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The Wilberforce Trust is a Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered in England and Wales with Charitable Status. Registered Charity No. 1087065 Registered Company No. 4228432


Insight | Spring 2020

Welcome Words

In each edition of our Insight magazine I like to focus on a particular trend in the world of charities and social good and consider the place of the Wilberforce Trust in that world. Leaving a legacy can be a sensitive topic to talk about yet legacies make up almost a third of the income for some of the very largest national charities. Ones that will be very familiar to you. At the Wilberforce Trust we cannot boast this statistic. We know that people value us for our work with them, their loved ones, friends and families and yet we see as little as £0 to £10k in legacies in any given year. We are always touched when people remember us in this way but it is perhaps a little less frequent than we’d expect. We constantly ask ourselves how can we better connect with people to recognise us, not only when they think of us us today , but when they think ahead of how best their monies can be used to help others when they are no longer here. Tackling this difficult subject has been made a little easier recently because the Wilberforce Trust can now offer a free will writing service offer in conjunction with local solicitors. You can register for this service with and we can make you an appointment. There is no obligation of course, to leave us a gift by taking part in this offer but income from legacies would enable us to offer a wider range of services to people at a time in their life when they feel alone or fearful. Many people leave making a will off their “to do” list but if you can ensure that the money and property you have worked hard for all your life is going to the people and places you value most, that brings peace of mind and reassurance

Almost 2000 people in our area will have a visual impairment by 2050 and over a fifth of the population will suffer with hearing loss by 2035. Your gift could help us ensure that we are always there to support people at a difficult time in their lives. I hope that you enjoy this edition of the Insight magazine; so much activity and things to celebrate. Our call to ‘lets do more, let’s do it together’ really has inspired you all, so many thanks for your support now and for the future generations to come who may need us here to help and support them.

Happy reading,



Insight | Spring 2020

What’s Inside...

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Fundraising Info

What to do with your newsletter when you’ve finished with it… Please don’t bin it, it’s such a useful tool in the campaign to increase awareness of sight and hearing impairment and other disabilities. Take it to your doctor’s surgery, hospital waiting room or library or just generally where somebody may find the information invaluable. Contributions to our newsletter are always welcome. The Trust does not necessarily share all

the views and opinions expressed by contributors.


Insight | Spring 2020

Exciting LLZ News Our LLZ introduces a range of new sensory sessions... The team has been working behind the scenes to come up with a new and exciting programme of our Active Sensory Sessions to deliver as part of our Living and Learning Zone. We have listened to feedback and suggestions from a variety of previous attendees with one of the recurring themes being that the people who come along like to have a bit of variety within the sessions, so that is exactly what we have done!

We’ve come up with a 12-week rolling plan, with a different session on every 2 weeks, over the 12-week period. The themes we will be delivering are: Craft Sensory A craft making session allowing attendees to make a themed item during the session and take it home with them. All craft items are tactile and sensory based. Active Sensory Group games and activities such as parachute games, large skittles and bell balls. All games

suitable for wheelchair users. Music Sensory Anything from playing musical instruments, group singing, listening to music and karaoke. There may even be some dancing! Ball Sensory A variety of ball games tailored to suit different disabilities. Tactile sensory balls will also be used. All games suitable for wheelchair users. Messy Sensory A messy craft session that may include sensory bins, hand paints and slime making. Old clothes recommended! Story Sensory A bag books sensory session which is read out to the group, with the additional introduction of hand help props, sounds and scents. Stories will be seasonally based.


Insight | Spring 2020

Adult Sensory Sessions Come and get involved with our new programme of Sensory Sessions in our LLZ at the Wilberforce Trust, 49 North Moor Rd, York, YO32 9QN Our newly themed Active Sensory Sessions are now running once a fortnight on a Wednesday, throughout 2020

Ball Sensory Sessions

Craft Sensory Sessions

Story Sensory Sessions

Music Sensory Sessions

Wednesday 25th March 1pm- 2.15pm– Ball Sensory

Wednesday 8th April 1pm- 2.15pm– Messy Sensory

Wednesday 22nd April 1pm- 2.15pm– Story Sensory •

Wednesday 6th May 1pm- 2.15pm– Craft Sensory

Wednesday 20th May 1pm- 2.15pm- Active Sensory

Wednesday 3rd June 1pm- 2.15pm– Music Sensory

The above timetable will then continue every other Wednesday throughout 2020. We also have our Adults Basic Sensory sessions running every other Tuesday 10-12 on the same weeks as above. Please contact Reception for more information.


Insight | Spring 2020

Support Workers, York and Tadcaster, Full and Part-Time Vacancies Excellent rate of pay and health care package Full comprehensive and competitive training packages 20/25 days holiday Stand out and make a difference... become a support worker!

Join our community To apply and for more information about our role and the Trust please visit our website Email Natalie for more information!

Call Us 01904 760037


Insight | Spring 2020

YORKOPOLY 2nd May How well do you know your city?

• • •


Insight | Spring 2020

Meet The Team We love introducing new members to our team at the Trust… Abbie Robinson comes from a family who love Scouting, so adventures outdoors come naturally to her. She has loved climbing since the age of 5 but during her teenage years problems with her sight began affecting her ability to climb. At the age of 17 she was finally given a correct diagnosis of Stargardt’s Macular Dystrophy which is a form of sight loss that causes a reduction in central detailed vision affecting the individual’s ability to see what is directly ahead and also impacts on reading and writing. Undeterred by this diagnosis, Abbie, who is currently studying digital media at Leeds University, became a GB Para-climber and in 2018 became World Champion in her category. We are so proud to have a gold medallist as an Ambassador for the Trust. Abbie knows what it is like to deal with people’s stereotyped views of what blindness means. She uses a white cane when travelling or in a strange place and people tell her “you don’t look blind”. What should a blind person look like? We believe that people like Abbie are fantastic role models as they show how it is possible to live the life you want to live whatever your disability. Creating more awareness about the kind of help and

support people with vision impairments actually need is what our rehab team do every day. Our goal is to enable people with sight loss or other sensory impairments to live fulfilling, independent lives. Paraclimbing is an International Paralympic Committee recognised sport and they are hoping to qualify for the 2028 Olympics when it will be held in Los Angeles where no doubt Abbie will add to her medal haul. Welcome aboard Abbie!


Insight | Spring 2020

sight loss you couldn’t keep Nigel off a bike for long. He had the skill, he had the muscle memory and when Scunthorpe Speedway invited him to get back on a bike he completed six laps to tremendous applause.

Nigel Limb at the Wilberforce Trust’s Bike Show in September Nigel Limb was racing on Mablethorpe Beach back in December 2015 when he crashed and was left in a coma after his head swelled to twice its size. His wife was told that an MRI scan had revealed that Nigel had severe brain damage and would most likely die from his injuries within the next few days or be left in a vegetative state. The consultant requested permission to turn off his life support machine and his wife asked if it could be left on over the weekend while she got ready to say goodbye. Then, on Monday, he woke up. The crash had caused major sight loss and Nigel had to face the loss of his business running a garage and as a floating MOT Tester. There were some tough times ahead. Despite his

For the Wilberforce Trust, Nigel is an amazing Ambassador. He is living proof that life doesn’t end when you lose your sight. It doesn’t have to mean the end of your hopes and dreams and your passion for your favourite hobby. With the right support and adaptation life can still be full of fun and happiness as well as the challenges and frustrations that come with any disability. Now known as the “Blind Bloke Racing” Nigel has made a documentary with his wife Julie about their experience and he has appeared at different biker’s events telling his story. We have found the biker community to be a generous and warm-hearted bunch of people who love nothing more than to talk bikes and now we have Nigel on board we hope that next year’s Bike Show will be even bigger. Being a fantastic role model for visually impaired people was never Nigel’s plan but he has shown by his example, his courage and his determination that he can bring hope to other people facing sight loss.

Welcome aboard Nigel!


Insight | Spring 2020

Meet The Team A day in the life of our Support Worker, Louise. “I love seeing them happy, this is what makes my day.” There is no such thing as a typical day in support work. Every single day is as different as each individual tenant we support. Each individual has independent needs to help them live the best way for them. One day I could be in the service all day baking, then the next day I could be strolling around the town. Another day we could be at the cinema or going to use the trampoline in the Centre. The constant I do have is doing personal care, this could be helping as much as just a prompt or shaving a tenant. Evening meals are a great time as I get the tenants to come help prepare the dinner using hand over hand and they love to be involved in cooking for their house mates! What‘s the best thing about being a Support Worker? My job is very rewarding and seeing my tenants happy and content shows I’m supporting them to my best ability, supporting them to have as much independence as they need. I love

seeing them happy; this is what makes my day. Which 3 words best describe your role? Exhilarating, challenging and rewarding. To hear more about joining our team as a Support Worker for the Wilberforce Trust, contact Natalie on or 01904 760037.


Insight | Spring 2020

won the Minster FM People’s Choice Award for Charity Event of the Year! 2. Volunteers supported a variety of fundraising events and helped us to raise an incredible £5,362!

3. We launched the Volunteer Above and Beyond Award which we are incredibly pleased to have so far been able to award to Pat, David and Pam.

We wouldn’t be able to reach and support as many individuals with sight loss and/or hearing loss, as well as other disabilities, if it wasn’t for our volunteers. So we want to celebrate our volunteer’s achievements and the impact all of our volunteers have had throughout the course of 2019. From the launch of Club Wilber and the support provided to our children and families activities, the incredible fundraising activities and events, the broadening of available volunteering opportunities, volunteer awards, and the sheer amount of support provided to all of the work the Trust does, 2019 was a busy year for volunteering! Here are just some of the highlights of the year: 1. Our first Club Wilber event, the Easter Egg Hunt, went down so well with the families who attended and

4. During 2019 we grew from having 42 volunteers in January to 71 by the end of December. 5. Over the course of the year, volunteers donated 912 hours of their time. Looking ahead to 2020, we are working towards continuing to improve the volunteer experience, expand the variety of ways in which volunteers can get involved with the work of the Trust, engage more young people in volunteering, and continue to promote the value of volunteering within the local community. So, once again, to all of our volunteers, thank you so much for all that you do, we really value each and every single one of you, and we look forward to doing even more together in 2020!


Insight | Spring 2020

The Yorsensory Team are really pleased to present their new Yorsensory Logo, now more in line with the new Wilberforce Trust updated branding. The team has also expanded recently with Helen Cheetham coming on board as the new Contracts and Services Manager. Here is a picture of the current team who are busy completing sensory impairment assessments, designing training programmes, arranging support groups, booking outreach events and promoting all the great work of Yorsensory!

Recent Case Study One of our Assessors recently supported a deaf gentleman living with his wife who is also deaf and two hearing children. He and his wife both work, but he has sole responsibility for the children when his wife is at work including getting them ready and taking them to school in the morning. Difficulties reported were: —> He has been sleeping with his mobile phone under his pillow to ensure he wakes in time for school and work. This has not been ideal as the gentleman is aware that the phone manufacturers advice is not to sleep with your phone as this could be unsafe, however he has felt that he has had no other choice. —> In addition to this he is also unable to hear the doorbell and recalled a time when his daughter answered the door to someone without his knowledge, which concerned him regarding his family safety.

—> He also reported not being able to hear his smoke alarm and having to be woken by his son in the middle of the night. The gentleman is extremely vigilant in keeping his family safe, but these issues have caused an impact on his wellbeing and increased his anxiety as a result. Our Assessor made an appointment, alongside a British Sign Language Interpreter to go over these issues and arranged for the following: —> Full sensory impairment assessment completed (where difficulties in understanding correspondence and paperwork and gaining assistance whilst shopping were also identified)


Insight | Spring 2020

—> Alarm clocks demonstrated and most suitable one issued to the gentleman —> Advice given regarding the green lanyard scheme for assistance in supermarkets —> Information given on current situation regarding advocacy in York and details for the Royal Deaf Association provided —> Case of need request sent to City of York Council for equipment to promote safety from fire and unknown callers (product and installation information provided) —> Advice given regarding DIY options to make door entry safer. The gentleman was really happy with the support given and collected the new equipment from the Yorsensory team on a day when a BSL interpreter was also available and now feels much more confident protecting his family at home.


Phil Neath


Insight | Spring 2020

Club Wilber Club Wilber wins Silver Award for Charity Event of the year!

Pictured: Ginny, Natalie, Philippa, Mel and Carol.

We were thrilled to be invited to the Minster FM Listeners Choice Awards last October, having being nominated for ‘Charity Event of the Year’ for the Easter Egg Hunt we held in April 2019; a specially adapted egg hunt for children with visual impairments in which children would search for large beeping eggs and then exchange them for chocolate ones! The event gained media attention and was publicised on ITV Calendar. It was a great success; for a lot of the children it was the first time they had been able to enjoy a specially adapted egg hunt. The awards evening was a fantastic night and the team were delighted to win the Silver Award!

We would like to express a very big thank you to everyone who voted for us.

This year’s Egg Hunt will be held on Easter Sunday, 12th April, and we are looking for donations of Easter Eggs. If you would like to donate an Easter Egg for the event, please drop this off to Wilberforce House, 49 North Moor Road, York YO32 9QN. Thank you for your continued



Insight | Spring 2020

The much awaited Cadbury World trip went ahead on the 9th of November and was a great success. 9 families from across the Yorkshire region which included 12 children with a visual impairment and also two adults with a visual impairment boarded the coach ready for a fun filled day at Cadbury World.

sections of the tour such as the Cadabra ride and the 4D cinema. The children learnt all about how Cadbury started as the whole presentation was oral as well as pictorial. They were able to use the chocolate to write their names with help if required. They were also given the opportunity to temper chocolate and of course they were given many samples of chocolate throughout the tour and even more when they were in the chocolate making department. The Cadabra Ride Pictured: Amy, Fredo and Grace. was a highlight for some of them which involved them sitting in a ‘beanmobile’ Cadbury World is very good at catering and enjoying a gentle ride through a for individuals that have disabilities and number of different chocolate worlds. so we were very well looked after during However, the 4D cinema was definitely our time there. The families were given the preferred choice for some of the special access for the tour which children as the thrill of being on a allowed them to go in first and have rollercoaster, diving into a bowl of liquid some time without other members of Cadbury Dairy Milk and flying in the the public being there and they did not Cadbury Crème Egg was incredibly need to queue for any of the other exciting for them.


Insight | Spring 2020

Pictured: Freddie and Cerys at the chocolate Pictured: some of the members of Club Wilber

This trip allowed the children to spend time with children they had never met before as some of the families were new to Club Wilber so it allowed the parents to do the same. They were able to enjoy a day out together as a family and with new friends and peers. This is the essence of Club Wilber!

“Our son enjoyed himself. It was a lovely day and it’s nice for him to go and meet other young people facing similar VI challenges”

“I hope we go to some more events like this in future so Tobias can meet friends as he doesn’t really have many friends in his present school and it’s very important for VI children to have their socialisation needs met. It’s much harder for them to make friends and be included and when they are this helps towards creating positive mental health and positive experiences”

“This charity and its donors need to know just how valuable that is and what a great job they all do. Thank you very much, the chocolate was nice too”


Insight | Spring 2020

Club Wilber Launch Event We hosted our Club Wilber launch event on the 27th of February and what an amazing evening it was. The evening consisted of businesses from Yorkshire who have pledged to support Club Wilber through sponsorship and businesses who are interested in joining us along with other groups that are working with us currently such as York City Knights, Julius Baer and William Birch. We also had the pleasure of honoured guests attending the night in the form

of two of our Club Wilber members Amy and Fred and the great great great great grandson of William Wilberforce. The evening allowed us to show our passion and drive for Club Wilber, share with the guests the incredible work we have already done and plans that we have for the future. We were also able to finally introduce our Club Wilber mascot; Wilber the Mole and all the merchandise a child will receive through the family membership.

Founding Sponsors

Dark Blue

Poetry For All Friday 27th March 19:45 ÂŁ6.00 Entry Poetry for All brings the joy of poetry and the spoken word to everyone with its potential to open up new emotional and intellectual experiences you never knew you had. Filled with humour, pathos, drama and visuals, this event is open to everyone with an interest in the spoken word but has been specially adapted for people with sight and hearing loss and other disabilities. The event, which is fully accessible, will feature British Sign Language (BSL) interpretation and Big Screen Projection of the poems. Support dogs and carers are welcome. Presented by the Wilberforce Trust and Stairwell Books.

Telephone: 01904 623568 Visit:


Insight | Spring 2020

When Philippa Met William What’s in a name? Well, quite a lot when your name is William Wilberforce. And our Chief Executive was delighted to be able to meet the great, great, great, great grandson of the famous anti-slavery campaigner and Hull-born MP at the beautiful Markington Hall, the estate that passed to the Wilberforce family in 1733. With a Yorkshire Post photographer in tow, William and his wife Julie showed Philippa some of the mementoes of Mr Wilberforce including a cameo with a lock of his hair and an iron box made from slave manacles as well as a beautiful portrait hanging in the music room.

William was very impressed to hear about our work and happy to support us in any way he can. His esteemed ancestor fought hard for human rights and dignity and the work we do with disabled people is based on the same principles of equity and inclusion.

“It’s been really interesting because I have been able to hear a lot more about Philippa’s plans for the trust” - William

“There’s no point designing services that people don’t want. You need to design services that help people to live in today’s world” - Philippa


Insight | Spring 2020

DELTA Update

determination, including re-laying the road into the site when the ground underneath the road was found to be too soft.

After much anticipation our builders took possession of the site on the 25th November with a build programme scheduled to complete in February 2021. Well, It probably hasn’t escaped you but we’ve had a lot of rain in recent days, weeks and months and this has contributed to create some challenging conditions for our builders. However, they have tackled each and every challenge so far with

As we approach the end of February we will at last begin to see the start of our new development taking shape as the builders will be starting on the foundations, which they will complete by late spring. As we move towards summer the building will quickly begin to rise up out of the ground with approximately 100,000 bricks being laid. Keep any eye out on our social media accounts and our next edition of Insight for more news as the build progresses. Fun was very much on the agenda at the School for the Blind. In this photo we can see Joseph and four students on a day trip to Scarborough in 1925. David comments “they all had a great time. They weren’t poor little blind children. They did everything that sighted children would do – donkey riding, paddling, all the rest of it. They were very ebullient and happy and some of them didn’t even seem to know that they were blind.”


Insight | Spring 2020

Step Back In Time... It is that philosophy which we have taken forward in our work ever since. We see the person and not the disability and our goal is to enable that person to live their life the way they choose.

Because we will soon be moving to a new building we’ve become more interested in the history of the Wilberforce Trust so what a treat it was to meet up with John and Christine Lacy (brother and sister in law of our tenant Robert Lacy and whose parents attended the Yorkshire School for the Blind), Derek Waudby (whose father was an adult pupil at the School) and David McElheran (whose father was a young blind music master there when Derek’s dad was a pupil) who were all able to shed light on what it was like to be at the school. David has written a brief history of his father’s connection at the school (which was in King’s Manor) which David visited frequently as a boy himself. However, one thing David never knew is what had happened to the large marble bust of William Wilberforce that used to stand in the porter’s lodge at the school, despite having asked the question through the Evening Press in 2008. As soon as I read the statement I was able to solve the mystery for David! The bust has been on loan to the Wilberforce Museum in Hull since our house at Dringthorpe was

closed in the 1990’s. Once the new building is complete it will be proudly back on display where it belongs at the Wilberforce Trust. The history of the Wilberforce Trust gives a fascinating insight into attitudes to disability and blindness. It also highlights the enlightened approach the Trust took since it was founded in 1833. When we ran the Yorkshire School for the Blind at King’s Manor, education, sport and music were given a high priority. Children leaving the School were able to earn a living through handicrafts and indeed in music too.

David McElheran kindly shared with us some photos that his father Joseph, who taught at the School in the 1920s, had taken. Joseph McElheran, David’s father, was the only blind teacher at the school and he was the highly gifted Music Master. He was also the church organist at St Michael le Belfry.


Insight | Spring 2020

Fundraising Information Despite the bad weather and the closure of the Folk Hall car park our Christmas Fayre on 23 November was a big success. With 40 exciting raffle prizes on offer and a range of fantastic stalls offering plants, jam, cakes, a bottle and a regular tombola, jewellery and Santa’s grotto there was something for everyone to enjoy. Thanks, of course, go to our fabulous volunteers without which events like this are just not possible and thanks also to the staff at the Folk Hall who were super helpful about the car parking and made us all feel so welcome. The money raised was terrific and our best year yet. Thank you

On 18 December we held our 7th annual community carol service at All Saints Church in Huntington. This is always a great chance to reflect on our role as a charity and our role in the community and is well attended by both our tenants, our friends from other charity organisations and members of the Huntington community. Many thanks to Vicar Ian and helper Heather for making it another memorable occasion. We’ve recently received some very good news in terms of funding for our new build project from some very significant funders since November as we have been awarded from the Bradbury Foundation, from the Wolfson Foundation and from the Garfield Weston Foundation. Our heartfelt thanks making the Living and Learning zone a reality.



Phil Neath

Phil Neath

Thank you for all your legacy and living lega


Insight | Spring 2020

One of our wonderful tenants, Robert, was thrilled to be get free tickets recently for two different theatre shows; Disney on Ice and Alice in Wonderland at the Montgomery Theatre in Sheffield. When Robert heard that these tickets were available, he accepted them straight away, having a love for all things Disney! The tickets were coordinated through Ticket Bank, a project in Sheffield who coordinate free tickets to events for individuals with accessibility issues. Thank you to Ticket Bank and the Montgomery Theatre for making the trip happen. Robert says: “I got the tickets free from Ticket Bank. I went to see Alice in wonderland and Disney on Ice. I really enjoyed seeing the Disney characters dance and the ice cream I had. I am very grateful I was able to go to both these shows” A FEW MENTIONS, BUT SO MANY OTHERS TOO OF OUR FABULOUS SUPPORTERS ANDDONORS : THANK YOU Thanks to the People’s Postcode Lottery for their grant towards our new Deaf Café for adults. Keep your eyes peeled for details about the new café which should be starting very soon. #peoplespostcodelottery Thank you to the W L Pratt Charitable Trust for their very kind donation towards our community services. Thank you Coop Charity Fund for raising money for us and thanks Ramsdens Solicitors for releasing a dormant client account. Thank you Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors for releasing a dormant client account and thanks to St Margaret’s Girl’s Association for donating.

Thank you to York Ainsty Rotary for allowing us to be the recipients of their Santa Float collection from the Beckfield Lane area in December. With their help and with the assistance of our own wonderful volunteers we raised a great sum of money. Massive thank you to Mrs J Murray for donating.

Thanks to the Holbeck Trust for donating towards our art project and thanks to Kate Malyn Opticians in Easingwold for collecting donations from their customers.

acy donations and all the general donations.


Insight | Spring 2020

CHARITY GOLF DAY 4th June at York Golf Club

2019’s Winning Team featuring Andy Sellars, former World Blind Golf Champion

Raising funds for our new Activities Room catering for people of all ages who live with sight or hearing loss


Insight | Spring 2020

Held at the beautiful York Golf Club in Strensall, you will be treated to a Golf Day with a difference: •

You will play an 18 hole round in teams of 4 followed by a delicious two course dinner with wine

You will receive a goodie bag and a chance to buy brand new Adidas golf wear at bargain prices

You will also be offered the opportunity to see how it feels to play golf as a visually impaired person. Julie Day, one of our Rehab Officers, will bring a selection of simulation spectacles and you can see how it feels to putt the ball whilst wearing them

Our After Dinner Speaker this year is gold medallist and World Champion B2 paraclimber, Abbie Robinson. Abbie is a Wilberforce Ambassador who has Stargardt’s disease who was part of the team that secured 9 medals from last year’s World Championships. She will talk about how her sight loss developed and how it affected her sports career

There will be a raffle with some unique football memorabilia as the star prize

Players will compete for top team, nearest the pin and longest drive trophies

Views across the course

Thank You Stay up to date with the latest developments, fundraising projects and events. Join our mailing list or get involved, anything you can do will help make a difference to someone living with sight or hearing loss.

Upcoming events: New Sensory Sessions—from 25th March

• •

Yorkopoly—2nd May

Charity Golf Day at York Golf Club—4th June Art Workshop— from 6th June

• • •

Dragon Boat Race—12th July Yorkshire Day Raffle—1st August

Dine in the Dark Dinner—1st August


The Wilberforce Trust is a Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered in England and Wales with Charitable Status. Registered Charity No. 1087065 Registered Company No. 4228432

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