2012 Wisconsin Film Festival Film Guide

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he Wisconsin Idea is one hundred years old this year. We at the Arts Institute celebrate this amazing concept and the impact it has on our community and state every spring with our very own Wisconsin Film Festival. For 14 years, the Wisconsin Film Festival has served the campus and Madison commu-

nity by bringing a multi-day celebration of film to the campus and downtown Madison. With over 150 films shown at venues around campus and downtown Madison, the Festival has served tens of thousands of film enthusiasts with experimental, foreign, documentary and independent films. Through the Wisconsin’s Own, the Festival has introduced audiences to the inspired work of local filmmakers living and making films in all regions of the state. In keeping with this year’s celebration of The Wisconsin Idea, the Festival has continued to expand its commitment to providing a bridge from the campus to the Madison community. The Wisconsin Film Festival has deepened its commitment to Madison’s audience with strengthening vital internal partnerships — UW-Madison Communication Arts faculty, staff, and students are more involved with programming — and building stronger and new partnerships with more

A Tribute to the Nicholas Brothers, the dancers’ dancers, screens Sunday, April 22 at UW Cinematheque.

local businesses than ever. And following filmmaking’s historic early journey to the west coast, we too will head westward this year... For the first time ever, Sundance Cinemas Madison will host Festival films. Please stay tuned on our web site, Twitter, and Facebook page for the inside scoop on visiting filmmakers, special events, and Film Fest Friendly deals from our sponsors! Browse leisurely… you have time… tickets go on sale March 31. THE ALPHABETICAL FILM LIST BEGINS ON PAGE 7 TICKET INFORMATION IS ON PAGE 38 DAILY SCHEDULES IN GRID FORMAT ARE ON PAGES 20 & 21

Film program descriptions written by Peter Boger (PB), Jim Healy (JH), Emil Hoelter (EH), Kit Hughes (KH), Mike King (MK), Megan Massino (MM), JJ Murphy (JM), John Powers (JP), and Tom Yoshikami (TY).

New International Cinema 4:44 Last Day on Earth Alps Bad Intentions Compliance The Day He Arrives The Deep Blue Sea Elena The Fairy Family Nightmare The Fourth Portrait The Good Son Goodbye First Love Green Grey Matter Hospitalité The Intouchables Juliets Keyhole Kill List Kinyarwanda Klown Life Without Principle Margaret Marvin Seth & Stanley Michael OK, Enough, Goodbye Once Upon a Time in Anatolia Oslo, August 31st Policeman Sleepless Night Sleep Study Somebody Up There Likes Me Tomboy Without The Zone

New International Documentaries Abendland An African Election Chekhov for Children Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters Girl Model Granito: How to Nail a Dictator Hit So Hard: The Life & Near Death Story of Patty Schemel How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster? How to Start a Revolution iThemba Jiro Dreams of Sushi Khodorkovsky Little Matador Mr. Cao Goes to Washington Patience (After Sebald) Paul Williams Still Alive Pelotero Pink Ribbons, Inc. Putin’s Kiss Two Years at Sea El Velador Vito We’re Not Broke Wish Me Away

New Iranian Cinema Dog Sweat Good Bye The Hunter Mourning

New Quebecois Cinema Bestiaire Familiar Grounds Monsieur Lazhar The Salesman

Phil Solomon Selects 31/75: Asyl American Falls The Exquisite Hour The Five Bad Elements Her Glacial Speed How to Conduct a Love Affair The Maltese Cross Movement Nocturne Rehearsals for Retirement Remains to Be Seen The Secret Garden Twilight Psalm I: The Lateness of the Hour Twilight Psalm II: Walking Distance Twilight Psalm V: Valley of the Shadow (work-in-progress) Yes I Said Yes I Will Yes

Restorations and Rediscoveries The Alpha Incident An American in Sophiatown Bugsy Malone Come Back, Africa The Deadly Affair The Devil, Probably Face

It Always Rains on Sunday A Labor of Love Northern Lights Pass the Gravy So’s Your Old Man Taking Off Went the Day Well?

Special Events Amateur Night: Home Movies from American Archives Bill’s Bike The Biscuit Day The Biscuit Song An Evening with Don Hertzfeldt Flooding with Love for the Kid My Wife is a Terrorist: Lessons in Storytelling from the Department of Homeland Security Nice Baskets Nice Biscotts #1 Nice Biscotts #2 Old September Biscuits Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation Same Day Nice Biscotts Singing Biscotts Suffering Biscuits A Tribute to the Nicholas Brothers

Wisconsin’s Own 106 River Road After the Day After The Alpha Incident

start saturda y

March 31 The Amateur Monster Movie American Homes Before the Emergency A Behind the Scenes Look at “Snowball Fight” Bring on the Magic Carbon Christmas Tree: A Story in Five Parts Cornerman Curtain Call Documenting Westphal The End The Entertainers Filthy Theater: A Film About Joel Gersmann Frames Glue Man — Winner, Golden Badger for Wisconsin Filmmaking Horlick’s Malted Milk I Have Always Been a Dreamer — Winner, Golden Badger for Wisconsin Filmmaking Innovation Rules at Performance Micro Tool Into the Wake — Winner, Golden Badger for Wisconsin Filmmaking Just Breathe

Land’s End Trio (Eye to Eye: Harris Tweed, Cashmere, Shepherd) Last Day at Lambeau Logging in the Borneo Jungle Low Pressure Elmer Madison: October 2010 Memory by Design Muskies for the Future Nindy — Winner, Golden Badger for Wisconsin Student Filmmaking Northern Lights Of a Feather Ottawa Signal Films: 5 Short Animations by J.J. Sedelmaier Pass the Salt, Please Patton Speech Please Remember Me Points of Interest Radula Robert on His Lunch Break Seis de Seis Sequence Seven Solos There Must Be a Better Way Walt Wid Winner & the Slipstream Wisconsin Yiting Eating



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