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The perfect tile for use in exposed situations Tile creasing has been employed for many centuries as a means of shedding water and preventing dampness in walls, as well as for visual effect when used to construct fine details in brick and stone walls. A creasing tile is a flat slab of fired clay; unlike a plain tile it has no nibs, no holes, and no cambers. Although technically a tile, made in the same way and to the same standards as a clay plain tile, it is generally used more like a brick. Creasing tiles can be cut more accurately than a brick, and they can be used to good visual effect by


adding contrast of scale and texture in brick and stone work. In addition to their visual qualities, their low water absorption and durability make them particularly suitable for situations subject to excessive weathering, such as projecting drip courses. Their resistance to rising and penetrating damp, and their ability to form a strong bond with a mortar to make them an ideal damp-proofing medium for freestanding walls.

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