2006 Wisconsin Film Festival Film Guide

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Madame Mao’s Yang Ban Xi was propaganda opera, starring farmers and revolutionary soldiers. Break your routine with The Magnificent Donut.

Wisconsin’s Own Shorts: Play Circle Program THU, MAR 30 • 9-11 PM Play Circle


SAT, APR 1 • 3:30-4:30 PM Play Circle


SERIES: Wisconsin’s Own PRESENTED BY: travelwisconsin.com, Eastman Kodak

* The Anniversary Experimental Short, USA, 2005, color, miniDV • 4 min. DIRECTOR: Shelby Floyd

A skeleton scours the remains of his home for something dear to his heart in this haunting stop-motion short. A local filmmaker, Shelby Floyd’s previous film, Negative Space, played in the 2005 Festival.

* Self-Important Empirical Film #3, with Voice-Over Expermental Short, USA, 2005, color, DVCam • 5 min. DIRECTOR: Dave Andrae

(MADISON PREMIERE) A clinically depressed

* First Date Meltdown Dramatic Short, USA, 2005, color, Digibeta • 6 min. DIRECTOR: Tim Bartell; PRODUCER: Tim Bartell, Joe Brouillette; CINEMATOGRAPHER: Anne Etheridge; EDITOR: JC Oliva, Malcolm Abbey; WRITER: Tim Bartell; CAST: Joe Smith, Tracey Rooney

(WISCONSIN PREMIERE) When a young man desperate to please gets pushed to his breaking point, his evening takes a strange and painfully hysterical turn into the unknown. A Madison native, Tim Bartell lives and works in Los Angeles.

* The Magnificent Donut Dramatic Short, USA, 2005, color, DVD • 12 min. DIRECTOR: Karen Lindholm-Rynkieloicz; PRODUCER: Kelly Knoke; WRITER: Karen Lindholm-Rynkieloicz; CINEMATOGRAPHER: Pete Biagi; MUSIC: Skip Collins; CAST: Paul Helm, Les Ambrosh, Rebecca Koscinski

(MADISON PREMIERE) An ordinary man

decides to break free from his routine of a plain donut and coffee for something a little more…magnificent. But can he have his cake donut and eat it too? Karen Lindholm-Rynkieloicz and Kelly Knoke are graduates of UW-Milwaukee.

filmmaker takes his audience on an irreverent, self-deprecating journey through his innermost thoughts and anxieties, complete with voiceover. Dave Andrae is a graduate of UW-Milwaukee.

* The Break

* Century Gothic

(WORLD PREMIERE) A young actor navigates

Experimental Short, USA, 2005, color, miniDV • 4 min. DIRECTOR: Mike Winkelmann

(WISCONSIN PREMIERE) This experimental

short layers pieces of video to represent different components instruments and beats, creating an expressive display of sight and sound. Mike Winkelmann currently works as a graphic designer in Little Chute, Wisconsin.

* Blue in Green Experimental Short, USA, 2005, color, DVD • 2 min. DIRECTOR: John Feith

A slow zoom into the heart of a forest reveals a hidden world of life and wonder. John Feith is a professional sound recordist in Madison and a specialist in nature sounds.

* Long Distance Dramatic Short, USA, 2005, color, miniDV • 8 min. DIRECTOR: Shu-Ling Hsieh IN JAPANESE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES

A mother’s unanswered calls to her daughter become increasingly concerned and suspicious as she suspects her child is withholding a secret. ShuLing Hsieh received her MFA at the UW-Milwaukee, where she currently instructs a production course.


MJD is Brad DeMarea’s tribute to his dad.

The Anniversary is a haunting stop-motion short.

Dramatic Short, USA, 2005, color, DVCam • 10 min. DIRECTOR: Peter B. Siesennop; PRODUCER: Andrew Wright; WRITER: Peter B. Siesennop, Andrew Wright; MUSIC: Chris Westlake; CAST: Joe Nicchi, David Walrod, Dain Kloner, and Michael Cassidy

the absurd and surreal world of Hollywood and its inhabitants in the hopes of making his first big Break. Peter Sisennop is a graduate of the UWMadison.

* MJD Dramatic Short, USA, 2005, color, BetaSP • 5 min. DIRECTOR: Brad DeMarea

Brad DeMarea created two works of art much beloved by the Wisconsin Film Festival staff: the official festival logo (in 1998 when he worked for Planet Propaganda) and now this utterly charming film tribute to his dad.

* Tractor for Sale Dramatic Short, USA, 2005, B&W, BetaSP • 22 min. DIRECTOR: Troy Perkins; PRODUCER: Frances Perkins; WRITER: Troy Perkins; CINEMATOGRAPHER: Michael Hartzel; CAST: Fran St. Andre, Kathy Hannah, Dannon Raith, Chris Gruel, Gary Zurbuchen, Abby Koker, Mike Van Ryzin, Cindy Yungwirth, Bob Ekdahl

(MADISON PREMIERE) A laid-back, honky-

tonk tale of love, loss and a tractor. Set in the Fox Valley region, a farmer tries frantically to sell a tractor to fund a last-minute anniversary gift. Troy Perkins is a graduate of UW-Oshkosh, where he currently teaches as an Associate Professor in Radio/TV/Film.

First Date Meltdown takes a strange turn into the unknown.

Wisconsin’s Own Winners


SUN, APR 2 • 3:30-5 PM

SAT, APR 1 • 2-4 PM

Monona Terrace

Monona Terrace


SERIES: Wisconsin’s Own PRESENTED BY: travelwisconsin.com, Eastman Kodak

Winners of the Wisconsin’s Own and Student Shorts Competitions, as decided by the 2006 jurors, will be presented in this special repeat show. Winners are announced late on Saturday, April 1.



Short, USA, 0, miniDV • 90 min.

Wis-Kino is a Madison collaborative that is part of a worldwide network of independent filmmakers. Monthly public screenings both give films an audience and encourage everyone to make more films. This selection includes

recent films from Wis-Kino and films from Kinos around the world. For more information: www.wis-kino.com. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

* Taste Kino Tona Williams • Wis-Kino

A sensual introduction to Kino.

* Rififi pour Barley Eric Gravel • Kino Paris

Animation noir, par excellence.