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The Wilberforce Trust is a Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered in England and Wales with Charitable Status. Registered Charity No. 1087065 Registered Company No. 4228432


Insight | Spring/Summer 2017

We constantly ask ourselves ‘Is our Charity really as effective as it can be?’ and how best we can stretch ourselves to serve our beneficiaries of our services. Making bold changes and striving for excellence is the one objective that is valued by all associated with the Wilberforce Trust from Trustees to staff and volunteers. One of my charities biggest questions is are we generating enough income and achieving financial sustainability, in order to be effective and provide the things people ask of us. This consideration often makes it difficult to attempt to change what we have done for a considerable time. Knowing that client’s needs and desires change as the world around us does constantly, we know we must be bold, push forward listening to and developing new support mechanisms with our clients. I am delighted to see the new sensory hub as one of those bold new achievements and look forward to the next step in the sensory services with the mobile unit in the summer. Thank you to all staff and volunteers pioneering new and innovative ways to support people in ever increasing challenging times for charities. Thank you for the donations kindly made to us and for the work carried out by our staff and volunteers.


Features Sensory Services Hub The Wilberforce Trust are proud and privileged to be the providers of the new Sensory Services Hub. From the 1st of April the Sensory Services Hub opened at our headquarters in Huntington. It provides support and information for people with a Visual Impairment, Hearing Loss and Dual Sensory Loss across York and its extended communities. Yorsensory will be the key brand for the Sensory Services Hub. The Hub will offer a range of services from registration, assessments and equipment training to befriending, outreach and community engagement. Based in the community, the Hub will provide open doors to anyone with a Visual Impairment, Hearing Loss or Dual Sensory Loss. The new Hub will expand on existing links with local and national organisations to ensure the best outcome for each individual who passes through its door. Yorsensory working together with Action for Hearing Loss secured a three year contract for the Hub services from City of York Council. Through combined knowledge, expertise and skill sets the new extended sensory service will be delivered across the city. The hub is open 9-5, Mon to Friday at our offices in Huntington. Please call 01904 202292.

York Statistics: There are 202,433 people living in York of which an estimated 6,530 live with Visual Impairment. The total population of York aged 18 and over with hearing loss or a hearing impairment was at 20,410 in 2015. Nationally Commissioned research estimates around 572 in every 100,000 are deafblind. This means that there are currently in the region of 1,144 people in York who are DeafBlind.

Spring/Summer 2017 | Insight


Features IT Support Services Expand Christine, our Assistive Technology Advisor, has been working hard over the past year to get our customer services up and running. Through regular drop in sessions, one to one tutorials and home visits Christine has established our service for IT support. From finding the latest accessible technology, researching and reviewing apps and providing step by step guides Christine endeavours to find what works best for you. Whether it’s facetiming a family member, setting up voice over for emails or just building your confidence with your existing technology the support is here. Now the service is extending. As well as the one to one support for individuals Christine is now available on a consultancy basis for organisations who would benefit from help with accessible technology. This is a great way to get a tech group together and be able to have an assistive technology specialist join your group to help the conversation, discussions, demonstrations and general trouble shooting of devices.

New Subscription Service We are excited to say that we now have an online subscription service! This enables us to post seasonal priority information packs containing the latest updates to technology information. This includes shortcuts, tips and tricks, app reviews, suggestions, Q&A, and other various hardware technology information. This information will also be available online through a membership link provided; where members can download a PDF, listen to audio files or use a reader online to access the information. This is a great way to keep up to date and confident with using technology. Currently, yearly membership fees for community are £140 and £35 for an individual.


Insight | Spring/Summer 2017

Features Overview of Services





Technology Drop-in Session

Wilberforce Trust

1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month. between 10:30 – 2pm


Technology Drop-in Session

York Explore Library

Started Spring 2017


One-to-One Support

Wilberforce Trust or our outreach

by appointment

£20 per hour


by appointment

£220 per day, 7 ‘day’ sessions minimum + travel


by appointment

£35 per hour + travel (2 hours minimum)

Consultancy / Training for organisations

Website Subscription Service


Community £140 Personal £35 (yearly)

Talks, Demos and Presentations can also be booked and prices are available upon request. Spring/Summer 2017 | Insight


Technology How To Use The New 'Hidden' Magnifier for iPhone To be able to use this new feature you need to first turn it on in Settings, this post will guide you through how that's done and then you'll be able to easily and quickly access it from the home button. 1. Access your Settings app You can ask Siri to 'Open Settings' or go to the app and tap it open. 2. Navigate to "General" > select it, then tap the "Accessibility" tab

3. From the General screen, you need to navigate to > "Magnifier" and slide the button to enable it You can also enable the optional > "Auto Brightness" to adjust contrast and brightness according to ambient light. 4. Once turned on you can click your home button 3 times to launch the Magnifier

Other things to try: You can Zoom into the text using a finger slide. Slide up to zoom in or slide down to zoom out. Remember if you do zoom in you'll need to wait a moment or two for it to re-focus. There may also be a fair amount of 'shake' when the phone is zoomed in as much as that so you may need to place the phone somewhere secure and zoom once it's in place. You can also lock the focus when using magnifier. Using the 'shutter' button will take a


Insight | Spring/Summer 2017


still photo of the document you are looking at, so you can move it around and read it clearer than when it's shaking from natural hand movements. So when you tap the shutter, it will lock the image for you. Tap again to unlock.

Users can lock focus and adjust colours when this feature is in use. Users can invert colours once a frame of text has been snapped and zoomed into. Colours can be adjusted by selecting options such as Yellow/Blue or White/Blue, and brightness and contrast can be increased or decreased until the text on the screen is clearly visible.

Technology Drop in We welcome you to our technology Drop In Sessions. If you or a friend or family member have a visual impairment and may need help or advice for using technology then visit us during a session. Sessions are the First & Third Tuesday, anytime between 10:30am – 2:00pm at Wilberforce House in Huntington

Old Technology Donations please Can you donate any old phones, tablets or laptops? We need a range of good quality technology for our IT support services. Your unused devices could help others to use technology to improve their daily

lives. Donations can be dropped in to the Wilberforce Trust : 49 North Moor Road Huntington, York Spring/Summer 2017 | Insight


Fundraising London Marathon 2017 On April 23rd Jacqui Wilson, our Strategic Business Manager, ran the Virgin Money London Marathon. Fighting through illness, rainy days and downright tiredness, Jacqui pressed on to run the 26 mile slog. Travelling down to London with her family and supporters Jacqui completed the Marathon in a personal best time: 4hr 39m 23 secs. Jacqui is raising funds towards our Mobile Dual Sensory Unit, a mobile information unit which will provide sensory information and services to the more remote areas of Yorkshire.

4hr 39m 23 s £1,265

So far she has raised a staggering £1,265. You can still donate to Jacqui's fundraising page at. A huge thank you to Jacqui for taking on this enormous challenge for the benefit of the Trust. You have done an amazing job. Well Done!

UPDATE: Mobile Dual Sensory Unit We have been raising money for the Unit for a while now and you may be wondering why you haven’t seen it yet? You’ll be pleased to know that the body of the Unit is being constructed at the moment in Germany. It will then be shipped to the UK and fitted out in Grimsby, ready to take outreach to areas where it is needed. We hope to see the Unit with us by mid-July when we will soon have it rolling out. Watch this space for more details. Best wishes Anne, Fundraising Manager


Insight | Spring/Summer 2017

Fundraising The Wilberforce Walk 2017

Following on from the success of last years Wilberforce Walk we are doing it again! Last year we raised over ÂŁ5000 toward our Mobile Dual Sensory Unit. This year fundraising continues as we purchase the Unit and get ready to send it out across York and the surrounding communities.

The Mobile Dual Sensory Unit will be key to getting out and seeing people who may struggle to get into our hub in Huntington. Many people who struggle with their vision and hearing will benefit from a service that goes into their community. The Unit will provide essential information advice and services at accessible points across the region.

The Walks The Wilberforce Way covers 60 miles of the Yorkshire Wolds. There are six walks to choose from on the day: Walk One: The Waterfront Way (10.8 miles) Walk Two: The Westwood Way (11.7 miles) Walk Three: The Weighton Way (12.7 miles) Walk Four: The Water Way (10.8 miles) Walk Five: The Woods Way (11.3 miles) Accessible walk: The Walmgate Way (3.2 miles) To find out more about the walks and to register for the challenge please visit

Spring/Summer 2017 | Insight


Healthy Eating Eating for your Health What you eat has an impact on your body, not just on your weight and physical fitness but on your bones, skin and eyes. There are several vitamins and minerals that can help to protect your sight and keep your eyes healthy. Omega 3 May help protect against dry eyes, macular degeneration and cataracts. Fish is a great source of Omega 3 Antioxidants

Lutein and zeaxanthin may help reduce your risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. Found in spinach, kale and broccoli Vitamin C Help support blood vessels in the eye and may reduce risk of cataracts. Found in oranges, peaches, strawberries & tomatoes. Vitamin A Needed by the retina for both low light and colour vision. Found in eggs, cheese, milk & yoghurt Vitamin E Hinders growth of cataracts and age related macular degeneration. Found in peanuts, almonds & hazelnuts Zinc Helps to get Vitamin A from the liver to the retina. Also aids with night vision. Red kidney beans, lentils, beef, oysters & poultry all provide zinc nutrients. Low GI

A diet that is low in trans and saturated fats helps prevent retina diseases. Brown rice, oats and whole-wheat breads and pasta are good sources.


Insight | Spring/Summer 2017

Tenant News Sniller’s Blog: Germany

Germany. What an amazing place. We travelled to Germany by plane and hired a car once we got there. The first thing we did was stop and have a Bratwurst (German sausage) and a decent coffee. I went in September 2016 with Simon and Lisa. We stayed in Berchtesgarten in Bavaria. It is a place steeped in history and I loved finding out all I could about the place. It was Hitler's favourite place and where he ran to at the beginning of the end of the war, we went up to the Eagles nest where we climbed up the mountain. It was the place I have heard about where the American soldiers came to find him and his henchmen. It is also a place of outstanding beauty, third best in the world, refreshing lakes and fresh air. Lisa and Si would describe the scenery and how the clouds were lifting off the mountains that were in front of us when we had a cup of tea on our balcony. The German people are so friendly and looked after me really well. A man on the boat trip blew his horn into the mountains and it echoed back, this was to show me how vast and high they were. I paddled in Lake Konigsee. It was a very hot day and it really cooled me down. We walked in woods, sunbathed by the lake, we ate fantastic food, drank German dunkel beer and we went across the border to Austria where I listened to Mozart in his childhood home and heard the story of his father, sister and of Mozart. The music was fabulous. We went into a very high fort. There was so much to feel, listen to and explore that I was jiggered every night. I have said I want to move to Germany but only if I could take my supporters too. Spring/Summer 2017 | Insight


Join our Board of Trustees This is an exciting time to join a proactive Charity Board of Trustees of one of the area’s most progressive and innovative providers of high quality support services to visually impaired people including those with other disabilities. The full Board of Trustees meets quarterly at the headquarters in Huntington York and on average Trustees commit to around 5 hours a month working on committees and working groups with the CEO and Senior Management team. Trustees are volunteers but can receive expenses. What are we looking for? We are currently reviewing our ongoing strategy and are looking for a number of Trustees who are interested in helping us to continue to shape our future strategic direction. We are particularly keen to recruit forward thinking people with a commercial or not for profit background in one or more of the following areas    

Public Relations Fundraising Human Resources Financial and Business Management

We would welcome applications from people from the ophthalmic healthcare sector or people with the above skills with a visual impairment. Practical Considerations The full Board of Trustees meet quarterly usually on Tuesday afternoon/evening. Many of the Trustees join the subcommittees also meeting quarterly one or two weeks prior to the Board Meeting. Sub committees;   

Finance and Personnel Compliance Yorsight / Yorsensory (our services outside of housing and care support)

To request an application pack or to arrange to discuss the process further with the Chief Executive contact.

Insight spring 2017  

Our latest edition of Insight - introducing our sensory hub, technology services and an update on our fundraising.

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