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Destinations: South Gulf Islands Tom, who wouldn’t move unless I followed, lay down and rested his head on mine. Though small in relation to the rest of his body, it was too heavy for my comfort so I shifted it gently. Content he sprawled out on his side, placed his forepaws on my neck, and went to sleep purring. With an island of one’s own, such moments could last forever. Tom had given me his complete trust and confidence and it was a responsibility I did not take lightly.

“My chief fantasy is that one day the absentee owners (of Little D’Arcy Island) will come along and tell me that since I am Little D’Arcy’s strongest supporter, I can live there for the rest of my life for a dollar a year. Or perhaps I shall do some service for my country so that Ottawa will offer me my dearest wish. Then I will build a log house with lots of glass windows and a stone fireplace and roam the island with my cougar companions. Dreams.” – Excerpts from Affair with a Cougar, 1978 14



Winter 2012 Coast&Kayak Magazine  
Winter 2012 Coast&Kayak Magazine  

Explore Princess Louisa Inlet, frolic with cougars on D'Arcy Island, paddle the coast of Gwaii Haanas and try Greenland paddles in this issu...