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WILDERNESS FORMAL 2017 All the Year 11 and 12 girls arrived at school on Friday 10 February with a skip in their step, orange skin, perfect eyebrows and immaculate nails! To be honest it was impossible to concentrate in our morning lessons because all we could think about was the evening ahead! Nobody could contain their excitement. When 12:20 struck, all the girls rushed off to begin a flurry of appointments to ensure maximum glam. We were photographed as we glided up the boardwalk to the National Wine Centre where an exuberant DJ welcomed us and ensured the music was up tempo so that almost everyone could not help but hit the dance floor. An elegant and beautifully dressed group of senior girls, and their partners did Wilderness proud. The evening was truly a night to remember with so much stylishness and entertainment. Highlights of the evening were the DJ and his skills to maximize everyone dancing, a Year 12 flash mob dance to ABBA, chocolate dessert fountains and a photo booth which was very popular as it created everlasting memories and was super fun with everyone looking so fabulous. The formal is one of only a few nights where all our friends are together and looking amazing - so everyone took advantage of fun group photographs. The senior formal provides a positive and cohesive start to a challenging year ahead for the Year 11 and 12 students and our dedicated teachers. I would like to sincerely thank Ms Douvartzidis for her incredible guidance and effort – patiently working with our capable and committed Year 12 Formal Committee to safeguard preparations which ensured it was really successful and the best ever. Eugenia Raptis 2017 Year 12 Representative