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Comrade Kim Goes Flying

Comrade Kim Goes Flying FRI, APR 12 • 11:45 AM Sundance Cinema 5 SUN, APR 14 • 7:00 PM Sundance Cinema 1 TUE, APR 16 • 4:15 PM Sundance Cinema 5


MIDWEST PREMIERE • narrative • Belgium, North Korea, United Kingdom, 2012, color, DCP • 83 MIN DIRECTOR: ANJA DAELEMANS, NICHOAS BONNER, KIM GWANGHUN Writer: Sik Sin-myong, Kim Chol; cinematography: Hwang Jin-sok; editor: Alain Dessauvage, Kim Yun-sim, Gao Bing, Ren Jia; music: Ham Chol, Frederik Van de Moortel; producer: Anja Daelemans, Nicholas Bonner, Ryom Mi-hwa; cast: Kim Chol, Han Jongsim, Pak Chung-guk, Ri Yong-ho IN KOREAN WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES SECTION: NEW INTERNATIONAL CINEMA


A cheery, lighthearted romantic comedy, Comrade Kim Goes Flying offers North American viewers the rare opportunity to see a film shot entirely inside North Korea. This Western-financed feature made by an international team of directors tells the classic success story of Kim Young-mi, a pretty, resourceful, and athletic young coal miner from a small village who dreams of joining the national circus as a trapeze artist even though she’s afraid of heights! Promoted within her company and sent to the capital, Pyongyang, on business, Kim seizes the opportunity to join the performing troupe. Faced with overcoming her acrophobia, Kim finds help from the reigning star of the circus, who is won over by Kim’s klutzy, but charming personality. Though it took several years to be brought to the screen, this is not a movie that weighs you down with the historical importance of its difficult production history. Suffused with bright, sun-shiney colors, Comrade Kim will surprise you with its presentation of a contemporary world that seems perfectly in step with upbeat 1950s Hollywood biopics. (JH)

Consuming Spirits

• A World Without Women

Consuming Spirits

(Un Monde Sans Femmes)

SAT, APR 13 • 2:15 PM UW Union South Marquee

MIDWEST PREMIERE • narrative • France, 2011, color, DCP • 58 MIN DIRECTOR: GUILLAUME BRAC Writer: Guillaume Brac, Hélène Ruault; cinematography: Tom Harari; editor: Damien Maestraggi; executive producer: Maya Haffar; cast: Vincent Macaigne, Laure Calamy, Constance Rousseau, Laurent Papot IN FRENCH WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES SECTION: NEW INTERNATIONAL CINEMA

WISCONSIN PREMIERE • animation • USA, 2012, color, HD projection • 129 MIN DIRECTOR: CHRISTOPHER SULLIVAN Writer: Christopher Sullivan; sound: Christopher Sullivan; editor: Christopher Sullivan; main animators: Christopher Sullivan, Corinne Faiella, Shelley Dodson; producer: Christopher Sullivan SECTION: BRAVE NEW AMERICAN CINEMA

15 years in the making, Chicago animator Chris Sullivan’s painstakingly constructed, darkly humorous reverie is a one-of-a-kind spectacle. Shooting one 16mm frame at a time, Sullivan weaves a vast array of animation techniques — including cutout animation, pencil drawing, collage, and stopmotion — into a singular, hypnotic vision. Few films more lucidly evoke the state of dreaming than this freeform rust-belt tale of three characters whose interlocking fates hinge on a car accident. The narrative proceeds like a séance, drifting between beautiful hallucinations; but, as one character puts it, “this is all relevant. Just be patient with me here… though I ramble, all that I say is vital.” Named one of the top films of 2012 by New York Times chief film critic A.O. Scott. “Four stars… a monstrous visual achievement. One of the most uniquely humanistic animated features of all time” (Slant). Veteran festival attendees might recall that Chris Sullivan presented a very early work-in-progress screening of Consuming Spirits at WFF 2005. (MK)

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Les Dames en vacances SAT, APR 13 • 4:30 PM Sundance Cinema 5 WED, APR 17 • 4:30 PM Sundance Cinema 5 93 MIN

Romance is perpetually on the horizon in this pair of sublime, French New Wave-inflected featurettes, each of which follows a pair of vacationing young women at the beach.

• The Shady Sailor (Le Marin masqué) MIDWEST PREMIERE • narrative • France, 2011, b/w, DCP • 35 MIN DIRECTOR: SOPHIE LETOURNEUR Writer: Sophie Letourneur, Roy Genty, Laetitia Goffi; cinematography: Ludivine Renard; editor: Carole Lepage; executive producer: Emmanuel Chaumet; cast: Sophie Letourneur, Laetitia Goffi, Johan Libéreau, Dominique Salaun, Thomas Salaun, Emmanuelle Fitamant IN FRENCH WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES SECTION: NEW INTERNATIONAL CINEMA

In The Shady Sailor, thirtyish friends Laetitia and Sophie’s Brittany getaway is upended by a chance run in with an unconsummated high school crush, whom they have dubbed “The Shady Sailor.” Co-written by the two stars and co-narrated by their characters, the film playfully takes on the dishy air of a morning-after gabfest, with each narrator chiming in with funny details and digressions. “Sharply whimsical… brings a bracingly droll inventiveness to its tender intrigue” (Richard Brody, The New Yorker). (MK)

In A World Without Women, a youngat-heart mother and her timid teenaged daughter rent an apartment on the Picardie coast. The fetching duo both begin flirting with their sweet, somewhat bewildered host, sketching out the dimensions of an especially awkward love triangle. Warmly humorous and emotionally perceptive, Guillaume Brac’s fleet character study evokes the subtle elegance of Eric Rohmer. “Brac gently dispenses insight about parents and children and our collective longing for the warmth of another human body” (Scott Foundas, Village Voice). (MK)


• Siszilla WORLD PREMIERE • animation • USA, 2012, color, HD projection • 3 MIN DIRECTOR: ERIC J. NELSON Cinematography: Eric J. Nelson; editor: Eric J. Nelson; music: Paul Bodi; cast: Arthur Nelson, Ruthie Nelson, Kristin Larson SECTION: WISCONSIN’S OWN

Winner, 2013 Golden Badger Award. In this homage to a Toho Studios classic, a boy’s younger sister goes on a rampage in Lego City. (JH)

• Dear Mr. Watterson WISCONSIN PREMIERE • documentary • USA, 2013, color, HD projection • 88 MIN DIRECTOR: JOEL ALLEN SCHROEDER Cinematography: Andrew Waruszewski; edi-

tor: Joel Allen Schroeder; music: Mike Boggs; producer: Christopher Browne, Matt McUsic, Joel Allen Schroeder SECTION: WISCONSIN’S OWN

Winner, 2013 Golden Badger Award. One of the most adored daily comic strips of all time, Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes ended its ten year syndicated run in 1995, causing readers everywhere to feel the void left by the departure of the spiky blonde-haired boy and his toy tiger. Now, nearly 20 years after Calvin and Hobbes stopped appearing in daily newspapers, filmmaker Joel Schroeder has set out to explore the reasons behind the strip’s loyal and devoted following. Former Appleton and Madison resident Schroeder offers his own personal relationship to Watterson’s work as well as interviews with other fans, scholars and artists, including Bloom County’s Berke Breathed. Most moving is cartoonist Stephan Pastis (Pearls Before Swine) explaining how meaningful it was to other artists that Watterson refused to merchandise his characters (those decals you see on the back of pickup trucks are not officially licensed). At the heart of Schroeder’s film is the suggestion that Watterson’s thoughtful gesture might have more than a little to do with Calvin and Hobbes’ enduring appeal. (JH)

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