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F. Rivas

He was born in San Salvador, El Salvador. He started to read English books from every author and any kind because he wanted to increase his vocabulary, when he was 18 years old. Then he stated to study a major at Universidad Tecnol贸gica de El Salvador. He still read books and he still studies his major in order to have and increase a good vocabulary in the English language.


She is Catherine villeda. She was born in EL Salvador in Maternidad hospital in San Salvador she was born on September 26, 1991 she is studying bachelor degree in English She decided to study in Universidad Tecnologica de El Salvador because she wanted to learn other language and improve all the skills that she has. She enjoyed reading comedy and romantic book also watch movies and go out with her friends. She is very friendly, kind, loyal and honest. She interested in learning more English and also improver her vocabulary and be a good professional in her career.

Lopéz W. Wilber Alexander López was born on Wednesday, August 25th, 1983 in Puerto La Libertad, El Salvador. He was born in a difficult time due to the civil war in El Salvador where everybody fought for surviving every day because of the clashes between the Guerrilla and the Armed Force. Roberto Lopez and Amelia Meléndez are Wilber´s parents. He also has a sister Liliana López the one that he loves, not only for being his sister but she is the one who grew up together and spent a lot of beautiful time when they were kids. He started his elementary school when he was 6 years old and finished junior high school at the age of 14 years old, it was a small school which is called “Escuela El Cimarron”. Wilber started high school in 1999 when he was sixteen years old and finishing in 2001. He could not begin the university because of the economic issues. He had to work in order to pay his studies but his wage was not enough. Then a new opportunity to get a scholarship was presented and he could study a Technician in business administration and in 2008 he got another one to study what he really loved and it was English in one of the best Academies in our country, which is Academia Europea. Then in 2010 he got a new position in his job and finally he could start his studies at the university and achieve his goal which was learn English very well In 2010 he got enrolled at UTEC to study English, something that he loves doing and he has only one goal, finish his mayor and graduate to get a better future.

She is Claudia Lorena Rodríguez Cáceres. She was born in Cojutepeque Cuscatlán, San Salvador. She was born on August 11, 1991. She is 22 years old. She is studying Bachelor degree in English in Universidad Tecnologica de El Salvador and she was starting to read books about adolescents when she was 18 years old because she was interested in these books because she wants to show the importance of recognizing the changes of conducts that adolescents have and the way in which the parents have to educate them, and search the way in which the parents give the confidence to speak with their children and find the way that their adolescents speak with them about their personal problems, their emotions, their feelings, because the stage of adolescence is often a decisive stage which often makes the lives of people . She thinks that read about adolescents is very important because she want to show to the parents some strategies to educate and understand in a better way the life of adolescents and look for ways to have a good communication with them, supporting them by giving them good advice and finding solutions together to solve the problems that they are present, so that they feel supported by their parents and feel loved and-protecting them. Then she finished her high school, she started the college at Universidad Tecnologica de El Salvador. She started in Systems Engineering but she did not like this degree, so she in her second semester, she opted to study Bachelor degree in English language because she thought it would be a good way to teach the English language to others and she was happy for this change, also she opted to start to read books about teenagers to enrich their vocabulary in the English language and acquire more knowledge about the stages of adolescence. She has the purpose that parents seek ways to educate their children as long as they take decisions in which can help them and not with which they can harm them. (C. Rodríguez)

Purpose: To inform about how to get along with children in modern families. Audience: Age: 18- 80

Ethnic: Latin and American People Religion: All of them are allowed. Education: High School Professional field: Children Psychology

Gender: Female and Male

By Felix Rivas With our family. The question is why? It is possible that is the culture of our society changing? And the answer is yes. The culture the society is more liberal as 30 years ago. And if you stop to think that it was in 1984. But what are the reasons is because human beings always are trying to find their own happiness look for their independence. New human beings are different that human beings from the previous. It is not only because it is, it because the human being evolve according with the new status, society, trends and though we might not believe it from the technology. Technology had divided from our family everything is about send emails, social networks, computer work, etc. So, people are more connecting with Electronic devices that with their family, they text what they feel and they stopped to talk about it. So, that is provoking that we neglect our children and our children are coming under increasing in the technology because of they feel alone. We believe that the technology is a good tool and it is, but we cannot deny that it has changed our life for the better or for the worse. But, that is one only factor that complicate our life and our family relationship. So, you can create time to live together and ignore all the problems that happened in the day. So, as parents create a good relationship between

children and parents, good advices in order to children do not make mistakes in his younger lives. Try to do that the children understand that they are important in their lives and parents care for them. We have many problems in family because we have misunderstanding. But we have those solutions.

1- Watch what they do, not what they say. 2- Restore perspective. Act accordingly. 3- Stay and here and now. 4- Do not go into quicksand. Make them come out (Medea, 2006)

Audience: adults

The ways how to behave in

Age: 19-30

front of people and good

Nationality: Salvadoran


Purpose: to inform how to educate

In we are emphasized in

children in the best way to creating a

teaching awareness, when

new future.

they are children they



Will be better in the future. Another thing that you need


are with your child, giving them all the importance that they need. You need to take into account that many times everything you do, they also

to do is give all the time as be possible because in this way your be able to correct them or just to give them how work in family because is the first school of the society.

do it because they are in the

Another important thing with

age of they all absorb like

children is that you don’t


discriminate while you are

You are the responsible for

with a child because they are

them and show them what life

what you are with people. is

is and also teaching

important this point because

awareness of what they done.

you need to treat others

At this moment your child is

equal no matter the color,

near to you so you can give

raze, nationality .all are the


same for the society and you need to keep in mind to the children.

You can visit places with your

create the importance of

child is another way to spent

each country. A good tool

time with them and educate

that you can use to educate

about culture if you go to the

your child is teaching some

park or a museum or place

countries and their capitals

that show about the culture

to know the capacity of your

of your country.

child to memorize and help

And last but not least give to your child to be grateful for all that he/she has because in this way he is going to

them to have an own opinion about each country even if we are not agree with their opinion.

receive the importance of

If you read a book with you

what they have and how

child this can help you to

important is for us to think of

create a critical thinking

what we have and what we

skill and reading writing and


this help you to develop their

They need to create a good

sense of awareness’s.

opportunity to be awareness

Make your child responsible

of everything around them

of their behavior if they make

like his friends, the

mistakes or something wrong

neighborhood and also the

show them how to apologize


or don’t feel afraid of what

Even if they don’t travel to another country you should give them the opportunity to

they done.

How to educate children at home create or keep in mind bad ideas about the meaning of a


real family.

always ask themselves what is

the best way to educate childs at home, taking


into account that the time they spent with their


children is not enough because of their work or



many others reasons than avoid the parents share


more time with their childs and it is still more

appoint different chores to children at home are

difficult when parents know that the education

necessary to educate responsible childs for

start at home and it is here when parents are

example: housework like mopping, sweeping,

responsible of building a bright future for their

dusting, learn to children to make the bed, do the


dishes, do the laundry etc‌ Fathers can start

What children learn in childhood is the reflect of their behavior in the future, that is why parents have to be careful what they teach to their childs. Sometimes




assigning these chore works in order to show to children different situation they will face in the future.


Parents a good model to follow, sometimes

knowledge is the only way of educating children,

children look at their fathers like heroes,

but in fact, that is only a part of this, children have to know about attitude, behavior and character, those are not educational knowledge but help children to be different.

fathers become admired by their own children and they look at them like people that never make mistakes and always get the right decision and when children grow up will

Here we have some ways fathers can implement

always wish be like their parents getting

to teach children at home at home.

always the right choice.

First, fathers have to teach their children how to build a good family environment. It means that every member in the family has to change their behavior and treat others differently helping one each other’s in different situation. Love and not violence is so important because children do not

Believe that lessons school or transmitting knowledge is to be raising a child is a big mistake, education must be complemented by ethic, moral and values. (BY: W. LOPEZ)

(C. Rodriguez)

Audience: Teenagers and adults. Purpose: To inform adults the importance of the communication in the family and identify the changes of conduct that their teenagers present and find a way to have the confidence to communicate with their children. The teenager is a stage of controversy and very decisive passing youth from puberty, and facing many changes as psychological, physical, mood and others, in which many parents find it difficult to understand the changes that their children will take every day as many times parents spend engaged in work or other activities that did not to make pay adequate attention to their

teens. Parents often do not find the way to educate their children, and some parents have children at an early age and there are many things that still have not learned. For this reason it is important for parents to have the confidence and time to talk with their children and find a more practical way to learn how to educate their children and one of these is instilling values from an early age their children like: respect, confidence, responsibility, discipline, order, and others; because this will make their children will grow with these values, in which they as parents will introduce an education system at home from small which will serve them for a lifetime and will make them successful people. The education of teenagers it is paramount to their development as adults because if parents are confident with their children, it will make easier to communicate with them and have a good relationship which their families, and in many cases this will serve to help them and be together in good times and bad times because as children they will know that their parents are there to support and help them. In many cases, parents do not pay the attention that they need at this time of the life to their teenagers, and that is why many teenagers take different paths in life, which often leads to their

self-destruction as people or themselves generate psychological and physical damages to which destroy their future and in some cases up to his family ; But teenagers are not the only ones responsible for this to happen because when parents start to notice bad behavior in their teenagers is when they should call attention to their teenagers to avoid that they continue to doing the wrong things , but many times parents leave them to their fate and they let the teenagers be themselves who take charge of their lives without paying attention to them or warn them that what they are doing not carry them anything good and less to a future of progress in their lives. The parents are very important in the lives of their children, partly because they are the ones who are educating them in his image and likeness and often the children are a reflection of their parents and for this reason, parents should create an atmosphere of harmony and respect at home putting rules which must respect their children as long as parents to be giving them a good example to their children. The adolescence is a very difficult stage for parents, but where else should approach their teenagers and devote time, attention and affection and give them confidence to have a good relationship as a family; as a family is what is united in good and bad times and parents are responsible for making people well to their teenagers at home because the home and family is the first school for their children. The

parents should be aware of the behavior of their teenagers because they have mood swings that reflect the attention they need from their parents as they begin a time of change in your life and they do what they believe is right for them not because this is so , and is a very dangerous step because they take very hasty decisions which can change your life forever in minutes, and they begin to show an attitude of rebellion to prove the authority of their parents or is a way to challenge them, but at the same time they are fragile and vulnerable and feel helpless, but not want to admit that to their parents and often so cling to what your friends tell which make this allows some distance from their parents and be influenced by their friends and what they tell them and make decisions without thinking of the consequences ; but many times and like to challenge their parents to create conflict and be the center of attention in your home because they believe that often can only achieve so the attention of their parents. The parents may voice two concerns: first, they may think the teenager will intentionally come up with the easiest possible consequences, so that he or she can continue to break the rules. Second, parents may feel that this technique is a form of manipulation. (Scott, 2003).