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JANUARY 2020 Issue Date: January28, 2020



Website : www.wfyrc.com Enjoy our Track Workouts

Inside This Issue Board issues 2 club events Scholarships +Naples half


Runner Profile


Polk Senior G It’s the shoes


Killed by lightning

2020 Turkey 10+11 Trot Photo’s & results - New 12 WR 10k

Run Watch + 12 presidents message

trophy than the usual ‘top-finisher-mug’.

She did not make it into the first 125 females in the 5k Wingding but Kelley Holz from Atlanta –Bib# 7172 got a much better

When she crossed the finish wearing pink Asics shoes in a time of 39:14 she was stopped by her fiancée Aaron Mellman (35) who went on his knees and asked her: “Will You Marry Me” – Kelley (32) said yes, time for Aaron to come up with the ring! The couple is living in Atlanta and met 3 years ago at the ‘Run for Brews Run Club’ in Atlanta. Kelley is an accountant and Aaron is in Finance. No date has been set yet but will most likely be Fall 2020. The 5k had 5,969 registered finishers. First OA was Ryan Martins (20) from Lincoln, NE in 16:14 –First female was Kaitlyn Kramer (25) from Newark, DE who ran 18:02 More photo’s and news about the 2019 Turkey Trot on pages 10 + 11

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=Making Tracks=


Annual WFYR Club Events

Officers: Summer Sandkey Series summer 2020

President Skip Rogers lrogers115@tampabay.rr.com Vice President


Tampa Bay Times Turkey Trot Thanksgiving, Nov.26 2020

Secretary Dennis Chaplin dchapli1@verizon.net Treasurer Mary Pulaski maryp@verizon.net Membership Chair Ric Dorrie

Discover Caladesi Island (10M/5K)

December 5 2020

Ricdoor@hotmail.com Other: scholarship awards, celebrations, Race results and additional information available on the website.

Coach & Making Tracks Albert Wieringa coach@wfyrc.com

Other Board Members Lewis Langford


Board Meetings are held the first Tuesday of the

Mary Grace Ritter


month, 6PM, at Varsity Club 24091 US 19 N. Clearwater

MEMBERS GROUP RUNS TUESDAY Mornings: Track workout, 4:50 AM Clearwater HS- stadium. West entrance (Arcturas) Track-coach: Albert Wieringa, 727-754 0439 coach@wfyrc.com SATURDAY Mornings: 

Long run (8, 12, 13 typically) around the beach and bridges. The “loop” starts at Clearwater City Hall at 6:00 AM. Contact: Kathleen Roach, kathleenxyz@hotmail.com 727-421 7323

SUNDAY Mornings: Long run (13 miles&up) Clearwater City Hall at 6:00 AM (same as Sat)

Members welcome—no commitment necessary. Please let Skip know if you are interested in attending so that he can save you a seat

Advertise in Making Tracks! (one-time) Options include: Business Card $ 20.00 1/4 Page $ 50.00 1/2 Page $ 75.00 Full Page $ 100.00 Spread $ 175.00

THURSDAY 5 AM: 5-mile workout, Dunedin Causeway, meet @ 2646 Bayshore Blvd,

All Year (4-issues) possible

contact Ron Haney. 207-542 5023 FRIDAY 6 AM - 5mile Bridge Repeats Clearwater Causeway Bridge, State Rd 60 park @ West of Bridge, contact Ron Haney. 207-542 5023

Contact Editor for details

2020 WFYRC Scholarship's PINELLAS COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR RUNNERS We invite you to apply for our College Scholarship. Qualifications are: You are graduating high school in 2020 You ran either cross country and or track during you senior year You must be a WFYRC member What you should do: Write a letter to our scholarship committee telling us why you deserve this scholarship. Have your coach write a recommendation letter Send us your current school transcripts

Deadline is March 1st, please mail to: Mary Pulaski 9138 Jakes Path, Largo, FL 33771

WFYRC-track runners kick off 2020 with super times in Naples Temperature at the famous 2020 Naples Half marathon on January 19 was about 66 degrees, not exactly super cool. And there was a 6mph SE breeze on this pancake flat course, that runs mostly straight North/South. But three of our top WFYRC Grand-Masters kept on pushing and finished 1st and 2nd in the Grand Master division plus a first place in the 70/74 age group. MaryAnn Protz (63) from St. Petersburg was 1st GM with a time of 1:29:22 (6:49 pace) good for an outstanding 99.4% Age Graded Result and a new course record for 60+ by more than a minute, while Terri Rejimbal (51) from Tampa scooped up the 2 nd GM award in a stellar 1:30:21 (6:53 pace and 83.56% AGR) About 3 minutes later coach Albert Wieringa (73) St Petersburg finished in 1:33:27 (7:07 pace and 89.62% AGR) “Our weekly track workouts paid off, as they usually do,� Coach Albert said. Results are at: https://runsignup.com/Race/Results/4426/?remMeAttempt=#resultSetId-184892;page:2;perpage:10

Runner’s profile WFYRC Member Spotlight on Jeanne Fine (63) How and when did you get started in running? I started running very sporadically in my 40s, running 2-3 miles once or twice a week, as a way to ‘get away’ from the kids and have some quiet time to myself and increased my running as my kids got older.

Why are you a runner today? I run for fitness, health, to keep my weight in check, and just for the pure joy I get from being out there doing it. I don’t really care about my pace, PRs or ‘placing’ in a race, I just love the feeling of peace I get from running and the feeling of gratitude that I still can.

What is your occupation? I’m an Instructional Systems Designer and work for a Healthcare IT company that provides software to hospitals and doctor’s offices. I develop the training materials that are used to teach the customers how to use the software

Why did you join the WFYRC? I moved to the area about 5 years ago, not knowing a soul out here. I googled ‘running clubs’ and WFYRC popped up. I’m so fortunate to have found this club and these people.

How many miles do you run each week and what kind of training do you do? Although I’d love to run more, I constrain myself for fear of overdoing it and/or becoming ‘obsessed’.

What does your typical week of running look like? What seems to work for me and keep me injury-free is running 3 days a week – a track workout on Tuesday morning, a 5 or 6-mile tempo run on Wednesday or Thursday and a long run on the weekend. This amount of running, with swimming and biking thrown in, fits my schedule and provides me with a good balance.

What time of the day do you normally run? I’m a morning person, so pretty much always start by 6 or 6:30 and finish by 8 am.

What are your 3 favorite races? -Any small to medium-size 10 or 15K race with sufficient parking, water and porta-potties! I especially love running at Fort DeSoto, the Clearwater bridges and Starkey Park, but I’m not really fussy as long as I have the aforementioned ‘amenities’.

What are your favorite places to train? I love training near the water, and as with races, I look for places with water and rest room stops along the way ‘just in case’! And shade is always welcome!

What’s the longest distance you have run and how did it go? About 8 years ago, I did my first Half Ironman triathlon, where after swimming (1.2 miles) and biking (56 miles), you finish it up with a half marathon. When I got off the bike and was changing into my running shoes, I realized that I had somehow grabbed two right shoes, so my choice was to quit right then or lace up and see what happened. Off I went in my two right shoes. It wasn’t pretty, but I got it done, with surprisingly only one blister. What doesn’t kill you DOES make you stronger, or at least makes you pay better attention to your race prep going forward!

Jeanne Fine continued What are you running goals for this year? My goals for this year (and for every year) are to stay healthy and injury-free, since my ultimate goal is to still be running into my 80s and beyond!

Anything else? Just a shout out to the Tuesday morning track crew who make it easy to get up and out the door at the crack o’ dawn for what is always a run time and a great workout.

Invite for 2020 (Florida) Senior Games - Polk County If you are a ‘Grand-Master’ (50 years or older) and love to compete against other 50-plus athletes on the track (50/100/200/400/800/1500) as well as on the road (5k) you are welcome at the 28th annual Polk Senior Games, with 2,400 participants and an army of 700 volunteers. The games start on Saturday, February 29 and finish on Monday, March 16. The Polk County events are qualifier's for the 2020 Florida Senior Games, presented by Humana. There are over 40 different activities like billiards, bridge, pistol & rifle shooting, dancing, fishing, pickleball and shuffleboard, just to name a few and you don’t have to be rich to join. Signing up for the 1st event is just $10 and each additional event is $3. Pre-registration is required. Entries must be received by Friday, February 14 at the Polk Senior Games Office in Bartow, 515 East Boulevard Street, FL 33830-3910 Interesting for runners are the Track meet on Saturday, Febr 29, at the ‘All Saints Academy Stadium ‘, 501 State Road 540 West in Winter Haven, FL 33880 - there are 6 track events, 800, 100, 400, 50, 1500 & 200 -start is at 9:20 am - check in begins at 8:30 am The other running event is a 5k road race on Saturday, March 14 at 8:30 am at Bartow High school Stadium , 1270 South Broadway Ave, Bartow 33830. check in begins at 8:00 am

More info at: http://polkseniorgames.org/ email: polkseniorgames50@gmail.com Office-phone 863-533 0055

Signing up and forms at: http://polkseniorgames.org/enter-the-games/

It Must Be the Shoes! By Terri Rejimbal, RRCA Certified Run Coach As runners we don’t need much equipment to perform our sport, but a good pair of running shoes is a must. One of the first lessons we learn is to buy new shoes after 300-500 miles. Once the foam wears out, the material loses its ability to absorb shock and the risk of overuse injuries increases. “When” to replace your shoes will depend on your body type, running mechanics, and gait. A second important lesson is to rotate your shoes to accommodate different workouts. Why, you wonder? The thousands of steps we put on our shoes leads to a decline in its cushioning. Even though the bottom of the shoes may appear to have plenty of tread, the midsole material can still be broken down. Rotating shoes can increase their longevity by allowing the cushioning to “recover” which can take 24 to 48 hours. Having another pair gives your shoes a rest day, while supporting you on your next run. Rotating the types of shoes used for different runs and workouts is beneficial in several ways: Training Muscles - Switching up your shoes will allow you to build strength in those smaller muscles of the lower legs that get challenged by a lighter shoe. Training in a lightweight/minimal shoe will engage more muscles than a fully cushioned or stability shoe. Heavier cushioned or stability shoes are great for shock absorption on long runs or when your legs feel fatigued from the day before. Injury Prevention - Running is extremely repetitive—an hour-long run will likely accumulate over ten thousand foot strikes; each impact very much like the previous one. Training in a range of shoes provides diversity in the same way that changing running surfaces does (road, trail, grass, treadmill). Or think of it like working out in the gym, doing different weight exercises that target the same body part, but in a slightly different way. Different shoes distribute running forces differently, thus lessening the strain on any given body part. By changing shoes or terrain, you vary the repetitive impact on your body, thereby reducing the risk of a repetitive stress injury. (See my use of the word “repetitive” here!) Eliminate Potential Muscle Imbalances – If you consistently run in the same pair of shoes, over time the shoe foam changes as it wears down, affecting your running form and muscles, not just your feet but all over. In time, you’ll begin to compensate for those imbalances, which can lead to injury. Think about what can happen when you increase training intensity or mileage, and you’re running in the same pair of shoes day after day. Avoid overloading any one muscle, bones, tendon, or ligament while simultaneously strengthening others, simply by changing your shoes. To accommodate the various types of runners and workouts performed, shoe companies make a variety of different models, styles, and versions of shoes. Within a style line of shoes, you can find a cushioned trainer (tends to be heavier and durable), a lightweight shoe (which can be a racer), and a racing flat. For example, I wear a New Balance Zante or HOKA Conquest for my easy and long runs. For tempo and intervals, I run in New Balance Zante Pursuit or Solas. For racing, I prefer New Balance Solas or Reebok RunFast. Each shoe has a different attribute that contributes to the purpose of the intended run. Different shoes for different runs. Like a training plan, you have different workouts. Type






Soft midsoles, shock absorption Little cushion, more bounce, lighter, flexible, less structure

Long run support when form fatigues Faster paced runstempos, intervals; can be used as a racing flat Racing

300-600 mi

Usually heavier, more support Can be firm which allows foot to spring quickly through heel-toe transition

Moderate support to prevent too much motion Controls severe foot overpronation; stops foot from rolling in Specific to terrain

300-500 mi

Lightweight or Minimal Racing Flat

Lightweight, very little cushion & support


Midsole cushion, medial posting

Motion Control

Heavier, durable, rigid, stiffer/firm midsole


More aggressive tread; some shoes are waterproof

*Not to be confused with Motion Control shoes

200-500 mi

100-300 mi

300-500 mi 300-600 mi

Requires time to adapt; stripped down build; aren’t for everyone Helpful when returning from injury or support due to fatigued legs

In different models, even those within the same foot-function category - neutral, stability, motion control - you will strike the ground and run slightly differently. In doing so, you will be shifting the stresses on your body from model to model, which may help reduce your chance of injury. I hate breaking in new shoes! By varying my shoe type for the type of run I’m doing, allows me to gradually introduce a new pair into my training cycle without too much disruption and risk of injury. Take the next step in your training and experiment in your shoe collection. When making any change to your running shoes, it’s best to make any change gradually, allowing your body to adapt. When experimenting with different styles, be aware that it is normal to have some increased soreness because you aren’t accustomed yet. However, don’t confuse pain with injury, unless those injury signs are present during your run even with your normal beloved shoes. Remember to be brand impartial when shopping. Seek out your neighborhood running store for assistance in fit and guidance with a new shoe selection that works for you.

Happy Running!

Terri Rejimbal is a competitive Masters athlete, a 3-time winner and 8-time Masters champion of the Gasparilla Distance Classic half-marathon; 6-time Disney Masters marathon winner, 6-time Florida USATF Athlete of the Year, and a New Balance product tester. Terri is a RRCA certified running coach and can be contacted at tarejimbal@gmail.com, on Facebook/terri.rejimbal, Twitter @trejimbal, as well as at Instagram @bayshorerunner.

Ultra Runner killed by Lightning

The 7th edition of the Südtirol Ultra Skyrace 2019 was overshadowed by a tragic accident. A participant from Norway was struck by lightning near the Lago di San Pancrazio and was deadly injured. The accident occurred around 7:15 pm. A group of runners was on their way near Lago di San Pancrazio at about 2,120 m of altitude, when a 44 year old Norwegian woman was struck by lightning during a thunderstorm. About 30 minutes before the accident, the race had been stopped due to the weather conditions and participants were held up at Antran, the Rifugio Punta Cervina and the Rifugio Kesselberg. Some athletes though were on their way between these spots and could not be reached by the track marshals. Among them was the unfortunate Norwegian runner. After first aid, the injured athlete was flown to Bolzano hospital in Italy by the rescue helicopter Pelikan I, where she succumbed to her injuries. "We are shocked and deeply shaken by this tragic accident", commented Josef Günther Mair, chair of the Organizing Committee of the Südtirol Ultra Skyrace. "We express our deepest condolences to the family of the athlete."

Discover Caladesi Island 5k & 10 mile - December 5 2020

Results 2019 Tampa Bay Times Turkey Trot 5k Wingding, Males, 1

Ryan Martins (20) Lincoln, NE, 16:13.8 Wilson (17) Coral Gables,Fl, 16:21 3rd Evan Thornton-Sherman (15) Waterford, VT, 16:24 Master Blair Burnett (51) Tampa,FL 17:40 Grand Master Larry Smart (50) Tampa, FL 18:14 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Females, 1st Kaitlyn Kramer (25) Newark, DE, 18:02 2nd Paige Howard (32) Tampa,FL 18:06 3rd Jacki Wachtel (40) 18:24 Master Kristen Courcelle, (40) Colchester, VT 19:29 Grand Master Geri Laverty, (51) St. Petersburg, FL 21:45 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------st

2nd Colin

10k Turkey Trot, Males, 1

st Jon Mott (32) Lakeland, FL 32:59 2nd Lee Stephens, (39) St Petersburg, FL 34:09 3rd Patrick Leary, (24) 34:41 Master Tommy Brown, (45) Land’O Lakes, FL 36:48 Grand Master Tim Doran, (59) Winston Salem, NC 40:01 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Females, 1st Lauren Perkins, (37) Brooklyn, NY 37:23 2nd Paige Howard, (32) Tampa, FL 37:51 3rd Jacki Wachtel, (40) 39:50 Master Kathy Fraling, (52) Tarpon Springs, FL 42:12

Total results can be found at https://app.raceresults360.com/#/race/YbeUoD/5k/

=Making Tracks=

1005 S. Highland Ave. Clearwater, FL 33756

Because “runners run” and every runner has a story to tell

West Florida Y Runners Club

President’s message Last year’s 2019 Turkey Trot was the first time we went paperless. No paper registration, all registration was done on I-Pads. This system was much more efficient and faster than ever before. We will continue to use this I-Pad system for Turkey Trot. We will also use the I-Pad system for the Sunsets at Sand Key Beach Series 2020. Dates are to be announced soon. Check out the website, http://roadid.attn.tv/l/94i/LK931, for different styles of wrist ID bands, good insurance when running or biking alone in case of emergency. Skip Rogers

The Best GPS Running Watch After extensively testing 8 GPS watches consumer website ‘Wirecutter’ deemed the Garmin Forerunner 645 the best overall. Pricewise the 645 was in the middle of the pack but the quality was outstanding. “The watch was found to be easy to use and customize and had exceptionally accurate wrist-based heart rate tracking,” experts concluded. The test was performed by a top running coach and 2 competitive runners who were wearing the watches 24/7 and 350 miles over the course of 15 weeks while continually testing multiple features. The test can be found at https://thewirecutter.com/search/?s=GPS+running+watches

New 10k WR’s in Valencia (ESP)

2 World records were broken in the 10k Valencia Ibercaja with Rhonex Kipruto smashing the men's mark with 26:24* and Sheila Chepkirui clocking 29:42* to win the women's race at the World Athletics Gold Label event. Watch the shoes…..

Profile for Bert Wieringa

Making Tracks - January 2020  

Making Tracks is the newsletter of the West Florida Y Runners Club in Clearwater/St Petersburg, FL with lots of news and articles from the T...

Making Tracks - January 2020  

Making Tracks is the newsletter of the West Florida Y Runners Club in Clearwater/St Petersburg, FL with lots of news and articles from the T...


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