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1stWorld Revolution 1 Founder $9.99=24%: PersonaL 11.111.111 EnterPriZe Partners @ $9.99=26%: PriVate 111.111 United World Peacemakers @ $99.99=24%: PubliC 1.111 World Trustees @ $999.99=26%: GoVerNMint 1 Outside Counsel @ $1B=100% EnDowMint 11.223.334 World Revolutionaries & An Outside Counsel PersonaL: Founder PriVate: A Free EnterPriZe 11.111.110 Partners 1st General Partner + 1 Founder + 1 Outside Counsel

Wild Blue Studios Wild|Blue Prints Prophet Protagonist Avatar Author Wild Blue|Prints Computer Bar Barbecue Grill Musical Chairs Stuff Shop Art Gallery Food Court Studio Desk Media Center Book Shelf New American Revolution 1st Private US Constitution Capital Revolution Capital Democracy Capital Velocity Capital Liberation 2nd American Declaration 1st World Revolution 2nd American Declaration 3rd World Revolution 3rd World Revolt United World Peace Plan: Return the Dalai Lama

4th Field AXYZ Map A Free EnterPriZe United World Peacemakers Corps World Trust Water Dragon Press Pre-9|11 Incompetence Post-9|11 Idiots Narcissus Reprints Dick Despot & his Wonder Tyrant, King George John Michael A Human Cube Human Story Human Physics Human Therapy Human Theater Human Capital Human Gospel Human Temple John Michael Art Human Vision Human Mission Clear Water Records Human Soul Human Body Human Spirit Human Personality New American Digital Dance Stant Stand|Dance Dance\Stand Last American Revolutionary My LameBrain NameGane Artist Author Protagonist Prophet Zealot StoyTeller Yogi Saint Sage

AJ Secret Envelope Home Office Studio Michael Peterschmidt The #15 Peterschmidts Big Island Peterschmidts FaceBook FriendFeed ConceptShare LivingSocial LinkedIn Plaxo PubliC: United World Peacemakers Corps 111.110 Peacemakers 1st Peacemaker General 1 Founder

1st United World Peacemakers Brigade 1st 1000 Peacemakers $10K Cash . All Expenses GaZa City, Palestine United World Peace Plan Peacemakers Military Protection Proposal United World Peace Policy: Return the Dalai Lama Return the Punchun Lama GoVerNMinT: World Trust 1.110 World Trustees 1st Trustee General + 1 Founder + 1 General Partner + 1 Peacemaker General

The General Counsel Founder Trustee General General Partner Peacemaker General The Executive Counsel The Administrative Board The World Trustees EnDowMint: EndowMint FunD $1B 100% World Revolutionaries [Cold Gold Cash] eQuity FunD


Computer Bar Barbecue Grill Musical Chairs Stuff Shop Art Gallery Food Court Studio Desk Media Center Book Shelf 1st World Revolution 2nd Am...

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