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P90X Review and P90X2 Review - A Better You For Life

This system by famed trainer Tony Horton means business – the X stands for Extreme! 20 years in the business and known as the “Master of Motivation”. He has trained athletes, celebrities, and everyday folks using his wit, exciting instruction and encouragement.

How does it work? Muscle Confusion ™. This is a complete organized system that shows how and when to change up your workouts for the best results. Many times I have been the victim of the dreaded plateau, the body gets used to the routine and the results fade. The P90X® changes up the routines, different training schedules “confuse” your muscles. p90x review

What do you get? A video called “How to Work It”, that this system is a lot more than the fantastic workouts but also safety, supplements and vitamins.

12 Workouts Chest and back – classic upper body Plyometrics – explosive jumping exercises Shoulders and Arms – classic Yoga X – helps body and mind using strength, balance, and flexibility Legs and Back – classic Kenpo X – for balance, endurance, coordination – punching and kicking X Stretch – to ward off injuries Core Synergistics – support and build muscles – p90x dvd set Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps – focuses strictly as it says Back and Biceps - focuses strictly again Cardio X – low impact cardio and fun Ab Ripper X – can you say six pack?

Also included is a nutrition plan that first gives you the energy for the intense workouts and then can help you recover properly. It also has recipes to help you learn how to eat the right way for the best results.

Your fitness guide that will be your personal home gym for the next 90 days. It will teach you to do the exercises correctly and create your own customized fitness program according to your goals. You will be well on your way to writing your own P90X review once you see the results you can get from this program! Page 1 of 3

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A calendar to track your workouts and free online support!

Click here to learn more about P90X and read P90X reviews! P90X Review – This is not a 20 minute dance routine and absolutely no disrespect intended! A brief synopsis: Cons; 60-90 minute videos, difficulty level can scare off newbies, workout schedule is 6 days a week. Pros; results are quick, Tony Horton is great, the level of difficulty and variation makes this a complete program that will last. There are thousands of people who have their own P90X review and testimonials to prove to that this program works!

Nutrition Plan features: The nutrition plan comes with 3 phases. The first starts you off with high protein to start you off fast and to help strengthen your muscles. It is called the Shredder. The second phase is called the Energy Booster. This phase mixes proteins, carbs and a tiny bit of fats to give you energy to continue with your extreme workouts. The third phase is the Endurance Maximizer and is athletically based on lean proteins and more complex carbs.

Workout Schedule features: The workout schedule has 3 plans. The Classic which is the most basic and consists of three days of cardio and yoga then three days of resistance. Lean is basic, or classic, that features four days of cardio and yoga and two days of resistance. Doubles is basic with lots of cardio twice a day. It is suggested to start with Classic and Lean, work up to the Doubles, so that you build up your endurance, strength and don’t burn out before your 90 days are up!

Click here to learn more about P90X and read P90X reviews!

What makes this system different from the P90X is not that it makes you work harder. On top of Muscle Confusion™ it adds Muscle

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May 06, 2013 05:39:18PM MDT Integration. Which uses applied sports science and uses all of the muscles with each move. It uses instability instead of focusing on one muscle group at a time. Firing off everything at once.

This version also comes in three choices of systems; P90X2 Base, P90X2 Deluxe, and the P90X2 Ultimate. p90x2 review

Again, these programs take serious commitment and dedication. I think what Tony says is Work It!

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P90X Review and P90X2 Review - A Better You For Life