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Assignment Brief BTEC National in Media (Creative Media Production) 6 Unit Title: Critical Approaches to Creative Media  Products Points of View Date:

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For each assignment you must: 1. 2. 3.

Check you have completed as much of the assignment as you are able, taking note of the grading checklist with reference to the evidence required. Complete any additional requested documentation. Ensure your name is on your work.

Grading Checklist All pass criteria must be met to be awarded a Passgrade All pass and all merit criteria must be met to be awarded a Merit grade All pass, all merit and all distinction criteria must be met to be awarded a Distinction grade

Assessment Decision Criteria Covered P6.1 P6.2 P6.3 P6.4



Criteria Covered M6.1 M6.2 M6.3 M6.4



Criteria Covered D6.1 D6.2 D6.3 D6.4



Assignment Scenario You have been approached by a graphic design company who liked the film making concept  you used in a previous project. They want you to design 3 posters that would advertise your  film­making concept to a mass audience. Your 3 film posters must have continuity / consistency (i.e.:­ if you are using logos / fonts  colour schemes, etc. you must repeat these across the campaign to create a uniformed style. You could literary choose any of the previous film making projects in either Year 1 or 2 so far.  However, the purpose for these posters may differ depending on who you are targeting. For  example, a set of 3 movie posters would be perfectly acceptable if you are using the zombie  project / film noir / film trailer, etc.; channel information would need to integrate into a set of  TV posters if you are using the Vault or Kids TV Host project. Before you start the development of any of these poster campaigns however, you will need to  conduct both primary and secondary research into the printed media genre of whichever past  project you have chosen in order to define your target audience and remain faithful to the  specific genre you are working within. It is essential that you work alone for this project. Documentation needed for this assignment includes: * Project Development Diary (for the duration of the project) *Completed Critical Approaches to Media Texts Workbook * Primary Research Log * Secondary Research Log *Poster Campaign (3 posters) *Audience Response PowerPoint * Written Evaluation (1,000 words) (This list is just a very basic overview of what needs to be submitted. See Points of View   Project Task Submission List on Moodle for a more detailed breakdown of what is required   during submission. This list will also include which elements should be completed individually   and / or as part of a group.)

Unit Content Covered: 

6.1(PMD), 6.2 (PMD), 6.3(PMD), 6.4 (PMD)

Scenario: You have been approached by a graphic design company who liked the film making concept you  used in a previous project. They want you to design 3 posters that would advertise your film­making concept to  a mass audience. Your 3 film posters must have continuity / consistency (i.e.:­ if you are using logos / fonts colour schemes, etc.  you must repeat these across the campaign to create a uniformed style. You could literary choose any of the previous film making projects in either Year 1 or 2 so far. However, the  purpose for these posters may differ depending on who you are targeting. For example, a set of 3 movie  posters would be perfectly acceptable if you are using the zombie project / film noir / film trailer, etc.; channel  information would need to integrate into a set of TV posters if you are using the Vault or Kids TV Host project. Before you start the development of any of these poster campaigns however, you will need to conduct both  primary and secondary research into the printed media genre of whichever past project you have chosen in  order to define your target audience and remain faithful to the specific genre you are working within. It is essential that you work alone for this project. Task No.

Task Description

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Criteria Covered

Date Achieved


P6.2 M6.2 D6.2

See Digital  Interim  Feedback on  Moodle

Task Scenario: As  a  media  producer  you   will  need  to  record  your  progress  your productivity at the end of each of your sessions, in the  form   of   a  Project   Development   Diary.  This   will   showcase  your thoughts and progress throughout this assignment.


Evidence: Your Project   Development   Diary  should   reflect   what   you  have accomplished in each of your work sessions, as well as  your   own   thoughts   and   comments   regarding   your   progress.  Entries do not have to be long but must be reflective. You will  need to conduct a Development Project Diary for most of your  projects.   The   diary   should   reflect  proposed   schedules,   logistics and evidence of individual (and group related) project   progress.   See   Development   Project   Diary   help   sheet   for  further details. Assessment:  To   achieve   a  Pass  grade   your   Project   Development   Diary  must   show   evidence   of   the  application  of   pre­production  planning. To achieve a Merit grade your Project Development  Diary   must   show   evidence   of   the  competent  application   of  pre­production planning. To achieve a Distinction grade your  Project Development Diary must show evidence of the  near  professional application of pre­production planning.

6 2

Task Scenario: You are to complete the designated  Critical Approaches to  Media Texts workbook to improve your understanding of how  media   audiences   respond   to   media   products   and   how   the   media produces products for a specific audience.

P6.2 M6.2 P6.3 M6.3 P6.4 M6.4

See Digital  Interim  Feedback on  Moodle

Evidence: Your Workbook  should consist of a series of questions and  activities   that   you   are   required   to   fully   complete   to   show  understanding   of   how  media   audiences   respond   to   media   products and how the media produces products for a specific   audience. Assessment:  To   achieve   a  Pass  grade   Workbooks   show   evidence   of  appropriate   use   of   subject   terminology.   To   achieve   a  Merit  grade Workbooks show evidence of appropriate use of subject  terminology using detailed illustrative examples.

Task Scenario: As   a   media   producer   you   will   need   to   undertake   original  Primary   Research  in   the   development   of   your   poster  campaign.   You   must   gauge   your   peer’s   opinions   and   the  opinions of others through surveys and questionnaires. 


Evidence: Your Primary   Research  should   be   collated   and   presented  through   qualitative   and   quantative   methods   using   graphical  and psychoanalytical methods. Primary research should reflect  your   understanding   of   defining   a   specific   audience   for   your  product. See Primary Research help sheet for further details.


P6.1 M6.1 D6.1

See Digital  Interim  Feedback on  Moodle

Assessment: To   achieve   a  Pass  grade   your   Primary   Research   should  reflect appropriate use of subject terminology and conventions.  To   achieve   a  Merit  grade   your   Primary   Research   should  reflect appropriate use of subject terminology and conventions,  using   illustrative   examples   and   imagination.   To   achieve   a  Merit grade your Primary Research should reflect appropriate  use of subject terminology and conventions, using elucidated  examples and near professional standards. 4

6 Task Scenario: As a media producer you will need to undertake pre existing  Secondary   Research  in   the   development   of   your   poster  campaign.   You   must   study   and   analyze   internet   and   book  based   materials   to   discover   information   that   will   aid   the  development of your poster campaign. Evidence: Your  Secondary   Research  should   be   highly   organized   and  fully   annotated   with   reference   to   specific   points   that   were  useful in the development of a media product that corresponds  to   existing   genres.   Plagiarism   will   not   be   tolerated   –   all  references   should   be   fully   sourced   via   a   bibliography.  Wikipedia is not a reliable source – do not use! See Secondary  Research help sheet for further details. Assessment:  To   achieve   a  Pass  grade   your  Secondary  Research  should 

P6.1 M6.1 D6.1

See Digital  Interim  Feedback on  Moodle

reflect appropriate use of subject terminology and conventions.  To   achieve   a  Merit  grade  your  Secondary  Research  should  reflect appropriate use of subject terminology and conventions,  using   illustrative   examples   and   imagination.   To   achieve   a  Merit  grade   your   Secondary   Research   should   reflect  appropriate use of subject terminology and conventions, using  elucidated examples and near professional standards.

Task Scenario: Design and create your  Poster Campaign (3 posters)  using  the Adobe Photoshop software on the computers. 


Evidence: Your Poster Campaign (3 posters) should reflect the relevant  codes and conventions of whichever genre / previous project  you   have   chosen   to   base   your   campaign   on.   Your   posters  should demonstrate an understanding of how media producers  create products for specific audiences.


P6.2 M6.2 D6.2

Assessment: To achieve a  Pass  grade your Poster Campaign (3 posters)  should   be   produced   within   appropriate   conventions.   To  achieve   a  Merit  grade   your   Poster   Campaign   (3   posters)  should be produced showing some imagination. To achieve a  Distinction  grade   Poster   Campaign   (3   posters)   should   be  produced showing creativity and flair. 6

6 Task Scenario: Once your Poster Campaign (3 posters) are complete arrange  a viewing for an audience to evaluate the audience’s response  to   your   film   posters.   After   providing   the   audience   with  questionnaires and feedback forms collate this information into  an  Audience Response PowerPoint. This document should  collect all relevant feedback and present it using graphs and  textual analysis. Evidence: Your  Audience   Response   PowerPoint  should   contain  pictures, text and graphical information. Each PowerPoint will  be presented to the rest of the class. See Audience Response  PowerPoint help sheet for further details. Assessment:  To   achieve   a  Pass  grade   your   Audience   Response  PowerPoint must deploy and manage appropriate technology  to gauge and assess audience response to a media product  using   communicative   ideas.   To   achieve   a  Merit  grade   your  Audience   Response   PowerPoint   must   deploy   and   manage  appropriate   technology   to   gauge   and   assess   audience  response   to   a   media   product   with  some   imagination  using  communicative   ideas  effectively.   To   achieve   a  Distinction  grade your Audience Response PowerPoint must deploy and  manage   appropriate   technology   to   gauge   and   assess  audience response to a media product to near  professional  standards using communicative ideas with an impact.

P6.3 M6.3 D6.3

See Digital  Interim  Feedback on  Moodle

See Digital  Interim  Feedback on  Moodle

Task Scenario: When you have completed your poster campaign, now is the  time to be reflective of the technical and aesthetic decisions  you have made in the production of your 3 posters. You must  write   a  1,000   word   written   evaluation  describing   how   a  media audience responded to your poster campaign (use the  findings from the Audience Response PowerPoint to help).


Evidence: Your written   evaluation  should   reflect   the   technical  competency that you feel you have applied to your project. It  should also reflect the success / failure of the product from a  media audience perspective. Assessment:  To   achieve   a  Pass  grade   your   Evaluation   /   Commentary  should   be   produced   within   appropriate   conventions.   To  achieve a  Merit  grade your Evaluation / Commentary should  be   produced   showing   some   imagination.   To   achieve   a  Distinction  grade   your   Evaluation   /   Commentary   should   be  produced showing creativity and flair.


P6.3 M6.3 D6.3 P6.4 M6.4 D6.4

See Digital  Interim  Feedback on  Moodle

Grading Sheet BTEC First National in Media (Creative Media Production) Unit: 6 Title: Critical Approaches to Creative Media Products





Describe how media producers define  audiences with some appropriate use of  subject terminology.

Describe how media producers create  products for specific audiences with some  appropriate use of subject terminology.

Describe how media audiences respond  to media products with some appropriate  use of subject terminology.

Present a descriptive response to a media  product with some appropriate use of  subject terminology.


Explain how media producers define  audiences with reference to detailed  illustrative examples and with generally  correct use of subject terminology.


Explain how media producers create  products for specific audiences with  reference to detailed illustrative examples  and with generally correct use of subject  terminology.


Explain how media audiences respond to  media products with reference to detailed  illustrative examples and with generally  correct use of subject terminology.


Present a discussion of a media product  with reference to detailed illustrative  examples and with generally correct use  of subject terminology.

To achieve a distinction grade the  evidence must show that, in  addition to the pass and merit  criteria, the learner is able to:


To achieve a merit grade the  evidence must show that, in  addition to the pass criteria, the  learner is able to:



To achieve a pass grade the  evidence must show that the  learner is able to:


Comprehensively explain how media  producers define audiences with  elucidated examples and consistently  using subject terminology correctly.


Comprehensively explain how media  producers create products for audiences  with elucidated examples and consistently  using subject terminology correctly.


Comprehensively explain how media  audiences respond to media products with  elucidated examples and consistently  using subject terminology correctly.


Present an analysis of a media product  with supporting arguments and elucidated  examples, and consistently using subject  terminology correctly.

The above criteria are covered in this assignment

Authentication Statement This form must be signed by both the candidate and the centre­assessor, and attached to the  candidate’s coursework submission. Any candidate unable to provide a signed authentication  statement may receive zero credit for the unit.  Notice to Candidates  The work you submit for assessment must be your own.  You may be disqualified from this  assignment if you copy from someone else, copy from downloaded or published materials, allow  another candidate to copy from you, or if you cheat in any other way.  Any information used must be  correctly referenced to its original source. Declaration of Authentication  I have read and understood the Notice to Candidates above. I have produced the attached work  without assistance, other than that which my teacher has explained is acceptable within the  specification. 

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Points of View Assignment Brief  
Points of View Assignment Brief  

Assignment Brief 1. Check you have completed as much of the assignment as you are able, taking note of the grading checklist with reference...