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ISSUE - 6 JULY 2017



SEMESTER ONE IN THE ANNIE HOUSE In the Annie House this Term, caring for our outdoor environment has been a focus and the class has enjoyed planting and harvesting flowers, plants and herbs in our garden. We were lucky enough to reap the rewards of our hard work and enjoy cooking vegetable slices and dips straight from our patch. As a class, we also devised an essential agreement to ensure our space is able to flourish at its full potential at all times. Earlier this term, the discovery of the Van Gogh ‘Sunflowers’ painting was made within our classroom. Questions and statements including “Who painted this?”, “I wonder if we can make flowers of our own?” and “The flowers in the painting are beautiful!” led our project. Using their observational skills, the Annie girls have produced detailed creations as they study and explore the piece in close proximity. We can’t wait to see where this project will take us next!



BEDTIME STORIES 2017 Our delightful Bedtime Stories event for this year was held on Monday 19 June in the Wilderness Libraries. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 girls, and their siblings and parents gathered in cosy night attire, with a record number of parents earning badges by wearing their pyjamas. Our special guest storytellers this year were ‘Rip Van Winkle’, known during the daytime as Mr Roger Masters, and Senior Library Representative Isabelle Greco. After exciting stories and the compulsory wriggle times, we shared hot Milo and yummy Anzac biscuits before heading home to bed. The JSRC Library Committee created special bookmarks for the girls, acted as guides and served supper to our excited girls. They were joined by Middle School Library Representative, Sylvia Gniadek, who enjoyed her return to this special event. A very special thank you to all the staff involved in making the night so wonderful: Mrs Danvers, Mrs Meaker, Mrs Bradford, Mrs Williamson, Mrs Wark, Mr Masters, Mrs Zammit, Mrs Brockwell, Mrs Brennan, Mr Rice, Mrs Matte, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Lim. Katie Silva Teacher Librarian


CHRIST CHURCH CONCERT On Tuesday 13 June, the Year 3-6 girls came together at Christ Church, North Adelaide to sing songs for their families. This is a joyous occasion where the girls enjoy sharing songs learnt in Music and Choir lessons - a wonderful event showcasing singing here at Wildy. A variety of music was performed culminating in a grand finale of all the girls for the ever-popular ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidoc ious’ which left everyone with a bounce in their step. Conductors for the evening were the music teachers: Ms Shrimpton and Ms Abela, with piano accompaniment by Ms Kumar and also Ms Abela. Ms Fletcher added a special touch with her sonorous flute playing. We would like to thank the parents for their time coming to the concert and supporting the girls and hope that they enjoyed the concert. By Eliza Quick, Jessica Craig & Charlotte Thomas


ST PETERS JUNIOR SCHOOL EXCURSION On Thursday 8 June, we travelled to St Peter’s Boys to meet with our Year 3 buddies. We were very excited and a bit nervous about seeing the boys. When we got there we were partnered with one or two boys for our buddies and then we rotated through three activities. One of the activities was playing a Mind Lab game called Octi. It was really fun, especially because the girls won more! We also played a skipping challenge game where we tried different types of skipping and who could do it. This was really challenging as we were very competitive. We also built Lego by looking at pictures and then trying to build them. Some people finished them and saw them move. We enjoyed putting these things together with our buddies. Before we came back to school we had a shared recess. The blueberry muffins were delicious! We are looking forward to welcoming our buddies from St Peters when they visit Wilderness later in the year.


YEAR 2 DOLLHOUSES As part of the STEAM curriculum, the Year 2 girls embarked on a term-long project to create dollhouses by combining their skills and knowledge of measurement, push-pull forces and design. Aside from specific inclusions, such as particular shaped windows, a 9cm tall doll and the use of simple machines, the girls were free to design and build their dollhouse according to their creative desires! In addition to creating some amazing dollhouses, the girls investigated how pulleys work, designed 3D rooms using Makers Empire on iPads, and increased their ability to persist through the various challenges that arose. Huge thanks must go to Ms Brockwell, Ms Short and the Year 5 girls who helped the Year 2 girls add wiring and lights to their dollhouse.

“I enjoyed making my dollhouse because I could be really creative with my rooms.” – Olympia Condous “I learnt how to make a pulley system, which I didn’t know about before.” – Sarah Mah “I cut material into dresses to fit the size of my doll, then added sparkly decorations and filled the wardrobe with clothes for different occasions, including a wedding!” – Madi Tait “I had a pulley on my chairlift and I added a seatbelt so the dolls wouldn’t fall out. It was made out of paper and holds the doll in place.” – Charlotte Holsten “My lift works by a pulley system and you need to pull the string from the top to raise the lift. I included a wardrobe for my doll’s clothes.” – Poppy Ritchie



2017 SMC MATHS COMPETITION FOR SPE PRIZES The “South Australian Schools Mathematics Competition for SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) Prizes� is an annual Mathematics competition, which gives our best Mathematicians the opportunity to tackle challenging problems that go beyond the classroom experience. Earlier this year some of our most able students from years 6 to 12 participated in this competition and once again Wilderness girls achieved impressive results. Primary Division Charlotte Thomas in Year 6 gained a Distinction Devika Mukherjee in Year 6 gained a Credit Junior Division Jacinta Chronowski-Wong in Year 7 gained a Distinction Intermediate Division Alyshia Vu and Edwina Su, both in Year 10, achieved a High Distinction Amanda Hsi in Year 10 gained a Distinction Ellaina Le, Reema Madike and Lianna Retnaraja, all in Year 10, gained a Credit Senior Division Yanxuan (Alice) Wang in Year 12 achieved Equal Seventh Place Ruohan (Lily) Chen in Year 12 achieved Equal Ninth Place Xinye (Emily) Wang in Year 12 achieved a High Distinction Zi Lim in Year 11 achieved a Credit. We congratulate all participants and are very proud of their fine achievements. Helen Douvartzidis Head of Mathematics



RECONCILIATION WEEK AT WILDERNESS Reconciliation Week is an incredibly important week to our community because it recognises and celebrates Indigenous culture, customs and beliefs, while also fostering open discussion about reconciliation. National Reconciliation Week (NRW) runs annually from 27 May until 3 June, two dates of historical significance. This year, 27 May marked the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Referendum, which gave the Australian Parliament the power to make laws for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and changed the Constitution to ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were counted in the national population. On 3 June we recognised the 25th anniversary of the historic Mabo decision, which was the first legal case to recognise the land ownership rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, resulting in the adoption of native title legislation in Australia. To recognise this significant week, the Citizenship Committee held an assembly to commemorate Reconciliation Week and a lunch on Wednesday 31 May, which raised money and awareness for Cathy Freeman’s Stomp Out the Gap Foundation. On Wednesday morning, all girls were given an action statement so they could show their support for reconciliation week. These action statements were very meaningful and were displayed on the Running Track so that all the girls could show their support and learn about the impacts of racial disadvantage. Overall, the week was very successful in raising awareness for such an important cause, with all girls getting involved and promoting reconciliation.


INTERNATIONAL LUNCH The International Committee is a vibrant group of over 40 students led by SRC representative, Jessie Zheng. The aim of the committee is to promote and celebrate not only the international students in our school, but also the diverse cultures with which the students and staff have connections. The largest event organised by the International Committee during the year is the International Lunch which was recently held on 24 May for all Middle School and Senior School students. The Running Track Lawn was beautifully decorated with flag bunting, iconic red lanterns and colourful rugs on which to enjoy lunch while listening

to K-pop, C-pop and J-pop (or, for the uninitiated, Korean, Chinese and Japanese pop music). A variety of different foods was sold at stalls arranged to resemble the street markets of Asia. Spring rolls, cold rolls, dumplings and chicken satays paid tribute to the international students, many of whom cooked kilos of delicious fried rice on the barbecues. The lunch was accompanied by an assortment of desserts donated by students and staff that represented many countries from around the world, such as Greek cookies, tiramisu, Russian toffee, mochi balls, halwa, cream puffs, lamingtons and meringues.


Adding to the fun of the day was the chopstick game where people tested their skill at transferring dried beans from one bowl to another using chopsticks. Mrs Danvers and Mr Manifold competed very successfully! The International Lunch was a great success thanks to the organisation of the committee, donations of food, Olivia in the cafĂŠ, and generous support of the school community. Assunta Fusco Teacher


NUNYARA LEADERSHIP CAMP The Nunyara Leadership Camp led by yLead was, without a doubt, one of the most rewarding experiences so far this year. As a Year 10 cohort, we were given the opportunity to participate in various team-building exercises, ranging from activities such as Jenga to Oscar-worthy drama performances, and have grown closer as a year level as a result. Not to mention, the delicious meals were easily a highlight for all. More importantly, we were able to gain many valuable skills through beautifully-crafted PowerPoints and interactive activities to effectively strengthen our leadership skills as individuals. The ‘Key Steps to Success’ especially encouraged girls to take action and to be the change we wanted to see in our evolving world. At the end of the Leadership Camp, each girl was left with an envelope filled with kind messages from her peers. These messages comprised of character traits that we found admirable within each other. It goes without saying that these envelopes will be treasured and cherished for many years to come.

Amanda Hsi and Cassandra Kelly, Year 10


EVATT UN YOUTH SA On Thursday 1 June, four Year 10 girls were fortunate enough to participate in the United Nations EVATT competition. We were placed in the shoes of United Nations Security Council diplomats of a given country to debate and negotiate complex solutions to international security conflicts, such as the Russian annexation of Crimea and the question of electoral security. The day provided much insight into international politics and developed our public speaking and negotiation skills. One of the two teams managed to proceed to the semi-finals, where similar topics were debated at a higher standard. The competition was extremely challenging and required a high level of diplomacy, critical thinking skills and a great understanding of worldwide issues. This allowed us to further expand on our global citizenship skills, provided us a deeper understanding into the work of the UN, as well as raising our awareness on foreign relations. It was an amazing experience and we are looking forward to participating in EVATT again next year!

Angie Qiu and Malena Mavrakis, Year 10


WOMEN IN MATHEMATICS On 23 May, a group of Year 12 girls were lucky enough to attend the Women and Maths Workshop at the University of Adelaide. The workshop provided an amazing opportunity for us to explore and learn about how Mathematics can be pursued and applied outside of school. The day opened with a talk about the Maths courses available at Adelaide University and the wide range of careers available to mathematicians. This was followed by a panel discussion where the girls were given an opportunity to talk to current students and ask questions about their experiences in Mathematics degrees. These talks opened our eyes to the possibilities available to us for the future and gave clarity to our idea of what a career in Mathematics would look like. These talks were followed by a tour of the University’s incredible facilities and a talk from Emily HackettJones, a mathematician at the Centre for Cancer Biology, who told the girls about the diverse careers she had experienced as a mathematician. She was incredibly inspiring and motivating. To finish off the day, we took part in solving some Maths riddles and exploring the nature of fractals, challenging our perspectives and allowing us to create art using Mathematics. Overall, the day was a fun and informative experience, which everyone enjoyed. Bridget Smart, Year 12


YEAR 11 LEADERSHIP DAY After an exhausting and intense week of exams, the Year 11s welcomed a day away from the rigours of academics, revelling in the short break before the beginning of Semester 2. We were privileged enough to have the company of Bel and Grace from YLead – an organisation with the focus of empowering young people to exercise leadership, each in their own way. Throughout the day, the Year 11s leapt out of their comfort zones with various activities, each designed to promote unity and enthusiasm. We started off with a ‘leadership dance’, allowing us to let loose as a collective, and then divided into separate groups to create our own movements. Following that, we undertook a skipping challenge, aiming to achieve the fastest time possible for a group of our size to run through the rope. Perhaps the most touching activity was when we exchanged compliments with each other and openly acknowledged various members of the cohort for their strengths, resulting in many tears of happiness. We were constantly encouraged to work with people who we were not very familiar with, developing a stronger sense of teamwork as a year level, and becoming more confident in our ability to ‘make the world dance’, in the words of the Kid President. With Year 12 and formal leadership looming, the Year 11s overall feel assured more than ever in the support of the cohort and are excited to take on their new roles.

RAISING AMAZING GIRLS Monday 26 June saw the Senior School girls receive a much-awaited visit from Paul Dillon as part of the Raising Amazing Girls program. Meeting the Year 10s for the first time, and Year 11 and 12s for the second and third times respectively, Paul’s insightful, humorous, and highly relevant presentations continued to be highlights of the program. His easily implemented and highly memorable strategies for every moment of a night out, from before leaving home until the day after, were effortlessly combined with stories both horrifying and hilarious to create a presentation that was informative and enjoyable. His respect for each girl’s choices and autonomy, as well as his ability to connect with each year level across the three years, make Paul an engaging speaker, that all girls cannot wait to see again next year. Isabelle Greco, Year 12


ROTARY CONCERT In the afternoon of Sunday 18 June, Wilderness School collaborated with the Walkerville Rotary Club for the annual Rotary Concert. The performance was held at the Walkerville Town Hall where girls from a multitude of ensembles, including the Senior String Orchestra, Senior String Quartet, Guitar Ensemble, Senior Saxophone Quartet and the Senior Choir showcased their musical talents. Not only was this concert enjoyed by all ages, but it was an opportunity for parents and friends to hear the Stage 2 Music student’s assessment for Ensemble Performance. It was a delightful afternoon enjoyed by everyone, all girls should be proud of their performance and efforts.

MUSICAL CONGRATULATIONS Congratulations to the following girls who performed at the Government House Open Day on Sunday 21 May. Alyra Nguyen, Leila Nguyen, Victoria Phan, Tahlia Leathart, Kate Leonard, Tazkia Sinan, Zara Rocca, Miranda Wells, Yueshi Huo Congratulations also to Taylor Pfeiffer and Victoria Phan who performed at The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Outstanding Musicians event on Monday 22 May.


SENIOR DRAMA During Week 8, the senior Drama students were privileged to have a visit from Wilderness Old Scholar Ms Sharon Levy, who is now an internationally acclaimed producer and President of Dovetail Productions based in New York. Sharon Levy shared her inspiring journey into the Arts and outlined her role as President of Dovetail Productions. She let us know about her many and varied experiences as a producer, including her productions on an international scale. Lee Breuer’s work, a catalogue of many Obie award winners, has featured in her repertoire including ‘La Divina Caricatura’, ‘The Gospel at Colonus’ and ‘Mabou Mines DollHouse’. Ms Levy has also incorporated contemporary music and choreography into her productions. She showed us a clip of a fight scene from her production of ‘The Gospel at Colonus’, where she incorporated hip-hop dancing, flamenco dancing and gospel music into this adaptation of Sophocles’ ‘Oedipus at Colonus’. It was amazing to see how well the modern styles fit with the dramatic scene. During the visit, Ms Levy told us how she came to be a producer. She has a degree in Theatre from Flinders University and her productions have played to sold-out audiences around the world. She has also twice received awards from the National Endowment for the Arts. Her story inspired many aspiring Wilderness Drama students.


YEAR 8&9 KNOCK-OUT HOCKEY On Wednesday the 21 of June, a group of year 8s and 9s went to the State Hockey Centre at Gepps cross to compete in the Year 8/9 Knockout Hockey Carnival. The girls were very successful, winning two out of two games, which will advance us to the finals in the next term. Throughout the carnival the girls showed teamwork and determination. Everyone put in 110% effort, scoring many goals from great set plays from defense to attack. All of the girls were very enthusiastic throughout the day and all their hard work paid off. Now entering term three the team will be versing other schools in the finals. The girls are eager to play in the finals and keen to compete to be the state year 8/9 hockey champions. Olivia Bridgland and Carly Hoffmann, Year 9


YEAR 6&7 TOUCH FOOTBALL COMPETITION On 15 June, fifteen girls participated in a Knock Out Touch Football Carnival at Park 17 on Greenhill Road. We played four shortened games and then had the opportunity to play in the finals after winning two of our four games. The scores were tied at the final siren, which led to a drop-off. Every 2 minutes, one of our five players (to begin with) was dropped off until one team scored a try. Unfortunately, the other team scored a try just as the siren sounded with three players left on each team. The girls had a great day and everyone improved their skills considerably. Annabel Manifold and Georgina Birchall, Year 7


WILDERNESS CAREER CORNER 2017 CAREERTOOLS WEBSITE INTRODUCED FOR WILDERNESS STUDENTS AND PARENTS We have introduced a great new Career website for Wilderness students and parents. Students from Year 7 – 12 are encouraged to register at: The site contains a huge amount of information and should be your first stop when you are looking for information on anything job, careers, university, TAFE, career videos, message boards and newsletters and calendar of events happening in the school, Adelaide and interstate.

GAP YEAR OPTIONS EDventure International

Coding - Code Like a Girl Code Like a Girl brings together girls who are passionate about coding and technology to learn from each other and connect with each other. You can also check out their blog for tips and inspiration.

University Scholarships If you’re planning to study at university next year, it’s a good idea to start thinking about scholarships you might be eligible for. Some scholarships require you to apply the year before you study, while for some you’ll have to wait until you’re enrolled. Find the scholarships for different South Australian universities:

EDventure combines education and adventure in an overseas experience where participants engage in a humanitarian or conservation project. EDventure programs run in Cambodia, Costa Rica, Thailand and South Africa.

University of Adelaide: https://www.adelaide.

University of South Australia: http://www.unisa.

Habitat for Humanity A volunteer trip to Cambodia over Schoolies Week – an alternative to the typical Schoolies celebrations – for students who are seeking to celebrate the end of year 12 in a more rewarding way. This build, designed for school leavers and university students aged 18 – 25 will take place in Cambodia, outside of Phnom Penh. We have chosen this location as they regularly host school builds and consistently provide a safe, fun and rewarding experience for our younger volunteers. upcoming-builds/schoolies-build

Flinders University: scholarships/

UNSW Co-op Program Australia’s leading companies take part in the training and professional development of some of the nation’s best and brightest students with a view to recruiting high-potential young professionals. Minimum ATAR of 96 (or equivalent) is required, and aside from training and mentorship throughout university, you’ll increase your chances of being offered a graduate position at a participating company.


UNSW Women in Engineering Camp Le Cordon Bleu Scholarships Le Cordon Bleu Australia offers an exciting annual scholarship program to Australian and international students, and industry/media professionals. Scholarships range from $5,000 to $30,000 and apply to study programs across the Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Gastronomy, including the Bachelor of Business. The Perth campus opens in July 2017, and to celebrate they’re offering two scholarships, valued at $20k towards the new Bachelor of Business (Convention & Event Management) and Bachelor of Business (Tourism Management).

SAE Scholarships SAE Scholarships are awarded to recognise creative talent coupled with academic excellence and outstanding leadership. There are several scholarship programs aspiring students can apply for in 2018 with over $230,000 worth of tuition support on offer. Scholarships open July 2017 and close 30th October 2017.

The Sport Australia Hall of Fame Scholarship and Mentoring Program Australian junior athletes (U/21) are invited to apply for this program, which includes one-on-one personal mentoring by an Inducted SAHOF Member, and a $5,000 sporting expenses grant.

Are you a young woman currently in Year 10 or 11 and want a career where you can be at the forefront of positive change for society? Do you enjoy using lateral thinking, creativity and design? Or do you love problem solving, working in teams or have an aptitude for maths and science? Join us for a four day ‘camp’ and find out about the exciting careers available to professional engineers. Applications close on 17 September 2017 The next camp will run Monday 15 to Friday 19 January 2018 women-in-engineering-camp

UniSA Events UniSA: Magill @ Twilight Wednesday 30 August, 4pm – 8pm @ Magill campus Visit UniSA’s Magill campus and find out about your degree and career options in education, psychology, social work, communication, journalism, media and arts. UniSA: Discover Mawson Thursday 31 August, 4pm – 7:30pm @ Mawson Lakes campus Visit UniSA’s Mawson Lakes campus and find out about your degree and career options in engineering, IT, environmental science, geospatial science, science, aviation and maths.

University of Adelaide 2018 Study Visit this website to find out about studying at the University of Adelaide. You can see your study options, how to get in, pathway options and the career you could have when you’re finished.


WILDERNESS CAREER CORNER 2017 University of Sydney: Tailored Open Day Experience for Interstate Students Saturday 26 August @ The University of Sydney Join us for an exclusive experience designed for prospective interstate and regional students. You will have access to university recruitment staff who will be available to answer your questions. Discover scholarship opportunities, on-campus accommodation, global exchange options and learn about the transformed Sydney Undergraduate Experience and the diverse range of programs we offer. Please note: Places are limited and registration is required. Once you register, you will receive further information.

YEAR 10 PATHWAYS WEEK The Year 10 girls spent two days visiting Adelaide, UniSA and Flinders Universities on 13 and 14 June. They were given a tour of the campus, listened to some old scholars and current students speak about their courses and were given the opportunity to hear about new and existing courses available for study. The following week all Year 10 girls were involved in “Mock Interviews�. The girls worked with their PLP teachers to apply for a part-time job by creating a resume and cover letter. On Tuesday 20 June, each girl was interviewed by a volunteer interviewer. The experience was an excellent opportunity for the girls to experience the process of preparing for and being involved in a job interview and to showcase their strengths, skills and aptitude under pressure. We would like to thank the 2017 team of volunteers: Catherine Scott, Suzanne Mann, Pooja Newman, Jenni Guest, Sue Dolling, Julia Roberts, Rick Albertini and Yvette Lagozzino for giving up their time to assist in the process.



STATE CROSS COUNTRY SELECTION After preliminary qualifying races at Oakbank and Salisbury, Sarah Muir was selected for the State Cross Country Team to compete in Tasmania in August this year. Unfortunately, due to Sarah’s pre-existing commitments with the State SC Swimming Championships, she is unable to attend this year.

WE LOVE TO ACKNOWLEDGE AND CONGRATULATE OUR GIRLS ON THEIR ACHIEVEMENTS! Please forward any news about your daughter’s successes that you’d like to share to

FROM THE FRONT OFFICE REMINDER Please inform the school of any changes of student or family details. Email changes to:

FROM THE HEALTH CENTRE IMPORTANT Please inform the Health Centre of any changes to your daughters medical details .Copies of updated health plans need to be forwarded to the Health Centre . Email: Phone 83431036 (direct)





Term 3 Begins

Wednesday 26 July 8.40am

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12.30 - 3.30pm

Clare Community Lunch

Tuesday 1 August

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Friday 4 August


Eyre Peninsula Community Dinner

Port Lincoln

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Year 9 Information Night

Hender Hall

Tuesday 8 August

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Year 12 SATAC Information Night

St Peter’s College

Wednesday 9 August

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Year 10 Information Evening for 2018

Hender Hall

Thursday 10 August

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SACE Information Evening

Friday 28 July

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Winter Intercol Week 4:00pm

Year 2 Zoo Snooze

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Sports Night

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Annual Music Concert


Year 2 Zoo Snooze

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Friday 18 August

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