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Online Advertising Heading Online advertising is changing the way marketing messages are delivered to attract customers, as with immediate publication, 24-hour visibility and no geographical limits, businesses can reach their target audience at all times via the Internet. Summary Online advertising uses the Internet in disseminating marketing messages. There are several forms of online advertising, including banners on select websites, social media messages, advertisements that pop up on search engine results, online classifieds and email marketing. Every day companies are finding more and more ways to promote their businesses online to take advantage of the benefits of online advertising over traditional media. Wigglypen Creative Services, a marketing and graphic design company based in the Cayman Islands is one such company that helps businesses – large and small – to market themselves creatively and effectively online. Body Advertising is a form of promotion that enables businesses to deliver marketing messages to inform, educate and persuade customers to purchase goods or services and develop loyalty towards a particular brand or company. Advertising messages tell people when something new is available in the marketplace or when existing goods and services have been changed. They call on people to take action – usually to support one product over a competing other. Before the advent and popularity of the Internet, businesses advertised their products and services via mass media channels, such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio, outdoor or direct mail. More and more, the Internet is supplanting some mass media channels to become the medium of choice for advertising. The popular and global use of cell phone technology is also creating a new wave of mobile marketing.

The ability to publish advertising content immediately, the availability of such content at all times and a lack of geographical boundaries are a few of the advantages of online advertising over traditional forms. Online advertisers are also able to customize their advertising based on content and where they are being placed -- with sites such as AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Google’s AdSense offering options for advertising on relevant web pages and search engine results pages. Wigglypen Creative Services, a Grand Cayman- based company, helps companies -particularly small businesses -- to promote their businesses online in unique and creative ways. Wigglypen offers clients four types of online marketing – social media, online newsletters and e-zines, signs and displays and search engine optimization (SEO). For information about Wigglypen and its services, visit the official website at or if you need any assistance contact at About Wigglypen Creative Services Wigglypen Creative Services offers marketing and communication solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Based in the Cayman Islands, Wigglypen provides graphic design services, website development and online marketing and SEO services to its clients, who are both locally based and global. In addition to these services Wigglypen also provides product photography, photo restoration, copy writing, free hand illustration and video.

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Grand Cayman Online Advertising - Wigglypen will help you though EFFECTIVE and PROFESSIONAL online advertising of your website to meet exact...

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