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ISSUE - 3 APRIL 2017



GOING BACK IN TIME JUNIOR SCHOOL On Wednesdy 1 March the Year 1 girls went on an excursion to Ayres House on North Terrace. As we had been learning all about what life was like one hundred years ago this was a fabulous opportunity to see a house from that time. Firstly, we entered into the stunning ballroom with its soaring ceiling with elaborate decoration. The wonderful staff dressed us in aprons and we were able to practice our skills in carrying a tray with some breakfast for the lady of the house. Also, we listened to the different bells that were used for different rooms to alert the servants to where they needed to go to serve the Ayres family. After, we visited the nursery and played with the old fashioned toys and recited an old fashioned poem. Lastly, we visited the kitchen which had all sorts of interesting tools that we could use to grind coffee beans and sift flour. Celine Zammit Year 1 Teacher


FAIRIES JUNIOR SCHOOL Year 2 students have spent a lot of time improving and remodeling areas of the junior school in the hope to attract fairies to our lovely school. The Junior School was so shocked to discover that in fact the landscaping had been successful! Small notes and charms were left by two fairies (Blossom and Petal) thanking the girls for their hard work. In their notes Blossom and Petal mentioned they were leaving for their holiday, however they looked forward to contacting the girls when they were back. We are all keeping a close eye on the Junior School garden for any new developments.


RUN AROUND AUSTRALIA JUNIOR SCHOOL In conjunction with the Physical Education skills program, the Year 3 classes have embarked on a yearlong physical challenge. The aim is to see how far the girls can run/walk around Australia by keeping track of the kilometres walked to and from the Parklands for programed Physical Education lessons, after school co-curricular sport and other activities such as the House Cross Country event. Family members are also making a great contribution to the tally. Keep on running! The challenge began in Adelaide and with a total of 1,387km run or walked at the end of Term 1, we have already passed through Melbourne and Hobart (1,252km as the crow flies) and are heading up the East coast of Australia to Sydney. The journey will continue through each state and capital city. Just how far can we get? ADELAIDE to MELBOURNE














TOTAL: crow flies)

10,672km (As the

The girls and I are very excited about the challenge and look forward to the weekly total being added up and marking it on the map located outside the Gym. Judy Thurgood Year 3 Physical Education Teacher


WONDOROUS WOMEN OF SCIENCE JUNIOR SCHOOL This term Year 5’s have been studying the contributions of amazing scientists. We celebrated our learning by sharing it with our friends in Year 7 who studied Fabulous Famous Female Scientists. We learnt so much and enjoyed getting dressed up as the serious scientists we admire. It was amazing to see how many different aspects of our lives had been made brighter and easier through the work of scientists. We were particularly impressed by the women who pioneered practices and inventions in times they were not expected to participate in society much at all. At the end of our afternoon tea we were really excited to have the opportunity to have a special guest. Mr Grice from St. Peters brought a Nobel Prize, earned by William Bragg for his work in X-ray crystallography. It was amazing to hold the precious medal. We realized that with a lot of practice and focus, that many of us will become scientist and maybe create change in the way we live as a society. Nobel prizes aren’t that far out of reach after all.


CODING CLUB JUNIOR SCHOOL The Coding Club is back in action this Term and is excited to have many new members! There is still time for students in Year 3 to Year 8 to join the Wildy Coding club. This Term we have been focusing on learning to use the program Makers Empire. The girls have all successfully completed the training course and look forward to using their skills in their classroom presentations to produce 3D printed creations. We have made some really cool 3D designs and learnt to ‘blockify’ graphic images. Next Term we will be sharpening our python coding skills and getting ready for the National Computer Science School Grok Coding competition. Lani Brockwell Year 5 Teacher
















YEAR 7 CAMP JUNIOR SCHOOL Waiting for the bus to arrive and take us to the Coorong was one of the most exciting feelings ever. The main activities we took part on at camp included surfing, kayaking, visiting the aquarium and going on a scavenger hunt. Sleeping in the tents was definitely the highlight, considering not many of us had ever slept under a roof made out of material! After the first day of activity we got the opportunity to cook on a ‘trangia’. We cooked yummy pasta and took the responsibility of washing our own dishes. This year’s camp was so much

fun and I hope we will be able to experience it again. One of the most important things I learnt about myself while on camp is that when I try things that may be out of my comfort zone, it can have a very different outcome to what I may expect. Alana Baggio (7 Cedar)

My hands clenched the board and I turned to my friend while she applauded me on. The wave surfaced and I moved my arms


back to start paddling. The surf hit me and I went gliding through the water. I got on my knees pulled my legs in to the right position and took my hands off the board to start standing up; it was looking epic until I fell over and over again. I got back up laughed it off and went on to try it again. If it was sleeping in a tent, going on a scavenger hunt or learning to kayak, persistence and fun were the key ingredients for Year 7 Camp. Alice Elfenbein (7 Amaryllis)


THE WORLD SCHOLARS CUP Wilderness School hosted the Adelaide regional round of the World Scholar’s Cup and 180 students from eight different schools attended. In teams of three, we worked together in four events over the two days. The theme this year was An Unlikely World. There were six subjects that we studied beforehand: Science and Technology (To shoot for the moon), History (History of conspiracy), Literature (Voices of the almost impossible), Art and Music (Fragments of an improbable universe), Social Studies (predicting the future) and Special Area (Modern Myths). The Scholar’s Challenge was a multiple choice test with a twist, you could shade in more than one answer. It really lived up to its name because it was really, really challenging! Sadly, this was done by yourself and not in your team. The debating was an amazing experience. Teams moved to different rooms depending on whether they lollypopped (lost) or won. Our team’s favourite debate topic was ‘Australia should put a man on the moon.’ We were marked on our arguments, structure, rebuttle and feedback to the opposition. The Scholar’s Bowl was a favourite event. Instead of having three team members, we had four. The fourth was a clicker! We named ours, Fred. The practice questions were very funny but then the challenge began. Halfway through the event, we were presented with our alpacas (The World Scholar’s Cup mascot). The Collaborative Writing was a choice between six statements, one for each of the six subjects. Some of the statements included, Resurrecting the dead should be made illegal (Literature) and everyone should want to live in Neverland (Art and Music). The twist was that we all had to pick a different subject statement. We should have brought straws. Overall it was an amazing experience which challenged us, strengthened our minds and built our teamwork. Shanta Holloway, Joanna Robinson, Layla McBryde, Jeevan Gilhotra and Sophie Grice


THE WORLD SCHOLARS CUP RESULTS Scholar’s Challenge 1st in Arts (Voices of the almost impossible): Olympia Andrae 1st in Social Studies (Predicting the future): Maia Hodge 1st in Special Area (Modern mythologies): Olivia McCormac Writing Top Writing Team 1st place: Lucy Percival, Teagan Powell, Bronte Sleath, 1st in Writing Championship: Ishani Sood Debating Alice Oakley-Conlon was selected for the Debate Showcase on the final afternoon. Charlotte Thomas was invited to be part of the Debate Showcase Adjudicating Panel. Wilderness School top scholar: Ishani Sood Initial Qualifying Teams Alice Oakley-Conlon, Charlie Lawrence, Ella Anderson Teagan Powell, Bronte Sleath, Lucy Percival Maia Hodge, Kate Volenbregt, Emma Sleath Olympia Andrae, Chelsea Downing, Charlotte Thomas Sara Alkhazrajy, Trinity Hong, Ishani Sood Additional Qualifying Teams Nikita Page, Guari Wechalekar, Haymayel Arabella Browning, Molly Simpson, Nuhaa Hasan Jenny Tran Ngyuen, Jasmine Birt, Jacinta Chronowski Joanna Robinson, Sophie Grice, Shanta Holloway Alana-May, Cleo Kapetas, Hansika Gunawardane Layla McBryde, Jeevan Gilhotra, Olivia McCormac Madeleine Jose, Olivia Tallent, Harriet Craig


COMBINED YEAR 8 FORM EVENT One way in which girls’ wellbeing is supported at Wilderness School is to provide structured opportunities for them to interact on a social level. In this way, the students are able to build skills in communication, leadership, problem solving, empathy, conflict resolution and the use of initiative. At the same time, the teachers are refining these same skills as well. Girls are able to interact with yearlevel peers in their House on most weekdays in morning Form class. The development of relationships with girls from other year levels is facilitated in House meetings on Wednesdays. This year, the Year 8 Form teachers have agreed that our next focus will be on creating ways in which stronger connections can be fostered between girls in the same year level across Houses. On Thursday 23 March, the inaugural ‘combined Year 8 Form’ event was held. The theme for this event was ‘Children’s Party’. The girls played Pass the Parcel, Pin the Tail on the Wildy Lion, Musical Chairs and Volleyball, and feasted on fairy bread, brownies and orange juice. The Year 8 students and Form teachers can now say they readily await the next ‘party’. Sam Capurso, Lucy Rackham, Casmira Hambledon and Ruth Shrimpton


YEAR 8 WELLBEING DAY As part of our wellbeing focus at Wilderness, Year 8 students participated in a Wellbeing Day, learning about different strategies to enhance and develop their wellbeing. In the Middle School girls attend a Health & Wellbeing class twice a week and this Wellbeing Day complemented the different aspects that girls are learning in this class. The day started with Body Jam, learning the importance of moving and exercising for good physical wellbeing. We also enjoyed a range of healthy food for breakfast and lunch, demonstrating how important it is to have a healthy physical wellbeing with the foods that we eat. Discussion in the sessions led by yLead focused on how we can all be a hero and have a positive impact on others. The day focused on discovering personal character strengths and

how to develop one’s best self. Integrity, goals, challenges, values, purpose, teamwork, authenticity, creativity, passion and talents were discussed, with the girls undertaking different activities to learn how to live a life with purpose. Trina Cummins Director of Wellbeing & Positive Education


YEAR 8 CAMP MIDDLE SCHOOL Camp exposed us to many new challenges that we might have not faced otherwise. The activities we experienced many things, perplexed our thinking and dared us to step out of our comfort zone. One day was filled with water based activities, such as kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, surfing, boogie boarding and wave skiing. These activities challenged us as some tried things for the first time and everyone persisted until we overcame our challenges, whilst others used prior knowledge to perfect their skills. We enjoyed a marvelous scenic hike to Waitpinga campsite from Kings Beach. The walk was confronting for some but overall the walk was peaceful and exciting, we got to see some seals and a caterpillar train. Camping was a

first for some, it involved setting up tents, cooking on trangias, sleeping in tighter quarters and battling the cold. We learnt life lessons throughout these activities as it taught us to appreciate what we have and how to be further independent. We spent a day climbing in the trees doing the High Ropes. Using our muscles and a positive mindset, we overcame our fears of heights and grew as individuals. Some of the high rope activities involved putting your trust in others, these exercises helped bring us closer together creating stronger bonds. Sabrina, Poppy, Allegra, Sara, Alice, Bronte and Rhea



HEAD OF THE RIVER Wilderness School had thirteen crews competing in the 2017 Head of the River, the highest number of Wilderness crews in recent years. It was a fantastic day with many staff and students showing their support for the girls on the shores of West Lakes. The Wildy spirit was strong and contagious throughout the day, so much so that St Peter’s Boys began to chant our cheers as well. On the water, the girls did themselves proud. Ten of our thirteen crews rowed a season’s best time, with the Year 10 B crew taking an impressive 41 seconds off their time.

Special congratulations goes to the Year 9 B crew of Isabel Shearer, Sophie Manifold, Winter Marshall, Cat Price, and Alana Commons, and the Year 9 C crew of Indigo Marshall, Emma Colovic, Maia Hodge, Molly Davidson, and Lily McConnel on winning their races. After a day of hard and rewarding racing, the rowers, parents, coaches, and staff enjoyed a wonderful presentation dinner. The 2016/17 Rowing season concluded with some pleasing on water results, and an even greater comradery and unity amongst the girls. We are all eager and enthusiastic for the 2017/18 season to commence, and see the rowers continue to progress and succeed.


CEDA PRESENTATION “Energy Security and Reliability� On Tuesday 28 March, seven Year 12 Physics and Geography students, accompanied by Mr Ross, Ms Bickley, and Ms Walker attended a CEDA lunch at the Hilton Hotel, sponsored by Deloitte, addressing energy security and reliability in light of the black system outages following the storms in September last year. Speakers including Dr Anthony Marxen Chairman of the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), discussed the events leading up to, and causing the statewide blackouts and addressed the future of the South Australian energy market. After a delicious lunch, a panel consisting of Dr Anthony Marxsen (Chairman of AEOM), Audrey Zibelman ( CEO of AEMO), Steve Masters (CE of ElectraNet) and Rob Stobbe (CEO of SA Power Network) answered questions from the audience, focussing on the future of South Australian power, including technological developments like battery storage and the need for innovative frequency control. As the only school in attendance, one of the girls, Isabelle Greco, was able to ask the panel about the conflicting approaches towards renewable energy by the State and Federal Governments, with her question being answered by Dr Anthony Marxsen. All the girls appreciated this exciting opportunity and learnt a great deal about the Australian energy market, both from a physical and geographical perspective and to experience forums concerning major fedral and state concerns. Theresa Lee, Year 12 Physics student


YEAR 12 KAYAKING CAMP On Tuesday 4 April the Year 12 PE class left school excited for our Kayaking camp at Crawford. It was definitely one to remember! We wasted no time on arrival heading straight for our first on water session which was so much fun. Practising our capsizing skills in the pool at Crawford later in the day enabled us to gain our confidence and face the challenges that awaited us. Exhausted and after a delicious dinner followed by competitive campfire games, we wearily headed off to bed. The first dreaded “Capsizing Day” was on the Wednesday but in the end we all tried our very best and surprised ourselves by our amazing results. Besides Kayaking, getting bogged on the beach before playing ‘Marks Up Footy’ with our somewhat competitive teachers, and watching Mr Snell’s unsuccessful fishing attempts were some of the other many highlights. Thursday was Assessment Day, which involved an endurance paddle ending up at spectacular sand dunes and breathtaking views. Teamwork and effective collaboration assisted us all to achieve our individual best. Despite our sore and aching muscles we were all sad to leave the camp on the final day. It will definitely be one of our most memorable schooling experiences. Bella Bradford, Year 12





This website produced by Deakin University allows prospective students to search for courses based on careers or search for careers based on courses.

Resource connecting students and businesses for work experience. http://workexperiencedirectory. UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE INTERSTATE STUDENT INFO DAY Fri 21st April, 9 – 4:30pm Interstate year 12 students and their families are invited to this information day to find out about studying at the University of Melbourne, including the application process and accommodation options. Registrations should be made online. events/victoria_and_interstate/victoria/interstate_ student_and_family_information_day1_2017 MONASH UNIVERSITY INFORMATION EVENING

GRADUATE CAREERS AUSTRALIA – CAREER PROFILES This website offers an insight into a range of careers in a multitude of industries. au/careerplanningandresources/ exploringyourcareeroptions/careerprofiles/ CSU: INDIGENOUS PEOPLE TO TRAIN AS PARAMEDICS Providing greater opportunity for Indigenous people to train as paramedics is one way that Charles Sturt University (CSU) is helping to close the health-care gap.

Mon 7th August, 6:30pm – 8pm @ North Adelaide closing-the-gap-is-good-paramedicine



THE PINNACLE FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS The Pinnacle Foundation provides scholarships to LGBTIQ youth who are studying in their final year of secondary school or at a higher education institution in Australia. Applications close 1st October for studies the following year. Contact: or 0410 471 504. scholarship/

Tue 30th May Drop in: 4:30pm – 7:30pm Presentation: 6pm – 6:45pm Drop in to speak to course advisers and take a tour of the campus, and attend the presentation to find out about the application process, pathways, and university life.\


UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE: PARENTS INFORMATION SEMINAR Sun 2nd April, 11am – 1pm OR 12pm – 2pm Bookings are now open for this information event for parents of prospective students of the University of Adelaide. parents-information-seminar-april-2017tickets-32709580235\ OPEN DAYS SA UNIVERSITIES: University of South Australia Open Day Sun 20th August

CAREERME APP CareerMe is a free app for young people that helps plan career paths and find job opportunities. It has information about which skills are required for different industries, and training requirements and opportunities. It is available for Apple and Android

ROTARY EXCHANGE Rotary Youth Exchange, provides an opportunity for more than 8000 students to spend anywhere from a few weeks, to a full year, as an international student hosted by local Rotary clubs. Exchange is available for people aged 15 – 19, with applications required 6 – 12 months before departure dates.

Adelaide University: Sun 20th August

URBAN PLANNING Urban Planning Resource

Flinders University Open Days

This website provides information on the careers and study options in urban planning.

Fri 18th & Sat 19th August open-days

EDUCATIONUSA YOUTUBE CHANNEL EducationUSA’s YouTube channel has stories about what it’s like to study in America, the visa process and more. If you’re considering studying in the USA, check out the videos. g/c/3633F81EDF17D51E


SUMMER SPORT CAPTAIN SUMMARY VOLLEYBALL Term 1 was huge for Wilderness volleyball, with six teams being put forward from the Middle and Senior Schools. Despite a number of new players joining the sport, the girls quickly improved their technical and strategic skill with help from new early morning trainings and coaches. The Term saw several well-fought wins, with the highlight being Intercol in Week 5. The Senior A, B and C2 were all victorious, several of these matches being the first time Wilderness had won since the Intercol’s inception. With a successful first term behind them, the Wildy volleyball players will no doubt have an amazing 2017 season. Molly Chapman (Volleyball Captain)

TENNIS Term 1 begun with an exciting start for Wilderness tennis with an increase of the number of teams from 12 in 2016 to 14. In tennis trainings over the 9-week period we focused on technique, footwork, point play and game strategies. This has been reflected in our games on both Monday nights and Saturday mornings, with our results improving over the course of the term. The Div. 1-4 teams were very successful throughout the season and had an impressive win at Intercol on Saturday morning. The Premier League and Premier League Reserves versed a number of State League players and had a competitive draw, which provided a great learning experience for all the girls. It was great to see that half of our top 8 girls were from the Middle School, which shows a promising future for Wildy Tennis. Eliza Duncan (Tennis Captain)

SWIMMING The girls dove into the year with strong spirit and determination at the Swimming Carnival in Week 4. The competition was fierce with many close races and all Houses fighting for the cup, dressed head to toe in their respective colours. Week 6 brought the SSSSA carnival and a new range of competitors swimming against the fastest girls of each year. At the IGSSA Swimming Carnival our under 15s, open age groups won penants for their age groups, whilst a new record was set by the U13 50m Freestyle team which included: Sarah Muir, Georgia Muir, Bronte Sleath and Imogen Kroker. We want to congratulate and thank all the girls that have participated in school swimming this year. Rianne Barlow (Swimming Co-Captain)


TOUCH At the beginning of Term 1, there was a huge number of girls excited and ready to start the Touch season, with 8 teams entering the Catholic Competition. We have been lucky enough to have the privilege of having three very skilled coaches, who have taught and shared their knowledge with the Wilderness touch program, and have allowed us to improve immensely over the 10-week period. Wilderness kicked off the summer touch season with a bang, winning our Intercol game 11-5, with a cheer squad of 60 girls who came out to watch. There was tent full of roaring lions up early in the morning to support the girls, they watched as we performed different moves and tactics on Seymour, either diving at their feet or running half the field to the try line. Wilderness touch teams have developed so much from when we first started in 2012 with one team, now having our, Senior B1, B2 and C and the Middle A and B in the running for first place in the Catholic School’s Competition, and our Senior A team just losing to Loreto making us in the finals for third place. Isobel Dolling (Touch Vice-Captain)

BASKETBALL MIDDLE Over the 9-week period middle school basketball has been filled with fun and excitement. In training we have worked on handling the ball, shooting techniques and other skills, that have contributed to our improvement over the term. We grew together as a team and had some great wins, keeping up with the top teams. Overall, our Middle School teams have developed immensely over the weeks and all did really well in Term 1. Scarlett Miles (Middle School Basketball Captain) SENIOR This term, the Senior AB basketball teams have had a very successful season. Early on in the term we had the most important game of the year, our Intercol match. There was incredible amount of school spirit and a large support crew encouraging and cheering on all of the players. The girls put up an amazing fight against Seymour, demonstrating the perseverance and determination of a true Wildy girl! The next two games were exciting wins against Walford and St Peter’s girls, followed by a thrilling game against Westminster, which was our best game of the season, with all the girls putting in a huge effort. We would like to thank Mr. Rice and all of the players for a great, rewarding season, and we are looking forward to continued successes in Term 4. Eliza Day (Senior School Basketball Vice-Captain)


BOARDER’S BIRTHDAY DINNER Every Term the Wildy Boarders host a themed dinner to celebrate the girls birthdays that occurred that Term. With Easter just around the corner, it was a perfect excuse to eat endless amounts of chocolate while dressing up in some crafty outfits. The girls paraded their outfits around the cafe showcasing a range from Easter eggs and chickens to hot cross buns, judged by the attended teachers and staff who awarded baskets of chocolates to those with the most creative and innovative costumes. Tables decked out with cute eater decorations, the girls feasted on a yummy dinner concluding the night with an Easter themed cake enjoyed by all. Lily Wadlow & Paige Hodgson Boarding House Captains



Congratulations to Contax team mates Emma Lane and Emma Sleath on winning the Intermediate 1 (U17) Premiership in the City Night Division (summer netball competition at Netball SA) defeating arch rival Matrics 64 to 42 in the Grand Final. The team remained undefeated for the season, notable since the girls were playing in a higher age group (U17 v U15) due to their involvement in the Contax Netball Academy.


Congratulations to Audrey Yeo, Catherine Nguyen, Kelly Zhou and Sarah Dinh who worked strategically as a team to advance to Round 2 in the OzClo competition. Participants worked in teams of four on a range of highly challenging language analysis problems.

We love to acknowledge and congratulate girls on their achievements. Please do forward any news you would like to share with the school community to

May 17th,18th,19th, 20th at 7.30pm May 20th at 2pm


Gavin O’Loghlen. With a set design by Jo McGovern [“Jail Birds” and “Peter Pan”], and costumes by designer extraordinaire Kaye Designed Buckerfield, it willby beJoaMcGovern visual feast. Ivan’s Choreography by Sarah fantastic journey involves the SWilliams E use N I Oof R giant SCHOOL “ The Firebird” written by Neil Duffield is puppets and magical UV images created Costumes by Kaye Buckerfield a classic Russian folk tale, turned into a by Isabella Drioli-Phillips. Add spectacular Music by Gavin O’Loghlen famous ballet by Igor Stravinsky. It is a lighting by Trevor Griffin, and there will be Tickets avaliable at or the table Newman magical adventure story for young and old many marvelous moments ofticket theatrical magic.Theatre alike. The play tells of Prince Ivan, [Janani by arrangement with Origin Theatrical on behalf of Samuel French Ltd The role of the Firebird will be danced by Ramamoorthy], the not very heroic son our own ballerina, Eliza Waterhouse, and of the Tsar, who is sent on a mission to we welcome back the very highly regarded capture the Firebird [Eliza Waterhouse], choreographer and old scholar Sarah Williams the most valuable and magical creature to direct the stage movement. alive. As the journey begins Ivan meets the comical and good-hearted Wolf [Lily-May As an added bonus, “The Firebird” will McBain], who becomes his companion and be supported by two shorter folk plays, main means of transport. “Ashputtel” [Cinderella] and “Stupid Hans”, both from the famous Brothers Grimm. On his epic journey Ivan must struggle against the evil sorcerer Koschei the Performance dates are May 17, 18, 19, 20 at Deathless [Bella Bradford] to save the 7.30pm with a matinee on May 20th at 2pm. bewitched Princess Vasilisa [Siobhan Trimble]. After further adventures Ivan has Tickets will be available through Trybooking the final epic battle with the wicked hag or from the Baba Yaga [Naomi Smith]. ticket table outside the Newman Theatre. Ticket prices are $25 for Adults and $20 for It is a story of self belief and the Students and Concession. healing power of love. Will Ivan give in to his father’s obsession with material The production is in Week 3 of next Term and possessions or grant the Firebird freedom? tickets will go on sale in two weeks time. It is a show for all the family and one not to be The production has an original musical missed. score by our own resident musical genius,


Sunday 14 May 2017 | 6:30am Peace Park, North Adelaide


CLICK HERE to register participants. Once arriving at the section ‘TEAMS’, please tick ‘EXISTING TEAM’ and then scroll down and select ‘WILDERNESS SCHOOL’. Choose either the 4.3km walk or run OR the 7.2km walk or run. The P&F will have a marquee at the start/finish line where refreshments will be served. We look forward to walking with you and your family.

YOUTH PRODUCTION GETS WICKED TREATMENT A fresh, young cast will get an Emerald City makeover in the latest Shane Davidson Presents production of Wicked, the musical theatre prequel to The Wizard of Oz, for six performances in April. The 40 strong cast is made up of youth aged 14-20 years with the lead roles being played by youth aged 17-20 and a professional orchestra under the direction of Tim de Jong. We wish Amelia Hender (SHEN SHEN) and Sophie Davies (Nessarose) the best of luck in the performances. To book your ticket CLICK HERE Performances from 19 – 22 April.




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Generations in Jazz Preview


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Mother’s Day Classic

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The Firebird Drama Production

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The Firebird Drama Production

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The Firebird Drama Production

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The Firebird Drama Production

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