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PLANNING A SUCCESSFUL ARENA ArenaProjekt are not architects. We create the necessary conditions for the planning and construction of the arena or stadium. We are the ones you turn to before even contacting architects, or other technical consultants. By providing services like programming, feasibility studies, concept design, preliminary design, cost estimations, event customisation and quality assurance, we help our clients to ensure that each stage is planned properly from the outset. ArenaProjekt are then involved throughout the feasibility study and design process, providing assistance to meet with all clients and stakeholders’ requirements, ensuring correct logistics, proper planning and the right technical requirements. All this in order to create the most well-planned and cost-effective arena possible.

HOW WE PLAN A SUCCESSFUL ARENA Building an arena is a complicated and extensive process. That is why we strive to work in a manner that is easy to understand. Here is a summary of the principles we work by.

WE CAN TELL YOU WHAT IT COSTS. FOR REAL. All projects are unique. Consequently, when we provide a cost estimate, we do it based on calculations on the actual number of cubic metres of concrete or the actual number of metres of skirting board required, and not on some standard benchmark figure or a general estimate per chair and square metre. In this way we can provide cost estimates that are extremely accurate.

WE SEE ALL THE VALUES. INCLUDING THE AESTHETIC ONES. “You first eat with your eyes” is a well-known saying, and it is a philosophy that also applies to the construction of an arena. Good design is namely extremely important in order to achieve a landmark and to attract visitors. This forms the basis of every aspect we are involved with, from security measures to comfort requirements.

WE CAN CONTROL THE ENTIRE PROCESS. It’s great when the Eurovision Song Contest want to come to town – until you find out that their equipment weighs 12 tonnes more than the roof construction allows for. The solution to the problem is ground support, which will likely cost a lot, or that you can’t have the scene or rig where it should be. To avoid such situations, we ensure that the arena is multifunctional from the very start, without requiring any additions or rebuilding.

SOME KEY TERMS: BIM – Building Information Modelling means that the model created by the architect or calculator contains a large amount of information and becomes “intelligent.” A BIM model provides approximately 20% more information than a conventional drawing and normally results in overall savings of up to 15% thanks to the ability to make more exact decisions earlier in the project. The visualisation makes it easy to see and consider alternatives and consequences. It also prevents conflicts and stops collisions between construction parts (Clash Control). BIM planning continues throughout the construction phase and is a powerful tool to use prior to the management phase. 5D cost estimate – The architectural and design model is scanned, making it possible to see which building component types are included, such as columns, beams and joists, interior and exterior walls, doors and windows. A 5D model can be created regardless of the level of drawings (including hand sketches and 2D drawings). By using the unique 5D cost estimates,showing actual building components and the exact quantities required, we can obtain accurate estimates that far exceed traditional square metre prices, benchmarks, metrics, and “per-seat” prices. It is possible to quickly obtain cost and quantity information by testing a number of “what if?” scenarios. The budget is constantly updated whenever changes are made in the model, which is an advantage. The cost estimate will be more reliable, more accurate and complete, with all areas and functions included. Event customisation – analysis of the client’s specified needs with the stadium’s physical location and geography along with how the content, logistics and and the techniques required for today’s – and tomorrow’s – events interact to deliver great events and experiences.


Our level of participation should be at its greatest up until the start of construction, after which it should have a more controlling and supporting function; we are the party you can turn to at any time when you need the right answer at the right moment.

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OUR SERVICES ArenaProjekt’s services range from the preparation of project groups and concept development to programming and feasibility studies, project planning and more advanced aspects of the construction phase. As our client, you may decide to involve us in all parts of the process, or to simply choose certain specific services if you prefer.



Programming is the most important step in the entire process of building an arena or stadium, tailored to the wishes and requirements put forward by tenants, associations, federations and event planners. We prepare documentation to ensure that this takes account of all the functions, volumes, techniques, and requirements needed in order to optimise the conditions for the feasibility study and project planning.

This is where we look at a project and ensure the logistics, technical requirements and other requirements for a multi-functional arena or stadium. Our work is based on the various different events that could take place and what will be needed to attract organisers.

FEASIBILITY STUDY A feasibility study can be simple or comprehensive, depending on the project’s status, size and requirements. ArenaProjekt always start with proper programming and work closely with other consultants and guide them based on the requirements. If consultants (architects, structural engineers, fire/risk etc.) have not been procured, we can assist with considerable experience of arena planning.

COST ESTIMATE No project is better than the cost estimates on which it is based. As ArenaProjekt specialises in arenas and stadiums, our cost estimates are always done in BIM, regardless of whether we are starting from a sketch, a conventional dwg format drawing or a BIM model. We see that the precision and accuracy surpasses other estimation methods, and that this method corresponds with the contractor’s. The cost estimates are performed at different levels depending on where we are in the project.



Constructive and workable solutions for roof constructions at existing arenas. Examination of existing designs supplemented with proposed solution (if necessary) in order to achieve a certain load at the specified output. The operations are governed by the availability of existing drawings and design calculations.

We have broad experience, from concept design to elaborate and controlled preliminary design. We contribute together with other consultants in order to provide the best documentation.

SECOND OPINION Reviewing and commenting on an existing project team’s sketch material.

SECOND OPINION AND COST ESTIMATE Reviewing and commenting on an existing project team’s sketch material plus a 5D cost estimate for the material. Cost estimates based on the BIM model from existing documents.

QUALITY AND FUNCTIONALITY ASSURANCE OF FUNCTIONS AND SOLUTIONS DURING IMPLEMENTATION Will the outcome be as expected? Does it comply with the feasibility study and project planning? Regular advice to contractors, clients and other consultants to ensure the expectations of the arena or stadium. Services include consultation for any corrections.




Norway’s capital Oslo is aiming to host the 2022 Winter Olympics under the name ”Games in the City”. On behalf of PwC, ArenaProjekt undertook a study and documented the need for new arenas, possible upgrades of existing arenas, localisation studies, GAP analyses and cost estimates. For this project, ArenaProjekt was the principal driver in the arena study, guiding architects, technical consultants and the project management in order to attain the right level and find potential legacy use of the facilities built. Result: Our joint task passed the extensive quality checks performed by the Finance Ministry and the municipality of Oslo was given the go-ahead to proceed with its application.

The French Ice Hockey Federation (FFHG), in conjunction with Cergy-Pontoise, decided to invest in a national facility. ArenaProjekt was contacted to assist with a feasibility study and investigation into what would be required for a fullyfunctional arena and what it would cost. Result: FFHG stated the assignment as a school example of how to develop a well-designed arena and uses it as a reference when informing clubs on how to think in their projects. The result was delivered on a more detailed level than they had ever seen and the cost estimate corresponded very closely to to what later have been submitted in the tenders.

KRISTIANSTAD, SWEDEN KRISTIANSTAD ARENA Kristianstad municipality needed to utilise an existing arena, but to supplement it with a brand new multi-purpose arena with handball as the primary sport. Arenaprojekt’s assignment consisted of a feasibility study, cost estimates, clash controls and the creation of design development documents. Everything was carried out in BIM, and Kristianstad Arena is probably the first arena in the world to have been planned and built using BIM as a tool. The work was undertaken in all dimensions from 3-5D, which meant that the cost management and the cost estimates were also performed in BIM. Result: The project’s final construction cost was around 10% lower than estimated. The Arena was used to host the semi-final of the Handball World Championships in 2011. For more references, please visit

ABOUT US ArenaProjekt, founded in 2004, specializes in planning and development of arena and stadium concepts. The business is led by Sven-Åke Wikers, a leading authority within Scandinavian arena development and an experienced project developer within the construction industry. He has previously held management and CEO roles within the hospitality industry, as well as for a cost management company and an elite ice hockey club. Add to that his past experience as an arranger of concerts and conferences as well as his background as top sportsman and you have a man with a rare blend of expertise and insight when it comes to all aspects of an arena project. ArenaProjekt has been involved in more than 50 successful projects to date.

VALUABLE TIPS START AT THE BEGINNING. It‘s tempting to start from the most visible aspects – the arena’s architectural expression. But bear in mind that this is not what breathes life into the arena. Make sure to to work with an arena developer whose approach is based on the building’s core; someone who is aware of and takes into consideration the importance of logistics and the supporting business activities surrounding the arena. There will be changes along the way – but a solid core will mean fewer compromises in the long run.

LOOK AHEAD. FAR AHEAD. It is also important to remember that an arena is not a sports hall but a place made for experiences, designed to stimulate revisiting. Consequently, it must provide comfort

for everyone, not just for the spectators. This also includes performing artists who arrive with their fleet of vehicles; the appropriate logistics must be in place – and everything has to work smoothly. Otherwise the first visit will also be the last.

TICKET SALES DO NOT PAY FOR THE ARENA. Functional logistics are a prerequisite for operating an arena; as is an understanding of the importance of volume. Because no one likes to stand in line – and the more people standing in line to use the toilets, the fewer people there are spending money on consessions.

A SMALL EXAMPLE OF MAJOR SIGNIFICANCE: 5,000 visitors at the arena

1,000 do not buy anything due to long

1,000 remain in their seats during the break

queues, lack of availability or lack of time

4,000 are therefore potential customers

1,000 visitors x an average purchase

600 are not interested in buying anything

value of SEK 50 x 20 matches

3,400 are interested in buying something

per year x 25 years =

2,400 make a purchase

SEK 25,000,000 in lost income!

In other words, it pays to focus on all aspects, large and small, during the initial planning phase.


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ArenaProjekt are not architects. We create the necessary conditions for the planning and construction of the arena or stadium. We are the on...