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FLEXIBILITY OF USE & DESIGN We know that construction projects often require products that offer flexibility of use and design and yet can maintain the overall quality and integrity of the build. Providing excellent durability and low maintenance, brick slips are ideal for new build or renovation projects and are incredibly easy to fit and point. They offer an easy way to transform or improve the look of any wall, whether internal or external. Wienerberger is able to offer the widest range of brick slips available in the UK. Purpose-made brick slips Our new range of purpose-made brick slips is available in an extensive range of colours. They are 215 x 15 x 65mm in size and provide excellent dimensional tolerances. They provide a more cost effective option than having slips cut from full bricks.

Brick slips have the ability to transform the appearance of any wall

All Wienerberger bricks are available as slips As well as our extensive range of purposemade brick slips we are also able to offer any of our market leading range of bricks in slip format meaning customers can match to existing brickwork in an easy and hassle-free way. Please contact us for more information on our range of brick slips or to discuss your requirements.


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