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Elements To Consider Concerning Specialty Saddle Pads If you own a horse or are thinking about purchasing one, one vital piece of equipment you will need is a great quality saddle pad while putting the horse tack together. You might want to think about getting a specialty saddle pad for the horse you own, based naturally on the kind of riding you do. While they serve a vital purpose, a specialty pad made for the sort of riding you do is a much more suitable option for you and also the horse. Purpose of a Saddle Pad The saddle pad is what is put on the horse's back and is made of cloth, foam or fabric where the saddle sits. The saddle is then placed on top of the pad. It would obviously protect the horse's back from the saddle however it does serve other objectives. When a horse is riding with a saddle, they do have a tendency to sweat a lot. Pads help to soak up or wick away the sweat that collects on the horse. When the pad absorbs the sweat, the saddle is less likely to slip or fall off the horse's back keeping the rider in the saddle instead of falling off of the horse. Advantages to Specialty Pads Since every horse is not built the same, a specialty pad is recommended. Changing by horse breed, the location of the withers are usually different which can effect where the saddle pad and saddle rest on the back of the mount. Designed with this notion, saddle pads will be fashioned differently based on the height of the withers. The riding you do will also factor in since an English saddle pad will vary from one that would be used for a Western saddle. You will need a sturdy pad which simply helps to wick away the horse's sweat is you are a more informal rider. A tournament rider alternatively will need something bright and clean with the size varying on if you utilize a Western or English saddle. Specialty saddle pads will be devised for your type of riding to help maximize the comfort of your horse and you also as the rider. Caring for Pads Looking after specialty pads is probably much like caring for any other pads that you own. If you are a competition rider, you might need to wash your pads in a machine to keep them as white as you can. Remember to clean off all of the hair along with mud or debris on your pad to begin with, and be cautious about using laundry soap as it can aggravate your horse. Although you can simply hose off certain types of saddle pads, you may have to take extra care with any specialty pads. When thinking about horse tack, a saddle pad will always be an intricate part. They supply protection to your horse while you are riding. They help keep your horse dry from sweat, provides protection from the saddle and keeps the saddle from slipping off the horses back. A saddle pad is needed in conjunction with any type of saddle, regardless of what type of riding you will do. Specialty saddle pads are usually designed with a particular purpose in mind, whether that be the kind of riding that you do or performing in a competition. Do not forget that the type of saddle pad you purchase will depend on the height of the horse's withers. According to your riding style, you might want to try out several saddle pads to discover he one that fits your horse more effectively. Thinline LLC

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Elements To Consider Concerning Specialty Saddle Pads When purchasing a specialty pad, do take the time to learn how to properly position and maintain it so it lasts a good while. To experience the best ride possible, go with ThinLine Global no slip saddle pads. To learn more about ThinLine Global, take a look at their site at

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Elements To Consider Concerning Specialty Saddle Pads  

To experience the best ride possible, go with ThinLine Global no slip saddle pads. To learn more about ThinLine Global, take a look at their...