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Family Food Profile Worksheet Ask each member of your cooking club to answer the following questions, then use this worksheet to help make decisions about what and how your club cooks. 1. What are your family’s favorite foods?

6. What small kitchen appliances do you own?

2. What are your family’s least favorite foods?

7. What cooking methods are you familiar with?

3. Does anyone in your family have any specific dietary concerns?

pan-frying/ sautéing stir-frying broiling baking roasting braising stewing

poaching grilling other

8. Is there a dish you’ve mastered or that is known as your specialty?

4. Does anyone in your family have food allergies? If so, please list. 9. Is there a dish you’ve always wanted to make?

5. On a scale of 1 to 10, how adventurous are your family’s eating habits? Circle one: 1










10. What cuisine and/or ingredients are you curious about?

Family Food Profile  

Ready to get started? Have each of your cooking club compatriots fill out the Family Food Profile Worksheet (PDF).

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