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Why Architecture? What inspires me to become an architect are the challenges facing our built environment. How will rising population and inequality push our concept of sustainable and equitable design? How will extreme urbanization and desnification change our conceptions of shelter as a species? How can we seek to constructively address these pressing objective challenges, all the while perserving the beauty and craft of our built spaces? Our generation seems to approach these questions with a cynicism that not only troubles me, but in that trouble inspires me to be a part of the solution.

The Little Studio Sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ Little Studio was the home of his craft. For an artist to manifest in his art, it was imperative he had a space that was at once in conversation with the natural beauty that it lay in and matched his artistic ambitions. Working as a carpentry apprentice with a skilled team of preservationists, we gave Augsutus’ studio a 10-week shingle package, as well as 20 repalcement pergola rafters. The experience introduced me to construction timelines, project detail, and most importantly an appreciation for craft.

Modeling Trying to visualize any part of our material world can be reduced to a relationship of spatial and planar surfaces. Representing visually these relationships, modeling is central to the practice of seeing through objects, seeing how they move, come apart, and can be translated into any image we want ro create

Sketching Sketching a space tells me a lot about how I’m interpreting the . First off, in deciding how to visually represent something in a limited timeframe, I’m deciding what I view are the fundamental characteristics of a space or design. Whether it be an interior or exterior, what I want to sketch tells me what I respond

1 - Seatac, 10/12/19 2 - Citra, 10/19/19 3 - The Henry, 9/21/19 4 - Suzzallo Library, 10/31/19 5 - Boston Public Library, 4/15/19 6 - Kaufman Hall, 4/23/19 7- South Station, 4/14/19

Fine Arts While Sketching is a powerful tool for direct observation, contemplating and reworking a painting or sculpture offers a chance to sit in an idea and build it up.

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Rough Draft M.Arch I Application Portfolio  

Rough Draft M.Arch I Application Portfolio  

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