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PRECISION MADE CLAY BLOCK WALLING SYSTEM Porotherm makes quality construction quicker, easier and more cost effective. The beauty of Porotherm is that it offers speed and efficiency without compromising on quality or finish. At the heart of the system is a precision-engineered clay block. A unique interlocking design rules out the need for mortar in the vertical joints, reducing mortar usage and waste, and most importantly, saving precious time. On any build, we know that saving time means saving money – and using Porotherm can shave up to 25% off a build time. It brings superb thermal and acoustic efficiencies to the build, while the lean laying process and rapid daily output means that the Porotherm system can be erected in a matter of days. And yet, it will last for over 150 years – making it as sustainable as it is affordable and convenient.

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Porotherm can shave up to 25% off a build time Porotherm can be used for both load-bearing and non-loadbearing applications and is ideal for: • Inner leaf of brick-faced cavity walls • Inner and outer leaves of rendered cavity walls • Infill panels within framed structures • Partition walls • Separating walls • Single leaf (monolithic) internal & external walls

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