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2019 WINNERS INCLUDE: Camden Associates Deep & Far EXPEN G. Elias & Co. Intercorp Group


DEEP & FAR Attorneys-at-Law


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Country Awards 2019

2019 Welcome to DealMakers Country Awards 2019 The world’s leading professional firms are called upon to assist with transactional matters throughout the deal process. Helping the corporate team on matters of vital importance in areas associated with the geographical location and the sector that a business may operate within. Regulatory, compliance, property, environmental, fund formation, technology and employment law amongst others all rank high on the agenda. Recognizing the experience and skills that many of the developed nations have, we know how important it is to be recognized as a leader in your field of expertise. The DealMakers Country Awards 2019 recognize a select number of leading professional firms, across the globe, for their individual areas of specialization, within their geographical location. The DealMakers Country Awards 2019 are presented across all geographical locations that the Monthly Magazine penetrates. We recognize and salute the organizations & advisers that have performed to exceptional levels during the most difficult period that the global economy has experienced for decades. The poll represents who the readership believes are the leading professional firms, within the various areas of specialization, across the various geographical regions. These firms are represented within this, the DealMakers Country Awards 2019– Special Edition. Congratulations to all the winners from everyone at DealMakers Monthly!

Sally Cook Editor

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“Congratulations to all the winners of DealMakers Country Awards 2019”

Country Awards 2019 3

Country Awards 2019

Congratulations to all the Winners AUSTRIA



Likar Law Offices

PPT Legal

Vellani & Vellani


HUNGARY Gardos Furedi Mosonyi Tomori


Afschrift Ambos Lawyers



Federis & Associates


Law Office of Ramni Taneja........10

Law Office.............................. 20

CR & F Rojas

Tuli & Co

BOTSWANA Luke & Associates


Veritas Legal

INDONESIA Hadromi & Partners.................. 11

SAINT -BARTHÉLEMY Emmanuel Jacques Almosnino...............................21

C.M. Rodrigues Advogados



Intercorp Group..................... 6-7

De Rosa Law Firm.....................12


Moraes Pitombo....................... 5

LawFed Studio Legale e Tributario

CANADA Banasinski & Associates

CARRIBBEAN Emmanuel Jacques Almosnino


BRSA Vitale & Partners

LATVIA Foral Patent Law Offices............13


SWITZERLAND Burgi Nageli Lawyers JMS Invest

TAIWAN Deep & Far........................22-23



Oscós Abogados.....................14



Carlton Strategy Advisors


RMS LLC..................................15

Goal Group Ltd


Leumi ABL Limited................... 26


Guy Jose Bendana-Guerrero &

Petrus Financial Services



SIA Group



Walker Morris

Railas Attorneys Ltd.

G. Elias & Co....................... 16-17


Grandall Law Firm


Tayo Oyetibo LP

Camden Associates............24-25

CohnReznick LLP



Hill, Farrer & Burrill LLP

Wilhelm & Associes

Aabø-Evensen & Co.................18

McCracken Advisory Partners



Odin Capital........................... 27

Pohlmann & Company

Risk Management Services LLC

Sadis & Goldberg

4 Country Awards 2019



Country Awards 2019

Criminal Law Firm of the Year Encouraging participation in continuing legal education seminars, professional association activities and civic affairs, Sao-Paulo headquartered Moraes Pitombo Advogados prides on its ability to combine the dual qualities of a contemporary legal practice i.e. personally tailored client service – which is characteristic of small law firms – and the cutting-edge technology and organisation of large law firms.


e defend the interests of our clients in cases, both in Brazil and abroad through our partnership with several foreign offices,” says firm founder Antônio Sérgio A. de Moraes Pitombo. “In the last 15 years, we have worked in the main cases of repercussion in the country with successful results that demonstrate the differentiated quality of our legal service.”

saw the need to verticalise our work in the judiciary, serving clients in the higher courts (STJ and STF), hence the birth of the Brasília office, allowing a greater growth and highlight in judgments in both of these courts. “Second, we wanted to give the same level of personalised service to our many clients in Rio de Janeiro, which required us to reproduce the standard of service quality with a team of equal importance and size in that capital.”

Moraes Pitombo Advogados’ main areas of activity include crimes against the economic and financial order; crimes against the tax order; crimes against the environment; crimes against patrimony, industrial Antônio Sérgio A. de Moraes Pitombo A graduate of the University of São Paulo, from property and labour organisation; crimes against the Partner/Founder where he obtained master’s and doctoral degrees faith and public administration; crimes against the in criminal law, Pitombo obtained his post-doctorate degree person; crimes against the family and sexual dignity; crimes against from the Ius Gentium Coninbrigae of the Faculty of Law of public incolumity; crimes perpetrated by the internet; international the University of Coimbra. Involved in the practice of criminal cooperation; and legal opinions. and contentious advocacy law for more than two decades, he is known for his work in several cases of repercussion. He The firm’s offices are structured to exclusively serve two areas of is a member of the Institute of Brazilian Lawyers (IAB); the law, namely criminal and civil, with distinct teams available to Brazilian Institute of Criminal Sciences (IBCCrim); the Manoel interact and organise the full defence against the state. A team Pedro Pimentel Institute, linked to the Department of Criminal of more than 100 people divided into three offices located in the Law, Criminology and Forensic Medicine, Faculty of Law of cities of São Paulo, Brasília, and Rio de Janeiro. University of São Paulo; the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers; the Association Internationale de Droit Pénal; “Over time, our headquarters in the city of São Paulo found two and the Association Internationale des Avocats de la Défense. fundamental needs for its development,” says Pitombo. “First, we MORAES PITOMBO ADVOGADOS São Paulo Alameda Vicente Pinzon, 51 – 1º andar – Sao Paulo/ SP, ZIP 04547-130 Tel: +55 11 3047 3131 Fax: +55 11 3047 3141

+55 11 3047 3131


Brasília Setor de Autarquias Sul – Quadra 1 – Bloco N. SL. 901/902/903 – Ed. Terrabrasilis; Brasilia/DF ZIP 70070-0100 Tel/Fax: +55 61 3322 7690


Rio de Janeiro Praia de Botafogo, 440, 21º andar, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro/RJ, ZIP 22250-908 Tel/Fax: +55 21 3974 6250


Country Awards 2019 5


BEST Tax Consulting Firm of the YearWINNE LATAM Estate Planning & Inte INTERCORP GROUP is a privately owned high-level consulting firm, which provides tax, estate planning and fiduciary structure solutions to high-net-worth families.Intercorp Group provides advice with responsibility, liability and execution. Intercorp functions as an accessible intelligence is a interface, privatelystreamlining owned high-level from an elite global network of professionals and specialists; consulting firm, which provides tax, estate planning and and ultimately bestowing on clients the knowledge, confidence fiduciaryand structure high-net-worth families. solutions tosolutions handle theirto matters in the best possible way. GREAT BUSINESS IS BUILT THROUGH TRUST, Intercorp Group provides advice with responsibility, liability TRANSPARENCY AND RECIPROCITY and execution. Intercorp functions as an accessible


interface, streamlining intelligence from an elite global While Intercorp Group is wholly independent, relationships network and of professionals andform specialists; business agreements its lifeblood.and As a ultimately consultancy that advises on an international basis, business joint ventures bestowing on clients the knowledge, confidence and for specific jurisdictions are pivotal in providing the best advice solutions to handle their matters in the best possible way. and outcomes for our clients. The client is made fully aware of the firms involved in their solutions and vice versa: these firms


While Intercorp Group is wholly independent, relationships and business agreements form its lifeblood. 6 Country Awards 2019 As a consultancy that advises on an international basis,

of the Year

know we are representing particularly valued clients. Both parties elect to work with us because they continue to recognise the value we provide, neither legally nor structurally bound to our services. Our relationships are built to last. However the The client rests is made fully aware of the firms involved in responsibility with Intercorp to sustain a quality service which firms respect and which clients want to employ. their solutions and vice versa: these firms know we are

representing particularly valued clients. Both parties elect This structure has, to date, been proven extremely productive. to us because they with continue to recognise the Thework clientwith continues to deal solely Intercorp Group, reducing time and costs. Meanwhile we provide the firm, with value we provide, neither legally nor structurally bound to its well mapped out and organised processes and methods. our services. Our relationships are built to last. However the responsibility with Intercorp sustain a quality Intercorp Group is rests meticulously honest andto transparent service firms respectlongstanding and whichandclients about its which capabilities, leveraging trusted want to relationships to provide solutions to clients in the most efficient employ. way. We operate with the connections, relationships and the fiduciary responsibility of acting on behalf of the client.

This structure has, to date, been proven extremely productive. The client continues to deal solely with Intercorp Group, reducing time and costs. Meanwhile we provide the firm, with its well mapped out and organised processes and methods. WWW.DEALMAKERS-MONTHLY.COM Intercorp Group is meticulously honest and transparent

t r b


S c o i h c o f c t


Country Awards 2019


CONTACT INFORMATION CONTACT INFORMATION LONDON LONDON 45 Pont Street, London SW1X 0BD + 44 20 342 733 London 08 45 Pont Street, SW1X 0BD

+ 44 20 342 733 08

NEW YORK 60 East 42nd Street, Suite 4600,MIAMI New York, NY, 10165

150 SE 2nd Ave Suite 808 Miami, FL 33131 MIAMI + (305) 371 2858

ER OF ernational Tax Firm r - Brasil

150 SE 2nd Ave Suite 808 Miami, FL 33131 +leonardo@intercorpgroup.com (305) 371 2858 leonardo@intercorpgroup.co.uk



OUR FIRM Since its establishment, Intercorp Group has grown

the most efficient way.toWe operate withinternational the connections, consistently become a truly operation withmajor law firms, consultancies and professional services offices in London, New York and Miami. With aonstrongfirms across the world, commissioning and curating a relationships and the fiduciary responsibility of acting heritage in tax consulting, the scope of Intercorp’s expertise ABOUT LEONARDO BRAUNE behalf of thehas client. unique library of tailored expertise. evolved and developed in observation of its clients’ Leonardo Braune is a respected and highly experienced

changing requirements, while maintaining a tradition of consultant in the areas of international tax, real estate planning, outstanding client service and the very best intelligence for wealth preservation, fiduciary advice, implementation and OUR FIRM our clients. The majority of the firm’s engagements comprises management of international structures and projects. With a ABOUT LEONARDO BRAUNE the application of an international perspective to traditional vast experience in tax, an extremely diversified client base and Since its establishment, Intercorp Group has grown concerns such as: estate planning and succession, investment a very strong global network of top specialists in many different consistently to becomewealth a trulyprotection, international operation with Leonardo is a respected and structuring, and corporate restructuring. businessBraune related areas, Leonardo has led highly a large experienced number of Intercorp works closely with major law firms, consultancies and successful projects in several industries including oil and offices in both Miami and London. With a strong heritage consultant in the areas of international tax, real estate professional services firms across the world, commissioning gas, telecommunications, real estate, international services, in tax consulting, the scope of Intercorp’s expertise planning, wealth preservation, fiduciary advice, and curating a unique library of tailored expertise. investment funds and asset management.

has evolved and developed in observation of its clients’ changing requirements, while maintaining a tradition of outstanding client service and the very best intelligence for our clients. The majority of the firm’s engagements comprises the application of an international perspective WWW.DEALMAKERS-MONTHLY.COM to traditional concerns such as: estate planning and

implementation and management of international structures and projects. With a vast experience in tax, an extremely diversified client base and a very strong global network of top specialists in many different business related areas, Leonardo has led a large number Country Awards 2019 7 of successful projects in several industries including oil


Best International Tech Transactions Advisory Firm

Established in 2013, EXPEN advises 5 transactions per month in fundraising, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence and business valuation with its team of 10 senior consultants and more than 100 affiliate experts around the world.


he firm's track record highlights its unique expertise in finance and innovation. In the digital world, EXPEN advised transactions including: on-demand food delivery Deliveroo raising £200 million with Bridgepoint, parking lot application ZenPark raising E10 million with EDF, and neobank TagPay raising E4 million with Société Générale; In the field of biotechnology, EXPEN supported transactions like Enyo (drug discovery inspired by viruses) raising E40 million and Highlife (solution to mitral valve insufficiency) raising E32 million – both with Andera.

8 Country Awards 2019

EXPEN also regularly advises European funds, eg. Eurazeo PME, Partech Ventures, Idinvest, Amundi, Turenne or Omnès on their technology investments. EXPEN received numerous awards in recent years, including Best Due Diligence Financial Advisor in 2016 and Best International Tech Transactions Advisory Firm in 2017 and 2018 - three awards from Acquisition International magazine (UK). These awards reflect the quality of our services, as well as the depth of our distribution networks when it comes to raising funds



Country Awards 2019

or identifying technology companies to acquire. We also have proprietary approaches to analyze the Business Model or to report our work in a simple way - thanks to our teaching experience in many universities (UC Berkeley, HEC Paris, Dauphine,...). We also have a very strong international focus with more than 50% of our missions carried out abroad (Europe and Silicon Valley). This allows an immersive and constantly updated look at good financial practices and technological developments where the action is taking place and where disruptions are being conceived -several times ahead of schedule. This global vision is backed by our educational commitment to leading entrepreneurship clusters, eg. with UC Berkeley and Singularity University in California. "Disrupt yourself or you'll get disrupted" is our credo. All over the world, many leading companies are losing their ability to innovate, or their speed to design and implement sustainable innovation. They then set out in search of new technologies created by more agile start-ups. We help these transactions happen. Depending on the case and the momentum, we will act either alongside the investment fund, or with the start-up to help it raise funds. More generally, we seek to create a continuous dialogue between innovation and traditional companies, between entrepreneurs and investors, between France and the international community.

+33 1 40 17 93 04

EXPEN 9, rue de la Ville l’Evêque 75008 Paris Tel: +33 01 40 17 93 04 Email: contact@expen.com www.expen.com/en

Olivier Younès, PhD, founding CEO of EXPEN, Professor at HEC Paris, at UC Berkeley and at Singularity University; 10 years in Venture Capital, 5 years in audit; Mentor within 10 tech accelerators in Europe and Silicon Valley.


Valentin Salcedo, ESADE, Harvard, COO of EXPEN Corporate Finance ; 10 years of M&A consulting and support for family offices ; Professor at EDHEC and Barna University.

Patrick Berger, BACIS, chartered accountant, statutory auditor, audit and financial report specialist.


“We also have a very strong international focus with more than 50% of our missions carried out abroad (Europe and Silicon Valley).”


Country Awards 2019 9


Country Awards 2019

Highly Recommended Civil Litigation Lawyer Ramni Taneja, [born on 4th December 1955], is a citizen of India, having been educated in Mumbai, India, and London, England. She enrolled as an Advocate on 17th October 1980, on the Roll of the Bar Council of Maharashtra, [Mumbai], India; subsequently transferred to the Bar Council of Delhi, India, on 20th October 1997


n 3rd March 1997, she was admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales, [now known as the Senior Courts of England and Wales]. In 1999, she was appointed as a Notary by the Government of India, New Delhi, India.

Ramni Taneja’s areas of legal practice covering litigation and transactional legal work inter alia are: all areas of commercial law, civil law, corporate law, constitutional law and criminal law.

Other areas of legal practice covering litigation and transactional legal work inter alia are: Arbitration Since 1997, Ramni Taneja practises in New Delhi, [international and domestic], air law, banking law, India, as an Advocate in the Supreme Court of India consumer protection law, criminal law, due diligence, and the High Court of Delhi, apart from various other Ramni Taneja, Advocate and Notary direct and indirect taxation and international taxation, tribunals and courts in Delhi and in India. From 1980 extradition law, laws relating to asylum, family law, foreign direct till 1982 she trained as an Advocate with Little & Co., Advocates investment, comprising inter alia foreign exchange law, insurance and Solicitors, Mumbai, India; she headed the office of Little & law, initial public offerings, intellectual property law, infrastructure Co., Advocates, in New Delhi, India, from 2002 till 2006. From law, employment law, laws which affect the media, mergers 1983 till 1997, Ramni Taneja was licensed and practised as a Legal and acquisitions, immigration and nationality law, maritime law, Consultant with A.R. Hilal & Associates, Advocates and Legal succession law, private international law, public international law Consultants, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Her law firm, Law and property law. Office of Ramni Taneja, began in New Delhi, India in August 2006. Ramni Taneja completed her school education in the United Kingdom [UK] at Grey Coat Hospital, Westminster, London, England, UK, as a consequence of which she obtained the University of London, General Certificate of Education, Ordinary Levels and Advanced Levels, between 1972-1974. She obtained her BA Honours [First Class Honours] Degree in English Literature [Major] French Literature [Subsidiary] in 1977 from Elphinstone College, University of Bombay, India. She obtained her LLB Degree [First Class] in 1980 from Government Law College, University of Bombay, India. She was awarded the Diplôme Supérieur d’Etudes Françaises Modernes in 1975 by l’Alliance Française, Paris, France, [Mention Tres Honorable: i.e. Distinction] and was ranked first in the examination in 1975 in India and Asia. Ramni Taneja is the author of Foreign Direct Investment and Globalisation, published by Eastern Book Company, 2014; Ramni Taneja has written legal articles that have been published in international and Indian legal journals on various legal issues

+91 11 4155 2051

10 Country Awards 2019

RAMNI TANEJA A-34 Defence Colony New Delhi 110 024 India Enrolment No: D-336A/1980 Tel: +91 11 4155 2051; 4155 2052 Fax: +91 11 4155 2053 Email: ramni@ramnitaneja.com www.ramnitaneja.com

“Ramni Taneja’s areas of legal practice covering litigation and transactional legal work inter alia are: all areas of commercial law, civil law, corporate law, constitutional law and criminal law.”





Country Awards 2019

Law Firm of the Year

Hadromi & Partners is an established law firm located in the central business district of Jakarta, offering a full range of legal services covering among otheras corporate law, investment, mergers & acquisitions, mining, oil & gas, finance and banking, maritime & shipping, labor law, real estate, intellectual property, litigation and taxation. e service a wide spectrum of clients covering domestic companies to international and multinational companies and organisations. We continually guide our clients through Indonesia’s ever changing complex and dynamic regulatory system and provide sound legal advice to our clients.


Nainggolan is the senior partner of the firm who focuses more on the corporate & tax practice of the firm. He has 2 decades of experience in the legal practice, and has assisted various domestic and multinational companies on their legal issues in Indonesia.

Our firm is associated with JTJB Global Network, which has a worldwide reach through branch offices, associate firms, contacts and legal networks in various countries around the world. With the support of our global network we are well equipped to provide our clients with effective multi-jurisdictional assistance, advice and representation throughout the world. Additionally, we also maintain close working relationships with various other reputable international law firms to better provide multi and cross-national client services for our clients.

HADROMI & PARTNERS LAW FIRM Setiabudi Atrium, 4th Floor, Suite 404 - 405 Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. 62, Jakarta 12920, Indonesia Tel: +62 21 520 7040 (hunting) Fax: +62 21 520 7046 Email: info@hadromi.com hadromi@centrin.net.id www.hadromi.com

Our firm consists of highly qualified licensed attorneys and consultants, with solid education background and vast practical experience in the legal sector. Our team of lawyers and consultants are committed to always provide our clients with high quality legal services that are timely, solution oriented, and cost efficient, and adhering to ethical and professional standards. Hadromi & Partners is spearheaded by two seasoned legal professionals, namely Mr. Iqbal Hadromi and Mr. Alexander Nainggolan. Mr. Iqbal Hadromi is the founder and managing partner of the firm and handles litigation and arbitration matters across various industries. He has now over 2 decades of experience in the legal practice. Whereas Mr. Alexander

+62 21 520 7040


Mr. Iqbal Hadromi, Founder & Managing Partner


Mr. Alexander Nainggolan, Partner


Country Awards 2019 11


Country Awards 2019

Best Tax and Legal Services Law Firm

De Rosa Law Firm Studio Legale e Tributario (De Rosa Law Firm, hereinafter referred to as the “Firm”) was established in September 2004 by attorneys Alessandro De Rosa and Nicola Spadafora, together with a group of professionals with extensive experience in major international and national law firms.


he Firm has grown exponentially over recent years and now includes about sixty associates.

It has carved out an important space for itself in its market. The Firm’s team of attorneys and tax advisors works on behalf of a diverse range of important clients with successful operations. With their extensive experience, the Firm’s professionals can better understand the distinctive characteristics of clients and provide consulting services based on a solid knowledge of legal aspects and market conditions, with the goal of meeting the customer’s specific needs and going beyond the traditional attorney-client relationship. The Firm’s primary objective is in fact to adapt its services to market demands, acting exclusively in the interests of each client by offering customized solutions that integrate legal, regulatory, and fiscal issues, without ever losing sight of their fundamental reasons for doing business. Thus, the Firm’s priority is direct involvement during strategic planning and the decision-making process. With this in mind, over the years the Firm has created a strong relationship with its customers, offering a professional response to a market which increasingly demands interactive professional resources. The Firm generally dedicates a vertically-structured work team to its clients, which ensures trust, continuity and a full understanding of the client’s real needs. The Firm uses a network of international assistants with an effective and vigorous presence in major countries, including the United States, Russia, England and China.

+39 06 858 221

12 Country Awards 2019

In addition, over recent years the Firm has developed a network of professional relationships in emerging countries such as Brazil, South Africa, Romania and Montenegro. This history, marked by innovation, a broad and flexible structure, a complete range of services, and a commitment to research and staying up-to-date, demonstrate how Studio Legale e Tributario De Rosa Law Firm has consolidated and developed its position in both national and international markets, constantly expanding its structure and the type of services offered to its clients.

Alessandro De Rosa Excellent relationship & leadership skills. Speaker in various conventions and often present in the specialized economic press. It represents the interests of various Italian and foreign real estate assets. He is also the legal trustee of numerous show characters and international Alessandro De Rosa stars who care firsthand. Notable for its participations, as speaker in conferences, seminars and specialized events in addition to the frequent interviews issued to the national media. In recent years he has been the protagonist of some of the most important real estate operations concluded in Italy. Very active in the social sector, which often organizes activities aimed at promoting and protecting the weakest categories. For years, president of AC Milan Calcio a 8, amateur football team of Rome.





Country Awards 2019

Best IPR Litigation Firm

FORAL Patent Law Offices is known as a professional and reliable partner for the acquisition, enforcement and litigation of intellectual property rights.


stablished in 1991 the firm has grown to become one of the leading patent bureaus of Latvia representing clients before Latvian Patent Office, European Patent Office, EU Intellectual Property Office, WIPO, as well as customs authorities and national and international judicial institutions. For our company this year was remarkable with several important infringement and revocation proceedings in the field of patents, trademarks and designs. Some of these proceedings still continue in the next court instance.

I should not forget two design revocation cases successfully defended before the EUIPO Board of Appeal. These two cases have significant economic impact on the respective field of industry and shall play important defensive role in the pending infringement proceedings against our client. Also, I should mention the action enforcing trademark rights against a domain name in “.lv” zone. The main challenge in this case were some gaps in the national legislation dealing with issues of enforcement of trademarks in “.lv” domain names. The result of consideration of the case was not only a victory for the client, but also actualization of the question of improvement of national legislation.

Among these cases I wish to highlight a Alexandra Fortuna, Chair of the Board, Latvian and European Patent and Trademark Attorney trademark revocation action in which our company was successfully representing the defendant. In this We are proud of work we do for our clients and are thankful case the Supreme Court of the Republic of Latvia (cassation for acknowledging our efforts. We believe that our team’s instance) has issued the judicature establishing ruling heavily knowledge, experience and responsibility is a key to our criticising the appeal instance ruling related to revocation of a clients’ success. trademark that was considered by the plaintiff to be generic. In its ruling the Supreme Court has set a number of criteria, which must be taken into account evaluating evidence supporting FORAL PATENT LAW OFFICES such revocation claims. P.O. Box 98, Riga LV-1050, Latvia Visitors: Kaleju 14, Suite 7, Riga LV-1050, Latvia Also, I should mention interesting court proceedings in respect Tel: +371 67223450, 67226550 of enforcing non-registered geographical indication, where we Fax: +371 67820107 were successfully representing the plaintiff. One of the main Email: foral@foral.eu challenges in this case was to prove that the particular indication www.foral.lv of a geographical nature is perceived by consumers and trade circles to be in connection with the specific origin of the goods.

+371 6722 3450, 6722 6550




Country Awards 2019 13


Country Awards 2019

M&A Law Firm of the Year & Boutique Law Firm of the Year Oscós Abogados is a boutique law firm in Mexico City with a team of professional and highly-qualified lawyers and legal staff.


simple majority of allowed claim creditors and scós Abogados is a high-profile practice law court approval. The statute is in need of a major firm that specializes in both domestic and 21st century update. international litigation. The firm has rich experience and technical expertise in handling arbitration, insolvency, “Under Mexican Law and Jurisdiction, cross-border restructuring, creditors’ rights, product liability transactions are recognised and enforced, except and bankruptcy within a wide variety of industries when contrary to public policy and fundamental that range from banking and financial services to principles of law. Mexican Insolvency Law, telecommunications, oil and energy. Oscós Abogados enacted 2000, incorporates in Chapter 12 almost has been the first ever in the world in obtaining verbatim the UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross successful recognition and enforcement of bankruptcy Border Insolvency, which is a fundamental, adjudications under the UNCITRAL Model Law on crossDario Oscos, Senior Partner already proven, toll for the efficient and orderly border insolvency. Oscós Abogados has received international insolvency cooperation and solution of problems many accolades as a practice and for individual lawyers, including from arisen from multinational insolvencies. World Finance, The New Economy, ACQ and Who is Who Legal. “The firm is headed by myself, a legal counsel and practitioner specialising in the various legal-related issues in the context of insolvency, restructuring, creditors´ rights, mergers and acquisitions, litigation, arbitration and out-of-court settlements in domestic and cross border jurisdictions. We provide best legal and practical alternatives in these areas, for both domestic and international clients. “I have held practice in insolvency, litigation and ADR´s since 1977 and am a member of the American Law Institute, participating in the NAFTA Insolvency Project, the International Insolvency Institute, Insol International, Insol Europe, International Bar Association and Mexican Bar, inter allia. I am law professor in insolvency, arbitration and procedural law. “Oscos Abogados and Dario Oscos” have been awarded as best law firm and lawyer in the last years by World Finance, Who is Who Legal, Deal Makers, The New Economy, Lawyers World, Corporate International Global, Intercontinental Finance Magazine, ACQ Country, Finance Monthly, inter alia.

Insolvency & Restructuring Law “Mexican commercial insolvency was designed to be a pro creditor regime. However, experience has shown that in some instances it could be pro-debtor as the Mexicana Airlines and Vitro cases. Insolvency statute provides for pre-package with

+52 55 1253 0100

14 Country Awards 2019

“Because of the effects of the international crisis and economical recession affecting Mexican economy, there is an increase of financial institutions, commercial, industrial and services, entrepreneurs, merchants, families and individuals that are being financially distressed and looking for viable solutions. “Oscós Abogados will have a very important role assisting creditors and distressed enterprises in finding legal and practical means to face the financial crisis with viable solutions that may define distress situations in an out of court settlement, when possible, saving time and money. “We strongly encourage immediate out of court settlements among all parties involved, debtors, creditors, workers, entrepreneurs, individuals, government, and all tax creditors. The target should be, when viable, keep the enterprises as an ongoing concern to support the economy chain, otherwise, to immediately liquidate assets in an orderly and efficient process, being in Concurso Mercantil or in out of court process. Experience has shown that litigation should only be the very last resort.” OSCÓS ABOGADOS Paseo del Río (Joaquín Gallo) No. 53 Chimalistac, Del. Coyoacan. C.P. 04340 México, D.F. Tel & Fax: +52 55 1253 0100




Middle East

Country Awards 2019

Oil & Gas Insurance Broker of the Year RMS LLC, Omani Broker with International Aspirations stablished in 1979, Risk Management Services was the first insurance broker to be licensed in the Sultanate of Oman. RMS is a 100% Omani owned company. For the first 30 years, prior to HSBC selling their insurance broking interests to Marsh, RMS operated under a technical and management agreement with HSBC Insurance Brokers Ltd. This association instilled within RMS a culture of compliance, international standards and being fair to clients. Today, RMS continue to provide insurance consultancy, insurance broking services and risk management advice to the highest standards.


Leveraging Technology: RMS is leading the pack in Oman when it comes to investing in technology. They have invested in client friendly Apps and portals for medical insurance programmes enabling clients’ staff to review claims on line, check the scope of cover, find a hospital or clinic and contact RMS or the insurance company for advice. They have also developed an aggregator which initially will focus on providing clients with options on quotes for motor insurance. This should be on-line by the 2nd quarter of 2019.

In 2008, RMS made their first overseas foray by investing in Pakistan. The business grew very well and in 2013, RMS ventured to India and Sri Lanka. The following year RMS opened discussions with Millennium Insurance brokers in Dubai and agreed on an RMS majority owned JV in Dubai. Millennium employs 60 staff and has been growing well.

RMS plan to continue to make significant investments in the development of technology to revolutionise the delivery of their services to their clients, particularly in the claims sector where management information (MI) and the ability to share and access information on-line significantly speeds up the entire process.

In 2015 RMS were approached by a venture capital company who owned 70% of an insurance broking business operating in Central & Eastern Europe (CEE). This business was quite complex as it had operations in 13 countries along with a strategic network of partners in 12 other countries. It was a very solid business proposition and after much negotiation RMS bought a 100% stake of that business. MAI CEE is a very strong brand, which is why RMS have retained the MAI CEE name.

RMS have also launched Apps through their social media channels on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn under the name RMS Aldhaman.

RMS in Oman: in June 2014 oil prices crashed and since that time cash flows have been tight: however, RMS’ shareholders have encouraged them to continue to invest, not only overseas, but also in Oman. Five years ago, RMS Oman employed 40 people staff operating from one office. That has now grown to 138 staff in seven branches.

Providing clients with insurance related services in the Oil, Gas and Power sectors remain a core strength of RMS and they now seek to expand these services through their network of 19 countries. This business practice is led by P. K. Mohan who in addition to being the practice leader is also the Deputy CEO of RMS Oman. P. K. Mohan is recognised by his clients and peers as one of the leading experts in the field of insurance and risk management for the Oil and Gas industry.

RMS is split into six divisions: Energy (Oil, Gas and Power) and Construction, Corporate Risks, Industrial and Commercial, Government and Special Risks, Employee Benefits, and Personal Lines and Branches. These six divisions are supported by a separate claims division led by a Chartered Loss Adjuster. RMS are very proud of the fact that we have created over 90 jobs for Omani staff over the last five years. Currently, the Omanistaion target in the Insurance Industry is 70% (increasing to 75% this year); however, they have already achieved 78% Omanisation.

+968 2476 2600


Future Growth Opportunities: the RMS Group continue to seek opportunities for further geographic expansion. They have recently opened operations in Abu Dhabi, are considering a JV in East Africa and also reviewing opportunities in other countries in CEE.

RMS P.O.Box 1734, Ruwi, P.C.112, Sultanate of Oman Tel: +968 24762600 Fax: +968 24798423 www.rmsllc.com



Country Awards 2019 15


Law Firm of the Year We were founded in 1994 and have become one of Nigeria’s leading business law firms. We have always had an international outlook. We have a reputation for, and an outstanding record of, carrying out critical, innovative and complex work to the highest standards of excellence. e have advised and represented our clients on several of the most significant recent developments in Nigerian business law practice. We do corporate, financial, disputes, tax, energy, projects and commercial law work.


Our traditional commercial law work is on intellectual property, agribusiness, food and healthcare, trade and industry and transport. The “new economy” sectors are telecommunications and technology, media and entertainment, and “Fintech”.

Our corporate work includes mergers and acquisitions, compliance, private equity and employment practices. Banking, financial markets, derivatives and insolvency law are central elements in our finance practices. Our disputes practices include litigation, arbitration and administrative hearings.

Our clients in these practices and sectors are of many nationalities and every size. They range from foremost global multinational enterprises to ambitious, home-grown fledglings, from governmentcontrolled enterprises (we have advised on numerous privatizations) to companies controlled entirely by private sector actors.

Our energy sectors are the oil-and-gas and electric power sectors. The real estate, transport and other infrastructure, construction and mining sectors are at the heart of our projects work. We work in both traditional and “new economy” commercial sectors.

We have and maintain complementary contacts in Nigerian business and government circles, and with law firms and lawyers’ organizations based both in and outside Nigeria. We are a member of the Africa Legal Network (ALN), an association of leading independent law firms founded and based in Africa. We regularly advise and represent clients on several of the most sensitive, large, complex, novel and critical matters in our market. Some of the recent highlights of our practice are the following: • the merger of the Sokoto Cement Company of Northern Nigeria Plc and the Kalambaina Cement Company Limited (the merged entity had a “market cap” just short of USD1bn); • the sale for USD420mm to a Kellogg entity of a controlling stake in Nigeria’s largest food products manufacturer (Tolaram (Indomie Noodles)); • the acquisition by a leading global Chinese investor of a controlling stake in Nigeria’s leading, USD1.5bn, deep-sea port developer; • crude oil forward sale financings for an aggregate total of over USD3bn for Shell, Chevron and Total petroleum entities; • ICSID and ICC Paris investor arbitrations for over USD2bn in aggregate value against Nigerian Federal governmental defendants; • the up to USD2bn rehabilitation by a consortium of leading multinational enterprises of the nation’s principal North-South railway;

16 Country Awards 2019



Country Awards 2019

• over USD3bn worth of currency swaps and securities lending deals for leading global North American and Asian financial institutions;

• advice on structuring the development of the nation’s largest industrial city with a deep sea port on 15,000ha of land; and

• largest insolvencies, with an aggregate value of USD3bn, in the Nigerian aviation (on the creditor side), telecommunications (mainly on the debtor side) and oil-and-gas (for the creditor) sectors;

• Nigeria’s largest gas sales agreement to an independent power project owner (by Seplat Plc to the Azura IPP project).

• a mass housing programme by Echostone, a North American developer, to build 50,000 homes nationwide annually; • initial public offerings for leading telecommunications and technology sector operators;

G. ELIAS & CO. 6 Broad Street Lagos, Nigeria Tel: +2341 4607890 2806970 Email: gelias@gelias.com

•the largest loan ever from a multilateral lender to a Nigerian bank (USD750mm from the African Export-Import Bank to the Bank of Industry); • a pioneering USD742mm transaction to exchange NNPC-First E&P crude oil for Schlumberger Group oilfield services; • the defence of a leading global manufacturer of consumer products in a series of product liability claims for an aggregate total of over USD5trillion; • a large pioneering bond offering programme by the Nigerian Mortgage Refinance Company, a government-backed secondary mortgage financier; • a thermal 950MW IPP in Northern Nigeria for the BUA GroupSiemens Consortium;

+234 1 460 7890




• 6, Broad Street, Lagos Island, Lagos • +234 1 4607890, +234 1 2806970 • +234 (0)803 402 3878 • gbolahan.elias@gelias.com • www.gelias.com

• 6, Broad Street, Lagos Island, Lagos • +234 1 4607890, +234 1 2806970 • +234 (0)803 402 3879 • fred.onuobia@gelias.com • www.gelias.com



Country Awards 2019 17


Country Awards 2019

Boutique M&A Law Firm of the Year Aabø-Evensen & Co is a Norwegian boutique law firm within M&A and capital markets.


he firm was established in 2002. Despite its young age the firm has a proven track record of delivering excellent quality legal services to major enterprises and institutions. The firms work, and especially its M&A focus, has received recognition by major M&A players. We like to think of ourselves as a law firm that differs from others. We are not, and do not strive to be, the largest law firm measured by number of lawyers. Our goal is to be the firm of choice for clients with respect to their most significant business transactions. We have no intention of becoming a large firm. We aim to keep the flexibility and responses of a somewhat smaller firm and yet delivering big firm quality – or better. Our working methods are highly effective, professional and service minded, including the use of some of the industry’s leading IT-tools for document- and knowledge management. A client of Aabø-Evensen & Co can expect a high degree of partner focus on all levels of an assignment.

+371 6722 3450, 6722 6550

18 Country Awards 2019

Shared values QUALITY The professional quality of our work shall always be pre-eminent. ENGAGEMENT We shall be dedicated and committed to our clients’ businesses. SERVICE We shall do our outmost to provide our clients with swift and effective assistance and close follow-up. We shall ”walk the extra mile” for our clients. CREATIVITY We shall focus on solutions and possibilities instead of problems and obstacles. AABØ-EVENSEN & CO Karl Johans gate 27 Box 1789 Vika, 0122 Oslo 0159 Oslo, Norway Tel: +47 2415 9000 Fax: +47 2415 9001 Email: law@aaboevensen.com





Country Awards 2019

Law Firm of the Year

DivinaLaw is a leading full-service law firm in the Philippines. We take pride in advocating and practicing dynamic lawyering – prompt, proactive and result-oriented


e offer depth and range in experience and resources and a professional, collaborative work ethic – qualities that clients appreciate in an emerging and challenging market like the Philippines. At DivinaLaw, we endeavor to understand our clients’ needs so we can give them the best legal service possible. We aim to exceed their expectations at every turn. Our practice includes the entire spectrum of Philippine law. Our litigation practice covers corporate, criminal and civil litigation, alternative dispute resolution, estates and trusts, immigration, labor and employment, elections, administrative regulation, and maritime law. Our corporate practice includes banking, finance and construction, mergers and acquisition, foreign investments, securities, corporate rehabilitation, insurance, public-private partnerships, mining and natural resources, energy, utilities regulation, intellectual property, sports and entertainment, and taxation. Our clients include leading companies in banking and finance, manufacturing, retail, power, oil and gas, education, health care and insurance, realty and property development, and technology. Our lawyers are some of the most qualified and experienced in their respective fields, and we recruit only the top graduates from the leading law schools. DivinaLaw is the sole Philippine member of Lawyers Associated Worldwide, a top-rated international association of over 100 independent law firms from more than 50 countries.


+63 02 822 0808





Country Awards 2019 19


Country Awards 2019

Trademark Practitioner of the Year Mila Federis is the co-founder and managing partner of Federis & Associates Law Offices, a boutique law firm in the Philippines, one of just a handful in the country whose practice is exclusively focused on intellectual property law.


he firm consistently ranks among the top trademark and patent filers at the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHIL). Ms. Federis leads the firm’s very active litigation team which represents clients in cases involving difficult issues in trademark infringement and unfair competition, trademark registrability, trade dress rights and problems with parallel importation. Through her skillful and dedicated leadership, the firm has successfully obtained decisions Mila Federis declaring the fame of SCRABBLE, BRIDGESTONE, YAHOO, PAUL FRANK, PHILIPS, and MARLBORO trademarks. It also scored a recent win for PHILIPS in the Supreme Court. Ms. Federis works with clients from a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, hotel, leisure, electronics, automotive, telecommunications and IT. Her extensive experience in an IP-focused practice involves litigation of highly contensted disputes over a wide range of patent and trademark issues, enabling her clients to assert rights from product shapes and configurations, trade dress and trade secrets. She assists clients in trademark portfolio management, provides counsel on trademark clearance, registrability, ownership, product advertising and labeling. She also assists in the filing and prosecution of patent applications. Ms. Federis obtained the degrees of Bachelor of Science in Zoology and Bachelor of Laws, both from the University of the Philippines. She started her IP-intensive legal practice at her first job after law school. That initial foray in IP practice was supplemented by working for several years in an IP firm in the United States where she gained experience in trademark filing in the US Patents & Trademarks Office (USPTO) and in other foreign countries; she counseled clients on their foreign filing program, and supervised the handling of inter partes cases in different countries. Ms. Federis has received awards as an outstanding lawyer in surveys conducted among peers and clients. She is in Who’s

+632 889 6197

20 Country Awards 2019

Who Legal Trademark 2017, IP Stars 2017, Who’s Who Legal Patents 2018, World’s Leading Lawyer, and 2018 Top 100 Lawyer. Ms. Federis is active in many professional organizations - INTA, APAA, AIPLA, AIPPI, ECTA, MARQUES, and AIPA. She volunteers in INTA committees and panel discussions, and represented INTA at an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation IP Rights Experts’ Group consultation. She is a regular contributor in these INTA publications: Anti-Counterfeiting in Asia and the Pacific Rim, International Oppositions Guide, Country Guides, Madrid Practitioner’s Guide, and Enforcement Guide. She is also a regular contributor in Getting the Deal Through: Patents and Getting the Deal Through: Trademarks. In addition to her professional activities, Ms. Federis works on pro bono cases. She acted as defense counsel for students accused in anti-subversion cases, and defended seven women, environmental activists, who were brought to court by an influential political family who was harvesting fishes from a lake declared as a fish sanctuary. Ms. Federis is a passionate supporter of the University of the Philippines College of Law’s Office of Legal Aid; she provides financial aid to educate poor students, and is a regular donor to a non-governmental organization working to rescue and rehabilitate street children. MILA FEDERIS Federis & Associates Law Offices Suites 2004 & 2005, 88 Corporate Center Valero corner Sedeño Streets, Salcedo Village Makati City 1227, Philippines Tel: +632 8896197 Fax: +632 8896132 Email:mfederis@federislaw.com.ph www.federislaw.com.ph




Saint -Barthélemy

Country Awards 2019

Caribbean's Estate & Trusts Lawyer of the Year

The Emmanuel Jacques Almosnino law firm is comprised of highly skilled international attorneys involved with tax, financing, real property and wealth management. ith a very particular knowledge of the law, the attorneys at the Emmanuel Jacques Almosnino law firm take great pride in establishing long-lasting relationships with clients and their representatives, and maintaining a work ethic that consists of going above and beyond the usual scope of work to ensure a client’s needs are met.


When it comes to foreign investment advice and/or representation, you deserve someone who can afford you the legal expertise you deserve. The skilled and experienced attorneys at the Emmanuel Jacques Almosnino law firm have dedicated their careers to serving those involved and interested in the beautiful island of St. Barths.

Major international financial institutions and law firms from throughout the world refer clients to the Firm. Such institutions understand that the personalized service and advice, which the Emmanuel Jacques Almosnino law firm provides, brings great value to the transactions the firm handles on their behalf and the resolution of many complex situations.

Trust those who know the island, the people, the secrets, the most valuable information and best serve your interests thanks to their highly recognized expertise.

With a team of dedicated and experienced multi-lingual professionals, the law firm of Emmanuel Jacques Almosnino is widely accepted as one of the leading law firm in the Caribbean and one of the top boutique law firms among the world in the field of international wealth management for high net worth international private clients.

EMMANUEL JACQUES ALMOSNINO 3 rue Lafayette, Gustavia - BP 656 97099 Saint-Barthélemy, French West Indies Tel: +59 0590 29 71 10 Email: contact@eja-lawfirm.com www.eja-lawfirm.com

Recognizing that every action has the potential for global financial repercussions, Mr. Jacques is one of a select few attorneys who is well versed in International Finance, International Relations, and Management. Indeed, Mr. Jacques attended Paris University of Law and graduated at the age of 23 then studied Management at the HEC Paris, the highest-ranked business school in Europe; received his diploma in International Relations and Diplomacy at CEDS; and earned his Master’s degree in Corporate Finance. It is this unique combination of legal practice and corporate financial knowledge, which has distinguished Mr. Jacques as a truly exceptional talent in international advocacy.

+59 0590 29 71 10




Country Awards 2019 21


Law Firm of the Year

Deep & Far attorneys at law was founded in 1992 and is one of the largest law firms in Taiwan.


he firm is presently focussed on the practice in separate or in combination of all aspects of intellectual property rights (IPRs) including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, unfair competition, and/or licensing, counseling, litigation and/or transaction thereof. Since this firm edges itself into the IPRs field, the firm quickly comes to fame. As an illustration, this firm often is one of the largest sources from which foreign filing orders originate. The fascinating rise of this firm begins from the founder of Deep & Far attorneys-at-law, C. F. Tsai, who is the one first patent practitioner in this country who both has technological and law backgrounds and is qualified as a local attorney-at-law. The patent attorneys and patent engineers in this firm normally hold

22 Country Awards 2019

outstanding and advanced degrees and are generally graduated from the top five universities in this country and/or the university in the US. Our prominent staffs are dedicated to provide the best quality service in IPRs. As a proof, about one half of top 100 incorporations in this country have experiences of seeking patented their techniques, but more than one fifth of the top 100 incorporations are/were clients of this firm. Furthermore, HiTech companies in the science-based industrial park located at Hsin Chu play an important role in booming the economy of this country. About one half of which have experiences in seeking patented their techniques, and out of more than 60% of the patent-experienced companies in that park have ever entrusted their IPR works to this firm.



Country Awards 2019

We have experienced in seeking IPR-protections for our clients in more than 100 territories all over the world. We have thousands of IPR-cases respectively prosecuted before official Patent Offices of major industrialized countries. This firm not only is the most competent in IPR-related matters in this country but also is very familiar with IPR-practices in major industrialized countries. As a matter of fact, this firm oftentimes tries and makes precedents of new claim-drafting styles. While we might have become wonderfully famed locally with remarkable appreciation and respects, we would like to extend our services for internationalized or quality service-requiring foreign conglomerated giants, corporations or individuals. We strongly believe that we will win more applause from clients all over the world.

Items The firm is presently focussed on the practice in separate or in combination of all aspects of intellectual property rights (IPRs) including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, unfair competition, and/or licensing, counseling, litigation and/

or transaction thereof. The firm is presently focussed on the practice in separate or in combination of all aspects of intellectual property rights (IPRs) including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, unfair competition, and/or licensing, counseling, litigation and/or transaction thereof.

 “The firm is presently focussed on the practice in separate or in combination of all aspects of intellectual property rights (IPRs) including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, unfair competition, and/or licensing, counseling, litigation and/or transaction thereof.� +886 2 2585 6688



Country Awards 2019 23

United Kingdom

Best Mid-Market Investment Advisory Boutique of the Year

Camden is a corporate finance house with a particular specialty in international financing and a special emphasis on the following sectors: biotech, tech, real estate as well as junior mining and exploration companies. Listed Companies

Secondary Issues

We provide a full range of corporate finance advisory services thanks to our team of professionals with many years’ experience in the quoted markets. We serve our listed clients as their financial adviser.

Whether a secondary fundraising is planned in order to fund an acquisition, provide greater working capital for organic expansion or to reduce debt, we will try to identify good quality, long-term investors to support the issue.

Private Companies Our understanding of the particular challenges that private companies, their management and shareholders face mean that we can help at all stages of the growth cycle of a business from raising capital by way of private placement through to an exit event.

Our recognized experience in placings, and rights issues means we are well placed to advise and ensure funds are raised from the highest quality investors.

Whether institutionally owned or not, Camden has been advising private companies and their investors for many years.

Camden has advised on more than 10 transactions involving private equity investors across Europe since 2006.

We combine the experience of our professionals to advise shareholders of private companies on weighing up alternative exit strategies: trade sale, buy out or IPO.

Mining Advisory Services

Private Placements Working effectively with businesses throughout their growth cycle is one of Camden’s key strengths. It enables us to support our clients from the early stages of their businesses’ development right through to their chosen exit event. Based on your business plan, we advise on financing structures and prepare information materials. We will solicit offers from suitable sources and manage the negotiation process. Securing optimal terms from the most appropriate financing partners is our goal. The process of raising money is always time-consuming and can be especially daunting for entrepreneurs. Camden aims to ensure that the relationship between the management and its longterm financing partners remains productive. Balanced long term relationships are what we strive to deliver. 24 Country Awards 2019

Private Equity

Increased demand for resources globally has prompted a new wave of investment in mining, particularly in resource-rich Africa. The mining and metals industries face many challenges. They must be adequately managed to deal with volatile commodity prices, fluctuating currencies, new technologies, operating and capital cost pressures. A broad range of funding alternatives must address environmental pressures, constantly changing political and strategic options. Camden's mining and metals finance and advisory team based in London, are uniquely positioned to assist and advise clients in securing financing in mining-related transactions.

Cleantech and Renewables The global economy faces unprecedented challenges: climate change, pollution and a shortage of natural resources, whilst the demand for energy is ever increasing. Our strong links with specialist financing and investment partners enable us to provide our clients with a full range of financing and strategic options. WWW.DEALMAKERS-MONTHLY.COM

United Kingdom

Country Awards 2019

Working throughout Europe & North America our network of relationships and execution expertise make Camden a partner of choice and a leading source of advice.

Internet & e-Commerce The internet is the biggest revolution in industrial history, and its commercial impact is immense. Camden views e-Commerce as a powerful and dynamic sector, with key players becoming increasingly profitable. Smaller and more innovative businesses are now acquisition targets and the growing profitability of e-Commerce and Internet businesses makes the sector more attractive for leveraged buy-outs and private equity. As a consequence, we expect this sector to be the scene of high levels of M&A activity.

Our expertise Internet & e-Commerce business models are highly differentiate. In addition, technological evolution is extremely rapid and often ‘game changing’. Camden’s dedicated team has been active in this sector since its inception and consequently has a detailed understanding of the market dynamics – essential knowledge for an advisor in this area. Our long-standing experience has resulted in the development of strong relationships with some of Europe’s key players, investors and potential buyers..

into areas once considered the sole preserve of the public sector and fuel a wave of consolidation.

Retail Always dynamic and high profile, the retail sector is constantly evolving in keeping with changing consumer trends. Retailers worldwide are having to adapt their business models in response to the rapid growth of the internet. Multi-channel retailing and brand and estate optimization are set to be key drivers of change in the sector in the years to come. Camden is focused on developing strong, long-term relationships across the sector. Our relationships range from individual entrepreneurs to private equity-backed brands. We provide access to international investors and buyers across Europe.

Real Estate Camden acts as a capital placement and real estate finance advisory firm. Camden represents commercial real estate owners seeking to invest in real estate opportunities or need to divest due to a challenging economic environment. Our primary focus is helping clients across all property types access investors at all levels of the capital stack, matching the specific need with the appropriate capital providers. Our strategies are proven successes because we treat each project as if it were our own.

Healthcare & Biotech Many issues continue to face the healthcare sector, offering opportunities as well as potential pitfalls for investors. Healthcare provision will always be subject to political considerations, while regulatory and structural reform can present serious challenges. The financial turmoil of the last few years will constrain healthcare expenditure. This, in turn, will drive private sector involvement

+44 207 290 9812


CAMDEN ASSOCIATES LTD. 27 Hill Street London W1J 5LP Tel: +44 207 290 9812 Mobile: +336 7498 4104 Email: jcg@camdenassociates.co.uk www.camdenassociates.co.uk



Country Awards 2019 25

United Kingdom

Country Awards 2019

Asset Based Lender of the Year Completing deals, with confidence

Leumi ABL is delighted to have won the title of Asset Based Lender of the Year for the United Kingdom in the Dealmakers Monthly Country Awards 2019.


In a recent deal, Leumi has provided ABL facilities of over £10m to DDD Ltd, a manufacturer and distributor of health and beauty brands globally via its Dendron and Fleet subsidiaries.

eumi ABL is the specialist asset based lending subsidiary of Bank Leumi (UK) plc, offering a full asset based lending capability to growing businesses. We provide working capital solutions by funding against invoices, stock and plant & machinery, plus trade finance and term loans. We provide funding lines of up to £35m and are trusted by professional introducers nationwide to structure the most effective facility for their clients.

The business has combined debtors, property and plant assets to provide funds for investment and growth at a time when the business is expanding internationally in both existing and new markets. DDD also supplies many of the best known names on the UK high street with both own brand and branded product.

Our comprehensive ABL product range has supported our focus on larger deals, with more clients benefiting from our five year Phil Woodward, managing director term loans and trade finance facilities. This Jason Holland, Regional Sales Director for Leumi ABL in the has enabled us to offer real flexibility to clients’ funding needs Midlands, commented: “This is a typical ABL deal where we and helps to differentiate clearly our full ABL offering. were introduced by top ten accounting and advisory business, Moore Stephens, who had been advising the client on a range At Leumi ABL, we apply our entrepreneurial spirit and creative of issues which led to a refinancing of the Group. We essentially approach to all business opportunities to maximise the funding provided a bigger funding package and an ‘easier to deal with’ available. Our focus on short decision lines and continued facility that was attractive to DDD.” senior involvement at all stages of our relationship with you can offer a refreshing alternative to some attitudes in larger and more Charlie Wadsworth, Group CFO at DDD, commented: “Leumi traditional institutions. have been great to work with in arriving at the right facility to enable significant investment into the business over the next We continue to build and reinforce our relationships with the several years. This is an important phase of growth for the DDD Private Equity community, and are pleased to see a greater Group and we are really happy to be working with Leumi who proportion of PE sponsored deals. This has created some good are a helpful, flexible and collaborative partner.” opportunities for our experienced team and we are building a strong reputation amongst the PE community as an ABL provider At a time of continuing uncertainty, the Leumi ABL team is that takes the time to listen to clients, works hard at building confident about the strong relationships we have built in the relationships and delivers what we promise. marketplace. The focus we have on completing deals with confidence and with certainty will enable us to continue Our Brighton Head Office along with our Northern Operational providing the creativity and flexibility that clients require to office in Manchester, plus four Regional Sales offices, gives full support their ambitions. UK coverage.

+44 1273 716200

26 Country Awards 2019





Country Awards 2019

Best Global Multi Strategy Fund

At Odin Capital Management, we invest as we believe the “prudent investor� would.


e don't pretend to be experts at everything. We are disciplined and focused, but adaptable. We use our expertise and good judgment to identify and make investments that we believe meet our performance criteria for the long term. With an investment team that has more than 30 years of experience, on average, in global equity, fixed-income, currency and commodity markets, we also understand that investing requires both a "bottom-up" and "top-down" perspective. Among the themes that play a recurring role in our approach are quality, value, diversification, sustainability and liquidity. Needless to say, a day never goes by when we are not thinking about the risks we face and what we can do better.

Investment Team ULRIK TRAMPE Ulrik Trampe has 32 years of experience as a portfolio manager and senior executive in institutional sales and trading. Prior to founding Odin Capital Management in 2007, he served as President and Head of Institutional Equities at Kleinwort Benson NA and Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein North America, where he was responsible for all equity activities. In addition, he oversaw institutional equity sales and trading at HSBC and Daiwa Securities. He began his career as a consultant with Boston Consulting Group before joining Merrill Lynch, where he subsequently assumed responsibility for institutional international

+1 860 255 0324


equity sales in North America. He also served as a non-executive board member of Corin Capital, a UK-based hedge fund. He received a Master of Business Administration with distinction from Harvard Business School and a master's degree in economics from the University of Copenhagen, and served six years in the Danish military. BRUCE J. ROBERTS Bruce J. Roberts is the Director of Research and an investment analyst at Odin Capital management. Previously, he was an equities analyst covering financials, including Regional Banks, and Business Development Companies, such as SunTrust Bank and Goldman Sachs BDC. Prior to covering financials, Mr. Roberts was a TMT analyst covering telecommunications, data centers and pay TV at UBS and Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein. Mr. Roberts started his career as a corporate banking credit analyst at the First National Bank of Chicago. Bruce has been featured on CNBC and Bloomberg and cited in Barron's and the WSJ throughout his career, and earned an MBA in Finance and Economics from the Stern School of Business at New York University.

ODIN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC 39 Lewis Street, 4th Floor Greenwich, CT 06830 Tel: +1 860 255 0324 Email: info@odincapitalmanagement.com



Country Awards 2019 27

2019 www.dealmakers-monthly.com

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