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Princess Louisa Inlet

Chatterbox Falls

Princess Louisa Inlet

Malibu Rapids Queens Reach

Patricia Pt.

Princess Royal Reach McCall’s Landing Moorsam Bluff

McMurray Bay

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Inside Princess Louisa Inlet on the final turn before the view of Chatterbox Falls.

Harmony Fall Fairview Bay 12

Goliath Bay



the cloud cover. It was also much earlier in the year, so instead of inflow and outflow winds to worry about I had a constant outflow current to battle. The trip up took two full days; the trip back just one. On this trip my window was sunny and warm, so I had a strong suspicion inflows would be powerful. And they were – for about an hour. But the spring runoff was long gone so the travel was smooth enough, and the blessing was a rare unimpeded view of the surrounding mountains once I arrived. I often coach contributors to Coast&Kayak Magazine to express the beauty of a region through description rather than adjectives. Princess Louisa, however, remains outside the realm of fitting description, except for perhaps this. I’ve travelled almost all the BC coast now, and if I was to become jaded by mountainous landscapes that time would have arrived and long since passed. Yet when I turned the final corner to face Chatterbox Falls and its surrounding splendour, even for the second time, I found myself stunned to immobility. Paddling had to wait; there was nothing to be done but soak in the landscape and appreciate the steep, chiselled rock faces crashing kilometres from summit to sea, the uncountable ribbons of waterfalls, and central to it all massive Chatterbox Falls pounding directly into the head of the inlet. Yes, Princess Louisa Inlet can be kayaked. It won’t be easy, but few things worthwhile are. n This trip to Princess Louisa Inlet took place over eight days with a launch from the Coast&Kayak Magazine office (the MV Rainy Day) and back to Parksville, a 450-km route involving circumnavigations of Lasqueti, Texada and a dip into Sechelt Inlet through Skookumchuck Narrows (shown on the cover, though on this journey it was passed nearer slack). The distance was made possible by close attention to winds, and was the inspiration for the ‘Learning to deal with wind’ article on page 32.


Winter 2012 Coast&Kayak Magazine  
Winter 2012 Coast&Kayak Magazine  

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