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“ My Mother’s Orchids” I created a short series of photographs with my mother’s orchids as main “ character”. She started growing them right after i moved out from home.

“ WASTELAND� This is a series of different photos taken separately, within the same topic. Anonymous places, taken out of context. I have also made a small edition with the images.

edition, b&w,A5, 10 pages, presented in following chapter

“ Landscape decomposed ” The series of photographs contain landscape images from Poland, taken near from where i grew up. I focused on form, textures and colors, creating ‘collages’, putting different images together in order to create depth and new dimension of the two- dimensional image.

“ Ja Miron � The series of promotional portraits for singer Ja Miron.

“ Kalifornia � This series of photographs was taken in Mielno, a little town at the polish seaside, in the wintertime. During the summer this is a turistic place, vibrant, alive, full of bars, clubs, young people. What interested me was the transition into this empty place, where once the summer is over, all that is left, are some empty bottles and closed shops.

“ Jardins � The idea of private little gardens, in separate green area of the city, is very popular in post-communist countries where most of the people live in big, cold flats, without any acces to nature. This a series that shows how people treat their private gardens, how important they become, how their style hasn’t changed in years.

“ White Studies ” White doesn’t really exist in real life. What we call ‘white’ in fact is a mix of different shades of grey, pink, beige, flesh color. As a contrast to the rest of photographs, I have put the photo of my friend in the series. She is really pale, but technically not ‘white’, because she is mixed-race. Sometimes color is nothing but how we call it.

SELECTED 2011-2013 photographs digital and analog

EDITION ( self published ) 1. ‘Wasteland’, a5, b&w, 15 copies 2. “GIRLS #1’ a5, b&w, 20 copies

VIDEO (screen prints)

music video Roman D’Amour feat Ja Miron - “ De Lux” video, edit : Justyna Wierzchowiecka ( 4 min )

“ Cream and Coffee” video video : Justyna Wierzchowiecka, Carlos Lidon edit : Justyna Wierzchowiecka ( 1 min )

“ Paradise Lost� documentary ( in postproduction ) video : Justyna Wierzchowiecka, Paulina Wierzgacz edit : Justyna Wierzchowiecka ( 10 min )

Justyna Wierzchowiecka

Justyna Wierzchowiecka Portfolio  

photo, video, edition

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