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ISSUE - 2 MARCH 2017



THE WONDER OF ME MAMIE HOUSE The girls have been using hand held mirrors exploring the wonders of what they noticed before them. As they shared their discoveries we scribed what they had to say… The girls then drew a self portrait using the medium of their choice and a mirror to help with their individual features… We have enjoyed spending time getting to know each of the amazing children in the Mamie House. Our wall will continue to grow as each girl works towards completing their “Wonder of Me”.





Amelia L


Amelia M






YEAR 3 CAMP JUNIOR SCHOOL On Wednesday 22 February the very excited Year 3 students headed off to Aldinga for their twonight camp. On a warm and windy first afternoon the girls went on a bushwalk through the Aldinga scrub to observe and wonder of the environment around them. A cool down in the pool and adventures in the playground and on the bouncy pillow followed. On Thursday, Trent Hill from Indigenous Culture for Kids joined the girls for busy day of valuable and exciting activities including a culture and artefacts session, bush tucker walks, dot paintings on boomerangs, fish cooking on coals and dreaming stories. A highlight for many was Nature Play in the Aldinga scrub on Friday with some very creative shelter building. The adventurous Year 3 girls were True and Courageous learners on camp; trying new things, taking risks and persevering through challenges. They practiced Respectful Relationships in their interactions with each other and solving problems in team building games. It was also great to see the girls looking out for the environment and being enthusiastic helpers being responsible for assisting with food preparation and cleaning up after themselves.

“Camp was was an an amazing amazing experience experience and and we we “Camp had lots lots of of fun fun learning learning about about the the indigenous indigenous had people’s culture” culture” people’s


JUNIOR SWIMMING CARNIVAL The Junior School Swimming Carnival was held Wednesday 1 March at the Adelaide Aquatics Centre. Congratulations to all girls, but in particular to the Year 3s who attended their first swimming carnival and channeled their nervous energy into positive results. It was a colourful event with dynamic cheers led by the wonderful House Captains. The Junior Swimming Champion was Arabella Bahr (Carob) and second was Zara Hoadley (Carob)


Both the Bowen Shield for Team Games and the GA Black Shield for overall winners of the House competition was won by Amaryllis. Antholiza won the House Spirit cup with their enthusiasm and team cheering. Thank you to the parents and friends who attend as well as the House captains who led their teams with encouragement throughout the day. Shane Hill Junior School Sport Coordinator & Charlie Bower Active for Life Representative


YEAR 5 & 7 SCIENCE MEET & GREET What a grand event this year! The International Time Travellers’ Association brought together women in science across the ages for a delicious afternoon tea of cupcakes and chocolate milk. After studying the impact of women in Science Year 5 and Year 7 girls impersonated their researched scientist at a high tea. Indeed it was a high tea, as girls gathered to listen to our guest speaker Carl Grice (Head of Science at St. Peters College). We warmly thank Carl (Dad to Sophie – Year 5) who attended the meeting accompanied by the bronze bust of William Bragg and a replica of his Nobel Peace Prize. Girls were absolutely fascinated and lined up with gloves on to hold the medallion. What a fabulous conclusion to some insightful work by our girls! After learning that through history Saints boys had collected 4 Nobel Prizes one girl said “Gosh we need five then!” Go get ‘em girls – Science needs you.


YEAR 6 GRIP LEADERSHIP On 21 February, the Year 6 Junior School SRC Leaders for Semester 1 and 2 went to the Entertainment Centre for the Grip Student Leadership Conference accompanied by Mrs Bradford. There were over 800 students that came from different schools around Adelaide. The leadership skills we learnt were about thinking outside the box, responsibility and how to put ideas into action. It was a really fun and enjoyable learning experience. One of our favourite parts of the conference was called Loud Noises. This involved doing many different, fun, LOUD activities such as Spellbow where we had to spell out a three letter word to a partner. Charlotte was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go up onto the stage in front of

all the students and teachers and choose a path for a make your own story, helped by the audience. We got to do interactive games with people around us which helped us get to know them and hear their ideas. We all found it a once in a life-time exciting experience and we are so grateful we had the opportunity to attend. We looking forward to implementing the exciting new ideas we learnt at the conference. Eliza Quick, Jessica Craig, Charlotte T, Devika Mukherjee, Catrina Balestrin, Eva Barret


YEAR 7 - 9 FILM NIGHT Through the Multi Media course, our students develop film production skills, with an understanding of cinematography, screenwriting, shooting and editing. They create their own short films that communicate, inspire and entertain. Since introducing Multi Media to the curriculum two years ago, we have made over 60 films, a group won the AKFF Best Senior Documentary category and 2 films were selected for Little Big Shots Film Festival. Last July two of our students travelled to Italy for an International Youth Film Festival and this year, many of our students will be jurors, hosts, and buddies for the Adelaide International Youth Film Festival. As Director of School Submissions for this exciting new festival, I encourage our students to enter their films and we look forward to screening the selected films alongside international student and professional film makers. For more information on the festival, please go to: Respectful collaboration is a key factor when working as part of a film crew. The girls work in small teams with allocated roles. Based on interest and skill level, they choose a director, camera operator, sound technician and editor. Together they investigate, plan, produce and then evaluate their work and use different types of software to edit, refine images, mix sounds and publish their digital films.


On Tuesday 28 February, we held a Film Night where our girls had an opportunity to screen their films in front of an audience. The girls had photos taken on the red carpet before screening their films for family, friends, staff and VIPs. It was a wonderful night and the girls’ films were excellent. They can be viewed on our internal channel. This year Multi Media is offered as a Stage 1 subject in Year 10. We also have a Media Team as an extension of the Multi Media course. It consists of a group of girls who are passionate about film making. They capture events such as carnivals and House days and they create the Yr 12 video. Their films can also be viewed on our internal channel using the Wilderness School sharepoint - https://wildernessschool. The Multi Media course at Wilderness has been very successful and so much fun. It contributes towards providing a rich and challenging learning environment that fulfils our School mission: to enable each girl to be the best she can be throughout her life. Jayne Kelly


WILDERNESS FUTUREPRENEURS The Year 8 Innovation and Enterprise and Year 10 Business and Enterprise classes participated in a full day event on Friday 3 March, Futurepreneurs Day. Combined teams of students built a business concept from an idea they developed in one school day. This event was a part of a unit of study on Entrepreneurship, which helped the students to create connections to Adelaide business mentors and future entrepreneurial pathways. The program featured handson experiences and activities that demonstrated what entrepreneurs and business owners undertake to build successful enterprises and businesses. Activities included forming a team, ideation, prototyping and creation of mock-ups, customer validation and preparing and practising a “Shark Tank” style pitch. Business mentors from local businesses included Emily Rich, Jemsoft, Leticia Mooney, Brutal Pixie, Lucinda Roberts, Awesome

Foundation, She Shi, Thosecreatives, Sanja Jovanovic, Talent Academy and Sammie Johannes, Accodex Partners. The mentors guided students who pitched their ideas at the end of the day to their mentors, parents and an expert judging panel including Helen Ahrens, Good Things Marketing, Sasha Baranikov, Uniti Wireless, Georgia Heath, Yup Yup Labs and Ben Manifold Head of Senior School. Student ideas included solar powered air-conditioning for cars (Cool My Car), home delivered school lunches (Temple Taste), back support for students who sit on their beds whilst doing their homework (JEIA - Sit Smart), and a germ repellent spray (EHL – Ethical Healthy Living) and social enterprises such as Welcome Box Australia for refugees, and a Charity App (Charalogue) with the winners being Emily Roberts, Neve Payze and Isabelle Bresson for their business Eat It All; the product was edible cutlery. Seanna Farrow took the prize for best communicator when pitching. Enza Iammarrone

Some of the many aspects of entrepreneurship that we have learnt from this program include: -

The value of having a mentor


The importance of analysing markets to determine the demand for our products


How much detailed thought goes into a start-up business


A greater appreciation for those individuals who endeavour to become entrepreneurs and the business risks they take


3 S’s can help pitch writing: Story, Stuff and Sell


The importance of observing prototypes

Emily Roberts


Participating in the Futurepreneurs Day presented us with the real life opportunity to learn some of the many skills that are involved in being an entrepreneur which would not have been possible in a conventional classroom. Throughout the day we were challenged with new concepts and ideas, as well as the the difficult task of coming up with our own product. As a small business owner where I make and sell necklaces, I already had some experience in the entrepreneurial world but being around the successful mentors showed me that there are no limits and boundaries in this industry. Having to present our pitch for our product was also a valuable experience which was new to all of us. During this we had to be very persuasive and confident in the success of our product, as well as being forced to have to think on our feet which is a skill that will be very important all throughout our lives. Victoria Moularadellis

Futurepreneurs Day was a very empowering experience. Seeing all the women who have succeeded locally in South Australia really showed me that I can do it. I think that having a whole day of guests talking to us about what they do for their work was really insightful and I took away a lot of really interesting information. Having the mentors with us was an incredible experience, learning tips and tricks from women who know so much about business. Coming up with our own products was stressful I’ll admit, but by the end of the day I was really proud with what my team and I came up with. It was really good to get the opportunity at the end of that day to present our idea to such influential people. Lily McLaren

During this experience I really got to see what it is like to start a business. Something which really appealed to me about running my own business is the autonomy. You’re also able to make all the decisions yourself which is a big advantage in many ways. Business is flexible and as an owner you are able to make your business about whatever you like and base it wherever you are. Before taking part in this course I never really considered starting my own business after school, but I definitely now think that it could be an option as I have learnt so many new things. Isabelle Bresson

An aspect of entrepreneurship is creating a pitch to a panel of judges. This pitch had to be engaging, appeal to the panellists’ emotions and be based on a product that consumers would want to purchase. Eat it All was the business that we created which produces edible cutlery to reduce pollution and enable convenience to the buyers. Our pitch was assisted with a website to provide brief notes and pictures as well as prototypes created from a 3D printer to add an aspect of realism. Our pitch was aimed at our target market of individuals looking to make a difference to the environment and to enjoy a convenient but fulfilling meal despite their busy lifestyles. Eat it All created a pitch that applied to the consumers wants and needs by tailoring the product towards their busy lifestyles and for the benefit of our planet in the long run. Neve Payze


YEAR 9 BIRTHING KITS On Wednesday 8 March, to celebrate International Women’s Day, the Year 9 cohort assisted the Old Scholars in the Birthing Kit endeavor. The central focus was the notion of girls working to improve the lives of other girls and women. These kits are prepared for young women less fortunate than ourselves to assist them in giving birth hygienically and to reduce mortality rates. This is an annual Year 9 event where we put 400 kits together. We were inspired to take on the task by Jenny Weaver, a guest speaker who outlined the history of the scheme and gave us a perspective on how our efforts would help other women. The birthing kits contained gloves for preventing infection from the birth attendant to the mother and baby, gauze to wipe the baby’s head, cords and a scalpel blade for a clean cut of the umbilical cord, soap to wash the baby with, and a sheet

of black plastic to provide a hygienic place for the mothers to give birth on. This was an extremely empowering experience as it demonstrated to us how lucky we are to be living in Australia. The experience helped the Year 9s to bond as a group as we worked in teams to put together the kits. We discussed who would get each kit and how our efforts could help a mother and child. We would like to thank Ms Rocco and Mrs Escott, the Old Scholar representatives and staff who helped to co-ordinate this event and preparing items for packaging. Maia Hodge


INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY TARYN BRUMFITT As part of the International Women’s Day celebrations during Week 6, a screening of the documentary Embrace was held for Year 11 and 12 students, followed by a session with the director, Adelaide-local Taryn Brumfitt. In Embrace, Taryn sets off on a global expedition to better understand the issue of negative body image. Embrace highlights the importance of women loving their bodies, a message that adolescent girls in particular need to hear. After the film, girls had the opportunity to ask Taryn questions. This was a very rewarding experience, as we were able to seek an explanation on specific parts of the documentary. The film, combined with Taryn’s personal insights, inspired girls to remember what is important - in Taryn’s words, “beauty is nothing you can actually see, it’s kindness, humility, compassion, and all of those other things”. Georgia Honan SRC Vice President


INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY BREAKFAST On Friday 10 March, the Wilderness SRC woke before the crack of dawn in order to attend the annual International Women’s Day Breakfast. Taking place at the Adelaide Convention Centre, this event is the biggest of its kind in Australia, with over 2 700 like minded people gathering to celebrate and discuss women’s rights. To the excitement of all girls, the speakers included Senator Penny Wong and former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, both of whom we were able to meet afterward at the breakfast. The breakfast was delicious but the highlight was the opportunity to hear from these inspirational women who, like us, believe in the power of females to change the world. Molly Chapman SRC President


YEAR 11 PHYSICS CLIPSAL 500 On Thursday 2 March 50 year 11 Physics students, accompanied by Mr Ross, Mrs Andrews and Ms Bickley, went to the Clipsal 500. Before we even entered the gates we could already hear the cars speeding around the track and could feel our hearts racing in excitement. The students, as well as watching the race, conducted a series of investigations and practical activities looking at a number aspects of the cars including maximum velocity, deceleration, aerodynamics and safety. During the day we were given the opportunity to enter into the pits and talk to the engineers, mechanics and drivers who provided an insight into the vehicles and the behind the scenes work. We would like to thank Mr Ross for organising the day. All girls had an enjoyable and memorable day. Jasmine Crocker and Susie Greco

STUDENT 2 STUDENT THE SMITH FAMILY INITIATIVE Become a buddy and use your reading skills to help others. Wilderness School is participating in the Smith Family’s student2student program that supports many students to increase their reading skills. Students in Years 8 through to Year 11 are invited to volunteer to be a reading buddy. Volunteers will be allocated a reader who they will listen to read 2-3 times a week for 20 minutes at a time over the phone. The program will run for 18 weeks. Volunteers will receive free training to understand what a buddy does and how best to support their reader. The training will be held at Wilderness School in February 28, 2017. Please contact Bess Smith for more information and application forms.


YEAR 11 & 12 WELLBEING DAYS On 15 - 16 Febraury, students in Year 11 and 12 participated in Wellbeing Days which included hearing from Elevate Education. The goal of the day was to increase students’ awareness of necessary life skills so they can approach Year 11/12 with a positive attitude and practical tools, enabling them to achieve their personal best. Students learned about different strategies that they can apply into their studies to help them flourish. Students also experienced a healthy selection of food from our cafÊ. Elevate Education As part of the Wellbeing Days, students participated in Elevate Education sessions. Elevate seminars are based on 14 years of ongoing research about the habits of top performing students. Topics taught included: dynamic reading, standing out on assessments, note taking, independent learning, study routines, dealing with procrastination, time management, goal setting and effective planning. Trina Cummins Director of Wellbeing & Positive Education


May 17th,18th,19th, 20th at 7.30pm May 20th at 2pm


Gavin O’Loghlen. With a set design by Jo McGovern [“Jail Birds” and “Peter Pan”], and costumes by designer extraordinaire Kaye Designed Buckerfield, it willby beJoaMcGovern visual feast. Ivan’s Choreography by Sarah fantastic journey involves the SWilliams E use N I Oof R giant SCHOOL “ The Firebird” written by Neil Duffield is puppets and magical UV images created Costumes by Kaye Buckerfield a classic Russian folk tale, turned into a by Isabella Drioli-Phillips. Add spectacular Music by Gavin O’Loghlen famous ballet by Igor Stravinsky. It is a lighting by Trevor Griffin, and there will be Tickets avaliable at or the table Newman magical adventure story for young and old many marvelous moments ofticket theatrical magic.Theatre alike. The play tells of Prince Ivan, [Janani by arrangement with Origin Theatrical on behalf of Samuel French Ltd The role of the Firebird will be danced by Ramamoorthy], the not very heroic son our own ballerina, Eliza Waterhouse, and of the Tsar, who is sent on a mission to we welcome back the very highly regarded capture the Firebird [Eliza Waterhouse], choreographer and old scholar Sarah Williams the most valuable and magical creature to direct the stage movement. alive. As the journey begins Ivan meets the comical and good-hearted Wolf [Lily-May As an added bonus, “The Firebird” will McBain], who becomes his companion and be supported by two shorter folk plays, main means of transport. “Ashputtel” [Cinderella] and “Stupid Hans”, both from the famous Brothers Grimm. On his epic journey Ivan must struggle against the evil sorcerer Koschei the Performance dates are May 17, 18, 19, 20 at Deathless [Bella Bradford] to save the 7.30pm with a matinee on May 20th at 2pm. bewitched Princess Vasilisa [Siobhan Trimble]. After further adventures Ivan has Tickets will be available through Trybooking the final epic battle with the wicked hag or from the Baba Yaga [Naomi Smith]. ticket table outside the Newman Theatre. Ticket prices are $25 for Adults and $20 for It is a story of self belief and the Students and Concession. healing power of love. Will Ivan give in to his father’s obsession with material The production is in Week 3 of next term and possessions or grant the Firebird freedom? tickets will go on sale in two weeks time. It is a show for all the family and one not to be The production has an original musical missed. score by our own resident musical genius,


WILDERNESS IN NEPAL In May 2015, a devastating earthquake struck the Everest region of Nepal, including the village of Junbesi, where the Kushudebu Public Health Mission (which students at Wilderness financially support and have done so for the last 12 years). The Junbesi Secondary School, originally built by the Himalayan Trust – set up by Sir Edmund Hillary - was so badly damaged that 10 classrooms had to be demolished, while 8 clasrooms had to be completely refurbished.

Damage to the Junbesi Secondary School

Students and Staff at Wilderness School, as well as members of the wider Wilderness School Community, have raised $30,000 which has been used by the people of Junbesi to rebuild 8 classrooms.

Rebuilding begins


In April, Dr Sally Nobbs and Ms Sophia Nery will be travelling to Junbesi at be representatives of Wilderness School at the Official Opening of the new Junbesi Secondary School, along with representatives of the Nepal Government and the Himalayan Trust.




Wednesday 5 April Sunday 9 April Monday 10 April Tuesday 11 April Wednesday 12 April Wednesday 12 April

EVENT Anna Hodge - Rising Sun Pictures Tertiary Studies and Career Expo University of New South Wales (UNSW) Nicky Haslinghouse - University of Melbourne Sebastian Marx – University of Queensland (Breakfast session) Bond University Information Session (Vanessa Lea)


1.05 – 1.50pm 10am – 4pm


Career Room Adelaide Convention Centre Free entry

1.05 – 1.50pm

Career Room

1.05 – 1.50pm

Career Room

8.00 - 9.00am

Career Room

1.05 – 1.50pm

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Agribusiness night – Piper Wednesday 24 May

Alderman – Family Business – the Benefits and Challenges

Friday 26 & Saturday 27 May

Career and Employment Expo

Tuesday 8 August

Monash University – Jacqui Burcell

1.05 – 1.50pm

Career Room

Tuesday 8 August

Year 12 SATAC Night

6.30 – 8.30pm

Memorial Hall, St Peter’s College

Wednesday 9 August

University of Sydney – Jit Loh

1.05 – 1.50pm

Career Room

Tuesday 30 August

Le Cordon Bleu Open Day

10.00am – 4.00pm


Wayville Showgrounds - Free entry

Regency International Centre





This website produced by Deakin University allows prospective students to search for courses based on careers or search for careers based on courses.

2017 Aspiring Scholars Program for Interstate Students Wilderness has been selected to participate in this interstate networking program as we have a strong record of enrolments at the University from former students, as well as ongoing interest from current students. Applications are open to both domestic and international students in Year 12. Students must apply of their own accord and should be genuinely interested in studying at the University of Melbourne. This opportunity will be of greatest benefit to students who end up moving to Melbourne to study, as it will facilitate the transition and provide students with a number of contacts to help them through the process. Selection is based on the questions listed in the online application form, and will be conducted by the Onshore Recruitment staff who facilitate the program. They will be selecting a maximum of three students per school. The link to apply is listed on the attached flyer. The deadline for applications is 9:00am on Friday 24 March 2017

UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE INTERSTATE STUDENT INFO DAY Friday 21 April, 9 – 4.30pm Interstate Year 12 students and their families are invited to this information day to find out about studying at the University of Melbourne, including the application process and accommodation options. Registrations should be made online. events/victoria_and_interstate/victoria/interstate_ student_and_family_information_day1_2017

THE PINNACLE FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS The Pinnacle Foundation provides scholarships to LGBTIQ youth who are studying in their final year of secondary school or at a higher education institution in Australia. Applications close 1 October for studies the following year. Contact: or 0410 471 504. scholarship/

WORK EXPERIENCE DIRECTORY Resource connecting students and businesses for work experience. http://workexperiencedirectory.


SUMMER INTERCOL During weeks 6 and 7 the summer sport Intercol matches between Seymour and Wilderness were played. The series of matches commenced with tennis and basketball on Monday and Wednesday, with all our teams having close games but Seymour taking the lead. On the weekend, Wilderness was ready to fight back in touch, tennis and volleyball. At Park 17, the senior A, B and C touch teams all played exceptionally well, resulting in Wildy winning all three matches. At Seymour, the division 1 to 4 tennis teams arrived with competitive attitudes and played to their best abilities which saw majority of teams winning. The volleyball was another successful sport, with majority of the senior teams winning. In week 7 the girls had an early start at the Aquatic Centre, where the Senior A Waterpolo used their skills and determination to achieve victory. On Saturday 11 March the rowing races took place at West Lakes. The girls showed hard work and commitment, with Wildy winning 2 races and Seymour winning 4 races. At this stage, Wilderness and Seymour had an even number of points and hence, the Intercol cup depended on IGSSA swimming carnival. This final event of the Intercol was close with both Wildy and Seymour having very strong swimmers across all age groups. Unfortunately, Seymour finished 2nd and Wilderness 4th, giving Seymour the Intercol cup. Over the two weeks of Intercol, the support from staff, families, friends and fellow classmates has been the greatest we have seen. From Park 17, the Seymour Gym and Adelaide Aquatic Centre, the sport department have been amazed with the hard work, determination and spirit the girls have displayed in every summer sport they have participated in. We are extremely proud of the results from the Intercol and excited for the Winter Intercol to come.


INTERCOL VICTORY At Seymour College gym, on the morning of Saturday 4 March, history was made. The Wilderness Senior A and B volleyball teams both convincingly beat their Seymour opponents, to snatch an Intercol win for the first time since the event’s inception in 2011. The victory was well earned, as girls on both teams had played spectacularly well and demonstrated their impressive skills with the ball. Also worthy of praise is the huge crowd of Wildy girls who made the trek to Seymour to support the players. Their cheers and constant encouragement were well appreciated. Overall it was a morning of teamwork, support and victory, establishing Wilderness volleyball players as a force to be reckoned with for the remainder of the season.

‘CYBER SAFETY SOLUTIONS’ WITH SUSAN MCLEAN SUSAN IS UNIQUE IN HER VAST KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERTISE IN THIS AREA, AND IS THE ONLY PERSON IN AUSTRALIA WITH HER SPECIFIC BACKGROUND, EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS. Susan McLean is Australia’s foremost expert in the area of cyber safety and young people and was a member of Victoria Police for 27 years. Widely known as the ‘cyber cop’ she was the first Victoria Police Officer appointed to a position involving cyber safety and young people. In 2003 she was the Victoria Police Region Four Youth Officer of the Year. She has also been awarded The National Medal and the Victoria Police Service Medal and 2nd Clasp. She is a sought after presenter and advisor and has delivered keynote presentations, written papers and regularly provides professional development for those working in education and other key youth stakeholders. She also works with students in the classroom and provides engaging parent education sessions. Susan provides consultancy services to a range of organizations including government and non government bodies, adolescent psychologists, magistrates, sporting bodies, corporate entities, law firms, mental health bodies and Medical Practitioners. Susan has an in-depth understanding of an organisation's legal obligations such as 'duty of care' and how that applies to online issues/behaviors and is an expert in cybersafety/social media policy review and development. She is a published author with her first book, a definitive guide for parents, Sexts, Texts & Selfies - how to keep your children safe in the digital space available now. Susan is a passionate advocate for child safety online and has established an enviable working relationship with most of the key players in the online world who value her extensive knowledge, balanced commentary and commitment. Law Enforcement, corporations, schools, parents and children themselves find Susan knowledgeable, approachable and most importantly she often has the ability to assist when others have failed.

To read more about Susan visit

TUESDAY 11 APRIL 6:00 - 7:30PM




30 Hawkers Road, Medindie, South Australia 5081 Phone: +61 8 8344 6688 | Facsimile: +61 8 8344 1094 | CRICOS 00375B
















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The Firebird Drama Production

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