2006 Wisconsin Film Festival Film Guide

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Scream At Me: Friends and challenges in inner-city Chicago. loyal to the game. But after a close brush with what the game truly has to offer, can he move on without his buddies? A remarkable achievement by a group of high school students, Scream at Me was made as part of a mentorship program sponsored by the Independent Film Project. Executive Producer John Mossman is an alumnus of UW-Madison.

* Status Quo Experimental Short, USA, 2005, color, miniDV • 3 min. DIRECTOR: Justin Sprecher; CAST: Javier Cepeda, Chris Mohar

In this head-trip of a short, a young man finds himself caught in a world where time has fallen out of joint. Justin Sprecher is a graduate of UW-Madison.

Owen Wilson (left) and Eddie Griffin help tell The Wendell Baker Story.

Learning to hear in Listen To Me.

* The Life and Death of a Pumpkin Dramatic Short, 2005, color, miniDV • 5 min. DIRECTOR: Aaron Yonda; CINEMATOGRAPHY: Erik Gunneson; CAST: Matt Sloan

(WORLD PREMIERE) In this dark comedy, a pumpkin comes face-to-face with the barbaric ritual we call Halloween. Aaron Yonda is a Madison-based filmmaker and co-founder of the city’s WisKino filmmaking group.

* Mona Lisa Straight Boys

Dramatic Short, Australia, 2004, color, 35mm • 15 min. DIRECTOR: Sotiris Dounoukos; CAST: Steve Mouzakis, Irini Pappas; PRODUCTION CO: Nestani Productions

Wisconsin’s Own Shorts: Cinematheque Program FRI, MAR 31 • 10 PM-MIDNIGHT Cinematheque


SAT, APR 1 • 1-3 PM Cinematheque


SERIES: Wisconsin’s Own PRESENTED BY: travelwisconsin.com, Eastman Kodak

With Wisconsin filmmakers scheduled to attend.

* Kitchen Expermental Short, USA, 2004, miniDV • 2 min. DIRECTOR: Brian Dehler

(WISCONSIN PREMIERE) Everyday kitchen tasks are broken down and remixed into a new composition with a funky beat. Brian Dehler is an alumnus of UW-Madison. He works at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis as a Video Specialist.

* Joe Experimental Short, USA, 2005, 16mm • 6 min. DIRECTOR: Anne Barber; CAST: Joe Takahashi

(WORLD PREMIERE) A woman’s world

becomes a jumble of hyper real color, stark black and white meditation, and discordant sound. Anne Barber received her MFA in Film from UW-Milwaukee. Her previous film, Bloom, played in the 2004 Festival.

Monster Team: Episode 06

Social historian Joe Glazer is Labor’s Troubadour.

* Monster Team: Episode 06 Dramatic Short, USA, 2005, DVCam • 7 min. DIRECTOR: Ben Olson, Arthur Jones; WRITER: Ben Olson and Arthur Jones; CINEMTOGRAPHY: Dean DeMatteis; CAST: Christen Carter, Joanna Metzger, Kelly Riek, Kim Soss, Emily Counts, Lisa Williamson, Ben Olson

(WISCONSIN PREMIERE) An adult play on Sat-

urday morning cartoons, this short follows the Monster Team as they face one of their own in a story of friendship, inebriation, and time travel. No monsters were harmed in the making of this film. A former resident of the Madison area, director Ben Olson now attends the Graduate School in Film and Video at Columbia College Chicago.

* The Waiting Time Documentary Short, USA, 2005, color, 16mm • 17 min. DIRECTOR: Sasha Miller

(WISCONSIN PREMIERE) The Waiting Time is a first-person experimental documentary exploration of desire, conception, and the long waiting time of gestation. Says filmmaker Sasha Waters, “It is a study of a year in my body at age 35, becoming a mother for the first time.” Waters is an Assistant Professor of Film & Video Production in the Department of Cinema & Comparative Literature at the University of Iowa.

* Straight Boys Dramatic Short, USA, 2005, color, 35mm • 14 min. DIRECTOR: Dave O’Brien; PRODUCER: Rikki Jarrett; WRITER: Dave O’Brien; CINEMATOGRAPHY: Joseph White; EDITOR: Borga Dorter; CAST: Damian Pelliccione, Nick Bartzen, Vanessa Born, Jenna Allen, Ethan Mechare

(WORLD PREMIERE) Ben knows what he

wants… he just never goes after it. He thinks he’s found true love in Morgan, his straight roommate, but lives out his passions in an active fantasy life. As his obsession grows, their relationship becomes more complicated, forcing the two to confront each other and their own feelings. Dave O’Brien is a graduate of UW-Madison, now pursuing his MFA in Cinema-Television Production at The University of Southern California. Straight Boys is his thesis film.

* Scream at Me Dramatic Short, USA, 2005, color, DVD • 19 min. DIRECTOR: Lennell Davis; EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: John Mossman, Hannah Roth, Roger Badesch; PRODUCER: Ashley Hill; CINEMATOGRAPHER: David Badesch; WRITER: Derrek Jones; EDITOR: David Badesch, Derreck Jones

(WISCONSIN PREMIERE) In inner-city Chicago,

17-year-old Mac tries to stay focused on his education while his two streethustler friends encourage him to stay

(MIDWEST PREMIERE) Australian filmmaker

Sotiris Dounoukos lets us glimpse inside the private world of an aging Greek mother and her grown-up-but-still-athome son. As George prepares for a big night out, his mother’s sad manipulations may keep him from leaving.

Wisconsin’s Own Shorts: Monona Terrace Program FRI, MAR 31 • 7-9:15 PM Monona Terrace


SAT, APR 1 • 11 AM-1:15 PM Monona Terrace


SERIES: Wisconsin’s Own PRESENTED BY: travelwisconsin.com, Eastman Kodak

These documentary shorts from Wisconsin filmmakers explore the inner lives of an early Jewish-American community, a singer-songwriter of the American labor movement, and a group of children learning to communicate with the world.

* And These are Jews Documentary Short, USA, 2005, color, DVcam • 49 min. DIRECTOR: Ruth Goldman; CINEMATOGRAPHER: Clare Bratten, Erik Gunneson

(MIDWEST PREMIERE) Christmas tree trimming, ham on Passover, yarmulkes forbidden in the synagogue — and these are Jews? This documentary examines

the German Jewish community of Cincinnati in the 19th and early 20th century, shaping their sometimes shocking and often humorous stories of prejudice, assimilation and identity into a fascinating chapter of history. A UWMadison alumna, Ruth Goldman is completing an MFA in Media Study and a PhD in American Studies at SUNY-Buffalo. Her film, Winter Muse, played in the 2004 Festival.

* Labor’s Troubadour Documentary Short, USA, 2005, color, BetaSP • 34 min. DIRECTOR: Hope Moskowitz; EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Ann Keniston; PRODUCER: Trevor Jolly, Hope Moskowitz; CINEMATOGRAPHER: Beth-jana Dahl

(MIDWEST PREMIERE) For over 60 years, folk

singer and social historian Joe Glazer has used his guitar and gift for storytelling to inspire and build solidarity in the American labor movement. Weaving archival footage, performances, interviews and news clips, this film presents a portrait of American labor history and the music it inspired. Hope Moskowitz is an alumna of the UW-Madison. She has worked as an assistant editor on numerous feature films, including The Power of One and The Opposite of Sex.

* Listen to Me Documentary Short, USA, 2005, color, BetaSP • 22 min. DIRECTOR: Alexandra Loxton; PRODUCER: Amy Cohen, Alexandra Loxton; EDITOR: Hope Litoff

(WORLD PREMIERE) Four children with profound hearing loss undergo surgery to receive cochlear implants. With the help of their parents, they make the difficult transition from the deaf world to that of the hearing, discovering new ways to express themselves, but also how to listen. Producer Amy Cohen is a Wisconsin native pursuing her masters in poetry at Sarah Lawrence. Her daughter is one of the children in the film.