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Advertising service Heading Effective advertising plays a strong role in the growth of a business by luring customers to take advantage of its products and services. Summary There are many ways to promote a business or website. However, finding the most effective and creative form of promotion is the critical difference between being noticed by customers and not being noticed at all. Effective advertising requires the expertise of a professional or company who has a proven track record in creative and placing targeted advertising messages that achieve the results every business needs. Wigglypen Creative Services, a Grand Cayman based marketing and graphic design company is versed in traditional and online advertising for small businesses and offers a range of creative marketing solutions to clients. Body Even if a company is well established, it still requires a strong marketing programmer to ensure that it stays at the forefront of the consciousness of the people who will most likely buy its goods and services. Advertising provides the best way of making people aware of a company’s services and instilling brand loyalty for its products. Wigglypen Creative Services, a Grand Cayman-based company, helps clients develop and implement a range of effective advertising programmers, to meet their budget, reach their customers and derive the best results. In addition to advertising services for traditional media, Wigglypen specializes in online marketing and provides clients with the following services: • •

Social Media Marketing Online Newsletters or E-zines

• •

Signs & Displays Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing is one of the best online marketing tools available today. This provides ways to directly tailor messages to specific target groups and enables clients to use the promotional mix that is best suited to their business. This may include advertising, personal selling, public relations, publicity, direct marketing and sales promotion. Social media marketing also enables businesses to receive real-time feedback from customers. They can then tailor their advertising messages to take advantage of developing trends. Online Newsletters or E-zines Online Newsletters or E-zines provide another economical way to deliver advertising messages to a targeted audience. These advertising forms can themselves include their own ad messages including banners, classified ads and direct links to websites related to a company’s service. With a team of creative writers and designers at its service, Wigglypen provides clients with creative and engaging e-zines. Signs & Displays In the real world, customers require signs and directions to find where a business is located. It is the same in the virtual world. Businesses that are online must also ensure that they have visible, creative and relevant signs and displays to direct customers to their websites. Wigglypen’s signs and displays provide clients with a roadmap to their websites and encourage customers to visit and provide valuable feedback. Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization creates visibility for websites on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. SEO targets how websites work and what people search for and on that basis, enhances websites so that they appear at the top of the list when people use search engines to find a particular product or service. New and small businesses that are keen to grow and increase their online visibility quickly, would do well to ensure that SEO is an integral part of their online marketing.

If you have a website or business to promote, Wigglypen has an answer for you. Author Bio About Wigglypen Creative Services Wigglypen Creative Services offers marketing and communication solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Based in the Cayman Islands, Wigglypen provides graphic design services, website development and online marketing and SEO services to its clients, who are both locally based and global. In addition to these services Wigglypen also provides product photography, photo restoration, copy writing, free hand illustration and video.

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