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aki Vallejo is a Colombian singer who is based in Melbourne. She grew up in an environment where loud music and dance never seemed to ever despair its occupants. From inception, this was what influenced her musical career, which was ignited as early as she was 4 years of age.

As young as she was, she was so resilient in her musical career, as she performed in hotels, festivals, and private parties at her hometown, restaurants, and at her school’s singing festivals, in the quest of searching for a music path which she believed was her destiny. She once stated in one of her words that: “I didn’t find music, it found me”.

convergence of musicians from different parts of the word, such as—Colombia, Australia, Chile, Cuba, Greece, USA, Africa and Australia. This music is brave, joyful, rhythmic, full of life and inspired, if however combined with traditional songs; there will be an amazing new vibrant compositions.

I didn’t find music, it found me

Iaki’s debut self-titled album is set to be released on the 7th of July. As regards this effect, she will be celebrating with a launch at Bennett’s Lane, in Melbourne’s CBD. The album is a celebration of everyday life in Colombia and Melbourne, and was written in both countries. It combines Latin American flavour, beats, and storytelling with a universal appeal.

Her passion for music made her study music, dance and theatre as a discipline, which consequently transformed her into an all-round performer. Years later, Iaki moved to Bogota where she worked as a studio backup singer and later as the lead singer of her first music project. After some years, she had the opportunity to travel to Spain— where she worked with Latin American bands and performed in many music festivals around Cataluña.

Currently, she is ready to release and launch her album where she collaborated with David Jones, the master drummer and producer, who co-produced two of the songs, and played what he knows to do best, playing drums. The album was produced by The Colombian arranger and Producer Cristian Villota. The prodigy of music, Iaki, is so versatile to the extent that she wants to marry Colombian, South American and African rhythms together, by giving them an international sound, which would be a blend of—funk, jazz, and Latin styles—horns, bass, and guitars with tambora, marimba, conunos, kalimba (traditional percussion) and melodies. Iaki’s ambition is to blend these energetic forms, cultures and traditions together, in order to popularise the roots of her musical formation whilst creating a new exciting sound. She realised that this can only be achieved through the

When she was asked about her upcoming album, she said:” This album reflects my story- my dreams, hopes, and songs about my daily life. ‘Margarita’ was written about my mother – one of the biggest inspirations in my life”. When asked about her career as a musician, she replied: “The music industry is not easy, and it would be absolutely impossible to survive the heat if one doesn’t have a burning passion for music. I was born to be a performer! I was born to do this! Over the years, I have realised that the best way to communicate with people of diverse cultures, languages and age differences is through one single language, and that is ‘music’. I understand this, and I am always willing to communicate with people through this universal language. Above all, the excitements I feel when I see happy faces, forgetting their loads of sorrows where they buried them, and smiling at me when they hear me sing cannot be overemphasised. It means I am doing my job! I am doing what I was born to do! I am fulfilling my destiny!”

Iaki Vallejo


Moda Vida - Issue 2 - July 2016  
Moda Vida - Issue 2 - July 2016