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There are 4 types of juices included in

A very important part of the Gerson

It is naturally high in vitamins, minerals,

All medications used in the treatment are

the Therapy: green, carrot, carrot/apple,

Therapy is frequent detoxification of the

enzymes, micronutrients, and extremely low

classed as biologicals, materials of organic

and orange (or grapefruit). The Juices

tissues and blod. This is accomplised

in sodium and fats, and rich in fluids. It is

origin that are supplied in therapeutic

are an essential component that deliver

through a variety of means, first and

naturally high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes,

amounts. Some examples are: Potassium,

high amounts of enzymes, mineral, and

foremost through the use of coffee enemas.

micronutrients, and extremely low in sodium

compound, Lugol’s solution, Vitamin B-12,

micronutrient content... The juices must

The enemas decrease pain, and hasten

and fats, and rich in fluids.

Thyroid hormone, injectable Crude Liver

be made with a two-stage juicer, and

healing, amount other things.

patients can fail to see results if the wrong juicer is used. Throughout our lives our bodies are being filled with a variety of disease and cancer causing pollutants. These toxins reach us through the air we breathe, the food we eat, the medicines we take and the water we drink. For more info visit

Extract, Pancreatic Enzymes, Enemas of coffee and or chamomile.

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LEFT - boots (Olkin shoes, $60), dress-shorts (Forever 21, $32), headband (Forever 21, $10), ring (MOMA museum, $18) RIGHT - boots (little puppets, $30), headband, (Urban Outfiters, $19), T-shirt (Forever 21, $20), jacket (Zara, $40)

ad clips (walgreens, $7), he , 0) $3 21, r ve re (Fo s , dres LEFT - Boots (Olkin shoes, $60) eet store, $15) //////// tr (s na mi sh pa , 0) $4 a, ), jacket (Zar headband (Forever 21, $5 5) $15), dress, (Forever 21, $2 e, or st t ee tr (s t ha ar Be RIGHT -

TARA!!! PG. 10

Article by: Sasha Krinst, | Photography, Art direction, and Make up by: Daniela V. Sanchez

Photo by: National Geographic, | Photo editing for ad,: Dani V sanchez | copy: Dani V Sanchez




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Steph Baxter (SB) Kitty 1 (anna ketran) Kitty II (anna ketran)

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. . .NAT ALIA LA FOURCADE. . . early childhood, it naturally drove her into it and eventually led her to

was born. Her father is a harpsichord player and her mother a classical

compose her first songs. Once in Mexico City she spent her free time in

passion for mariachis and typical Mexican music... but music moves in

music enthusiast who created a method for early music education, which

her mother's school, playing with the equipment, making songs, radio

mysterious ways, and maybe her use of brass or strings and the colors of

she began to put in practice on her little daughter. After living in Jalapa,

shows and a variety of home-made recordings using a Yamaha keyboard

her harmonies still draw from those first loves. At age 14 she became part

Veracruz, her mother later founded a music school in Mexico City when

plugged to a double cassette stereo; applying the method to herself, to see

of a pop girl-band that lasted three years, after all this work she realized

Natalia was just nine years old. Being surrounded with music since her

if it would work..

that it was not what she wanted and decided to study music properly in a

Natalia Lafourcade was exposed to music from the day she

When Natalia was ten years old, she developed a peculiar


school called Fermatta. At first she began as a guitar player, then as a piano player and finally she got gigs performing hits of the 90s in weddings and pubs.

Everything changed for her after Fermatta, there she made friends who would show her

tons of songs and artists she didn't know before like Bjork, Jamiroquai, Fiona Apple, Tori Amos, The Cardigans, Ella Fitzgerald, Radiohead & PJ Harvey, amongst others. This new music infected her composing, she would never be the same girl and musician again. A few months later she won a scholarship and went all the way to Berklee in Boston for a five week program of musical training; but she didn't speak English then, so she missed most of her classes and used the free pianos to practice, there she wrote about 25 songs and she later recorded a bunch of them in Mexico City with the help of a friend.

Three years later Sony Music offered her an opportunity to join a pop band (again), but

she rejected it; she had become intent on making and singing her own music. However, getting to know the people in the record company (even to rebuke their offer) wasn't a bad idea, as it got her the chance to show them some demos. And, long story short, that's how she signed her first contract with Sony. Her eponymous first solo CD, Natalia Lafourcade, was thus published in 2002. The first single off it was "Busca un Problema" ("looking for trouble"). After the great success of this first record, and the experiences gained by touring it, she had way too much to digest and think about, and she finally decided her next step would be to make her musicians a full part of her act, and to leave the limelight of the soloist position (partly) behind to form a band with them; calling themselves Natalia & The Fouquetina. This way the pleasure, as well as the pressure, would be rightfully shared. The second record in Natalia's career and the first one with La Forquetina would be Casa (House), released by Sony in 2005. They toured, rehearsed, lived and surfed the waves of promotion and media exposure..

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she switched to become a singer. Although she had already been singing for a long time, by then


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Illustration and sustainability based Magazine