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Hair Loss in Women and Men – Causes and Solutions Little shedding during a cycle of hair growth is absolutely a normal thing. However, many people have unusually excessive hair loss that finally leads to partial or total baldness. Hair loss in men and women is a serious problem and needs an immediate treatment. Prior to moving toward the solution for this, it is essential to have a deep insight at the causes which are actually responsible for it. Many experts have revealed the fact that the genetic makeup is the most common of all causes of hair loss women and men. Now, it is fully understood that the hair loss gene is dominant in such people. The problem is progressive in people with inherited problems. In some unlucky people, the problem starts to occur in early twenties age.

Lack of nutrients in the body could also trigger hair loss men and women. So, choose your food wisely. Balanced protein diet should be your main concern for this problem. Hormonal changes like those seen with thyroid conditions, pregnancy, menopause, hormone replacement therapy or the usage of birth control pills can be also the cause of hair loss in women. During pregnancy, all reserved calcium and protein of the body is taken up by foetus. The major transfer of essential nutrients leaves a woman severely deficient in these nutrients that eventually lead to excessive hair loss in women. The B group of vitamins, mainly B6 and Biotin and minerals like magnesium and zinc are great for encouraging re-growth and maintaining them healthy. Proteins are also great to combine with them to boost the process.

Hair Loss in Women and Men – Causes and Solutions  

Common reason for hair loss for both men and women.

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