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TECHNICAL TIP TV PLAY TROUBLESHOOTING CHECKLIST If you are having difficulty with your TV PLAY connection, please review the below checklist or call 844.497.8844 to talk to one of our consumer help desk professionals.

Are your hearing devices EVOKE™ FUSION™2? Is the firmware on your hearing devices up to date? To confirm, open the EVOKE app in the App Store® or on Google Play. If there is an update, follow the prompts to install. Check the LED light color on the TV PLAY: SOLID GREEN: Devices are paired and TV PLAY is streaming Verify you are on the TV PLAY program on the EVOKE app. Verify the lights are solid green and not pulsing slowly. If pulsing, see “Blinking Green” below. WHITE: Devices are not paired 

Open and close the battery doors near the TV PLAY. After a few seconds you should see a blue light flash once for each hearing device, then the LED light should change to green. If your hearing devices are still not paired, try changing the USB cord from the TV PLAY then pair again. If your hearing devices are still not paired, try plugging into another USB port on the TV for power. Some TVs have USB ports that do not generate enough power, even when the light is on. If no other USB port is available, plug the TV PLAY into the wall with a compatible wall plug.

BLINKING GREEN: Devices are paired but not streaming Verify how the TV PLAY is plugged into the TV. a. An analog port may be only input and not output. b. A digital port may need to be enabled from the TV. If an optical connection is being used, then a red light should be coming out of the end of the optical cable. You may need to enable that port on your TV to allow for streaming. BLINKING RED: Overheating  nplug the TV PLAY and let it cool down. Check the surrounding area for excessive dust or cloth U materials to see why it is overheating. SOLID RED: Malfunction Needs to be sent in for repair. Please contact your Hearing Healthcare Professional for next steps.

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TECHNICAL TIP TV PLAY FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS W  hat hearing devices are compatible with the TV PLAY? It is compatible with ALL levels of EVOKE in the FUSION2 style. Can TV PLAY be used without using the app? Yes. The volume of the TV can be controlled via the push button on the hearing device, or with an RC-DEX. The EVOKE app offers enhanced sound control options that control the overall volume of the environment and TV, independently. What is the range of TV PLAY? The specified range is 49 feet (15 meters) under the conditions of “line-of-sight”. The range can be affected by the floor plan and interference (i.e. microwave ovens). What types of inputs does the TV PLAY support? The TV PLAY supports both analog and optical input. How is TV PLAY connected if the hearing device wearer also has a sound bar? Most TVs have both an analog and an optical option. If a sound bar or other speaker system is connected to the TV via one of those options, the TV PLAY can connect using the other option. In the rare case where the TV provides only one type of audio port, a splitter can be purchased in an electronic store. Please note: the use of a splitter can affect the latency of the streamed signal. Can the same set of hearing devices pair with multiple TV PLAY devices? Currently the hearing devices can only be paired with one TV PLAY device at a time. If there are multiple TV PLAY devices, it is easy to change the pairing when the wearer would like to switch by opening and closing the hearing device door within a few feet of the new TV PLAY. Can TV PLAY support multiple hearing devices? Yes. TV PLAY does not have a limitation to how many sets of hearing devices can be paired. Multiple wearers can enjoy the same TV PLAY and control their sound independently with the use of the EVOKE app or push button or RC-DEX.

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Consumer Support: 1.844.497.8844 |

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