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Transplant -A Story in The Story -$50,000 10 x $5k + $10k Start: 12/25/2010 End: 04/08/2011 Top 10 Kidney List $5K Bruce Whiteleather $5K Dave Peterschmidt $5K Carole Vernasco $5K Tom Riethmiller $5K George Ludwig $5K Elaine Connon $5K John Gabriel $5K Tom Stucky $5K Geoff Soule $5K Bill Britton $5K Mom $5K Dad -$30K -Next 100 List 1. $100 2. 3. 4. -My Donor List -Matt Peterschmidt Mark Peterschmidt Andy Peterschmidt Dor Peterschmidt

-All i can say Please : ( Thanks : ) -i need a Transplant A Kidney Transplant -I have End-Stage Renile Failure -Here's the Deal I am Poor. I need a family of 3. I have a family of 2. My X has Custody of 1/2 Kids. I have Custody of 1/2 Kids. My X has chosen NOT to Help. I am Disabled. My month Income is $1750. I receive $17 TOO MUCH a month. I am OFF the Wait List. I do not Qualify. No Medicaid. MediCARE pays 80% . MediCAD wil NOT Cover the 20% I pay $30K. I need $30k. -The Transplant -$30,000 E. Hawaii Transplant Center $10,000 6-12 Recovery in Hawaii $10,000 3-6 Relocation to LA $10,000 Local Los Angles ReLo -New Life Next Step -Relocate 4/2012 LA -$250K Full-Time Job

Technical Recruiter -1st Call -A -Agent! -The Outlier & the Agent -Dear Agent, -Outlier hits Jackpot! -Outlier seeks Mean. -I am a Storyteller. I have a Story to Tell. -I am an Integrator. I have integrated Art, Science, Philosophy and Religion. Or Art, Entertainment and Education. -I am a Creative Genius. I have an Evolutionary Advantage. The Future Itself will be born of my artWork! -I seek a Personal Investment of $250K. I need the right Hardware/Software. I need the right Living/Writing Space. I need to open a Studio/Gallery/Shop. -I have an Idea! An Art Work Space.

An artWork Studio Gallery. -I want to start a Fine Art Gallery. I want to start Wild Blue Studio. -I want to Paint the Sky. Just the Wild Blue. -1) I want to buy the prints from Getty 2) Then Glicee. 3) Then "touch" them with Oil. -I want to learn to touch the Sky! -I want to "touch-up" with Oil, Glicee Canvas that are made from my Getty Prints of the Sky. -Wild Blue Studio -I have 2+ years of Work yet Ahead. Drop Dead Line 12:12:12AM 12.12.12 -Please find below, notes of my artWork. -Should be read with Links. -Please do call or write! -Thank You! -Michael

My Note Pad 808.987.7163 Cell 650.898.7564 vMail -My Resume -myNoteBook -1. 4 Sale 2. John 3. Picture 4. Message 5. Story 6. artWork 7. Projects 8. Agent 9. Assignment 10. Secret 11. Partners 12. Acts 13. Movie 14. Revolution 15. Man 16. AXYZ 17. Enterprize 18. eQuity 19. Capital 20. Name 21. eMag 22. Contest 23. iPX 24. Library 25. Pearl -NOTE #1 -4 Sale

-1. eDoc 2. iApp 3. eQuity 4. my.TV -eStory AJ $.99 My Agent Hollywood Agent! My Note Pad 42 Pages My Assignment Find & ID My Agent Project 4* Search Find Sign *My Agent Print Revolution iApp John $9.99 Secret Agent Who is John? Viral eMailer Social Revolution eQuity Michael $99.99 Free Agent Partner Position Capital Revolution My TV Mike $999.99 New Agent My i.TV My Sky.TV TV Revolution -A $.99 Story -John Protagonist -A $9.99 iApp -AJ Secret Agent Man -A $99.99 eQuity Position -Michael Capital Revolution -A $999.99 Computer TV -Mike

My TV -NOTE #2 -John -John Prophet -Last Prophet Final Prophet -I am John. I am a Prophet of God. I bring Good News. The Kingdom of God is at Hand. The Kingdom of Heaven is Within. And God Loves each & every One of Us! God is Love! -God's Messenger Mission -1. Revelation 2. Revolution 3. Resolution -Message Mission -I. Reveal 3 Books Urantia Book Revelation Unsealed The Ever-Present Origin II. ID the Wicked Priest Dick Despot III. Alert Zion Machiventa Melchizedek IV. Gather 10 Tribes Agent

Angle Actor Adept Artist Author Activist Attorney Academic Architect V. Teach Divine Self VI. Spread Good News "...the kingdom of God is at hand" "...the kingdom of Heaven is within" -NOTE #3 -A Picture of a Peek -Clear Eyed White Light Black Diamond -A Picture of a Peek of the Light at the End of the Tunnel -NOTE #4 -Prophet Message Delivery System -I. 3 Books! The Urantia Book The Ever-Present Origin A Course in Miracles II. ID Wicked! New American Revolution The Wicked Priest Dick Chenny The Liar Little King George The Wicked Glenn Beck Rush Limbough III. Gather Up! The Elect America Europe Zion Lost 10 Tribes Angles John Dorr KCPB Actors Brad Pitt Adepts Adi Da Water & Narcissus Gangaji Diamond in Your Pocket Hameed Ali Diamond Approachhhhhhhh Ken Wilber

Revolutionary Transformation Jean Gebser The Ever-Present Origin Sri Aurobindo Life Divine Agents Creative Artists Agency CAA Artists Jackson Browne Late for the Sky Authors Richard Bach Illusions Activists John Pryse Apocalypse Unsealed Attorneys Bruce Fein Limits of the Executive Academics Otto Sharmar U Theory Architects Edmund Roache The Kingdom of Heaven at Hand IV. Prepare the Way! O' Israel Machiventa Melchizedek V. Know Thy Self! Human Being Body Mind Soul Being Spirit Personality VI. Die Alive! Soul Spirit Person -NOTE #5 -A Love Story of Revelation and Revolution -Revelation -Art Sky Brain Science Body Mind Consciousness Philosophy Man Woman

Child Religion Jesusoian Jesus Did NOT die for our sins! Was NOT a sacrifice sent by God! Urantian Jesus Was Man Was God Was One -Revolution -Israel America Palistine -NOTE #6 -A artWork by Michael Peterschmidt Chief Context Creator Wild Blue Studio 1st Enterprize 1st Partner Founder CEO -aka. -John Michael Wild Blue Studio Chief Content Creator -Secret Agent Plan Secret Agent Man

-3 Secret Agent -A. My Agent Secret Agent A Secret 2nd Agent -B. My Application Secret Agent ajohnmichael 1st Agent Last Agent AJ -C. My Story John Secret Agent @wildbluestudio Chief Content Creator -John Michael Wild Blue Studio A Free Enterprize 1st World Revolution New American Revolution 1st American Digital Village 1st Private US Constitution United World Peace Corps World Trust -1st World Revolution -A Free Enterprize -1st American Digital Village -John Michael -New American Revolution Indict Dick! iApp1 Viral Invite -1st Private US Constitution -Wild Blue Studio wildbluestudios -Print The Brain -Paint The Sky -Plot The Horizon -United World Peace Corps United World Peace Plan Return the Dalai Lama -World Trust Endowment Retirement

NGO -NOTE #7 -3 Projects -1. PDF File John Prophet 42 Page eDoc 2. iApplication Secret Agent Viral eMailer 3. Robo Phone Call Marketer iPhone eCaller -1st Project iApp Application Note Book 42 Page PDF File iPod $.99 AJ John Prophet ajohnmichael -2nd Project iApp Aplication Viral eMail Agent Indict Dick Despot eMail Machine Secret Agent 1st Agent

iContact $9.99 WiFi iPad John AJ -3rd Project iApp Application Auto Call Center Robo Phone $99.99 iPhone Live Calls Text Calls Web Calls Robo Calls Video Calls vMail Calls Bluetooth Calls Conference Calls -NOTE #8 -My iApp Application Project 2 -Secret Agent Man John 007 AJ A 1 --

Indict Dick Now! -My iContcts List Manager Application Software 1K 10K 100K 1M -A $ Contest eMail Hit List $1 Each $11M Total -Alias Name Generator -Address eMailer Developmentor -Viral Invite Address Book -Exact Cash Tracker 11.223.337 1st Tickets -1 eMail 1# each @ $9.99 -Buy One Now! -1st Deal -$112M Transparent Cash Tracker -$45M High Crimes Justice Fund Dick Despot World Court -$22M Venture Capitalist -$22M Ads $2 Each -$11M Prizes $1 Each -$11M CEO

-$1M Start-Up Fund -NOTE #9 -My 1st Assignment My Agent Project 4 -AJ Whois? 1st Agent My Agent 2nd Agent Hollywood Agent! My Note Pad 42 Page My Assignment Find & ID My Agent Project 4* Search Find Sign *My Agent -1st Secret Agent -NOTE #10 -2nd Secret Agent -John My Story Secret Agent

John Michael @wildbluestudio Chief Content Creator -Secret Agent Plan Secret Agent Man -The Secret Agents -My Agent My Application My Story -A. My Agent Secret Agent A Secret 2nd Agent -B. My Application Secret Agent ajohnmichael 1st Agent Last Agent AJ -C. My Story John Secret Agent @wildbluestudios Chief Content Creator -The Story Protagonist -AJ -John

-Secret Agent Man -007 -The Story Antagonist -Dick -Dick Despot -Code Name -Humpty Dumpty Wall Fall ReCall? No! -NOTE #11 -Agent My Agent Secret Agent 7 Partners 1st Partner Founder Agent Secret Agent My Agent! Project 4 Find

Sign Counsel Outside Counsel Counselor Inside Counselor Partner General Partner Peacemaker Peacemaker General Trustee General Trustee -NOTE #12 -The Story -3 Acts -1st Act 2nd Act 3rd Act -Integrated Storytelling -The Joshua Construction "...the kingdom of God is at hand" -HD/CD Video Disk

-Movie Dance Game Song Book Web eDoc Play i.TV PX CD Q -NOTE #13 -The Movie -John -A 007 Secret AJ Agent Dick Despot Antagonist John Michael Protagonist Little King Straw Man Machiventa Melchizedek Divine Revelator Ancients of Days Temple Judge Caligstia Devil

-2 Books 21 Acts 7 Years Each 105 Years Old -Happy Birth Day! 1/20/1956 Fort Wayne, IN -AJ John The One! 3rd Elijah Last Prophet John Prophet born at the Confluence of 3 Rivers born in the Hills east of Ft. Wayne Chosen to Deliver God's Message "...the kingdom of God is at hand" "...the kingdom of Heaven is within" -A Love Story -A. John -B. Mary -C. John & Mary -D. John & Mary Michael -Vol.1 -1st Half Life --

1) 1/20/1956 Birth Day 2) 1/20/1957 1st Birth Day 3) 7 1963 1st Vision 4) 14 1970 1st Mission 5) 16 1972 1st Realization The Clear Blue Sky 12/12/1972 6) 21 1977 1st Kiss 7) 28 1984 1st Love 8) 35 1991 1st Loss 9) 42 1998 1st Child 10) 49 2005 1st Fail 11) 56 2012 Exactly 40 Years Start Line 12/12/2012 12:12:12AM 12) Finish Line Dome of the Rock 12/21/2012 12:12:12PM -10 Days -11.223.337 Agents -1st Deal @ $.99 $11M Founder -2nd Deal @ $9.99 $112M Justice Fund

-3rd Deal @ $99.99 $1.22B US Fund -4th Deal @ 10 Partners eQuity $20B -Vol.2 -2nd Half Life -13) 56 2012 1st Win The Return! The Dome! 14) 63 2019 $10 Million 15) 70 2026 $100 Million 16) 77 2033 1st $1 Billion 17) 84 2040 1st $10 Billion 18) 91 2047 1st Will 19) 98 2054 1st Testament 20) 105 Death's Day 1/20/2061 21) Last Breath Die Alive! Awake! -NOTE #14 -24 Hours: -A World Revolution

-Art Education Entertainment -Art -Wild Blue Brain Paint -Education -Divine Vision Human Mission -Entertainment -John i.TV Mary Sky.TV -NOTE #15 -A True Story

-Secret Agent Man -3 Acts 5 Characters 50 Stories -1. Michael Blacksmith Protagonist John Michael Great American Story New American Revolution High Crimes Justice Fund Partners eQuity eQuation 1st Private US Constitution 2nd American Declaration 3rd World Revolt 4th Field Map 1st Partners Narcissus Prints Water Dragon Press Idict Dick Now! eMail Founder 2. John Michael Dick Despot Little King George All the Little King's Horses All the Little King's Men Christ Michael Mary Michael Machiventa Melchizedek Anti-Christ God Zion

Elect Israel Babylon America Ancients Caligastia 3. Adam Archimedes 007 Man Map Feed Field Prize AXYZ 4. A. John Michael AJ John A Story Story Teller Human Cube Wild Blue Studio John Michael Art Joshua Construction Clear Water Records New American Dance Stand 5. Mike Sistine Form -NOTE #16 -The Whole Story -AXYZ A Still Heart X Quite Mind Y Empty Form Z Silient Field -transAXYZ -The Story Protagonist -AJ -John -Secret Agent Man -007 -The Story Antagonist -Dick -Dick Despot -Code Name -Humpty Dumpty Wall Fall

ReCall? No! -NOTE #17 -A Free Enterprize -A. An Individual Collective B. A Collective Individual -An Individual Collective of Exactly 11.223.337 Collective Individuals -An Individual Collective a. 4 Fees 1st Fee eDoc Notes $.99 iPod 2nd Fee eBook John $9.99 iPad 3rd Fee iApp Agent $99.99 iPhone 4th Fee $999.99 My Sky.TV i.TV b. Free Creative Commons c. Open LinkedIN d. Closed e. Structured f. Compititive g. Democratic h. Coopertive i. Self-Organizing -A Collective Individual i. Company Vote ii. Enterprize Vote iii. Community Vote iv. Individual Vote v. Zip Code Vote vi. Judicial Vote -A Free Agent Spend Work Play Vote -The Enterprize 1 Enterprize 3 Company 7 Partners 10 Agents -10 Agents The Enterprize Partners 1. Trust 2. Private 3. Public 4. 1st 5. 2nd 6. 3rd

7. 4th 8. 5th 9. 6th 10. 7th -7 Partners 1st Enterprize Partners 1. Founder 2. Agent 3. Counsel 4. Counselor 5. Partner 6. Peacemaker 7. Trustee -3 Company The Enterprize A Free Enterprize 1. Trust Partners World Trust 2. Private Partners 1st Private US Constitution 3. Public Partners United World Peace Corps -1 Enterprize 1st Enterprize A. 2. Private 3. Public 1. Trust Maybe? B. 3. Public 2. Private 1. Trust Maybe? C. 1. Trust

2. Private 3. Public Republician NO! D. 1. Trust 3. Public 2. Private Democrat NO! -A Private Public Trust 1st Enterprize Partners 1 Enterprize 3 Company 7 Partners 10 Agents -A Public Private Trust 1st US Trust & Company 1st US Trust 1st US Company -Public Trust Private Interest -True Value -1st Enterprize LTD A Free Enterprize 1/3/7/10 7 Partners World Trust 1 1st Private US Constitution 2 United World Peacemaker Corps 3 1.111 Trust Partners 1 111.111 Public Partners 3 11.111.117 Private Partners 2 1st Enterprize Partners

7 Partners Founder Agent Counsel Counselor Partner Peacemaker Trustee 10.000.000 7th Partners 4 1.000.000 6th Partners 5 100.000 5th Partners 6 10.000 4th Partners 7 1000 3rd Partners 8 100 2nd Partners 9 10 1st Partners 10 7 Partners Founder 1st Partner 1st Agent Agent 2nd Partner Secret Agent My Agent! Project 4 Find Sign! Counsel 3rd Partner Outside Counsel Counselor 4th Partner Inside Counselor Partner 5th Partner General Partner Peacemaker 6th Partner Peacemaker General Trustee

7th Partner General Trustee -11.223.337 Enterprize Partners -Partner Position -Private Partners Enterprize Partner $0-Founder $0 $0*-1st Partner $1B *IOU $1B=#$20B ip cc $-1B-Secret Agent-10%* My Agent *IOU 10% $1B-Outside Counsel-IPO $0-Inside Counselor $0 $1B-General Partner $1B $1B-10 1st Partners $100M $1B-100 2nd Partners $10M $1B-1000 3rd Partners $1M $1B-10.000 4th Partners $100K $1B-100.000 5th Partners $10K $1B-1.000.000 6th Partners $1K $1B-10.000.000 7th Partners $100 $10B -Public Partners Peacemaker Partners $1B-Peacemaker General $1B $1B-10 1st Peacemakers $100M $1B-100 2nd Peacemakers $10M $1B-1000 3rd Peacemakers $1M $1B-10.000 4th Peacemakers $100K

$1B-100.000 5th Peacemakers $10K $6B -The Trust Trust Partners $1B-General Trustee $1B $1B-10 1st Tustees $100M $1B-100 2nd Trustees $10M $1B-1000 3rd Trustees $1M $4B -Total eQuity -$20B -NOTE #18 -Partners eQuity Formation 1st Deal High Crimes Justice Fund $112M 2nd Deal 1st Private US Social Equity Fund $1.22B 3rd Deal $20B Gold Buy 4th Deal $100B Credit Sale -NOTE #19 -Capital Revolution -Capital Evolution

1st Enterprize Partners 7 Partners Founder 1st Partner 1st Agent 2nd Agent My Agent Secret Agent? My Assignment One Search Find & Sign Agent #2 Top 10 Firms JO 1 List Top Guy Call Him! 11/10/2010 10 List 10 Days 100 List 20 Days 1000 List 30 Days Big Time Holloywood Agent! X Mark xMas '10 12/25/2010 $20M 3rd Angel Counsel Outside Counsel 4th Adept Counselor Inside Counselor 5th Attorney

Partner General Partner 6th Activist Peacemaker Peacemaker General 7th Artist Trustee General Trustee -Capital Democracy 11.111.10 Residents 1.010.101 Zip Codes 11 Agents per Code -Capital Rotation Work Play Spend -Capital Constitution Vote Preamble Declaration Constitution Rights People Establishment Signatories Revolution -Capital Institution Capital eQuation Work Play Spend Vote Capital Stasis $20B Gold/Cash $120B Paper/Credit

-Capital Relation Equation 1st- Captured Capital 2nd- Liberated Capital 3rd- Democratic Capital 4th- Community Capital 5th- Enterprize Capital 6th- Individual Capital 7th- Common Capital 8th- Free Capital -Capital Transformation -Capital Configuration Map Key Legend Treasure Directions -NOTE #20 - Last American Revolutionary 10 Names John AJ -John Michael Secret Agent Man fb://profile/1806739630 -Michael Peterschmidt Chief Context Creator 808.987.7163 Mobil

650.898.7564 vMail -Michael Last Prophet 1st Partner Founder Artist CEO Alias 17 AJ 28 John Michael 35 Michael Blacksmith 49 A. John Michael 56 Mike Sistine 63 Adam Archimedes First Name Michael Disguises Angle Actor Adept Agent Artist Author Activist Attorney Academic Architect -Narcissus Trap -The End --

c ip cc mkp HI.HI 10/10 all rights reserved -eXtras -NOTE #21 -My eMag -@wildbluestudioreview Wild Blue Studio reView Hawaii . LA . Silicon Valley wildbluestudio reView 0.1v North Kohala West Hawaii Breakfast Brunch Lunch Dinner -Luxury Reviews -Fashion Travel Word Home Book Food Love Web

Gear Golf Ads Art Car -4 Resort reView -Kona Kukio Hualalai Puako -Ahi Tuna -The T Shirt The White Shrit The Aloha Shirt The Golf Shirt The Man Skirt The Board Short The Perfect Slipper The Hawaiian Shores Rich Single Male 17-84 -A zMag -Computer Captianeering Table-Top Computing Desk-Top Viewing Arm-Chair Action -NOTE #22

-A Game Contest -Who is John? -1st Prize: A Prize 2nd Prize: A Free Prize 3rd Prize: A Free Enter Prize 4th Prize: A Free Enterprize -NOTE #23 -1 PX 4D 4 Fun Keys 1st-Red-Hard-Fire-Passion Won Fun Red Work Hard Money Fire Passion 2nd-Yellow-Real-Water-Amusement Real Fun Yellow Love Real People Water Bliss 3rd-Blue-Serious-Earth-Relaxation Serious Fun Blue Power Serure Life Earth Relax 4th-Green-Easy-Sky-Curiosity Easy Fun Green Wisdom Easy Peace Sky Curiosity --

Goal ID John Find AJ Win! -NOTE #24 -Alexandrian Library -The Urantia Book Apocalypse Unsealed A Course in Miracles The Ever-Present Origin The Kingdom of Heaven Diamond in Your Pocket Simple Feeling of Being Water & Narcissus Dead Sea Scrolls Unfolding Now Book of Enoch New Gospel Life Divine -My artWork -1 A PX Art Game Story Movie Science Contest Religion Magizine Revolution

Revelation Philosophy -John Prophet 10/10 HI.HI cc -mkp c -NOTE #25 -i got a Peek! -A Picture of a Peek of the Light at the End of the Tunnel The Pearl without Price mkp 96750 808.987.7163 650-898-7564 Sent by my iPhone Sent from my iPod


Technical Recruiter -- 1st Call -- A -- Agent! -- The Outlier & the Agent -- Dear Agent, -- Outlier hits Jackpot!...