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Koln Red Slimpave

Wienerberger has been manufacturing clay pavers since 1936, creating beautiful, natural products that are suitable for builds of any size, sophistication or complexity. We have pavers for every project, from schools, houses and public buildings to museums and self builds. Each individual variation boasts a durability of over 200 years and is fully equipped for use in any climate or condition – from extreme cold to sweltering heat. The versatility and lifecycle of our pavers, represents a key sustainability credential – and one that complements the quality and look of the finished work. All UK factories are subject to an Environmental Management System that meets the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001.

Each variation boasts a durability of over 200 years

Furthermore, we offer extensive variations of colour, texture, shape and size – we want you to be spoilt for choice. This means that whatever your project, whatever your build focus, wherever it is, we can provide the ideal paving for you.


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