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ISSUE - 6 JULY 2016


BEDTIME STORIES IN THE LIBRARY On Monday 20 June, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 girls, their siblings and parents gathered in the Wilderness Library for a wonderful evening of stories. This year we welcomed everyone to ‘Australia: Story Country’ (the theme of Children’s Book Week) and our storytellers sat beneath gum trees. The girls were snuggled up in their pyjamas and brought a special soft toy as the Library is a very different place at night! We all love seeing the staff in their PJ’s. Congratulations to all the brave parents who earned a badge by wearing their pyjamas too! After exciting stories and the compulsory wriggle times, we shared hot Milo and yummy ANZAC biscuits before heading home to bed. Our wonderful Junior SRC Library Committee created special bookmarks for the girls, acted as guides and served supper to our excited girls. A very special thank you to all the staff involved in making the night so wonderful: Mrs Meaker, Mr Manifold, Mrs Worrell, Mrs Bradford, Miss Phillips, Mrs Wark, Mr Masters, Ms Trengove, Mrs Zammit, Mrs Brockwell, Mrs Sieradski, Mrs Brennan, Mr Rice, and Mrs Lim. Katie Silva Teacher Librarian

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OUR EXPERIENCE WITH THOMAS THE NAO ROBOT In Term 2 Week 3, the Year 6 girls were privileged to welcome the only male member to our classroom, Thomas the Nao robot. Thomas is a humanoid robot who can be programmed to follow specific orders using software called “Choregraphe”. Using “Choregraphe” we programmed Thomas to complete a series of tasks, also known as an “algorithm”. We worked on a project where we had to choose a community group that could potentially be assisted by using a robot like Thomas. In our presentation we made an algorithm to demonstrate how the Nao robot could benefit this community and discussed the many opportunities that could arise by embracing this technology. Using Thomas required us to use computational thinking: “…thought processes involved in formulating a problem and exercising its solutions in such a way that a computer, human or machine, can effectively carry out” (Wikipedia 2016). Using computational thinking allowed us to take a complex problem, understand what the problem was and develop solutions. We had to pay great attention to detail when creating our algorithms, as even the slightest error would cause it to fail. All girls had to be persistent and courageous problem solvers to determine where their errors were and how to create innovative solutions. A growth mindset was required at all times in order for us to be self directed and collaborative learners who learned much from each-other as well as researching solutions watching Youtube videos. We even created our own playlist of video tutorials for others to learn from which we posted on Youtube. To view our full playlist of 27 videos, search Youtube for ‘Aldebaran NAO Choregraphe tutorials by Year 6 students’. A range of Harvard Visible Thinking routines was used to assist us to extend our thinking and enable us to reflect on what it was like to work with and program a humanoid robot. Overall working with Thomas the robot has been a unique and challenging experience and we look forward to exploring the possibilities of working with this technology more next semester. By Olivia Tallent and Sammi La

SIDE BY SIDE For 132 years, Wilderness School has been a community bound together by family, friendship and hope for our girls. We have worked together, side-by-side, to develop in our young women the self-confidence, determination, desire and resilience to pursue all the personal and professional opportunities the world has to offer. Side-by-Side is a Wilderness initiative in which some of our parents share with you their hopes and dreams for their daughters. Each of these insightful, poignant and honest interviews captures, with eloquence, the shared visions we have for each and every Wilderness girl. GEORGIE’S STORY Georgie’s love and pride in her daughter is unmistakeable as she describes how her family successfully managed their studies as global students prior to returning to their home state of Adelaide. When Georgie eloquently describes the importance of school in her daughter’s life, the focus is on how she is nurtured to fully develop the personal qualities that will enable her to be a strong, confident, young women ready to act as a community-minded global citizen. To watch the full video CLICK HERE

BUSINESS WEEK FOOD TRUCK On Friday 10 June 2016, the Stage 1 Accounting students transformed a class assignment on Cost Accounting into a practical reality. To celebrate the success of Wilderness Business Week with a bang, a unique Food Truck lunch event was organised, with lunch items for sale such as vietnamese rolls and exotic sago desserts. Student costing determined the cost of goods sold, selling price strategies, potential sales, profit figures and included a break even analysis of the event. Accompanied by lively music tunes, the Food Truck, drew popular attention from Wilderness students, teachers, and members of the school community. The students delivered their food with zest and enthusiasm, with sales profits supporting our sister school in Bhadure, Nepal. The food sold was kindly donated and prepared by the Phan family. Ultimately, the event marked the school’s first Food Truck event; a flourishing outcome with hard work and dedication exhibited from all students and teachers involved.

Elizabeth Phan, Year 11

BUSINESS WEEK GUEST SPEAKERS During “Business Week” Ms Iammarrone organised a number of female guest entrepreneurs from different industries to share their journeys of starting their own businesses. These women were raised in both rural and regional Australia and overseas and all aspired to do the same thing: to build a business of their own, in Australia - the land of opportunity. All of the women mentioned that inevitably there will be setbacks and doubts during the process of building a business, and the key message from all was do work in an area you were passionate about. Passion will strengthen your ability to persist and endure, for running a business is never smooth sailing. This mindset allowed these entrepreneurs to succeed in businesses and led them to share their stories and encourage the leaders of tomorrow. Another key point in all their speeches was the importance of building networks. “Entrepreneur Story “also attended the session to promote how they provide community connections for people to build networks. During refreshments students had the opportunity to talk to the guest speakers and receive encouragement from them. Being able to personally speak to leaders in business and discuss their success and challenges was truly a valuable experience. On Thursday at lunch time three more successful women came to speak to us. The areas discussed were Marketing, Accounting and Human Resource Management. The value of this session was that we learnt that some people find their pathway straightaway while some may take longer to figure out their passion and direction. Emily Harris, Human Resource Manager at Bailey Property Management, was one of the fortunate ones who has remained in the same industry since University. Emily was able to pursue a management position due to work experience undertaken during early stages of her study. Her story reinforced the importance of initiative, and also being courageous in taking on leadership roles. Overall, both events were very inspiring and motivating. The key aspect of Business Week was that the speakers highlighted that becoming a businesswoman is not about business theory but real life experience. The sessions were extremely beneficial for young people, particularly to those interested in making the mark in Australian business. To quote a representative from “Entrepreneur Story” ‘do it now, not tomorrow, not years later - do it now.’ Thank you to the Ms Iammarrone and Ms Rocco for organising such wonderful function. Stage 2 Business & Enterprise student Lowell So

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WORLD SCHOLARS CUP 2016 The World Scholar’s Cup regional round hosted for the first time in South Australia by Prescott College Southern. Year 9: Alyshia Vu, Tiffany Hong, Amanda Hsi, Reema Madike, Sandali Jayakody and Mabel Gorman. Year 10: Aditi Kamath, Zi Lim, Yekaterina Hubczenko, Anthea Yew, Ashwini Ravindran and Mahya Panahkhahi. The World Scholar’s is an international competition that ‘celebrates’ learning, the World Scholar’s Cup encourages young people to consider serious global issues through writing, debate and quizzes. The theme for this year, An Imperfect World, was considered in the areas of History, Science, Literature, Arts and Social Studies. The competition was founded by Daniel Berdichevsky in 2006 and now has over 3500 scholars competing from over 40 countries. The Year 10 team comprising of Anthea Yew, Ashwini Ravindran and Mahya Panahkhahi won the regional round and Anthea was the top scholar on the day. This team also had the second highest score of all teams competing across the sixty rounds held all over the world this season. Champion debaters included: Anthea Yew, Yekaterina Hubczenko and Alyshia Vu. Champion writers included: Aditi Kamath, Yekaterina Hubczenko, Mabel Gorman, and Amanda Hsi. Champion Scholars included: Anthea Yew, Mahya Panahkhahi, Ashwini Ravindran, Mabel Gorman, Amanda Hsi, Alyshia Vu and Sandali Jayakody. A great achievement by all involved and an amazing event that opens up a world of new ideas, challenges and friendships. (Jerry, the alpaca, is the mascot for the competition). Bess Smith

MATHS OPPORTUNITIES MASA Saturday Morning Workshops In May, Christine Xu, Anthea Yew, Sarah Dinh and I attended a problem-solving workshop held by the Mathematical Association of South Australia (MASA) at Scotch College. Speakers from mathematical fields of study introduced us to mathematical applications in real life, and then we had a chance to try many competition-style questions beyond the school curriculum. Tutors were available to help us, teaching us to look at the questions from a different perspective. It was definitely a helpful experience that helped us all to develop logic and problem solving skills, as well as provide insight into the many fields that mathematics can lead to in the future. aMATHING Day aMATHing Day was a maths-based program held by the University of Adelaide’s School Of Mathematical Sciences for Year 11 students in May. Sarah Dinh and I had the opportunity to attend this event, where several guest speakers and professors came and introduced us to various areas of maths - some that we’d never even heard of before. There were many activities during the day, such as the solving the Seven Bridges of Königsberg, detecting topological shapes, learning about mathematical knots such as trefoils, and exploring Euler’s number. Current students also spoke about what it was like to study mathematics in university and showed us how mathematics can be applied into areas such as research and medicine. Overall, we both think that aMATHing Day was an amazing experience. We were both able to learn so much about how logic and mathematics can be used to simplify processes and be applied in real life situations to develop new knowledge for innovation. Kelly Zhou

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YEAR 10 MOCK INTERVIEWS To assist with getting girls “job ready”, all Year 10 girls at Wilderness were interviewed for a fictitious position in a well-known company. The girls had to prepare for the interview by creating a resume and cover letter, researching the company and job and considering which elements of the job were of most importance to them prior to attending a mock interview. Girls prepared in Personal Learning Plan classes and a VETnetwork workshop for the interviews. Many were anxious initially at facing an unfamiliar adult in a position of authority, but being prepared helped with this. Often an interviewer will ask questions to test a candidate’s ability to think on the spot. The girls all coped with these curve balls and provided thoughtful responses. At the end of the interviews the girls were provided with verbal and written feedback for them to consider. Justin Adams (Wilderness Parent/Volunteer Interviewer)

We would like to thank the parents who volunteered to assist with the Mock Interviews this year – Jenni Guest; Gary Holzer; Lisa Scinto; Nigel Lippett; Jim Mcbryde; Lyndal Sternberg; Justin Adams, Kathy Porter and Pooja Newman. Your support this year, and for some, several years, is greatly appreciated.

YEAR 10 PATHWAYS WEEK During Week 7 all Year 10’s were involved in two days of University excursions, a session on preparing for a job interviews run by VETnetwork and a special career presentation by Dr Kristin Alford, the newly appointed Director, Science and Creativity Education Studio at UniSA. These days were followed by a leadership camp at Nunyara Conference Centre. The conference run by yLead, an organisation whose focus it to enhance selfawareness, promote positive thinking and behaviours and empower students to utilise their ideas, talents and influence to positively contribute to their School and community. The experiences provided a wonderful opportunity for Year 10 girls to explore future options, decision-making, the qualities of effective leadership, team building, goal setting and relationships in a supportive but dynamic setting. The girls found the day very useful and provided positive feedback on pathways week.

“I found these sessions helpful for teaching me how to write a resume and also with what would be appropriate to wear to a job interview. These sessions also gave me a clearer idea of what type of questions to expect in a job interview.” Eliza Day

“The Y lead camp was really great! It was very thought provoking on how we are leaders and what we can do in this world to make a difference. It was a fantastic bonding experience and I like how we had to all pair with someone different each group activity. The camp definitely created stronger bonds between our year level.” Ella Britten-Jones

“Uni Visits: It was good to see all of the options for further study within South Australia and gave an insight into what Uni is like as I definitely did not want to go to Uni after school and now I am contemplating the concept of it. The tours were really interesting.” Lauren Arney

WILDERNESS WELLBEING & POSITIVE EDUCATION SENIOR SCHOOL Year 11 Stress Management This term Year 11 students participated in a Stress Management program taught in six class sessions during Form time. Stress Management was chosen as a positive psychology intervention (PPI) because research indicates that senior students experience stress as they cope with the demands placed on them. PPIs are intentional activities that aim to increase wellbeing through the cultivation of positive feelings, cognitions and behaviours (Sin & Lyubomirsky, 2009). Teaching stress management as a PPI relates directly to our welling framework at Wilderness under the domain of Positive Self, ‘learning and practicing habits for being resilient, vibrant and spiritually aware self who is confident in themselves and appreciative of others’. When student undertake an intense study workload with very high expectations in preparing for Year 12, including exams, we see an increase in self-reported stress levels for our girls. Stress management is a valuable strategy to learn because it prepares students for life beyond school where stress is inevitable in different aspects of life; e.g. university, jobs, sports and work. Students report that from learning how to manage stress in their lives they can positively navigate their schoolwork more effectively.

JUNIOR SCHOOL Conversations Over Coffee This term parents in the Primary School were invited to attend Conversations Over Coffee events. This was an opportunity for parents to come and have coffee and talk with Libby Worrell, Head of Early YEARS, Liz Meaker, Head of Junior School and Trina Cummins, Director of Wellbeing & Positive Education about how to support their daughter’s wellbeing. This IS also a wonderful opportunity for parents to connect with other parents, having dialogue on the important topic of raising resilient young ladies.

We look forward to scheduling more Conversations Over Coffee next term and encourage parents to attend these informal conversation meetings.

Trina Cummins Director of Wellbeing & Positive Education

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a big thank you to our sponsors

FIRE NOODLE CHALLENGE The International Students Committee held the Fire Noodle Challenge between Week 5 and 6, in Term 2. This challenge comprised of three rounds: the first round, the semi-final and the final. We initiated the idea of a Fire Noodle Challenge because similar activities have gone viral on the internet in recent years. We thought the Korean spicy noodle could bring Australian students a new cultural experience: a taste of hot food, which is traditionally embedded in most of the Asian cuisines.

In the first round, we were pleased that almost every Form participated by sending two representatives to compete in the challenge. We were very fortunate to have four teachers and staff volunteering to compete against the students. As the challenge progressed, four students made it to the final round and we are delighted to announce that the championship is shared by Mary Trinh in Year 10 and Michaela Rossi in Year 12. Congratulations!

Organising and running the Fire Noodle Challenge was a new challenge for the International Students Committee. It has been a milestone for us in raising the awareness of cultural diversity within the Wildy community. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the students and teachers who encouraged and supported this new idea. Through witnessing the entire challenge, we have truly experienced the enthusiastic and determined character of our girls, and the vigorous spirit of our school.

The International Students Committee 2016


Sydney University Information Evening Adelaide: Wed 10th August, 6pm – 8pm St Peter’s College (Memorial Hall) Find out about the University of Sydney at this information session. meet-sydney-information-evening-adelaide


Ingenuity 2016

Flinders University Friday 12 August, Saturday 13 August

When: Friday 28 October 2016 - 9.30 – 3.30pm at The Adelaide Convention Centre

Celebration tomorrow’s technology leaders:

University of Adelaide

From deep space exploration to accessible clean drinking water, human ingenuity is responsible for the technological advancements and solutions that create, sustain and enhance life as we know it.

Sunday 14 August University of South Australia Sunday 14 August ANU Open Day Saturday 27 August Adelaide Tuition Centre Year 12 Holiday seminar brochures are available from the Career Office or Year 12 Common Room Monash University Adelaide – 11 August Get all your questions answered about Monash University, including their courses, international opportunities, scholarships, how to apply, and where your degree can take you. Register today: Where: Adelaide Town Hall, 128 King William Street, Adelaide, 6.30 – 8.00pm

At the University of Adelaide, Ingenuity 2016 celebrates tomorrow’s game-changers; the innovators who will shape the world’s technical, social and commercial future. Visit Ingenuity 2016 for an interactive showcase of university student projects exploring the dynamic world and applications of engineering, computer and mathematical sciences. Free Public Event: For more information, visit Applications for Cambridge Immerse 2016 are open! Cambridge Immerse is a unique two-week residential educational experience that allows participants to gain an unrivalled insight into a chosen discipline, ranging from the arts to the sciences. Subjects offered include Computer Science, Medicine, Law, Economics, History and Engineering and many more. Tutorials and seminars are taught by highly regarded tutors from Oxford and Cambridge University in an optimal learning environment that stimulates academic enquiry; yet the carefully planned schedule ensures that the program not only meets the academic needs of the participants, but also provides a unique insight into the university city

through an abundance of activities.

Students reside in Queen’s College or Christ’s College, prestigious and central colleges of Cambridge university. Within their historic walls, we pride ourselves on providing unique experiences of leadership and academic excellence through a program for participants that instills the confidence and passion for learning that are essential to success in higher education.

Deakin University Quiz:

Enrolment in the program is ongoing, and students aged 15 and above are welcome to apply at A PDF version of their prospectus is also available to view at Prospectus2016.pdf

If you are interested in registering, please do so online through our website, or alternatively, if you require further information please don't hesitate to email

Science Creativity Education Studio – have appointed a new Director – Dr Kristin Alford. Kristin is encouraging high school students to get involved in the studio. For more details go to:

For over thirty years Oxbridge has been organising highly academic summer programs for students aged between 13 and 18 in Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews, UCLA, Harvard, Barnard, Paris, Montpellier, Barcelona, and Salamanca. We have been fortunate enough, over the same period, to forge deep and lasting relationships with a number of leading educational institutions in Australia.

What’s your Professional Personality? This quiz can tell you some careers that might suit your personality. It also provides links to Deakin courses that match these careers.

YouTube UniSA have also produced some fabulous YouTube videos on their programs. To view some of the Youtube sessions go to: UniSA YouTube Channel

Every summer they welcome bright and enthusiastic students from Australia on their programs and they would be able to answer any and all questions on their webinar. To join them, please go to https:// register/5945271951012154625

University Guides Copies of University of Queensland, University of Sydney, UNSW, Monash University, UniSA and other Australian universities are available for students to collect from the Career Office.

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COLONIAL DAY On Wednesday 15 June, the Year 5 girls had Colonial Day. Colonial Day is a day when we dress up as people from the 1800s and role play going to Possum Creek School. A man called Mr Baverstock came to Wilderness and taught us all about the colonial times. He taught us a lot of different things that we didn’t know before. We did these lessons to learn what it was like for people living on the goldfields in Australia in 1853. In the lessons with Mr Baverstock we learnt how to use ink and write on slates with chalk. These are some fun facts that people in Year 5 learnt; Alice: I learnt about how to spell cat in the 1800s. It is MOQ because the M is the ears, the O is the head and the Q is the body and tail. Laura: I learnt that you are not allowed to do anything with boys at school (not even allowed to walk to school with your brother). Eliza: I learnt that all you need to have to be a teacher is a book called ‘How to be a teacher’, to be able to write and you certainly weren’t allowed to be left handed. Katelyn: I learnt that bored kids used to play lots of pranks on people at the goldfields. Some examples are; cutting pigtails off Chinese people, and putting poop, pee and ash on peoples’ door knockers. Sharday: I never knew you had to put so much clothing on, even when it was a boiling hot day. Hannah: I learnt how you have to write with ink and how you had to do soft up, hard down strokes when writing.

By Eliza Quick, Laura Maiolo and Alice Crompton.

Capturing the special moments of your daughter on stage is important to many. Girls also love the opportunity to be able to watch themselves on stage and play and replay that memorable experience to friends and family. Following from the success of 2015, we have commissioned a cinema-photographer to film the following performances/celebrations throughout the year: Jailbirds (Year 11/12 Production) 18 - 21 May Jazz at the Gov Thursday 2 June Christ Church Concert Tuesday 14 June Rotary Concert at the Walkerville Town Hall Sunday 19 June ELC/Lower Junior and Junior School Christmas Concerts Friday 2 December Senior School Speech Night Thursday 8 December Year 12 Collections Four performances are currently available for purchase online at with orders due by Friday 30 July. Please note orders will be dispatched via the girls Form Teachers in Term 3. Jazz at the Gov Jailbirds Christ Church Rotary Concert

WILDY SPORTS NEWS SAPSASA HOCKEY Wildy representatives in the North Adelaide District Hockey team that played in the State Hockey Carnival. Congratulations to the team, they came 4th in Division 1. Sophie Ryan, Summer Bakopanos, Anne-Marie Savas, Teagan Powell, Sabrina Perucco, Matilda Ryan, Anelise Roos

SAPSASA CROSS COUNTRY LEFT - Ella Beinssen North Adelaide Team Repesentative 12 year girls RIGHT - Jasmin Thirwell and Annabel Duncan North Adelaide team representatives in 10 years Girls Division

STATE CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIP On Thursday 9 June, 25 Wilderness girls took part in the Secondary School Sport SA Cross Country Championships at Oakbank. Despite the wet and very muddy conditions there were some outstanding results both individually and as a team; Emilie Muir - 7th U13 Indigo Marshall - 18th U14 Margo Muir - 8th U15 Emilie Muir, Tahlia Leathart, Eliza Fenton-Mair and Sofia Lumbers - 1st in the U13 team event. Sophie Ashby, Georgia Honan, Lucy Last and Eliza Day - 3rd in the U16 team event.


EMILIE & MARGO MUIR After their success at the Secondary School Sport SA Cross Country Championships at Oakbank, Margo Muir and Emilie Muir competed in the next qualifying round for the state team, with excellent results; Emilie finished 4th in the U14 age group (2km race 7:50:00min)

ISOBEL DOLLING Congratulations to Isobel Dolling who has been selected to represent South Australia in the U15 Touch Football team. Isobel stated playing Touch for Wilderness and will now be representing her state during October in Western Australia.

Margo finished 14th in the U16 age group (4km race 17:21:00min) Emilie’s run earned her State Team selection - an outstanding run by both girls.

CARLY HOFFMAN Congratulations to Carly Hoffmann who has been selected to represent Secondary School Sport SA at the forthcoming School Sport Australia Hockey Championships. These championships will take place in Melbourne from 6-13 August. We wish Carly all the best for the trip.

ANNA MCAULIFFE Congratulations to Anna who has been cast as Gretl in The Sound of Music.

CAITLIN FRICKER Congratulations to Caitlin Fricker who has won a scholarship to ride in the UK for Australia at one of the shows. She will travel to the UK during the holidays and remain there until mid August; we wish Caitlin all the best.


As part of the Year 10 subject Business and Enterprise, we have chosen to create a limited edition cookbook. We are seeking the input of the community, providing girls with an opportunity to submit their favourite family recipes. Places are limited, so we encourage girls to submit their recipes as soon as possible The cookbook will be published and available for purchase at a cost of $25, with proceeds going to the Bhadure School in Nepal. We encourage everyone to get involved and make a contribution. To enter, girls can email their favourite recipe by Friday 15th July to Emma Hood: submitting it under their student or family name. If you have any queries, please email us: •Emma Hood: •Zoe May: We thank you in advance for your support. We have attached a survey link, that we ask the parents to complete. Many Thanks, Emma Hood and Zoe May Year 10 Students






pool entry payable

pool entry payable

July 31st to September 25th 2016

July 31st to September 25th 2016 5.30pm - 6:30pm

5.30pm - 6:30pm

Calling strong swimmers

Calling strong swimmers

Ages 10-17 Learn the basic skills Qualified coaches

Adelaide Aquatic Centre Jeffcott Rd, Nth Adel

Ages 10-17 Learn the basic skills Qualified coaches


pool entry payable

Adelaide Aquatic Centre Jeffcott Rd, Nth Adel


to September 25 2016 th



ic skills


Friday 1 July

Term 2 Concludes

Wednesday 20 July

Northern Territory Community Dinner

Wednesday 27 July


e Aquatic Jeffcott Nth Adel Monday Centre 25 July Year 12 Rd, Mid Year Exams commence Thursday 28 July

9:00am Australian Mathematics Competition 9:10 - 12:50pm Year 2 Zoo Life Cycles excursion

Friday 29 July

8:40 - 9:15am JSRC & House Captins (Semester 2) Badge Presentation Assembly

Monday 1 August

Parents & Friends Committee Meeting

Tuesday 2 August

Year 4 & Year 6 ICAS English Competition

Wednesday 3 August

Wildy/ Woodford House NZ Year 9/10 Boarding Exchange begins (3 weeks). Tuesday 9 August

Cleve Field 83420110 Day 9:15 - 10:30am School Tour 6:30pm Year 6 Drama Music Theatre Theatre 7:00 - 8:30pm Year 12 SATAC Night Pembroke School Cleve Field Day

Wednesday 10 August Eyre Peninsula Community Drinks Thursday 11 August

Cleve Field Day

Saturday 13 August

Foundation Cocktail Event

Tuesday 16 August

Year 4 & Year 6 ICAS Maths competition WOSA Annual Event (Adelaide Oval)

Friday 19 August Year 2 Zoo Snooze Saturday 20 August

Exeat 20-21 August


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