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vista Spring & Summer 2013

A magazine for alumni, parents, and friends of Villanova Preparatory School

The Villanova Experience Catholic College Prep: Community, Truth and Love Spring & Summer 2013




VISTA VISTA is published twice a year for alumni, parents, students, and friends of Villanova Preparatory School. Administration President Rev. John Keller, O.S.A. Headmaster Carol Hoffer Director of Mission Effectiveness Br. Michael Bube O.S.A. Director of Financial Affairs Nancy Ventura Director of Admission Tyler Hart Director of Development Jeanne Hill Director of Resident Life Ricardo Olivares


Board of Directors Dr. Robert Arce Dr. Karin Best ’76 Heidi Bradbury David Brubaker Br. Michael Bube, O.S.A. Carol Hoffer Rev. John Keller, O.S.A.

Colleen McCall Very Rev. Gary Sanders, O.S.A. Ricardo Santos Laurence Shields Rev. Thomas Verber, O.S.A. Sr. Rachel Yourgules, I.H.M.

Mission In the Augustinian tradition, the Mission of Villanova Preparatory School is to graduate mature young adults of diverse backgrounds who reflect the qualities of truth, unity, and love. The school does this by providing a challenging college preparatory curriculum and Catholic environment that promote the development of mind, heart, and body. These young adults will think, judge, and act in ways that are sound and in keeping with the teachings of Jesus Christ.


Villanova Preparatory School is accredited by the Western Catholic Education Association and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. About the cover: 2013 Graduate Ian Borchard will attend Georgetown University in the fall.

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Spring & Summer 2013

Published by the Development Office Villanova Preparatory School 12096 North Ventura Avenue, Ojai, CA 93023 (805) 646-1464

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Augustinian Spotlight ................................................................................ 15 Villanovan Gets Perfect Calc Score ......................................................... 16 Kendo Club Comes to VPS ...................................................................... 17 Sports Roundup .................................................................................... 18-19 That Was Then, This Is Now ............................................................... 20-21 Start Here...Go Anywhere ......................................................................... 22 Savi ................................................................................................................. 23 Grad Map ................................................................................................ 24-25 The Villanova Experience .................................................................... 26-29 Retreats Take the Experience Outside.............................................. 30-31 Students Learn to Balance with Wellness .............................................. 32 International Day Highlights Diversity .................................................. 33 Football Returns with 8-Man Team .................................................. 34-35 Q & A with Jessica Benson.................................................................. 36-37


Golf Tournament Results .......................................................................... 38 Family of Giving .......................................................................................... 39 In Memoriam ............................................................................................... 40 Parent Guild Auction ................................................................................. 41 Wildcat Weekend ........................................................................................ 42 Alma Mater ................................................................................................... 43 Graduation 2013 ................................................................................... 44-45 Alumni Gathering ....................................................................................... 46 Giving Back: Harold Parker ...................................................................... 47



Spring & Summer 2013




From the President

Rev. John Keller O.S.A.

Graduation, It’s just the beginning... I recently took part in a gathering hosted by Villanova’s college counseling office on graduation (accomplishment, end of a period of dedicated striving) and commencement (beginning of a new period of life, new opportunities, some uncertainties). The presentation and conversation were not for our graduating seniors, it was for their parents who might be struggling with “letting go!” As our children pass from dependence, to growing independence and move toward a new and healthy interdependence, parents recognize that what they had hoped for is happening - and yet they experience the ambiguity and challenges of successful endings and uncertain beginnings. Our graduating seniors came to Villanova four years ago as boys and girls with the uncertainties of a new high school beginning. Now they leave Villanova’s “sheltering walls” as young men and women. It has all happened, parents reported in our conversations, so quickly. The watched plant doesn’t seem to grow, and yet first the blade, then the leaf, the bud, then the flower. Villanova with parents and families strive to be a stable trellis for growth, to nourish with wisdom, to sometimes prune with challenges and expectations and offer an example of generous fruitfulness. New talents emerge; personality develops; personal characteristics take shape; knowledge transforms; character, imagination and faith grow – and, yes, they get a lot bigger too. Sometimes in fits and starts, the high school years are a unique time of transformation.




A Villanova Prep parent once suggested to me that we make our mission clearer by changing the school’s name to “Villanova Preparatory For Life School.” That’s a large claim and an awkward name change, but it is a part of our vision: “Villanova is a Catholic school…that prepares young men and women for a happy and fruitful life in this world and the next.” This issue of VISTA Magazine illustrates how we go about doing this (pg. 26-29) and tells stories of how the Villanova Experience has shaped the lives of graduating seniors (pg. 20-21) and also older Villanovans (pg. 9-13). All journeys have a beginning and an end, as it were, a commencement and graduation. High school graduation is a marker of sorts, but like other life passage points, “knowing how way leads on to way,” other journeys, new paths, lie ahead. As parents have shared in their children’s growing up and those of us at Villanova have companioned them in their passage from children to young adults, we have had our moments of anxiety, and more often, periods of wonder. Parents in our “graduation group” acknowledged the importance of their choice of Villanova for their sons and daughters and expressed their ambiguous feelings of joy, confident hope, and the challenge of change. And on behalf of Villanova, I expressed gratitude to them for sharing the lives of their children with us during these critical years of passage. Shortly we will welcome a new Villanova freshman class. Please keep them and their families in prayer and close to your heart as they begin their transforming journey.

Spring & Summer 2013

From the Headmaster

Carol Hoffer

Villanovans discover a deep gladness and the world’s deep need. Of all the seasons at Villanova, spring with the departure of our seniors, is the most bittersweet. The four years since they arrived have gone quickly. We hope it has been a journey that allowed our graduating seniors to begin to recognize what brings them joy, who they want to become, what they may be called to do in the future. Events, friends, teachers have all shaped their lives. We hope to have started these graduates on the path to their calling, their vocation. Fredrick Buechner defines vocation as ”the place where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.” Some of our graduates leave us with a strong sense of where to find that intersection of gladness and service-in medicine, pure science, service to their countryand they will pursue these as they continue their education. Most are just beginning the discovery. What we hope this year’s graduates have gained during their time at Villanova and what will set them on the path to find their special “call” are characteristics that will serve them well throughout life: the patience to noodle around a problem,

an understanding of the possibilities in exchanging ideas and working collaboratively, and the confidence to acknowledge mistakes and failure as a necessary part of forward movement. As I look at the members of the class of 2013 I am confident that each of our graduates has gained these qualities during their Villanova years, just as I am confident that many of the alums over the past 90 years have done so. The transformation of the members of our Class of 2013 is most evident in contrast to the members of the Class of 2017, who we welcomed to campus several weeks ago. As these soon to be high schoolers, begin their Villanova journey, they arrive with a sense of possibilities, but also anxiety and uncertainty. Undoubtedly many of the alums reading this issue of Vista will recall the same feelings as they transitioned to high school. As with the graduates of the past 90 years the Villanova experience will shape them in many significant ways starting them on the journey to discover their “deep gladness and the world’s deep need.”

Spring & Summer 2013




Calendar Events 2013/2014 7/26

Alumni Luau


Wildcat BBQ


International Students Arrive


New Student Parent Reception


First day of school


Grandparents’ Day


Pumpkin sale


Wildcat Day


Football Reunion/Homecoming


Fall Play opens


President’s Club Christmas Party




Parent Guild Auction


Spring Play President’s Club

Long before Father John Keller, OAS became president of Villanova Preparatory School in Ojai, he was a young educator in the Order of St. Augustine, living and teaching in the historic Camarillo Ranch home. Father Keller will discuss how Adolfo Camarillo’s home transitioned in the 1960’s into “Casa Adolfo Camarillo Augustinian House of Studies.” Father Keller will be speaking at the Camarillo Ranch on Wednesday, August 21, 2013 at 7:00 pm, describing what life was like when the house was “the Augustinian House of Studies.” Before his presentation, the Camarillo home will be open for very brief “mini-tours” from 6:30-7:00. There is no charge for the tour for Camarillo Ranch Foundation members. Non-members charge is $5. The Camarillo Ranch is located at 201 Camarillo Ranch Road, Camarillo, CA 93012.

Dinner 5/18

Golf Tournament


Baccalaureate Mass






Spring & Summer 2013

Faculty Notes Mrs. Sonja Montiel, Director of college counseling:

Mrs. Montiel published an article, Having “The Talk”, in the Winter 2013 Journal of College Admission. The article addressed how parents and counselors engage their high school students to discuss the issues of affordability in higher education.

Sonja Montiel

Mr. Matt Mallon, MoDern History/ us History:

Mr. Mallon completed his Ed.D in Educational Leadership for Social Justice through Loyola Marymount University. His dissertation title was: Male Chinese Student Transitions to Life in an American Catholic Secondary Boarding School.

Matt Mallon

Ms. Jacqueline Urband, Biology, AP Biology:

Ms. Urband attended the AMGEN/Bruce Wallace biotechnology two day workshop at Pierce College in January. She now can use professional biotechnology equipment and supplies provided by AMGEN, to do restriction digest and bacterial transformation labs.

Jacqueline Urband

Mrs. Tracey Williams-Sutton, DrAMA, cHorAl enseMBle:

Mrs. Williams-Sutton starred in “The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds” in May and in June she directed “Fiddler on the Roof.” Both productions were held at the Ojai Art Centre.

Tracey Williams-Sutton

While it’s always difficult to see old friends go, we wish the following faculty much success as they move on to other adventures: Mrs. Kathy Bennett, after twenty years of service to Villanova, will be enjoying a much deserved retirement. Kathy has been the ninth grade speech and writing teacher and in that capacity has help transition the new freshmen each year into high school life. Mr. Dennis Rice, Assistant Headmaster for Academics, brought with him many years of successful school leadership. His knowledge of curriculum and instruction greatly benefitted the school community. Dennis will pursue his talents as a writer. Mr. Michael Stumpf has been appointed principal of Bellarmine-Jefferson High School in Burbank. For the past eight years Mike has served as Assistant Headmaster of Academics and takes to his new position a tremendous dedication to Catholic education. Ms. Laura Wells will leave Villanova to pursue graduate studies. Laura has worked in the evening program with the international students and shared her years of experience living in Asia as an instructor of English with our students.

Kathy Bennett

Dennis Rice

Michael Stumpf & Laura Wells

Spring & Summer 2013




Tribe Service Day A Core Villanova Experience

The entire Villanova Prep student body and faculty volunteered at many public service organizations on Friday, March 22. The students spent the day serving the community at: Ojai Valley of the Moon Community Garden, The Ojai Raptor Center, St. Joseph’s Retirement Center, Assumption School in Ventura, Holy Cross School in Ventura, Help of Ojai’s West Campus, California Coastal Horse Rescue, Ojai Valley Land Conservancy, St. Thomas Aquinas Church and the City of Ojai. Tribe Service Day is organized to promote service to the community, one of the core values of the school, and to foster leadership among the student body. All Villanova students are “assigned” to tribes upon entering Villanova. The students were organized into their “tribes” to do the work. They gather as a group to compete during Wildcat Day once per year and meet at other times for service projects. All students are required to complete 70 hours of community service before graduation. The Tribe Service Day is the one time per year that all students leave their classrooms to do service work. “This is a great opportunity to foster tribe unity and to encourage love through action,” said Mrs. Susan Pennington a faculty member who helped organize the event.




Spring & Summer 2013

Career Day

A Capstone Villanova Experience On a sunny day in March, Villanova welcomed back 16 graduates -from the class of 1946 through the class of 2009- for the first Villanova Prep Career Day. Each alumnus brought a unique perspective about the job market and how to become successful. There was an array of job titles: company presidents, insurance brokers, fire fighters, authors, and interns. From this diverse group of professionals, students heard what it takes for them to succeed once they leave Villanova. Mrs. Sonja Montiel, Director of College Counseling, organized this event. “The purpose of this [event] was to provide a forum where seniors could discover what happens after graduation. We wanted seniors to participate in conversations with alumni and get a glimpse of various professions.” Senior Kurt Dorenkamp realized the importance of hard work and enjoying what you do. “After talking with alumni today, I am motivated to try harder and do well in college, while also realizing the importance of finding a career that you love.” Not only did this event motivate the students to stay focused and finish the year strongly, but it also helped them prepare to take the next step in life. Tracy Ma, who wants to go to dental school, had this to say, “As a result of this event I will start preparing for the adjustment and challenges I might face in college and the future. The alumni gave me a perspective on what life would be like for the next several

years and how I need to start preparing for all of this as an independent adult.” Another objective for career day was for seniors to focus on important ideas that helped the alumni become successful. Senior Ian Borchard said “For me, the one important idea that came from the event was not to be intimidated by professionals above you. This was said by one of our alumni and he told us that even though they may be of higher rank than us and we may feel pressure to impress them, we must remember that they went through the same stuff to get here and that we can do the same.” Short bios on each of the Career Day speakers start on the next page.

Pictured (l to r) back row: Rick Gay, Kim Booth, Paul Dougherty, Tagg Baker, John-Clark Levin, Fred Lack, Bud Scully , Peter Dufau front row: Nancy Brough, Cindy Gordon, Anthony Williams, Cathy Cluff, Dave Lamb, Olivia Chase, Bianca Terminello, Christina Atchley, Spring & Summer 2013




Alumni Profiles Olivia Chase class of 1972

CO-OWNER AND CHEF, The Farmer and The Cook Restaurant Oliva has owned and operated The Farmer and The Cook in Meiners Oaks since 2001. Olivia’s enterprise includes a small farm plot where organic produce is grown. The Farmer and The Cook is a small all-organic grocery store with produce from their farm, from local backyard growers and “off the truck”. The fresh farm-to-table salad bar and daily Mexican specials are created based on what’s growing. “This is a job without many boundaries: creating menus, working with employees and customers, and overseeing plant management,” she says.

Fred Lack class of 1966

Fred was president of Atlantis Enterprises, a watercraft and all-terrain vehicle accessory company for 25 years before retiring in 2005. Major satisfaction was derived from, “seeing my hard work pay off,” he said. “Having major companies want to buy from you and watching your employees buying houses and raising families, was very rewarding,” he said. Fred earned a BS in Marketing from the University of Southern California and started in the toy business before moving to Atlantis Enterprises. He currently lives in Culver City and invests in real estate.

Rick Gay class of 1969

ACCOUNTING TECH., Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept Rick manages a $15 million budget that supports Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT), Aviation , Bomb Squad, Off-highway Vehicle Enforcement and Federal Warrant Extradition units. He devised a mobile support vehicle that would store chemical, biological and radioactive protection gear that the units use in an emergency. “It is the only one of its kind used in the country.” “Knowing I was a part of a project that may save lives was incredibly rewarding,” he said. Rick served in the U.S. army during the Vietnam war.

Bud Scully class of 1946

CHAIRMAN, Financial Guaranty Insurance Brokers, Inc. For the past 60 years Bud has provided commercial insurance solutions through his company Financial Guaranty Insurance Brokers, Inc. He enjoys personal contact with his clients and relies on face-to-face meetings and telephone calls, more so than emails, to obtain and maintain customers. His many years in business have taught him that being able to speak well and express oneself clearly in writing is of the utmost importance. He also stresses, “ Do what you say you will do and always, do the right thing! 10



Spring & Summer 2013

Alumni Profiles Christina Atchley class of 2009

INTERN, Romney Presidential Campaign Christina graduated from Boston University in May. She was an intern in the last presidential election. “In my senior year at Villanova I became interested in politics after taking a civics and government class. At Romney for President, Inc., I was War Room Analyst Intern. The War Room was the official news source within the campaign. The most rewarding part of my work is participating in many of the same traditions that were part of the founding of our country. ”

Peter Dufau class of 1984

PRESIDENT, Dufau Landscape Peter earned a BS in Horticulture and Design at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He operates a landscape company that specializes in water conservation, completing horticulturally sound installations and nurturing and managing the landscape that he designed. He is active in professional organizations that serve the landscape industry. Pete has returned to Villanova for two years in a row to speak with seniors about embarking on college and professional life after graduation.

Nancy Brough class of 1972

RETIRED MEDICAL SPEECH PATHOLOGIST Nancy worked in acute care medical centers, nursing homes, and a school before her retirement from the speech pathology field. Her educational preparation involved a BA and MA in Communicative Disorders and a one-year post-graduate fellowship. One accomplishment was being on a clinical team that developed the Swallowing Disorders program at West L.A. Veterans Administration Medical Center. Nancy still has enthusiasm for the field saying, “it’s a great profession; intellectually stimulating and humanitarian!”

Cindy Gordon class of 1975

FIRE ENGINEER, Ventura County Fire Department It never occurred to Cindy to become a fire fighter until one day while jogging past a fire station, “the idea just popped into my head. I liked the idea of the job being physically demanding and active.” Cindy says that every day on the job is different. The hardest part of the job is, “seeing people lose everything they own.” Conversely, the best part is, “being able to help people at one of the worst times in their lives.” Cindy is proud to have lobbied for and facilitated the placement of workout equipment in every station. Spring & Summer 2013




Alumni Profiles Kimberly Booth class of 1989

MARKETING CONSULTANT to the biotech industry Her current client is Genentech. “I became interested in oncology because my father was a physician in Ojai (in fact, he was the school physician for Villanova in the 1970s) and was also a cancer patient. I developed an interest in medical research because my father benefitted from several cutting-edge and highly experimental medical treatments which helped extend his life.” Kimberly worked at Stanford University’s School of Medicine as an Associate Director of Development. Kimberly lives in San Francisco.

Tagg Baker class of1992

ASSOCIATE , TWIW Insurance Services, LLC Tagg is a consulting broker in risk management. He describes his field of insurance as, “Helping businesses reduce their total cost of risk and increase liquidity and profit to their bottom line.” The most rewarding part of his work is, “helping clients protect their businesses and their financial future,” he says. Tagg has a BA from Southern Methodist University and an MBA from Baylor University. He and his wife Marissa have two children and live in Ojai.

Anthony Williams class of 1979

BAttALION CHIEF, L.A. County Fire Department Anthony is a long time fire fighter who gets satisfaction from, “Trying to make a person’s worst day better by mitigating their emergency. “ In his career he has worked as a Firefighter/Paramedic during in the LA riots of 1992 and the Northridge Earthquake of 1994. As a Captain he went to New York after 9/11, and “I have worked at virtually every major brush fire in LA and Ventura County in the last 15 years.” Anthony recently returned to Villanova to play in the 2013 golf tournament.

Bianca Terminello class of 2008

Bianca became interested in biotechnology as a student in Ms. Fredel’s Biology class. “We did a lab on recombinant protein drugs, and now I work with them,” she said. Bianca has a BS in Chemistry and did undergraduate research and internships while in college. Her main task at work is to, “assay drug products using a variety of chemical tools.” Bianca enjoys, “seeing a drug we worked on improve or possibly save lives,” she said. As a recent college graduate, Bianca often visits Villanova science classes to talk about careers in biotech and the students find it very easy to relate to her. 12



Spring & Summer 2013

To take part in next March’s Career Day please contact College Counseling

Alumni Profiles

Cathy Cluff class of 1984 CEO, The Oaks

Cathy is president of the state-the-art spa founded by her mother Sheila Cliff in 1978. For the past seven years, Cluff has held the position of managing director, overseeing all aspects from operations and guest relations to sales and marketing of The Oaks. Cluff has a keen understanding of property management, the local Ojai community and the spa industry as a whole. Cluff serves as President of the Ojai Visitors Bureau to promote the local economy.

Paul Dougherty class of 1951 CRIMINOLOGIST

Paul has a bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley in Criminalistics, and a law degree from Lincoln University in San Francisco. He was a US Naval Officer in the Gunnery Department of the USS Irwin. From 1960 to1986 he was a criminalist with the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department. Since 1986 he has done forensic examinations and product testing at DWM Laboratory which he owns. He specializes in crime scene reconstruction in matters involving firearms and bombs. Paul was a member of the Villanova Board of Directors.

John-Clark Levin class of 2007 AUTHOR, Private Anti-Piracy Navies

John-Clark Levin came to Villanova as a freshman in 2003. John-Clark participated in theater, mock trial, and student government. He was ASB President in 2006-2007. He went on to Claremont McKenna College, where he majored in Linguistics and Philosophy, Politics & Economics. In 2010, he won the Eric Breindel Collegiate Journalism Award, which gave him a writing internship on the op-ed pages of the Wall Street Journal. He is off to Harvard Graduate School in the Fall.

David Lamb class of 1971

AttORNEY David Lamb is a partner at Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy’s Los Angeles office. He has extensive experience in real estate and natural resources transactions including work on providing financing for wind and solar energy. David is a member of the California and New York State Bars. He received a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree from the University of Santa Clara, and a law degree from the University of California at Los Angeles School of Law. He was a member of the Villanova Prep Board of Directors for many years. Spring & Summer 2013




Girls Dorm Trip A Team Building Villanova Experience This Spring, Villanova’s resident students from the girls’ dorm participated in a team building exercise hosted by the Disney Youth Education Series (Y.E.S.) at Disney’s California Adventure theme park. The girls started their day by exploring many of the park’s rides and attractions then went into their seminar titled “Designing a Disney Story” to learn about Disney’s process of bringing to life ideas from imagination. The Disney Y.ES. program offers several different team building experiences. “Last year, the girls attended the program titled, “Disney’s Approach to Leadership and Teamwork” in which they discovered their personal leadership style and put it into action through activities. “Designing A Disney Story” taught students about the early developments of animation by having them create their own thaumatrope, a toy that was popular in Victorian times. A thaumatrope is a disk or card with a picture on each side that is attached to two pieces of string. When the strings are twirled quickly between the fingers the two pictures appear to combine into a single image due to persistence of vision. After learning about the historical developments in the craft of animation, the girls were given a personal lesson on how to draw a famous Disney character. Using simple geometric shapes and lines, students sketched Jack Skellington, the protagonist of the 1993 film The Nightmare Before Christmas.




After learning more about the cartoon creation process, the girls broke into groups to create their own storyboard. The students skillfully divided the work, into script-writing and animation. The students presented their ideas as a real case scenario and learned best practices in gathering and presenting ideas in a short time frame. The program ended with the students returning to the park to walk through, the Twilight Zone’s Tower of Terror attraction. The students used their new-found knowledge to identify how Disney created the animated short film to make guests feel as if they were in the audience of this classic television show. The girls now had an insider’s perspective of the park. Senior Era Qian said, “the whole girls’ dorm was better united after this trip.”

Spring & Summer 2013

Augustinian Spotlight Father Alvin Paligutan New Teacher Coming in the Fall Father Alvin Paligutan will be joining the faculty at Villanova Preparatory School this fall as a religion teacher working with grade eleven students. “Having another Augustinian as part of the Villanova community and in the classroom is a special blessing. In particular I am pleased that Father Alvin will be teaching juniors, and the challenging topics related to ethics, morality and the Church’s teachings on social justice,” said Headmaster Mrs. Carol Hoffer. He will be one of two Augustinians who will reside on campus. Villanova’s Director of Institutional Effectiveness Br. Mike Bube will also be living at the school. Born in the Philippines, Fr. Alvin is the eldest of three. His sister was born with a severe disability that required major surgery “that could only happen in the U.S.,” he said. When Fr. Alvin was 13 he moved to San Diego. The following year, he was enrolled at Montgomery High School, where he played volleyball and worked as a sports editor and circulation manager for the school newspaper. After high school, Fr. Alvin attended UC Davis, where he majored in International Relations. He went on to graduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh where he continued studying International Affairs. “I had dreams of working as a diplomat, but God had a different plan for me,” he said. During his collegiate years, Fr. Alvin found himself heavily involved with Campus Ministry at these public universities. “I had amazing spiritual directors. With their support, and lots of prayer, I knew God was calling me to be a priest.” After seven years of formation, Brother Alvin became Father Alvin in August of 2007.

Fr. Harry Neely, OSA Celebrates 60 Years of Priesthood Fr. Harry Neely, OSA, was ordained a priest on December 21, 1953. During this year he, and the Province of St. Augustine, are celebrating his holy and fraternal life. Fr. Harry has ministered in many places and in many ways. He has taught religion at Villanova Prep and, at St. Augustine High School in San Diego. He, in his sixtieth year of priesthood, is teaching upper-level Latin at Saints. Fr. Harry ministered as associate pastor at St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Ojai, and, during the annual Province retreat in June, celebrated the morning Mass at St. Thomas where he is recognized and loved by many. Fr. Harry has been a leader within the Province of St. Augustine ministering as Prior of Augustinian Communities. He is a priest that many students at Saints seek out for advice and help. He is generous in sharing his wisdom and love of Christ. Wherever any Augustinian within this Province goes, one thing they can count on is the question, “How is Fr. Harry Neely doing?” All one has to do is smile, as Fr. Harry always smiles, and the question has been answered. Spring & Summer 2013




Melissa Chang ’12, one of six in the world with Perfect AP Calculus Score Many schools describe the education they provide as world class – but Villanova Prep has clear evidence that they are empowering students to succeed in careers, their communities, and on the world stage. Villanova is extraordinarily proud to announce that Melissa Chang ‘12 not only received the highest score of 5 on the Advanced Placement Calculus AB exam – ranking among the top 15.5% of students who took the exam in 2012 – but in doing so, was one of only six students in the world to answer every multiple choice question correctly and earn full points on the free response essays. Melissa’s outstanding achievement is a testament to the quality of Villanova’s AP classes, its dedicated faculty, and efforts to encourage student interest in science and math. According to a letter sent by the College Board which administers the AP program, 266,994 students took the AP Calculus AB exam in 2012. AP Exams are based on a composite score of 1 to 5, where 5 is the equivalent to a grade of A in the corresponding college course. “It is very rare for a high school student to earn every point possible on the exam, “ said the College Board in its letter. “This is an extraordinary academic achievement.” Villanova offers 14 AP classes in English, math, languages, science and history. In 2012, 90 Wildcats took a total of 200 AP exams – and all 32 of our AP Calculus students achieved the highest possible exam score of 5! Dr. Sun Lee teaches AP Calculus and AP Chemistry at Villanova and feels that Melissa’s success is connected to heightened 16



awareness of what is expected on AP exams. “It requires total transformation of a student to not only understand the subject matter, but to execute their knowledge via the most effective mode of communication,” Dr. Lee said. “In other words, to be able to show their work.” “My greatest thanks go to Dr. Lee,” Melissa said. “From her I learned that math isn’t just about plugging numbers into a formula, but understanding the concepts themselves, knowing how to apply them to real life.” Dr. Lee believes that there is a symbiotic relationship between teachers and students – each needs and values the other – and that interplay is key to Villanova’s dynamic learning environment. “High school is a turning point for young people, so we teachers should listen and learn about their lives. Students share ideas with us, and teachers incorporate that feedback into new course offerings. Our AP Chemistry, Statistics and Biology classes were shaped by that sharing,” she said. “Without students, who are we?” Of course, Melissa’s achievement is primarily the result of her own hard work, disciplined study skills, and natural flare for mathematics. “I believe the key factors that made her successful were organization, time management and using all of the resources available to her wisely,” Dr. Lee said. “Math has always been my favorite subject among all other subjects; I found confidence and fulfillment when doing mathematics,” Melissa said. “I love logical things and am willing to put more effort on learning mathematics. I enjoy the time when I find the way to solve a problem, even if I need to take up to few hours to solve it.” Melissa’ is a sophomore at the Unversity of Washington.

Spring & Summer 2013

Kendo is the newest of Villanova’s many student clubs. Getting involved in after-school activities is a vital aspect of the Villanova experience. Not only do these activities help students bond with their peers outside of the classroom, but they also make them well rounded, which in turn makes the student more attractive to colleges. Villanova offers a wide variety of clubs, but none as unique as the Kendo Club which just formed during the 2012-13 school year. Kendo means “Way of the Sword,” and it originated from traditional Japanese swordsmanship, which was called kenjutsu. It was founded over 800 years ago by Japanese Samurai. At that time, Samurai were the only ones in Japan who were allowed to use swords, and the purpose was to

train themselves to use their swords without bringing harm to anyone. Today, participants use bamboo swords. The emphasis of kendo is precision, focus, and respect. Yude Huang, who is sensei of the kendo club, belongs to a recognized kendo school in Bejing called Renshikan. “I started doing kendo because I wanted to get involved in martial arts and sports, but it was also a way for me to study the art of fighting without actually fighting.” This spring the Kendo Club put on a demonstration at Living Ikedo, a dojo in Meiners Oaks. The students were dressed in a dark garment called hakama, which is long and comes down to their ankles.

At the demonstration, Yude placed the students in pairs and they began to demonstrate their skills. Once paired they bowed to one another and then began to strike. They demonstrated kirikaeshi, which is striking the left and right target points in succession. They also showed kakari-geiko which is a short intense attack during which the attacker shouts and stomps his front foot. Unlike other martial art sports, kendo is quite noisy. The students are looking forward to more kendo next year.

From left to right: Assistant, Campus Ministry Elise Burgett, Diego Aguilar Cole, Hope Cottam, Christian Moreno, Harmony Riveros, Lucy Aguilar Cole, Toni Aguilar Cole, Carolyn Richards, Elissa Root, Abby Tan, and Josh Kruse, Director of Campus Ministry

It may be summer but Villanova students are still on the go! Nine of them completed a service trip in San Diego with Campus Ministry in June. Here they are after a hard day’s work sorting food for the Emergency Services Department at Catholic Charities. Spring & Summer 2013




Winter Sports Roundup

Boys Tennis

The Villanova athletic program motto is “Pursuing Victory with Honor.� Hard work, dedication to team, respect for all, and good sportsmanship are cornerstones of the athletic program. Villanova strives for scholar-athletes to develop the ability to: work with others, lead in a positive manner, perform in competitive situations, and enjoy personal fitness throughout their lifetime. Toward these goals, Villanova offers multiple sports during all three seasons. Most students participate in the athletic program, with many participating in two or more sports during the year. Fall sports are: football (8 man starting in 2013), boys’ water polo, girls volleyball and girls tennis. Winter sports are: boys and girls basketball, boys and girls soccer and girls water polo. Spring sports are: baseball, softball, track and field, swimming, boys tennis and boys golf.








Spring & Summer 2013

Spring Sports Roundup The Villanova Girls Tennis team was recognized as the CIF-SS Small School Team Academic Champion in 2012-13 for their combined 3.92 team GPA. This is the second straight year the team has won the award. The Boys Water Polo team is also the CIF-SS Small School Team Academic Champion in 2012-13 for their combined 3.8 team GPA. Villanova was named the Frontier League Sportmanship winner for the 2012-13 season and senior Max Morales was named 2013 CIF Scholar Athlete of the Year for the Southern Section.

Girls Soccer

JV Boys Basketball

Girls Water Polo

Boys Varsity Basketball

Boys Soccer Varsity

Girls Basketball Spring & Summer 2013





Pictured in 2009

Pictured in 2013 as seniors (l to r): Emily Vork, Oak View; Helen Seligman, Ojai; Johnny Yang, China; Matt Shimmel, Ventura; and Max Morales, Ventura.

Emily Vork will attend the University of Alabama, Helen Seligman will attend Claremont McKenna College, Johnny Yang will attend Cornell University, Matt Shimmel will attend the University of Chicago, and Max Morales, will attend Stanford University.

In November 2009, a group of five freshmen were assembled on the south lawn for a photograph that would be one of many used on the Villanova Preparatory School website. Like their peers, they were full of potential but uncertain how to develop it. In the middle of May we reassembled these five seniors and asked them about their transition from freshman to senior year. Read what they said on the next page:




Spring & Summer 2013

Emily Vork,

Oak View Emily performed in numerous theatrical productions while at VPS. As a freshman, I was excited to start my high school career, but I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do after I graduated. I knew that I wanted to utilize all the opportunities that were available to me at Villanova and I wanted to get involved with my community. I wasn’t sure what field I wanted to study in the future, so I wanted to do my very best in all my classes to keep all my options open. Villanova has given me many experiences, most of which I wasn’t expecting at all. The teachers have taught me valuable lessons both in the classroom and out. I have made wonderful friends and met so many amazing people though service, sports, and clubs. My time in high school has tested me academically and personally, and I feel that I am a better person because of it.

Helen Seligman, Ojai

While a student Helen worked as a coordinator of Ojai’s annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. As a freshman I was shy and looked up to the upper classmen and didn’t understand how school could be so hard when I heard the upper classmen complaining (I soon understood). Academically, Villanova prepared us all for college. I had no expectations for the school, which made it easier to adapt to. With the many amazing memories and friendships I’ve made here, I’m more than ready to move on and start the next chapter.

Johnny Yang,

China In his senior year, Johnny was Associated Student Body President.

Though it was my dream to come study in the U.S., I was pretty scared about leaving home. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to handle the workload and adjust to the new environment. I never really thought about what or who I would become; I just told myself to try to do everything the best I can. Villanova went above my expectations. Before I came here, I never knew how many opportunities the school offers to its students. Though it’s a pretty small school, it’s a place where people are close to each other and everyone has a chance to shine.

Matt Shimmel, Ventura

Matt earned the rank of Eagle Scout and took college calculus class while at VPS. As a freshman, my mindset was exclusively academic—getting good grades and scholarly recognition. As I graduate, though, I have learned something valuable: the importance of having fun. I haven’t abandoned my academics, but I have learned to lighten up and enjoy things. Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out of it alive. And in teaching me that, Villanova has lived up to and exceeded my expectations. If you enjoy the ride and smile some and have fun, you’ll never end up at the wrong destination.

Max Morales,

Ventura Max was Vice-President of the International Community Club and was named 2013 CIF Scholar Athlete of the Year for the Southern Section. I was uncertain as a freshman. I was worried about finding and making friends. My feelings were largely resolved in the first few weeks. I have learned a lot about the world and about people throughout these past four years. But the most useful knowledge did not come from the lessons we learned inside the classroom. Villanova has taught me how to manage my time and balance my life between what I love to do and what I have to do. These are skills that are important for every career, and I am confident that Villanova has prepared me for college and beyond. Spring & Summer 2013




Purpose of the Teach for America Program: Provide an equal education for all children within America, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or socioeconomic background. Reduce the achievement gap between high and low-income children. TFA teachers are placed into a lowincome area and typically a low-performing school in order to try and bring energy and passion to the community.

Start Here...Go Anywhere The Villanova Experience transformed an uncertain freshman into a committed community servant who hopes to inspire low-income students to succeed in high school and attend college. Wyatt D. Oroke ‘09 will be joining Teach for America this summer. After training he will be teaching high school Social Studies at a TFA school in Baltimore.

Why did you attend Villanova?

I attended Villanova because it always seemed like the right fit for me. My older brother started at VPS, I was in 6th grade. I soon began wearing Villanova t-shirts and made it clear to my parents that my goal was to go there too. What do/did you value most in school?

I value the culture which promotes respect and inclusivity, as well as an environment which attempts to truly create the next generation of leaders for not only this country but for the world. My time at Villanova is what finalized my goal of becoming a high school history teacher, and since I graduated from VPS my college life has always focused on achieving that goal. What is your fondest memory?

I was in Sister Catherine’s class and she handed out a small foam Earth to each student. It represented her handing over the world to the next generation of leaders, and it had a profound impact on how I viewed myself within the world.

What are your major accomplishments?

I have been able to use many of the lessons I’ve learned at VPS in my work as a Resident Advisor at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. By attending a school which featured a wide variety of individuals with diverse backgrounds, I was more prepared to help my residents take on the challenges they faced coming to Cal Poly. Villanova helped me to understand the importance of service to the community and this mindset has played an instrumental role both in my decision to become a Resident Advisor at Cal Poly (which I have been for three years), as well as my decision to pursue Teach for America. I believe we should all see a necessity in giving back to our society in whatever way best suits us, and for me I believe I will be able to give back best by devoting my life to education. The Augustinian core values - Truth, Unity, Love have dictated the person I am today and the person I wish to become as I move forward down my path in life. I hope to take these three values into my classroom and show my students that truth can be achieved through education, that unity will be central to a successful future, and that at the end of the day, love triumphs all. I entered Villanova as an uncertain freshmen, concerned and confused about where I fit into this world. I left Villanova with a conviction to make my world a better place. That conviction has never wavered from me. Wyatt in 2009




Spring & Summer 2013

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Once Once again...100% again...100% College College Bound Bound 24 24 | | VISTA VISTAMAGAZINE MAGAZINE Spring Spring&&Summer Summer2013 2013

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Spring Spring&&Summer Summer2013 2013 VISTA VISTAMAGAZINE MAGAZINE | | 25 25

The Villanova Preparatory School Experience When Villanova students walk at graduation, they are authentically prepared for college and the start of a professional life. From a freshman who is full of possibilities but uncertain how to develop them to a senior who has developed skills and the confidence to fully utilize them, the Villanova student undergoes a four-year transition blessed with abundant support from a learning community invested in his or her success. Very few high schools of Villanova’s size can boast a 100 percent college acceptance rate, 90 percent student participation in sports, and an impressive average SAT score of 1893. Key to the Villanova experience is that challenge and struggle are just as vital as victory. The school’s mission is “to graduate mature young adults of diverse backgrounds who reflect the three core values of Augustinian education – community (unitas), truth (veritas), and love (caritas).” This hallmark desire for challenge, this refusal to be complacent also originates from the words of St. Augustine. He wrote: “If we are totally happy with what we are, we will stop going forward. If we think we have gone far enough, we will not take another step.” Villanova graduates commit to an experience of lifelong learning and service to community.

are the driving force behind its academic rigor. Seventy-two percent of faculty hold a master’s or doctoral degree, and the most effective, admired teachers are those who go beyond the textbook to engage students with discussion and real-world applications. Mrs. Terry Maulhardt, chemistry and astronomy teacher, emphasizes problem solving and a scientific

Seeking Truth Through Study, Reason, and Faith With Augustinian philosophy as their guiding light, Villanova’s teachers 26



Chemistry and Astronomy Teacher Mrs. Maulhardt

Spring & Summer 2013

mindset. “I approach hands-on science as a mechanism for critical thinking, instead of following the ‘cookbook’ labs that some other schools use,” she said. “At Villanova, a lab is a tool to solve a problem. We apply concepts to the big picture. I’ve heard from graduates that they finish prepared for science in college; they don’t struggle with lab reports like their peers.” Mrs. Maulhardt also co-moderates the Clare Boothe Luce (CBL) Program, established by Mrs. Luce in her will to address under-representation of women in science, technology, engineering and math. Mentorship from four Villanova faculty – Dr. Sun Lee, Mrs. Donna Jones, Ms. Jackie Urband and Mrs. Maulhardt – greatly impacts young women who participate in CBL. CBL Scholars receive

The Villanova Preparatory School Experience (cont’d from page 26)

college counseling, with a focus on finding quality science and math degree programs. “In these girls, Mrs. Luce’s vision of equity comes to fruition,” she said. “This is so rewarding for all of us who teach science and math.” The CBL graduates of 2013 have fared well from the program. For example, Shannon McComb has received a full tuition scholarship to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Schenectady, NY to study bio-engineering.

Shannon was also one of only two students to receive an $8000 award from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation for her volunteer work on environmental issues in the county.

Sister Timothea Kingston has spent 60 years in Catholic education as a teacher and administrator and works at Villanova as the Academic Counselor. However, she believes that teachers make the best counselors; because of their daily interaction, they are poised to be confidantes or challengers. “What our teachers at Villanova give students every day by instructing them, modeling our core values, and offering endless patience – it’s inspiring,” she said. “A Villanova graduate can keep dreams alive, achieve educational goals, walk the earth as a respected woman or man because of the consistent effort of the teacher.” Headmaster Carol Hoffer affirms that challenge is essential to preparation for life. “We must push them to the edge of failure to lead them to success,” she said. “It’s the challenging experiences that lead students to self-confidence.” For students to reap the benefits of a rigorous curriculum, they need diverse class choices and accessible help. Villanova provides after-school “Support for Success” tutoring, and has vastly expanded its AP classes, offering a total of 14. “We know that a highly competitive college environment is the reality for our graduates,” Mrs. Hoffer said. “So we maintain a full slate of courses at a time when some other schools are cutting back.”

Building a Diverse and Engaging Community “The Augustinian approach to education seeks to create a community context in which learning can flourish,” wrote Fr. John Keller, OSA, Villanova’s current President. “We are a community who support and challenge one another in learning, who need diversity to enrich our lives, and who affirm that faith and reason together are crucial to the human search for understanding.” Recent grads describe how, at Villanova, their fears about starting high school were quickly relieved by the supportive community. “Having spent my childhood in China, I was unsure what would happen when I visited Villanova,” Calvin Wong ‘13 said. “Strangers greeted me with smiles, and said good morning! Even though I had to build English skills, I knew that with support from warm-hearted Wildcats, I had nothing to fear.”

Calvin Wong, from China, has spent the last four years in California and will go to college at McGill University in Montreal in the fall to study pre-law.

Sydney Anderson ‘13 arrived as a sophomore and immediately felt at home in the small class setting. “Connections with faculty and small classes led me to a core group of friends who I have lived through the past three years with,” she said. Villanova’s close-knit community empowers students to overcome academic and personal hurdles. “I was afraid of writing essays when I first came here. Villanova trained me well,” said Calvin. “Readings strengthened my grammar and refined my English. I am pleased to say that I can now confidently write an essay without referring to a dictionary.”

Spring & Summer 2013




The Villanova Preparatory School Experience (cont’d from page 27)

Shane Gillespie ‘13 describes how Villanova works early to shape students’ professional identities. “You learn how to talk like an adult, to adults,” he said. “You learn what you are capable of.”

Syndney joined the football team in 2012 and served as the goal kicker. “My proudest moment in high school was when I scored my first point in a football game. Villanova taught me that I could do anything I’m willing to work for.”

Shane, the VPS salutatorian, is going to Villanova University on the President’s Scholarship which covers full tuition and fees for four years.

Training the body is as integral to Augustinian education as developing the mind. Villanova’s core values are brought to life on the athletic court or field. Competition is healthy, but Villanova prides itself on a “no cut” athletics program that offers every interested student a chance to play, regardless of initial skill level. Discovering a new aptitude in class or an activity can lead students to also find a new passion for a game. Calvin found an unlikely pairing in Mock Trial and baseball. “When I came to Villanova as a sophomore, I did not have many ideas about the future. I found criminal law after attending an 8-day legal program at the University of Chicago. Then I joined the Villanova Mock Trial team as an expert witness and a prosecutor. Discovering law empowered me to try new things; I had never played baseball in my life, but decided to go for it. Mock Trial taught me that I have a chance of becoming a great lawyer; baseball taught me to never give up.” The message of resilience is also present among students for whom sports have always been part of their lives. Sydney has played soccer since she was four, and hopes to join the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team and play internationally. “The greatest lesson I have learned from sports is that it’s important to be versatile,” she said. 28



Sydney will attend Gonzaga University on a Division 1 soccer scholarship.

Personal victories abound, but Villanova athletics also teach students about teamwork. “Basketball has shown me that you never do anything truly alone,” Tracy Ma ’13 said. “At Villanova, even for challenges you face by yourself, there is always a team supporting you.”

Tracy played on the girls’ basketball team for four years that made it to the CIF quarterfinals in 2012. She is going to Boston University and plans a career in dentistry.

When they receive an individual award – such as Max Morales ‘13, who was named the 2013 CIF Scholar-Athlete of the Year for the Southern Section from a pool of more than 500 schools – collective victories still make the greatest impact. “I was proud when I was named athlete of the year, but I was even more proud to be on the relay team that made it to CIF finals because it was the furthest that Villanova has gone for awhile,” Max said. “It was a win not only for us, but for the school community.”

Spring & Summer 2013

The Villanova Preparatory School Experience (cont’d from page 28)

Finding Love Through Family and Mentorship Mrs. Michele Borchard, who has seen a son and daughter graduate from Villanova, believes that families come for the academics, but stay for the community. “High school is a formative time. The more you put into the community, the more you will get out of it.” For her kids, Villanova’s community was a catalyst for discovering new passions. Her son Ian arrived at Villanova wanting to become an engineer. Then, in sophomore year, he became friends with some resident students from other countries. “He decided to live in Taiwan for a month, and took Chinese-language college classes,” she said. “He plans to build a career in business or law with an emphasis on Chinese culture. Villanova made him a new person. He would not have had that experience anywhere else.” Mrs. Borchard attributes a great deal of her children’s success to the quality of the Villanova counseling department which is comprised of Guidance Counselor Mrs. Jessica Benson, Sister Timothea (Academic Counselor) and College Counselor Mrs. Sonja Montiel “I can’t say enough about how vital Villanova’s counselors are,” she said. “they get the kids to reflect deeply,” she said. Sister Timothea sees counseling as a place of integration, where all of the facets of student lives come together as a life path. “We may speak of students, we may teach a class, but we counsel and guide a person,” she said. “The individual is the focus. I tell the students that I’m their cheerleader.” In line with Villanova’s tradition to educate the whole person, counseling begins from day one. “We begin to know each student when he or she meets with the Headmaster and me, as Academic Counselor, for an interview in the 8th grade,” she said. “The relationship with the other two counselors continues over four years.” Villanova’s counseling is an extension of the classroom, a support system for teachers and parents. “If a teacher or parent has a concern about a student who seems to be slipping

or changing patterns, I review the student’s grades,” Sister Timothea said. “I talk with the teacher and call the student in to discuss what’s going on.” Recent grads thank counseling for help in overcoming personal challenges. “I have become more comfortable speaking in public and in class,” Tracy said. “That was a tough adjustment because it’s different culturally; I am used to a very silent, lecture-based class format. I learned to share ideas and realized that it’s okay to make mistakes.” Counselors facilitate major turning points in students’ lives. Mrs. Montiel recalls working with a senior who was earning below a 3.0 GPA, whose parents assumed that community college was his only option. “Our sessions helped him understand that he could turn his situation around. He was accepted to two private four-year universities; one awarded him a scholarship of $24,000 per year.” However, Mrs. Montiel believes that nothing can properly imitate the support students receive from family. “I work with committed family members who sacrifice so much in the name of education,” she said. “Parents, guardians, grandparents. I see them as much as I do students. Their tireless love is inspiring.” Villanova encourage students to preserve connections with the school after graduation. “We tell the students that they don’t ever really leave Villanova; the memories of their time here will inform everything they do for the rest of their lives,” Headmaster Hoffer said. “The same can be said for their parents. The memories they have of coming to the Freshman Welcome Dinner; seeing them off to their first high school dance; watching them compete in athletics, be honored at awards assemblies — these last a lifetime, too.” In the Villanova Prep publication, “Our Augustinian Heritage”, Fr. John Keller, OSA writes that St. Augustine imagined the human being as a seed capable of development. The function of parents and educators is to channel the release of that hidden potential, which is made up of feelings, restlessness and search. In other words, life’s most crucial discoveries are made out of challenge and struggle. Villanova graduates know this well, and guided by the compass of their values of truth, love, and community, they emerge ready to take on the challenge of lifelong change.

Spring & Summer 2013




Retreats encourage students to discover and enhance their spirituality.

Students pass marbles with spoons to build teamwork.

Retreats Expand the Villanova Experience Beyond the Classroom Students at Villanova Prep have the opportunity to learn from distinguished faculty in the classroom all year long, but their education does not stop there. Class retreats support the school’s mission to “promote the development of mind, heart and body” by offering students the chance to travel off-campus to explore their relationships with God, bond with one another, and learn about the Augustinian core values of unity, truth, and love. Retreats expand the boundaries of education beyond the classroom, encouraging students to discover and enhance their spirituality on various levels. Freshmen participate in two retreats each year, both of which examine the concept and practice of community to help students establish a firm foundation at Villanova. These daylong retreats at nearby Saint Thomas Aquinas 30



Catholic Church bring community to life as junior and senior students set an example by volunteering as leaders. They organize icebreakers, facilitate small groups, and give talks to show the freshmen what unity is all about at Villanova in a profoundly personal manner as these new students embark on their time here. By sophomore year students shift their focus to the core value of love, learning about the nuances of loving their neighbors during their

Spring & Summer 2013

single day-long retreat in the fall semester. Sophomores receive time to meditate in silence, reflecting on the relationships they have established both in school and elsewhere. They also have the opportunity to talk with their classmates about any problems that the class might be experiencing and to collaborate to create goals for the remainder of the year. The sophomore class also enjoys a trip to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles during the spring semester where they take a tour and experience Mass together. Junior year introduces new types of retreats. In the fall the juniors go on a Day of Reflection, a new initiative that resulted from students’ requests for more retreats. Duringthisyear’sinauguralDay of Reflection the juniors went hiking in Los Padres National Forest. They took advantage of the captivating silence there

to engage in a prayer walk and meditate or journal on their own, a welcome time out from demanding schedules. In the spring the juniors go on their first overnight retreat at a local retreat center. These two days highlight the final Augustinian core value: truth. Juniors hear talks from faculty and staff, try new prayer methods, and develop their relationships with one another through trust-building activities. The second day also uses a presentation and team-building exercises to introduce the theme of leadership since the juniors will soon become the eldest class and the school’s leaders. During their final year at Villanova, students enjoy another Day of Reflection with a focus on community service. The Malibu overnight retreat represents a powerful culmination of all of the understanding and gifts the students have acquired during their years at Villanova. Seniors listen to talks from alumni and faculty, evaluate the values they have developed throughout high school, and spend ample time enjoying each other’s company and beginning the process of saying goodbye. This last retreat serves as a tangible demonstration of the unity, love, and truth the students have discovered in this school and in each other over their years here. Villanova Prep’s retreat program leads students through a steady process of emotional and spiritual growth using the three Augustinian core values as a guide. Having collected and, hopefully, connected all of the pieces at the end of four years, each student departs Villanova with the foundation and ability necessary to navigate college and beyond in a spirit of truth, unity, and love.

The junior class at the end of their hike in Los Padres National Forest.

Senior leader Shannon McComb leads sophomores in a silly icebreaker to start the morning.

Juniors break into groups to complete team building exercises on a course at the retreat.

This year the seniors completed a day of service, teaming up to clean apartments for elderly and disabled residents in town.

The seniors also have the privilege of spending three days in Malibu on their final retreat in the spring.

Spring & Summer 2013




Wellness Fair

A Holistic Villanova Experience

On Wednesday, March 13th, health services representatives from across Ventura County gathered on campus to talk with students about living a healthy, balanced life.

The students had one hour to walk around and collect information from the Child Health and Disability Prevention Program, Ventura County Health Care Agency, Ventura County Behavioral Health, and Humane Society of Ventura County. Their goal was to raise awareness of some of the problems young adults might face today and help them find outlets to deal with these issues. Jessica Benson, who is the Guidance Counselor at Villanova put the Wellness Fair together. “Working with Ventura County Behavioral Health, our main purpose was to raise awareness about 32


the importance of balancing a healthy mind, body, and spirit in relation to the stressors that come up in our lives. We wanted students to receive information about how to identify when they are experiencing an overwhelming level of stress, sadness, or difficulty with focus as well as what strategies can be used to lessen this stress.” Students walked by each station getting information about the agency. The Ventura County Health Care Agency Alcohol and Drug Program handed out pamphlets discussing the dangers of abusing prescription drugs which are the next most commonly


abused drug after marjuana. In the pamphlets, students could discover statistics about how many students have tried prescription drugs, as well as provide warning signs so the students can help one another in the fight against drug

Spring & Summer 2013

abuse. Villanova junior, Onur Komova, was thankful for the information he received, “You never want to see your friends on drugs and now that we know the warning signs and what to look for, we can try and get them help.”

International Day A Global Villanova Experience

Villanova is a diverse community with students from many countries and cultures. On International Day students share their culture through their food and through performance. Lunch on International Day is a buffet of dishes from around the globe that students prepare and share with classmates, parents and teachers. After lunch the student body gathers in the gym to be entertained by music, dance and other performance arts unique to the many cultures represented at Villanova.

Spring & Summer 2013




Villanova Football Returns to 8-man This Fall In 1926, two years after the school was founded, Villanova established its first inter-scholastic sport: football. Father John McCarthy, teacher of Latin and Math, agreed to coach and recruited 20 stalwart boys to play. The boys had barely two weeks of practice before their first game against Santa Paula, which they lost 21-7. Wildcat football fared well in the 50s and 60s, winning numerous CIF championships and establishing Villanova as one of the premier programs in the county. During this period Chuck Doud and Pete Dailey went on to become AllAmerican players in college. In 1949, a near 30-year rivalry against Nordhoff High School was launched when a Nordhoff boy, Alan Rains, stole one of Villanova’s water buckets after the game. After that, each time the two teams met on the field the bucket went home with the game’s winner. The last “bucket game” was played in 1975, with Villanova losing and the water bucket remaining at Nordhoff since then. In 1975, the football program ended due to lack of participants a result of small enrollment. Twenty-six years later football was reintroduced this time in the 8-man league. Their coach, who was also the athletic director, was John Muller. Alumni were thrilled to see the football program return, especially the late Jim Davy (class of 1939). Davy, who was the starting 34



quarterback in 1938, had this to say when interviewed by the Ventura County Star in 2001, “It’s just great to see them back at it. Nothing brings a school together like football. Just listen to the kids, you can feel the enthusiasm they have not just for the game, but for the school.” The program flourished so much that Villanova went back to an 11-man team in 2004. Just 9 years later, however, the Wildcats are returning to an 8-man format and joining the league with boarding schools of similar size like Thacher and Cate. An accomplished 8-man coach, Mr. Ricardo Olivares, has been tapped to return the glory days to Villanova football. Olivares who has been VPS Director of Resident Life for the past year, first began coaching football at powerhouse Dominguez High School in the L.A. area. He was the defensive coordinator for nine years and his accomplishments include: nine league championships, two CIF championships, and in 2005, Dominguez was ranked number four in the nation. While there, he coached numerous Division I athletes, including All-Pro NFL cornerback Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks. Once he left Dominguez, Olivares went to Orme school in Arizona and coached 8-man football. While there, he had a winning record and went to the playoffs in three of his four seasons.

Spring & Summer 2013

Not only does Olivares have a successful coaching record at each of his previous schools, more importantly, he has experience coaching international students who are unfamiliar with the sport. At Orme, his team was mainly comprised of students whose first language was not English. He will face that same scenario here, as he hopes to engage the resident students in a sport with which they are unfamiliar. Olivares has a tough task in trying to return Villanova back to prominence. He has only a few players that remain from last year’s team. Olivares will hold summer workouts for the day-students who wish to play this upcoming year, but the residents students won’t return to school until August, leaving them only three weeks to get ready for the start of the season. With that in mind, Olivares began holding voluntary workouts after school this spring; the focus on strength training and footwork. Charlie Liu, a resident student who played for Villanova the past two seasons, has enjoyed working with

Coach Olivares so far, “Coach O knows a lot about the game and we’ve had fun working with him. He expects us to go out there and play hard, which is something I know we can do.” This will be Olivares 20th year of coaching football, and he is pleased to return to the sport. “I am extremely excited to have been chosen to lead the Villanova football program, and look forward to working with the student-athletes as we enter a new era of Villanova football,” stated Coach Olivares. Headmaster Carol Hoffer is confident that Olivares can return Villanova football to its proper place alongside other successful programs at the school. “Ricardo’s experience and his style of coaching are the perfect fit for us, where success is expected along with integrity and an enjoyment of the sport.” NOTE: Villanova’s home games will be played at 1:30 pm on Saturdays on our field. A Football Reunion for alumni players is set for Sat., Nov. 2nd. The tailgate starts at noon in the parking lot near the field. RSVP to

Join us for the alumni footBall reunion, nov. 2 @ 12 pm NAMe ______________________________________ eMAIL _______________________ PHoNe ___________ ADDReSS____________________________________ CITy ___________________ STATe _____ ZIP __________

c Please reserve _____ BBQ Lunch & Game Tickets @ $20 per person = $_________. c I cannot attend. Please accept my gift to the football program $ ____________. c enclosed is my check (Made payable to VPS & mail to 12096 N. Ventura Road, ojai, CA 93022) Please charge my:

c Visa

c Mastercard

Name on card _____________________________________________________________________________ Card # ______________________________________________________exp. ___________ Code _________ Spring & Summer 2013




Q&A with Jessica Benson A Villanova Experience Spotlight on Counseling

Villanova makes a very intentional commitment to integrate counseling into the process of preparing a student for college. Three counselors– academic, college and guidance– work closely with the student, the family and the teachers to assess and guide a student over the four-year Villanova experience.

Q - How does the counseling process at Villanova begin? A - The student meets with the Headmaster and Academic Counselor for an

Q - One of the first things you teach freshmen is the 7 Habits of Highly Successful Teens. What are they? How have you seen students grow as they adopt them? A - The habits are: 1) Be proactive;

informal interview during the application process. This allows the student to express her/his hopes, excitement, and/or anxieties about high school. The student is interviewed again by the academic counselor to discuss how they are feeling after the first weeks of school. As guidance counselor, I also get acquainted with the students by holding classes on personality development, 2) Begin with the end in mind; 3) Put time management, and study skills. The relationship with both counselors first things first; 4) Think win-win; continues for all four years. 5) Seek first to understand, then to be understood; 6) Synergize; and 7) Q - Is there a main goal for students in each of the four years? Sharpen the saw. A - In the freshman year, the academic counselor meets with all students in the

first semester to aid in their transition to high school. I meet with them in the second semester to collaborate on their four-year plans. Each plan is created individually, and the strengths and interests of the student are considered. In the sophomore year, I meet with each student in the second semester to plan their junior-year course selections and talk about colleges. I ask what their “dream” college looks like, and what factors they are looking for in a college (location, size, programs offered, etc.) We also discuss goals for junior and senior year, and summer plans. As juniors, the students transition to the college counselor where they really dig deep to identify the right college fit and to get them to look outside of their comfort zone. Senior year meetings are about finalizing college lists, completing applications, and making sure students are completing the action plan created after their junior year. 36



Spring & Summer 2013

9th Grade [Fall] Read 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens


Take Personality Type Survey

9th Grade [Spring] Attend Introduction to College Planning Night

Academic, college and guidance counselors work closely with the student, the family and

10th Grade [Fall] Take PSAT* 10th Grade [Spring] Research and Compare Colleges 10th Grade [Spring] Attend Individual College Counseling Meetings

10th Grade [Fall] Complete Career Interest Profiler

*PSAT is taken every year from 9th-11th grade

11th Grade [Fall] Attend College Fair and Workshop Night

11th Grade [Fall] Build Resume

the teachers to assess

11th Grade [Spring] Develop Individual College Lists

and guide a student over the four-year Villanova experience.

Create Individual 4-year Academic Plan

Finalize College List and Fulfill Action Plan

11th Grade [Spring] Take SAT, ACT, and/or Subject Exams* *Retest as needed in 12th grade

12th Grade [Fall] Review Personal Statements and Applications

12th Grade [Fall] Attend Financial Aid Night

FINISH 12th Grade [Spring] Assist in Admission and Financial Aid Decisions

I have been teaching these habits for the past four years. Each year, I ask for their assessment of how the previous year went, and improvements that could be made. I view the 7 Habits as an ever-evolving curriculum to meet student needs. As I’ve observed students grow from freshmen to seniors, their growth (physically, in maturation, and in intellectual curiosity) is tremendous. How much have the 7 Habits aided in this growth? I don’t know yet. My goal is to introduce the habits and plant a seed. It is up to the students to reflect on how they will use them for future success. Q - Can you share an inspiring moment or breakthrough that you helped a student with this year? A - One student broke down crying in realization that despite all of the obstacles he had faced up to that point, we,

in the college counseling office, were dedicated to getting him to the college of his choice. All the student has to do is want to be at Villanova, work hard, and trust that we will do everything we can to help him reach his goal. He was not expecting to be supported and affirmed in that way. Q - What is the most rewarding part of being a counselor at Villanova? A - My favorite part of being a counselor at Villanova is that every day is different, with its own insights and challenges.

I can go into work expecting my day to go one way, and it will be completely flipped upside down. I am also blessed to work with a strong, collaborative team of counselors, dedicated teachers, loving parents, and above all, an amazingly talented group of students. Spring & Summer 2013




Golf Tournament Raises $22,000 Join us next year, May 18, 2014

A committee of Villanova Preparatory School parents led by Jim Roberts and Cindy Frings held a very successful golf tournament on May 5th to benefit the athletics program at the school. The tournament, held at Soule Park, brought in 100 golfers and was supported by many local businesses and friends of the school. A team comprised mostly of Villanova alumni who reside in Ojai took first place in the tournament and received a foursome at the Ojai Valley Inn as their prize.

Major supporters of the tournament were DCH Toyota of Oxnard, Jersey Mike’s of Ojai, and the Soule Park Golf Course. Event sponsors included: William Doughtery, class of 1960, Bud Scully, class of 1946, Brian Burke, class of 1988, William Burke of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, McGillivray Construction, Mike Poitevin, class of 1963, California Door and Hardware, Studio 84, Tact Construction, T&T Truck and Crane and Pacific Partnership Group. The 2013 tournament raised $22,000 with proceeds going to install a new antimicrobial floor and training equipment in the weight room at Clark Gymnasium. There is more fundraising to be done to reach the $50,000 budget goal, however work is expected to begin over the summer. Villanova knows that the benefits of strength training for all athletes are huge. It is an integral conditioning component for performance in endurance sports like basketball and water polo. “New equipment will improve motivation, results, and optimal training efficiency. Investment in this renovation is an investment in every athletic program at Villanova,” says Jermaine Britton, Villanova swim and water polo coach. Reserve your spot to play in the 2014 tournament on The winning foursome was (l to r) Scott Snowbacher, Anthony Williams, May 18th by emailing class of 1979 and Anne (Agler) and Dell Mercer, both class of 1981.




Spring & Summer 2013

Family Of Giving Donors from July 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012 Elena Abrena Richard Kilo Akuna Denis & Karen (Hennigan) Allred Martin Alvarez Kristin Arce Robert & Suzanne Arce William & Gretchen Arnemann Ferdinand & Cristina Aromin Rafael & Sylvia (Lopez) Arriaga Brian Arth Tagg & Marissa Baker Eric & Amanda Baldwin Bank of America / US Trust Karina Bart Armine & Dale Bartle Russell Bates William & Lynda Berlin Robin & Alison Bernhoft Tod & Patty Berryman Karin & Ronald Best Rene & Barbara Biane Helmuth & Samantha Billy John J. Boles Bon Apetit Kimberly N. Booth Dave & Michele Borchard Norman Borgatello Daniel & Vicki Breen Nancy C. Brough Dave Brubaker Steven Brunasso Br. Michael T. Bube, O.S.A. Joseph Bunning Bryan & Jodi Burdette Michael Burgos William Burkart Brian P. Burke William J. Burke Jr. Roderick & Claire Carty Lorie Casarietti James & Daryl Cassidy Carlos Castro Raquel (Dobel) & John Cerveny Cary Cheldin Thomas D. Clougherty William & Carol Copley Ted & Jane Cotti Vincent C. Croal Robert & Anne Marie Crotty Ernest & Olivia Cruz Bryan & Karin Curtin James & Ronnelle Czuleger

Lisa Dailey & Steven Mehta David Dance Brian & Stella Day Denis Dempsey Harry & Marlene Dempster Robert & Jean Deyling Richard Dieterle Diligence, Inc. Beth Dorenkamp Charles & Anne Doud Paul & JoAnne Dougherty Matthew & Cathy Ducharme James B. Duffy III Stephen & Lisa Duncan Gordon Durenberger Aimee Eccles Virgil Evans Brittany Fletcher Gallardo & Associates CPAs Austin & Paula Gavin Jerry Gilbert Don O’Gorman Patricia & Rocky Hall Isaac Hargett & Jane Hargett Tyler & Nicki Hart Julie Hedrick Rev. Gregory D. Heidenblut, O.S.A. Michael C. Higgins Jeanne & Cregg Hill Charles & Mary Hinkle Carol & Richard Hoffer Gary Horsman & Jodi WilliamsonHorsman Christopher & Jennifer Horsman Qiang (Peter) Hu & Yan Fang Liu Winfield Husted William & Linda James JDM Plumbing Specialist, Inc. Clara Junghee & John Jung Bruce Kaminski Michael & Laurie Kazmer Rev. John D. Keller, O.S.A. Peter & Anne Kimball Charles R. King Sr. Timothea Kingston, C.S.C. Peter & Sue Kiseskey Kevin & Michelle Kolbeck Craig & Sharon Krummrich Krummrich Engineering Michael & Mary Ann Kupper Beth Lagrandeur-Dorenkamp Robert & Debra Launius

Tim & Gloria Lawson Mike Lenehan Xiong Liu & Liying Li Eric & Wendy Lockwood Dorothy Loebl Jay & Lisa Lopez William & Donna Lowes Daniel & Nancy Lu Robert Malkin Thomas & Luicann Maulhardt Bill & Olivia Mauzey Robert W. McCall Colleen McCall Brian McColgan & Elizabeth Stix Stephen & Patricia McGillivray Robert McIntosh Donald & Rachael McIntosh Robert McIntosh Carrie J. McLaughlin Sherrie (McIntosh) & John McNeil Michael Megowan Dr. Frances Merkley Carol & James Millage Joseph N. Mirkovich Byrne Miyamoto Roberto & Candice Montalvo Stephen & Jinny Moore Scott & Sharon Morgan Eliza P. Nagle Bob & Patricia Norris Donald V. O’Gorman Ojai Community Bank Sr. Catherine Osimo, C.S.C John W. Ostler Jose Otero Alex & Deborah Palmer Harold & Susan Parker Thomas Parks George Pavlow Shannon & Alex Penrith Michael & Vickie Poitevin Marie Pratt Andrew & Pier Prestridge Province of St. Augustine Dongming Qiu & Zhie Feng Charles H. Quinn Bob Rall Michael & Carrie Richards Wendy Rischar-Bond & Herman Bond Kim Roden-Riisnaes & Terje Riisnaes Patrick & Rilla Rogan David & Jacquline Rohweller

Spring & Summer 2013

George Rowan Jr. Kathryn Rowland Arthur & Lynn Samuel Very Rev. Gary E. Sanders, O.S.A. Norman & Gladys Sanguinetti Santa Barbara Foundation Ricardo Santos & Catherine McMillan-Santos Gary Schlegel Eric Schlobohm & Sheri Katz Francis J. Scully Jr. Cynthia & Ian Sender William J. Shanbrom Lance Sherman & Jacqueline Sheman Laurence & Linda Shields Richard & Patricia Shimmel William Short Kirsten M. Simpson Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Deborah Smith Cynthia Sperry St. Augustine’s Monastery Robert & Judy Stix Michael Stumpf Todd & Anna Sullivan Conrado & Josephine Tan Target Alecia & Rick Taylor Richard & Kristin Taylor Jonathan Teichert George Thompson Herbert & Sally Thomson Ronald Tocco George P. Trejo JD United Way California Jacqueline Urband Nancy & Andy Ventura Mel & Pauline Ventura Rev. Thomas G. Verber, O.S.A. James & Nancy Walker Nicholas & Sara Walz Nicholas & Patricia Weber Jack L. & Barbara J. Wells Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program Tyler Wiggins Tim & Terri Wolfe Joseph Yamauchi Sr. Rachel Yourgules, I.H.M. Your Cause, LLC. Yichun Yue & Hongying Zhou David John Zivich




In Memoriam Roderick “Rod” James Carty ‘1952 October 31, 1934 - May 20, 2013

Roderick James Carty died peacefully at home from a pulmonary disease with his wife by his side. Rod was preceded in death by his parents, and by his siblings. He attended Santa Clara Grammar School and graduated Villanova in 1952. Born in Oxnard, he lived his entire life in Ventura County, except for two years while he served in the U.S. Army. From August 1957 to August 1959, he was stationed at Fort MacArthur in San Pedro, Calif. He studied geology at Ventura College and UC Santa Barbara. Rod worked in real estate and was a member of the Oxnard Elks Club for almost 60 years. He was an avid hunter and fisherman and member of the Las Posas Country Club where he enjoyed golfing. He also volunteered at the St. Vincent de Paul Society for many years and attended daily Mass at Sacred Heart Church. Rod is survived by his loving wife of 59 years, Claire Friel Carty. They spent a lot of time over the last few years at Lake Tahoe visiting friends.

Thomas Dennis Clougherty ‘1962 May 27, 1944 - January 10, 2013

Tom passed away peacefully surrounded by family and friends from complications of multiple myeloma. Tom was born in Los Angeles, spent his childhood in Whittier, and was a 44 year resident of San Marino, CA. He attended Villanova and Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles where he met his wife Maryadele whom he married in 1965. Tom worked in the food industry for over forty years in sales and advertising. Besides his wife, Tom is survived by his daughter Kathleen (John) Leon of Anaheim Hills, son Brian (Kristy) Clougherty of Pasadena, and son Kevin Clougherty of Arcata, as well as grandchildren Casey Clougherty, Brandon, Brett, and Bryan Leon, and Tessa and Emmeline Clougherty. He also leaves behind his siblings Timothy (Linda) Clougherty, M.D., John (Sigi) Clougherty, and Margaret Clougherty.

Memorial Gifts - An Eternal Remembrance There is no better way to honor our deceased loved ones than by helping the living. Memorial gifts to Villanova Preparatory School become a part of the school’s endowment Fund. Since only the interest from the fund is used each year, the fund itself is perpetual. Memorial gifts to Villanova Preparatory School are tax-deductible. Name_________________________________________ Name of Deceased ________________________________ Address _______________________________________ Address _______________________________________ City/State/Zip ___________________________________ City/State/Zip ___________________________________ Relationship to deceased: ___________________________ Make checks payable to Villanova Preparatory School, or charge my:

c Visa

c Mastercard

Name on card_________________________________

Card # ______________________________________________________exp. ___________ Code _________ 40



Spring & Summer 2013

Parent Guild Auction Raises $43,000 Jon us next year, March 8, 2014

Special Thanks to our Wonderful Auction Donors Ace Meiners Oaks Hardware Agave Maria’s; Tracy Jeffries Marily Appleby Aqua Sports; Eric Little Arthur Murray Dance Studio; Anthony Torres Azu Bruce Batelaan Bernhoft Center for Advanced Medicine; Angelica Griffith Betfair Hollywood Park; Dyan Grealish Bicycles of Ojai; Bob Big 5 Sporting Goods; Melissa Conedy Birkenstock: Footprints of Ventura; Joanne Hadley Bliss Frozen Yogurt; Barbara McCarthy Boyd & Associates; Dan & Tracy Boyd Mike & Heidi Bradbury Brokaw Nursery; Mrs. Berg Bryant Street Health & Fitness; Tressa Kahler Celeb’s; Jessie Channel Islands Sportfishing Coffee Connection Cuts & More; Alex Danny’s Deli & Grill; Mrs. Collings Dr. AnnMaria De Mars Ding Master; Carl Disneyland Feast Bistro; Bob Arce Floratech; Brian Pickel Freshmen Class of 2016 David Garber DDS Green Thumb Nursery; Mr. Villasenor Christoph F. Haar DMD Jim Hall Track Time; Jim Hall Halper Fine Art Photography; Mark Robert Halper Jeanne Hill Huntington Learning Center; Patrick Murphy Jafra Cosmetics; Maria Calderon Junior Class of 2014

Kindred Spirit John Kuo Richard LaPlante Las Posas Country Club; Roger Rockefeller Legoland California The Lindbery Family Madame Tussauds; Sandra Jorgensen The Madonna Inn Ginny Martinson Matilija Veterinarian Hospital The Mob Shop; Kelly Montecito Country Club Muvico; Andrew Davis The Oaks at Ojai; Cathy Cluff Ojai Beverage Company; Alejandro Garcia Ojai Café Emporium; Proud, Ojai Ice Cream; Doug Ojai Imports; John Ojai Surplus Ojai Valley Athletic Club Ojai Valley Athletic Club; Danielle Williams Ojai Valley Inn & Spa; Pete Ellis Optimal Development Coaching; Gloria Miele, Ph.D. P Portrait Studio; Pennie Engelhardt AnnMarie Palines Pampered Chef Consultant; Karen Salvage Papa Lennon’s Pizza The Parent Guild Patagonia; Jim Little Petco Camarillo Pierport Inn & Spa; Pablo Sanchez Play It Again Sports; Cody Rains Department Store The Ranch House; Edie Ulrich Regalo Olive Oil; Carolina Ronda Rouse Rubicon Theatre Co.; Sarah Roberts Brian & Karen Salvage Santa Anita Park; Pete Siberell Santa Barbara Zoo Santa Paula Theater Center; Luke Nichols Sea World

Senior Class of 2013 Serendipity Toys Skating Plus Sky Dive Santa Barbara Sophomore Class of 2015 Suzanne’s Cuisine; Mrs. Moore Thomas Aquinas College Carol Thomas George Thompson Diamond Company Tire Man; Fred Ventura Harbor Comedy Club; Ms. Wachsman Ventura Signs & Screen Printing; Bob Norris Wachter Hay & Grain; Katie Brock Westridge Market; Jennifer West The Wharf; Mr. Borgstedte Wild Onion Studio; Susan Italo Terri & Tim Wolfe Wood & Wood Graphic Design; Kathy Wood The Wrec Room; Jayden Morrison The Yanez Family Yoland’s Mexican Café; Jack & Laura Plasmyer Shu Yu Yuppy Puppy Pet Spa Qian “Daisy” Zhu Zumba Fitness; David & Maria

2013 Auction Committee

Thank you to the numerous parents, teachers, and staff who dedicated their time, talents and effort in helping to make this event successful. Auction Chair: Kim Mang Auctionettes: Kris Sofley, Kathy Wood Solicitors: Janice Indiran, Angelica Griffith, Terry Lindbery Class Baskets: Senior: Michelle Baily, Janice Indiran Junior: Angelica Griffith, Olivia Mauzey Sophomore: Susan Italo Freshman: Ann Marie Pallines Decorating Chair: Michelle Borchard Emcee: Jim Lenz Auctioneer: Randy Churchill

Sr. Rachel hosted the auction puppy until Auction night.

Decorations staff included Debra Launius, Mary Ellen Dryer and Kareen O’Bryan.

Spring & Summer 2013




Join us for Wildcat Weekend, July 26-27, 2013 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 year Reunion, Dinner al Fresco, July 26 at 6 pm $40 per person (beer and wine included)


Wildcat BBQ (for all class years) – July 27 at 12 pm $20 adults, $10 children ages 5 to 12.

Dorm Room Accommodations

$25 per person per night includes linens and breakfast. Please prepay by June 30th for dinner and dorm room as space is limited.

ALUMNI REUNION R.S.V.P. Reunion Dinner al Fresco, July 26 # of persons x $40 = $______ Dorm Room, July 26

$25 per person

= $______

Dorm Room, July 27

$25 per person

= $______

Wildcat BBQ, July 27 # of adults x $15 = $______ # of children x $10= $______

Name ________________________________ Phone____________________ Email ____________________________ Address _______________________________ City _____________________ State __________ Zip ________________ Class Year ____________ Amount $________________

Checks payable to VPS or credit card: c Visa

c MasterCard

Signature _______________________ Card #_______________________________ Exp. Date _____ Security Code _____ For more information: Jeanne Hill at, 805-646-1464 ext. 126, 42

Villanova Preparatory School | 12096 N. Ventura Ave., Ojai, CA 93023 | | 805-646-1464 ext 126 |


Spring & Summer 2013

Spring & Summer 2013




Celebrations for the 2013 graduation began on Friday, May 24 with senior awards and a luncheon. Award recipients were:

Colin G. Wikholm

Haley Weed

Nadege Dollonne-Rohrbacher

Austin Bailey

Valedictorian – Colin G. Wikholm Salutatorian – Shane H. Gillespie The Villanova Award – Max Morales Fr. John Glynn Award – Shane Gillespie, Eleanor Massar Fine Arts Award/Performing Arts – Haley Weed Fine Arts Award/Visual Arts – Nadege Dollonne-Rohrbacher

Tracy Ma’s parents and sister traveled from China for the graduation.

Boys Athletic Award – Austin Bailey Girls Athletic Award – Sydney Anderson Augustinian Award – Jeh Chun (Johnny) Yang Ernie Wildcat Award – Yi-Chen (Tracy) Ma Yearbook Editor and Chief – Haley Weed, Celia Palermo Scholar Athlete Award – Max Morales, Yi-Chen (Tracy) Ma The Gillespies and daughter Shawna ‘11 were on hand to honor Shane. 44



Spring & Summer 2013

The 2013 graduating class consists of 63 students:

• 31 females, 32 males • 36 day students: 26 residents coming from South Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Lithuania. • Day students have come from 21 middle schools throughout Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. • 100% of the class of 2013 is going to college and received more than $4.8 million in college scholarship offers. • Class of 2013 did 3,222 hours of Christian Service for groups like Habitat for Humanity, St. Joseph’s Retirement Center and Hogar Infantil Orphanage in Mexico. The Baccalaureate Mass was held on Friday evening at St. Thomas of Aquinas Church.

Commencement exercises were Saturday, May 25, at the Villanova Grotto. The ceremony was presided over by the Very Rev. Gary Sanders, O.S.A., Prior Provincial of the Province of St. Augustine. The keynote address was delivered by Mr. Mike Saliba, a retired attorney and non-profit CEO who is an alumni parent. Mr. Saliba told the seniors to “sweat the small stuff,” which reminded some in the audience that St. Augustine offered similar advice more than 1,000 years ago. “We are striving for great things. Let us do well at the little things and we will be great.” Sermon, 117, 10, 17 Three members of the class of 1953 returned to campus to be recognized on the 60th anniversary of their graduation. They are (l to r): Bill Coles, Pete Kimball and Bill Lowes.

Spring & Summer 2013




Alumni Gathering Welcome Wildcats— Whether you visit us or attend one of our “road trip” events, know that you are always welcome. Come visit anytime. We’d love to hear about your life after Villanova.

Father Gary Sanders who taught at Villanova in the early Class of 1989 Tara Hernandez visited in February to talk to students about her career in computer animation. She 2000s, was on hand for the San Diego alumni mixer in April. is Senior Infrastructure Engineer and Team Lead at Pixar He is pictured with Cathy Fuller ’87 and her brother John Fuller ’80. Animation Studios in the San Francisco bay area.

Villanovans gathered at Capp’s Corner Restaurant in San Henry Sanicola ’06 visited Villanova this winter. He is in Francisco last fall. Pictured are Fr. Gregory Heidenblut, Capp’s medical school and is a volunteer pilot for an air ambulance Corner owner Thom Ginella ’56 and Howard Sheehan ’40. service that provides no cost medical transportation.

Edmund “Bud” Kastner and Don Poster, both class of 1977, attended the San Diego mixer held at Saint Augustine High School.

Villanova President Fr. John Keller hosted the alumni In you wish to visit, please call or email Jeanne Hill at mixer in San Diego. Joining him were George Thompson ’64 805-646-1464, or and Monsignor Larry Purcell ’58. 46



Spring & Summer 2013

Giving Back: Harold Parker ‘72 “The work ethic that Villanova fostered set me up for success professionally,” said investment adviser Harold Parker ’72. “I left with an understanding of how to observe and prosper within complex systems, and an appreciation for the liberal arts that continues to influence who I am today.” Looking back, he says that Villanova has been important to his development on many levels, but he originally chose to attend for the school’s legendary academic rigor. Fittingly, Harold graduated as valedictorian of his class. “While it is a fond memory, the passing years have caused me to regard a high school senior doling out advice on life as humorous,” he said. “However, the purpose is to inspire others. I hope that I did.” After Villanova, he went on to UC Davis, where he rapidly aced courses in calculus, physics and chemistry, due to the strong foundation established in high school. In 1994, he started a financial services company with a partner. He has since been in the financial industry for over 30 years, and his company is now a five person team managing nearly $3 billion in assets for individuals, charities, retirement plans, and mutual funds. In his spare time, Harold enjoys being outdoors and serves as president of the Camarillo White Horse Association, dedicated to preserving a horse that represents living Ventura County history. “Our goal is to make it possible for people to experience horses hands-on,” he said. “We want young people to learn more and participate in caring for them.” Harold recently inaugurated a scholarship that will provide a local day student with $10,000, given as $2,500 a year over four years. Giving back is a recognition of the impact that quality college prep education had on his life. “I am indebted to Villanova for the wonderful liberal arts education that I received,” he said. “I attended on a merit scholarship myself, and I am so glad that it was available.” Current students and alumni describe the supportive community atmosphere as one of Villanova’s best qualities. Harold recalls that community feel from extracurriculars. “Running cross country and doing yearbook allowed me to learn, grow, and build camaraderie with others,” he said. “In cross country, I got to travel and work with my team to overcome the challenges of running in unfamiliar places. My job for yearbook was photography, and I got to attend events I

would have otherwise missed. The photos I took put the pieces of my Villanova experience into a cohesive framework.” Harold connected with several Villanova faculty during his time as a student, but one mentor stands out. “I took geometry from Father Vogel,” he said. “He was always there to help, and gave me a balanced view on school and personal issues. We really bonded, and I always felt that I could trust him to give quality advice, or answer my questions.”

I gave back because I want to help a future student reap the benefits of a quality education and community in the same way that I did, he said. “I hope that this scholarship can make that possible.”

Spring & Summer 2013




non-profit org. u.s. postage paid santa barbara, ca permit #578

VILLANOVA PREPARATORY SCHOOL 12096 North Ventura Avenue Ojai, CA 93023

(805) 646-1464 | |

Looking back...from the 1963 yearbook




Spring & Summer 2013


Vista Magazine for alumni, families and friends of Villanova Prep.