON ADFA EDUCATION AWARD For current year 11 students: Award presented to year 12 students in recognition of leadership potential, and academic and sporting achievements exhibited during year 11. Award comprises of laptop and certificate along with plaque of recognition for your school. For eligibility and application: http://www.

Registrations for UMAT 2017 open early December 2016 and close 2nd June 2017. The test takes place nationally on the 26th July 2017. UMAT is a test that is used specifically to assist with the selection of students into the medicine, dentistry and health science degree programs at undergraduate level at the universities listed on this website.

CAMP AMERICA INFO SESSIONS Camp America offer opportunities to work in US summer camps – go along to an info session to find out how you can participate.


Online: 13th December, 6pm – 7pm

The Architectural Board of Practice SA has produced these videos, entitled “What Does an Architect Do?”

Online: 11th January 2017, 6pm – 7pm

Online: 2nd March 2017, 6pm – 7pm

MY BIG TOMORROW My Big Tomorrow is a resource designed to help young Australians realise bigger life choices. Here you can discover your dream career, experience a day in the life of someone doing that job and find out how they got there.



‘GET CAUGHT’ NETBALL CARNIVAL Congratulations to the Year 4 Netball team that represented Wilderness at the “Get Caught” Netball Carnival during PE Week this Term. This team was chosen from our 2 Netball teams and was undefeated on the day. Determined and spirited the girls showed great sportsmanship.


IGSSA SPORTSPERSON OF THE YEAR Congratulations to Hannah Lehmann who was announced as the IGSSA Sportsperson of the Year 2016, as voted by the 10 Sports Coordinators from the IGSSA schools. Hannah was recognised for her commitment to school sport, in particular basketball, representing Wilderness, her club, state and Australia. She was also recognised as she plays Senior A Netball, Senior A Touch Football, Senior A Basketball Captain, Year 12 PE student, Sports Committee member and her work with the Junior School Basketball program. A huge honour and congratulations to Hannah.


NATIONAL CHAMPION Great news from the Equestrian Australia, Australasian Show Horse and Rider National Championships in Werribee Victoria. Year 7 student, Kate Kyros and her pony ‘Mirinda Princess Perfect’ won both the National Small Pony Championship and the National Child’s Small Pony Championship - the only horse and rider combination in Australia to win both classes. So exciting for Kate to be declared the best in Australia in her chosen sport and a great end to a very successful year. Wonderful end to the year Kate, congratulations.


Well done to Arabella Lee, Havana George and Mikala Thompson who played for North Adelaide District in the State Tennis Carnival.


The Oliphant Science Awards is an annually held competition for South Australian school students from Reception to Year 12. The competition aims to develop student interest in Science with a range of categories to suit a wide variety of interests. Our girls are encouraged to enter the Oliphant Science Awards in a category that excites them. The Awards require that the girls work independently on their entry, with no help from parents or teachers. Students who enter these awards are judged on their originality and creativity related to specific Science topics. A total of twenty-four Wilderness Junior School girls entered the Oliphant Science Awards this year across a broad range of categories. Congratulations to the following students who received High Commendations for their entries: YEAR FOUR Lily Oakeshott Isabella Rosser YEAR FIVE Paige Equid Jennifer Zhao Ashley Jones Charlotte Thomas


In the Year 3-5 Photography section, there were over 150 entrants across a range of themes and we are very proud to share that Year Five student, Catrina Balestrin first in this category with her themed entry titled ‘Up in the Air’. She worked independently and with focus to produce her award winning entry and should be very proud of her outstanding results. Catrina was presented with her award at a ceremony at the Brighton Town Hall on the 23 September. Congratulations, Catrina.

WILDERNESS ROWING The 2016/17 Rowing season has well and truly begun at Wilderness. We currently have 64 enthusiastic girls participating in the program, challenging themselves physically and technically both on and off the water. The girls have been exposed to some new training modalities, with sessions from crossfitkids SA, yoga, training alongside dolphins on the Port River, and the first VIII racing with the St Peter’s Boys First VIII. Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Rowers have competed at some Rowing SA regattas and the girls have won four final races to date. We are looking forward to racing more in Term 1 and continue to build the success on the water. Girls are eagerly awaiting their rowing camp in Waikerie in the January school holidays, as they continue to prepare for the 2017 Head of the River.

STUDENT2STUDENT Become a buddy and use your reading skills to help others. Wilderness School is participating in the Smith Family’s student2student program that supports many students to increase their reading skills. Students in Years 8 through to Year 11 are invited to volunteer to be a reading buddy. Volunteers will be allocated a reader who they will listen to read 2-3 times a week for 20 minutes at a time over the phone. The program will run for 18 weeks. Volunteers will receive free training to understand what a buddy does and how best to support their reader. The training will be held at Wilderness School on 28 February 2017. Please contact Bess Smith esmith@wilderness. for more information and application forms.

HOLIDAY ENTERTAINMENT With the end of year and January school holidays looming, award-winning production company Pelican Productions is excited to present MTC 2017 – Everlasting. In its thirteenth year, MTC takes the best of the best from Broadway and the West End and presents a music theatre performance like no other. With performers from over 121 schools and universities around the state, the talent is really incredible. Starring some of our students, Amelia Hender (Disney), Grace Williams (Broadway), Ellie Swan (Broadway) and Rosie Lioulios (Broadway) the girls would love to see some familiar faces in the audience! Dates: 19/1/2017 – 7.30pm (Disney Cast) | 20/1/2017– 7.30pm (Hollywood Cast) | 21/1/2017– 11.00am (West End Cast), 3.00pm (Disney Cast), 7.30pm (Broadway Cast) | 22/1/2017 – 11.00am (Hollywood Cast), 3.00pm (Broadway Cast), 7.30pm (West End Cast) Venue: Westminster College Theatre, Marion Tickets:

GIRLS FOOTY U8 & U10’s SEASON 2017 As you know, Girls Footy is growing rapidly with the creation of an AFL competition and the Adelaide Crows creating a side. We are now creating the pathway so you can play footy next year in 2017. Please contact your local club for more details. Start your AFL pathway today.

About Walkerville Junior FC Walkerville Junior Football Club was established in 1961 and is affiliated with SANFL Juniors from season 2017. Our successful and well-run Club has more than 400 junior members, and will enter teams in the U8 & U10 Girls Footy competition in 2017. REGISTER NOW! ADDRESS: Smith Street, Walkerville EMAIL: WEB:


SAVE THE DATES 2017 Tuesday 31 January

First Day Back

Tuesday 31 January

Reception Parents’ Morning Tea 8:30am in Hender Hall

Monday 6 February

Parents and Friends Meeting

Wednesday 8 February

Middle and Senior School Swimming Heats

Friday 12 February

Year 11 and 12 Formal

Monday 13th February

Year 12 Dedication Service

Tuesday 14 February

Years 5 and 6 Swimming Heats

Wednesday 15 February

Years 3 and 4 Swimming Heats

Wednesday 22 February

Raising Amazing Girls - Ron Ritchhart

Friday 24 February

Middle & Senior Swimming Carnival

Wednesday 1 March

Junior Swimming Carnival





Thursday 19 - Monday 23 January


Rowing Camp (Waikerie)

Hawkers Road

Sunday 29 January

Anytime after 9.30am

New Boarders Arrive

Boarding House

7.45 - 8.45am

Orientation Day Breakfast (Years 8 - 12) New Parents & Girls

Hender Hall

9.00 – 11.00am

Middle School Orientation


9.00 – 11.00am

Senior School Orientation


12.15 – 1.15pm

Boarding Parents’ Lunch


1.15 – 3pm

Boarding Parents’ Meeting

Boarding House Lounge

Monday 30 January

Term 1 Commences Tuesday 31 January

8.30 - 9:30am

Welcome Morning Tea for Reception Parents

Hender Hall

Thursday 2 February

6.00 – 7.30pm

Year 7 Information Evening

Hender Hall

Friday 3 February

8.30am – 1pm

Scholarship Testing

Saturday 4 February

8.30am – 1pm

Scholarship Testing

Monday 6 February


P&F Meeting

9.00 – 9.30am

School ID Photos

9am – 12noon

SACE Merit Ceremony

Government House

Wednesday 8 February

11.00am – 3.00pm

Swimming Heats (Middle & Senior School)

Payneham Swimming Pool

Thursday 9 February

6.00 – 7.00pm

R – 6 Parent Information Evening



JS Presentation Assembly


6.30 – 10.30pm

Year 11 & 12 Formal

National Wine Centre

Monday 13 February

8.40am – 9.10am

Year 12 Dedication Service

Tuesday 14 February

11.30am – 1.30pm

Swimming Heats, Years 5 & 6

Norwood State Swim

Wednesday 15 February

11.30am – 1.30pm

Swimming Heats, Years 3 & 4

Norwood State Swim

Friday 17 February


P&F Welcome Drinks

Hender Hall Lawns

Tuesday 7 February

Friday 10 February

Saturday 18 - Sunday 19 February

Boarding House Exeat Raising Amazing Girls – Ron Ritchhart

Hender Hall

Wednesday 22 – Friday 24 February -

Year 3 Camp


Friday 24 February

9.00am – 3.00pm

Middle & Senior School Swimming Adelaide Aquatic & Leisure Carnival Centre (Marion)

Monday 27 February

6.00 – 8.00pm

Middle & Senior School – House Dinners

Tuesday 28 February

6.00 – 8.00pm

Middle & Senior School – House Dinners

9.00am – 2.00pm

Junior School Swimming Carnival

6.00 – 8.00pm

Middle & Senior School – House Dinners

Wednesday 22 February

Wednesday 1 March


Wednesday 8 March

International Women’s Day

Saturday 11 - Sunday 12 March Monday 15 – Friday 17 March Saturday 25 March

Boarding House Exeat -

Year 7 Camp



Head of the River

West Lakes


Head of the River Dinner


Year 8 Camp


Tuesday 28 – Friday 31 March Thursday 13 April

Adelaide Aquatic Centre


Whole School Dismissal

Wishing you all the joy of family and the gift of friends over the Christmas season. May the New Year bring you peace and happiness. Principal, Jane Danvers

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