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SUSTAINABILITY POLICY 1. Goal/Purpose To identify how Sustainability and related initiatives developed by Wienerberger Group will be implemented, promoted and realised in the UK. 2. Scope of Application All Wienerberger Ltd and Sandtoft Roof Tiles Ltd operations, products and services in the UK. 3. Method of Announcement (Distribution) This Policy will be published on the Environmental Management section of the Wienerberger Ltd and Sandtoft Roof Tiles Ltd intranet sites and will be displayed on notice boards at all Wienerberger Ltd and Sandtoft Roof Tiles Ltd operating sites. 4. Definition of Terms Sustainability will be defined in relation to UK Government policies and regulations related to Sustainable Development, Sustainable Construction and Sustainable Manufacturing. 5. Responsibility All employees of Wienerberger Ltd and Sandtoft Roof Tiles Ltd and all Companies engaged directly to carry out services on behalf of the Companies. 6. Policy It is the Policy of Wienerberger Ltd and Sandtoft Roof Tiles Ltd to fully consider all aspects of Sustainability in all areas of their business including specifically: • • • •

The development and promotion of sustainable Products and services. The sustainable operation and continual improvement of Production Processes. The provision of a sustainable working environment for our People. The establishment of business Practices which fully embrace the requirements of Corporate Social Responsibility and ethical behaviour.

Our Products will be established and developed to have a long service life and therefore low life cycle environmental impact. Building solutions will be promoted which combine energy efficiency and economy with due regard for ecology and emotion – healthy buildings which people are comfortable to live and work in. Transparent methodologies will be used to validate the sustainability credentials of products using appropriate Environmental Product Declarations. Our Production Processes will be continually developed and improved to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions and to increase the use of renewable energy and non mains water. Resource efficiency will be central to all our operations including maximum use of appropriate recycled and secondary raw materials to reduce the consumption of virgin mineral resources. Emissions to air and water and waste to landfill will be kept to a minimum. Prepared by:


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Our People will benefit from continual improvement of the working environment with respect to equal opportunities and diversity and the provision of personal development programmes. Occupational health and safety will be afforded a high priority in order to ensure that workplace accidents are reduced and that effective controls are in place to minimise exposure of employees to unacceptable levels of workplace dust or noise. Our Practices will be implemented so that all our activities are entirely transparent and we will adopt an open door approach to all appropriate Regulatory bodies and to all members of the local community living adjacent to our manufacturing and quarry sites. We will seek to manage land in a responsible manner and look to develop improved ecological habitats wherever possible. We will support charitable projects on a local basis and also in accordance with Wienerberger Group guidelines. We will support human rights in accordance with the Wienerberger Social Charter. The Board of Directors gives their full backing to this policy and will support all those persons who endeavour to carry it out. Adequate financial and physical resources to achieve the objectives, including the provision of expert advice as and when necessary, will be made available.

SIGNED Managing Director

DATE : 1st March 2012

7. Other applicable Documents Not Applicable. 8. Forms Not Applicable. 9. Amendments Amendments to the Policy will only be issued following approval of the Managing Director. 10. Implementation All employees of Wienerberger Ltd/Sandtoft Roof Tiles Ltd and all Contractors working on behalf of the Companies are expected to comply fully with this Policy at all times and to report any deficiencies or contraventions as soon as possible to the Director for Sustainability.


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