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Go Ahead, Take It ALL In...

Soul-Stirring Design

Breath-Taking Performance Unmatched Heritage

What are you waiting for? 100% HAND CRAFTED

right here in North America for over 25 yrs and counting!

When your life depends on your equipment, second best just isn’t good enough. That’s why I chose the Passat G3 from Seaward Kayaks. -Wave Vidmar

World Class Explorer

Seaward is proudly supporting Wave Vidmar as he paddles SOLO from California to Hawaii... the largest open ocean crossing in a traditional kayak - EVER!! Follow Wave’s progress live at:

w w w . s e a w a r d k a y a k s . c o m

Winter 2012 Coast&Kayak Magazine  

Explore Princess Louisa Inlet, frolic with cougars on D'Arcy Island, paddle the coast of Gwaii Haanas and try Greenland paddles in this issu...