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Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait is a real-time view of a match played by Zinédine Zidane.

Young Visions: The Patients

Young Visions: Emotions, Part 1: Anger * Stop Motion Animation DIRECTOR: UW-Madison Extension College for Kids Students

* Trash: A Documentary DIRECTOR: New Century School Students

* Walk the Line CAST: Jacob Kelly

* Welcome to Wisconsin DIRECTOR: David Treinen, Ximi Asani, Andrew Hahn

Young Visions: Walk the Line

Young Visions: Revenge

* Wicked Harvest DIRECTOR: Shabbaz High School Students

SERIES: African Action Figures PRESENTED BY: UW African Studies Program

Wristcutters: A Love Story FRI, APR 13 • 11:30 PM Stage Door



SAT, APR 14 • 1:15 PM Stage Door



dramatic feature • USA, 2006, color, 35mm • 91 min • Wisconsin Premiere DIRECTOR: Goran Dukic; PRODUCER: Tatiana Kelly, Mikal P. Lazarev, Chris Coen, Adam Sherman; EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Jonathan Schwartz; PRODUCTION CO: No Matter Pictures; WRITER: Goran Dukic; CINEMATOGRAPHER: Vanja Cernjul; EDITOR: Jonathan Alberts; MUSIC: Bobby Johnston; CAST: Patrick Fugit, Shannyn Sossamon, Shea Whigham, Tom Waits, Will Arnett, Cameron Bowen, John Hawkes, Leslie Bibb, Abraham Benrubi

It’s a love story set in the afterlife, and if you don’t get hung up on the

tle, where he’s tempted to recreate his grandfather’s famous experiments. The comic timing of the entire cast (Gene Wilder, Teri Garr, Madeleine Kahn, Chloris Leachman, Marty Feldman, Peter Boyle, and others) is impeccable and the bawdy jokes are sheer genius. Loosely connected to two other restorations in this year’s Festival with Frankenstein themes (The Spirit of the Beehive and Gods and Monsters), this film will be a huge treat to see on the big screen in the vintage Capitol Theater. Nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, 1974 Academy Awards.


dramatic feature • USA, 1974, b/w, 35mm • 106 min DIRECTOR: Mel Brooks; PRODUCER: Michael Gruskoff; PRODUCTION CO: 20th Century Fox, Crossbow Productions, Gruskoff/Venture Films, Jouer Limited; WRITER: Gene Wilder, Mel Brooks; CINEMATOGRAPHER: Gerald Hirschfeld; EDITOR: John C. Howard; MUSIC: John Morris, William Steffe; CAST: Gene Wilder, Peter Boyle, Marty Feldman SERIES: Restorations and Revivals

One of the funniest films by a man who made some damn funny films, Mel Brooks’s Young Frankenstein holds up beautifully after more than 30 years, especially in this restored print courtesy of 20th Century Fox. The grandson of Baron von Frankenstein is drawn back to the family cas-

* The Confession DIRECTOR: Rachel Hunderdosse

* Counterfeit Toys DIRECTOR: Chris Kuech

* A Day in the Arboretum DIRECTOR: Sullivan Sweet

* Emotions, Part 1: Anger DIRECTOR: Jamaro Blue, LaVassar Falls

* Go Back West * Green Man Dreaming

SERIES: Wisconsin’s Own PRESENTED BY: TravelWisconsin.com, Kodak, Criterion Collection


DIRECTOR: Avery Johnson

SUN, APR 15 • 11 AM–12:30 PM

SEE: Jim & Joe’s Animated Shorts

Capitol Theater

* Architecture

DIRECTOR: Packer Community Learning Center Students


FRI, APR 13 • 7 PM

DIRECTOR: Fitchburg Area Community Television

Young Visions

XXX Amsterdam Young Frankenstein

* Animation and Special Effects

“Young Visions” presents a delightful collection of videos from young people around Wisconsin. The films were created by youth of all ages, from third grade through high school; independently, in video programs at school, at community television stations, and in summer video workshops. They portray, in a variety of ways, how young people today use video as a medium to express themselves in the language of motion pictures. In this 60-minute program, every genre is represented; from documentary to drama, comedy, suspense, animation, lyrical music video, fantasy, and socially conscious investigative reporting.

DIRECTOR: Anna Stephens

* Hidden Window DIRECTOR: Eddie Kunz

* I Wonder DIRECTOR: Hartford Ave University School Students

* My Little Sis DIRECTOR: Felicia McCall

* The Patients DIRECTOR: UW-Madison Extension Technology and Arts Students

* Racism DIRECTOR: Packer Community Learning Center Students

* Revenge DIRECTOR: Theron Luhn

* Shaman Dad DIRECTOR: Xeng Vang

Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait (Zidane, un portrait du 21e siècle) SUN, APR 15 • 3:30 PM Orpheum Main



documentary feature • France/Iceland, 2006, color, 35mm • 92 min • Wisconsin Premiere DIRECTOR: Douglas Gordon, Philippe Parreno; PRODUCER; Joni Sighvatsson, Anna-Lena Vaney, Victorien Vaney; PRODUCTION CO: Anna Lena Films, Naflastrengir; CINEMATOGRAPHER: Darius Khondji; EDITOR: Hervé Schneid


After escaping from a gang of street thugs, 17-year-old Nalla befriends André, a champion in Senegal’s popular sport. Nalla is welcomed into the fraternity of wrestlers, training with them and enjoying the admiration of others. Nalla’s relatively wellto-do family is a contrast to Sory, a petty gambler who spends his girlfriend’s money and can’t quite keep up with the gang. The music of Dakar weaves a rhythm through this picture as the men of the wrestling grounds, and their shamans, teach Nalla the traditions of the arena. It’s a story of class and society, of heritage and ritual, of respect and skill. “African cinema is building its own niche, ever more impressively, and Wrestling Grounds is one of the finest examples.” — Angus Wolfe Murray, Eye For Film.

fact that all the people there have committed suicide, you’ll enjoy one of the most inventive and upbeat features at the Festival. When Zia (played by Patrick Fugit), a new arrival, learns that his former girlfriend Desiree has been sighted recently somewhere in this world, he sets off to find her with Russian nut case Eugene for company. Unexpected whimsical touches and lots of smart in-jokes (the jukebox in their local bar plays Joy Division), keep the story brisk as Eugene and Zia have their weird adventures. “What follows is a wonderfully offbeat road movie that never stops finding ways to make you fall in love with it.” — Alastair Harkness, The Scotsman.

Zidane: a 21st Century Portrait is one of the most invigorating and mesmerizing films you will see all year. The international soccer superstar Zinédine Zidane is the subject, but this is not a conventional documentary of an athlete. It’s an entrancing real-time view of a match by training the camera (actually, 17 of them) on just one player. Lingering on his blunt expressionless face or following his footsteps across the grass, the image is matched by a lush billowing sound mix combining the Scottish band Mogwai, cheers of 80,000 screaming fans, and Spanish television announcers. A dream team of Tom Johnson (Oscar winner for Titanic’s sound) and Hervé Schneid (editor, Amélie) and cinematographer Darius Khondji (Evita) have updated the filmed portraiture seen 35 years ago in Hellmuth Costard’s Football As Never Before, where legendary player George Best was the camera’s target. Appealing to both the soccer fan as well as the structuralist avant-garde film lover, Zidane is a compelling picture of one of the sport’s true legends. ✿ 33

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2007 Wisconsin Film Festival Film Guide  

2007 Wisconsin Film Festival Film Guide  


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